List Of Private / Hidden / System Apis

In this post I've read about all that stuff about private apis which are annotated with @hide. The presence of hidden apis is not as well-known as the "all apps are equal"-mantra, but i think there should be more information on it. As long as i belivied in the mantra, i had dialogues like that: boss: can you do xyz on android? Me: yes, of course, there are apps on my phone which do it, so we can do it, too! Boss: cool, go ahead and code that stuff. Customers will love it!Two days later. Me: hey boss, i just found out i need some private api for that. Forget all your business plans.

I totally agree with those two reasons for private apis: 1. Some features would be too dangerous from a security perspective 2. Some apis were not ready to ship when 1. 0 came out, so they should be published later

The post i mentioned above is about two private apis:
* Installing apps without any intervention by the user
* Calling emergency phone numbers like 911 i'm sure there are more private apis, i think those are good examples:
* Everything related to bluetooth
* Reading contancts from a sim card / writing them there but im afraid there may be many more which i'm not aware of.could we create an exhaustive list of them? I think no such list exists yet. For each api/feature it would be nice to know: 
* Why is it private?
* Will it ever be public?
* If yes, are there any schedules when this might come true, in terms of release numbers or in terms of a date?

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I want to display all video files on system. How can i do it?

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Accessing Picasa - Google Data Apis

It seems that i'm not the first one, but i don't find anything that helps. I'm new to android and would like to develop a real simple photo sharing app (three tabs: camera, gallery and upload to picasa) to start off. Unfortunately the google data apis for java, don't run on android and i didn't find a good tutorial for the newer google data api. I also couldn't get the android picasa sample to run: eclipse complains about a buildpath error, but doesn't show what exactly is wrong.

I'm looking for an easy tutorial how to use picasa with android. Anyone has some kind of "middleware classes" between the old and the new api which one can use. How do i fix the buildpatj problem to run the sample or how in general can i import external jars to my android project.

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Want To Add Views To Places Above Notification Area / Need Apis To Do This?

I want to add views to the places above the notification area when touch notification , but i can't find the apis to do this, how can i do? Is it available?

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Droid Manifest File From An Unzipped Apk Cannot Be Read / Meant To Be Hidden

I would like to read the android manifest from an apk file. I unzipped it using 7-zip. However, the manifest seems to be in binary with some ascii but a lot of control chars. Was it meant to be hidden? The philosophy behind android is to share and reuse activities - but if the manifest cannot be read, then i dont know how it can be done.

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Clone Hidden Row And Display Cloned One With Visibility Seetings To True

As part of my dynamic adding of table rows. However in perf tips of sdk i see it takes. Inflate 1 view from xml 22, 000. Which is a huge one. In order to have a decent perf, looking to close the existing tablerow and add this as new row. Is cloning of existing table row possible assuming that i always close from a hidden view only. Does clone takes care of closing the sub views sub components clones.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace - Pictures Sent Through Bluetooth Are Shown As Black Hidden Files

I have a problem with my samsung ace. The pictures i sent through bluetooth is shown as hidden files and when i open it, it's just literally black that i see. What could possibly be the problem?

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Access Private Resource In Donut

I saw in old posts that the oem could add internal resource in framework , so they can be able to use them with the special syntax. For example


Now it seems that the latter interface is not provided anymore in android 1. 5 as well as the donut version i'm compiling. But the former still can be used. Why? Is it gonna be supported in further versions?

As oem, we need to create applications with customizable resources, so the most convenient way as far as i know is to modify the private resource, as they can be used from xml scripts, and they wont cause trouble to third party application that should not use them. But i don't know how to check the res ids in the private resources changed or not. They have no .xml file to set their index orders like the public ones.

I saw in a post : ". Private resource ids are assigned dynamically, they basically change in each build of the system". So if i build a new framework-res.apk and i change some resource data, i don't know what is gonna happen to my previous applications? Does this mean all of the ids changed even if you don't add any new resource? Is there a way to check the compatibility of private resources between 2 builds, or to force them to be compatible  - like in public resources we can set the order in the public.xml to keep ids order the same.

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Add Image To Private String

I have a class which holds strings. I declared them like this:

Private string pper[]={"" + "juan", "manuel", . };

This is then displayed as a listview, and that is fine. Now, i want to add an icon/image on its item. How can i do that?

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Private File Last Modified Date

I am trying to get the last modified date of an internal file and it always returns me 0 although i could read the file properly. Can you please let me know if i am doing anything wrong. Creating a file.

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Htc Desire - How To Backup A Private Application

I'm using astro to back up some not very often used apps, and games. So i can remove them for now.

I have the paid for version of winds of steel, and exzeus that i want to remove. They're listed as private, with no check box for backup.

How do i get around this, or is it a case of tough.

I can see why they wont allow backups, otherwise a paid for game could be ported to someone elses 'droid phone for free. As long as they have astro.

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Always Returns 0 When Trying To Get Lastmodified Of Private File / Fix It

I am trying to get the last modified date of an internal file and it always returns me 0 although i could read the file properly. Can you please let me know if i am doing anything wrong.code.

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Htc Incredible - Set Gmail Invites To Be Private By Default On Dinc

Is there a way to set gmail invites to be private by default? Google help says that if your calendar is set to private (mine is) then all invites will be private too. That is not the case though - when my husband receives an invite in outlook and he has to manually change it to private. So short of using my pc for all invites (where i can manually set them to private each time) is there a way to do this on the dinc?

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Way To Have "hidden" File On Hero Like On Google Documents

I am using gdocs and like it. However, it has only synced over about half my notes on goggle documents. Any idea what i can do to solve that?

Also, is there a way to have "hidden" file on the hero like on google documents?

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Can't Sign Droid App Lite Version With Same Private Key / Create Another For It

I just signed my paid app and now i want to sign a lite version of it with the same private key. My problem now is that, am receiving this error:

Jarsigner: unable to open jar file.

Do i have to create another keystore for it? Or is the problem coming from the fact that i am saving it as a different file name? What can i do?

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Htc Desire - Get Private Calendar Back / Set - Turn Off Alarm Per Appointment

Since my desire updated to froyo, i have a few issues with the calendar.
Before froyo, there were 3 types of calendar: calendar (didn't and still don't use it)
2. Htc sync (use it for the data i want to sync with my work calendar)
3. My calendar (calendar on the phone itself, used it for my private appointments and meetings i didn't want to get synced with my work calendar).

Now that last one has disappeared and i really miss it! Now my private meetings also show up in my work calendar.
Is there a way to get this private calendar back? Or is it possible to sync only in one way? I know it was possible with my nokia, so my work data appeared on my phone, but my private data didn't get pushed to my work calendar.

Another issue i encounter with the calendar app (not sure if it is typical froyo) is that every appointment has an alarm. Again on the nokia there was only an alarm if you explicitly entered one.
Is there a way to set or turn off the alarm per appointment?

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Elocity A7 System Application

My elocity a7 came pre-installed with documents-to-go free viewer edition. When i attempt to update it with a new version it says: this is a system application. Do you still want to replace it? All previous user data will be saved. I'm not sure if this means it will replace it by installing the new update into the non-system area or if it will replace the existing application in the same location. I'm a little leery since this device only has 4gb internal.

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Load System Jnis

If i try to load libwebcore or libmedia from my app it will fail because the system libs has been loaded by zygote and by jni spec. The same jni native library cannot be loaded into more than one class loader.

But from the log and the code (dalvik/system/vmstack) the bootstrap class loader ( the classloader of zygote) is null although the class. Getclassloader() can get the instance of the bootstrap class loader

Isn't it strange here? Libwebcore. So is loaded by a classloader before which is a null object.

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Adbwireless How To Mount System

I've been using usb and recovery to mount system and remove apps on my rooted incredible. I can connect via adbwireless but the system is read-only in that state. Is there a command in adb i need to execute in order to have control over the system/app folder to move items to a disabled folder?

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Flashing Device With New System / How To Proceed

After dowloading the source code of the android os, i have made some modifications on it. Now i want to flash my device with the new system. How to proceed?

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Code To Change System Wallpaper

I'm trying to change the system wallpaper, i have tried a lot of solution but without any result; please i want have a simple code to do it.

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3.0 64-bit System Host Required

I heard that in order to build android 3. 0 you need your build host computer to have 64bit linux os installed (similar to chromium os build requirement). Is this true?

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Best Backup Procedure For Android System

What is best backup procedure for android system. I read a lot of technique of backing up your system/data and i wonder which one is the most effective base on your experience i need your tips thanks.

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Get Apk File From Device / Transfer It To System

How to get the apk file from android device ? Or how to transfer the apk file from device to system.

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Separate Thread To Read System Time

I am in a trouble. I need to create a service that read system time and make and alarm after every 30min. Can you guys hepl me by showing how to this separate thread.

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Htc Incredible - Dinc System Crash

Driving with gps and announcement gps lost. After i arrive at destination, my phone appears to have crashed. Most applications come up with a force close message. Turned on and off. Removed battery. Removed and reloaded some apps, dolphin works after reload. Is there any thing beside reloading and/or doing a reset? Anyone else experience this problem. Not rooted. Running 2. 2. My phone book is nonexistent. Seems that htc original apps load without the force message.

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Unable To Complete System Build Since / Way To Do

I am unable to complete the system build since libwebcore. So is not found code.

Is there a way to build libwebcore. So ?

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When Set System Clock Using Systemclock.setcurrenttimemill­is

I want to set system clock by systemclock. Setcurrenttimemillis, but met following error: w/systemclock( 1287): unable to open alarm driver: permission denied. So, can someone tell me which permission i should acquire and how to acquire it?

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Api To Get Time Elapsed Since System Started

In one of my android app, i need to get the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since the system was started. (Soemthing like "gettickcount() in windows mobile") is there any api for the same ? Or can anybody share the code, if they have done it already?

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Htc G1 - Home Button / System Recovery Issue

I recently purchased an unlocked and rooted g1 for my father, and he seems to have. Broken it. He said he didn't do anything to it, but he called me earlier saying that he was having trouble flashing roms on it, or something along those lines. I'm not too tech savvy, and i don't know anything about these droid phones, but i want to fix this.

The phone boots into 'android system recovery, ' specifically
Build: ra-dream-v1. 7. 0/

My first guess was to wipe the phone back to factory settings, and go from there, but this recovery system requires you to "press home to confirm. " The catch is the home key doesn't work. I've tried everything, and googled to kingdom come to no avail.

Can i change this 'system recovery' so that it accepts confirmation from the send button rather than the home button? And if i do that, do you think wiping all the data to factory settings will fix the problem anyways?

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