Active Calendar App On Emulator

I am trying to use calendar.apk in the emulator on a windows xp system. The sdk version i am using is 1. 1r1. However, the calendar app will always go away with a message "your events will appear shortly". My guess is that the app is bound with google account so i go to "setup"->"data synchronization". Once i click the "data synchronization", i got a failure reading "the application google apps (process Process. Gapps) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again". By check logcat output, i got the following(see the msg at the end). Anybody can help me out how to install the app/service or configure the service or activate the signin service so that i can use calendar on emulator?


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Detect App Became Active From Mulitiasking

I have developed an android app that contains a list of information. I want the list to retrieve new data from the sever whenever the app 'wakes up' from multasking. Right now it just displays the old data and does not refresh. What function/method i am looking for?

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Can App Be Closed While Service Is Still Active

Got an app - and planning to use a service to do something in the background. What happens to the lifespan of the service when the user moves away from the app (e.g. Goes to the home screen and other apps). i.e. Is the service still running. Can the app be closed while the service is still active.

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Msn Messenger App That Will Stay Active After Turning Off The Display

Is there a msn messenger app that won't sign out after going inactive or turning off the display? I use msn messenger withyou and it sucks. Keep having to log in.

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Way To Acquire An App And Apply It To Emulator

Is there a way to acquire an app and apply it to the emulator? Say for instance i wanted to take a pdf reader app and put it on the emulator to see how an application can play together with it. Can you take an existing application and put it onto the emulator in some way?

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Can't Seem To Find App Icon In Emulator

Like i asked in the title, i'm creating the todo_list app as per instructions given in professional android application development 2 and after clearing a few bugs i managed to compile and run the emulator.

After waiting a few minutes for the emulator to load i go to the menu and i can't seem to locate my app. Any ideas?

Edit: after a little checking this is the error i get

[2010-09-11 13:11:05 - todo_list] error: application requires api version 7. Device api version is 6 (android 2. 0. 1).

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Make Http Server On One Droid App And Get Its Contents From Another Emulator

I want to make an http server on one android application and get its contents from another emulator. Please tell me if there is a sample code for making this.

Also other than http protocol, is there any other networking api + sample code that someone give me to connect and get content from one emulator to another?

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Calendar App Don't Run In Droid 1.5 / Why Is So

Why calendar app don't run in android 1. 5?

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Motorola Droid - Messaging App Takes To Calendar

All of a sudden, when i open the messaging app it opens calendar instead.

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Samsung Moment - Free Best Calendar App For Phone

I have the moment and love the phone but i really do not like the default calendar app that comes with it. I am wondering what is the best app to download from the market? I live on a budget so i am looking for a free one. Any suggestions?

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Building Sdk (.jar File) With Calendar App

I want my android. Jar to include the calendar provider class. This is not in the normal . Jar it's hidden for the sdk build by @hidden lines in the source. I have read somewhere that by removing some @hidden's i can build a android. Jar with the calendar class. But i can't find out how.

I just keep solving errors and dependencies when i remove the @hidden in the calendarprovider.

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Htc Incredible - App To Modify My Vibrations For Calendar Notifications

Does anyone know a good app that will modify my vibrations for my calendar notifications?

What i need is something that will let me know that i've got a meeting coming up even if i'm somewhere where i've had to silent my phone.

I've tried searching through different vibration related apps on appbrain.

And downloaded a few with no luck.

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Calendar App Cannot Run In Phone / Debug Java Apps Without Any Ide

The calendar app cannot run in my phone. I want to debug it. How to debug it without any ide? How to set a breakpoint?

The calendar app cannot be compiled in eclipse because a lot of classes are missing in android sdk. So i cannot use eclipse to debug it.

The method i used before is to write a lot of logs and watch it in logcat. But the productivity is low .

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How To Push Application Package To Emulator 'system / App' Folder

How can i push my application package to android emulator "/system/app" folder?I've already tried to use:
"Adb push myapk.apk /system/app" and it gives me this:"failed to copy: . No space left on device. " Although from settings -> sdcard & phone storage, i get 37mb of internal free space. The whole point of this need is related to permissions. I need to have install_packages permission and i know that by puting my application there, in /system/app, i get that permission.

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Get Active Application Name

I was trying to make a program that shows all the active application. I searched everywhere. But could find codes that shows the package name only. How to display all the active application name.

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Keep Gps Active

I'm having a main activity that runs a gps listener. If i'm starting a new activity the listener is destroyed. I need the gps to be still activated, also after starting the 2nd activity. Do i have to implement an own listener there, or is there another solution?

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Get All Active Application Name

I was trying to make a program that shows all the active application.

I searched everywhere. But could find codes that shows the package name only.

It would be of great help if you masters can tell me how to display all the active application name.

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Broadcastreceiver Active All The Time

I have a app that has call blocking feature in it and that work is done by class broadcastreceiver. When i install this app, the call is blocked always no matter what. How to get rid of this? I want this app to be active only when app is up and running . If i stop the service the app should not block the call.

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Lock Key But Keep Display Active

I'm writing an app where i need to show some content to the user, but would like to activate a key lock. This is to avoid the user to, by accident, presses some buttons while my application is running. Using the end key¯ will both enable the key lock, but also turn off the display hiding the context does anybody know how to do the trick? Of cause there need to be a way the user can unlock the key again to gain full ui control.

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How To Know Current Calling Time Of An Active Call

I am trying to develop an automated test application which can initiate a voice call and terminate the same on a user-defined time. I would need to know the current call's time details so that i can end the call after the time mentioned by the user. It would have been quite simple for me had android provided a separate telephony state indicating an active call currently provides the call_state_offhook for active, dialing and hold states of the call. So it is difficult to use the above approach. Can anyone suggest a solution to my requirement?

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Motorola Droid - Setting To Keep Display Active While Charging

I'm setting up a replacement and can't find the setting to keep the display active while charging

Where is it?

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Active Project Attempting To Improve The Gui Design Process

I'm not looking for a mock up tool, i'm looking for a reasonable gui design tool for the final product in the style of apple's interface builder. Droid draw is buggy, out of date and inaccurate in my experience. Using the eclipse plug in to do a complex layout makes going to the dentist seem fun. I'd even settle for hand-coding css pixel coordinates over the current model.

Is the solution found here: http://andrdev. the best, or have one of you ninjas found something else? If there is an actively developed project that isn't ready for show yet, i'd like to know that as well.

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Licencing Servermanagedpolicy Returns Dontallow When No Data Connection Is Active

I've implemented the android licensing in my application following the example code using the servermanagedpolicy.

The licence checker works fine, however when a device or emulator has no data connection then the licensing code will always return dontallow(), while i want it to allow. I cannot seem to find anything on the page above that details how to avoid this.

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Motorola Droid X - Make Actual Theme Wallpaper Become Active

New to the android community, just had one small question. When i'm installing themes how do i make the actual theme wallpaper become active? It seems that when i install themes, my custom wallpaper is still active.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Stopped Syncing Exchnage Active Sync Email

In recent weeks, i've had to i'll notice that my htc hero has stopped syncing exchnage active sync email. I see that in the top left hand corner of the hero is the sync icon with an exclamation mark. From that point forward, there's nothing i can do to correct the problem other than to delete eas from the hero and then re-setup. Once that's done, everything seems fine. This has happened to me three time in the past, twice in the last three or four days. I have a sprint hero and use exchange active sync with my company's computer.

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Listview Losing Text On Phone Rotation / Save Active Screen View

I was wondering how to save the active screen view when the phone is rotated. Right now i have a listview that contains a bunch of entries when i rotate the phone everything on the screen gets replaced to its original state.

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Nexus Gps Antenna Is Always Active When Use Gps Satellites Is Checked

My company just got the nexus last week to develop on. It's a nice phone, but something has me seriously concerned.

Whenever the "use gps satellites" option is selected in the settings (settings->location & security), the gps antenna immediately starts searching for a lock, and won't shut off until it has one. What application/phone subsystem is doing that?  How do i disable that application without turning off the gps antenna? Is the gps antenna just getting ephemeris information?

Also, if i have the "use wireless networks" option selected, the location consent form pops up asking me to give google permission to collect my location information. Can't use the network for a location fix without agreeing to that.

The idea that i'm required to share location information with google to get my location off of the network is scary enough (and intrusive i might add), but the constant use of the gps antenna is really screwing with my power consumption.

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Unknownhostexception In Emulator

I am trying to run the 'google buzz api sample for android' sample and i get the error ' Unknownhostexception:' on the last line:


I do have 'android. Permission. Internet' set and i also added the following lines in the beginning according to


Note that the emulator's browser can access the internet and directly accessing through urlconnection also works.

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Emulator - Screenorientation Ignored

I have android:screenorientation="portrait" set for my activity. Creating an avd with resolution 800x480 and running my activity, the glsurfaceview is created with dimensions 800x480 (ie. Not rotated and width > height).

I would expect it to be created with dimensions 480x800 and be rotated 90 degrees.

Is this a bug in the emulator or am i wrong in my interpretation of android:screenorientation?

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Emulator Blank Screen

Ok folks i decided to try this developer thing, and after about a dozen tutorials, ended up with the following hello world type program:

Package com. Example. Helloandroid;

Import android. App. Activity;
Import android. Os. Bundle;
Import android. Widget. Textview;

Public class helloandroid extends activity {
/** Called when the activity is first created. */
Public void oncreate(bundle savedinstancestate) {
Super. Oncreate(savedinstancestate);
Textview tv = new textview(this);
Tv. Settext("hello, android");

Simple enough, so i go to compile it and i get this

[2011-03-14 00:11:25 - helloandroid] android launch
[2011-03-14 00:11:25 - helloandroid] adb is running normally.
[2011-03-14 00:11:25 - helloandroid] performing com. Example. Helloandroid. Helloandroid activity launch
[2011-03-14 00:11:25 - helloandroid] automatic target mode: launching new emulator with compatible avd 'my_avd'
[2011-03-14 00:11:25 - helloandroid] launching a new emulator with virtual device 'my_avd'
[2011-03-14 00:11:30 - helloandroid] new emulator found: emulator-5554
[2011-03-14 00:11:30 - helloandroid] waiting for home ('android. Process. Acore') to be launched.

And then the emulator comes up everytime with just this blank screen, with the text "android" on it. And it sits there for about 3 minutes until it goes to another blank black screen with "android" except its animated.

So, any ideas what i did wrong?

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