Make Eris Look Like Iphone

Is there neway to make my new droid eris keyboard to look like an iphone keyboard? I think my friend downloaded better keyboard for me and i know under keyboard skins it is iphone keyboard but i click it and nothing because i still have the same keyboard. Can nebody provide me with a step by step if nething?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Make Ringtones For Phone Same As For Iphone

I'm so used to my iphone-how do u make ringtones for the galaxy is it the same as for the iphone make an aac file?

If not can i just use the ones i already have on my mac and drag them to my phone?

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Htc Droid Eris - Way / Application To Unlock Pattern Like Iphone

I was wondering if there was any way or application that has an unlock pattern like the iphone (numbers not drawing) because to be honest i hate having to draw.

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Htc Droid Eris - Make Handcentsms To Be My Default Sms Program

How do i make handcentsms to be my default sms program?

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Htc Droid Eris - Handcent Make A Full Screen Widget / Why Is This

Why doesn't handcent make a full screen widget (like the stock msg widget)? Do those of you who use handcent just click on the icon every time you would like to view your messages? I think a full size widget would really add to the experience.

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Htc Droid Eris - Low Volume On Audio Jack / Make It Loud

Anyone noticed that when you use a headset connected to the wired audio jack, the volume for calls is low? Listening to music etc. It's fine. Also, my ad2p headset is good for calls and music.

Compared to my iphone, phone calls on this jack are far too quiet. I've tried multiple wired headsets including the one that came with my iphone and the bose ones sold in the verizon store. Any ideas?

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Nexus S Vs Iphone 4

Well nexus s was released and now many of people now using it. So i thought why not compare two giants. So i decided to compare nexus s with apple iphone 4 which i already have with my friend so it is easy to make comparison between two giants: http://bit. Ly/fiv3r1

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Toast In Iphone

When i write android apps, i love the toast feature. Is there a way to get this kind of set and forget popup message in iphone development?

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Leaving Android For Iphone

It is with great sadness that i announce i will be leaving my android phone for the iphone4 i currently own a g1 and an og droid. I also recently purchased a xoom i need a new phone tho because my droid is dying (tear). I thought about the atrix, thunderbolt, and waiting on the bionic but i can't then the thunderbolt is single core and the atrix is locked then i thought, if my tablet does everything those phone would do then the smart investment would be in an iphone. I hate the iphone but i do love the apps. Therefore im dropping my android phone for an iphone but i will remain an avid android community member someone please talk me out of this .

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Iphone To Htc Nexus One

I recently bought a nexus one on ebay that came "rooted" and had android 2. 1. To be honest, i have no idea what rooted really does for my phone i was just told to buy one that is rooted. What exactly does it do for me? Last night i heard that 2. 2 was available, but because i am rooted i do not get the automatic notification download. So i downloaded it manually using power/volume down button having downloaded froyo on my sd card.

The only thing was when i was downloading it suddenly stopped and aborted. So i rebooted my phone thinking it did not work, but it appears my phone does have froyo how do i know that it downloaded completely? It appears perfect and is extremely fast, but the download did not seem clean. Now that i have manually downloaded froyo is my phone still considered rooted?

I know these are noob questions, but i love this phone way better than my iphone.glad i switched

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Iphone Style Tabhost

Is it possible to style the android tabhost to look like that of the iphone? If not, is there any open source code that can show how to create bottom tabs for andoid ?

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Iphone Apps Run On G1

Can iphone apps run on the g1?

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Is There App Like Activator On Iphone

I'm hoping some one is familiar with activator so i don't have to explain what it does.

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Droid Incredible Or Iphone 4g

Droid incredible or iphone 4g. If iphone 4g is released for verizon would you grab that or go with the htc droid incredible?

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Lg Esteem Vs Apple Iphone 4s

I've been an apple fan for 20 years. My girlfriend gave me an lg esteem for my birthday, and will pay 60 dollars a month for unlimited talk and data on metropcs's 4g lte network. My apple friends said i should reject her gift, and get an iphone 4s on sprint, verizon, or at&t. Verizon for the fewest dropped calls, sprint for unlimited data, and at&t if you want your iphone to surf and talk simultaneously.

Problem: i tried a demo of each phone for 15 minutes, and cannot decide what to do. So far the following seems true: iphone is more expensive than esteem (esteem is $250) and the iphone has a mandatory two year contract for at least $100/month. Metro's esteem has no contract and is 60 dollars month-to-month for unlimited talk and data on 4g lte in the bay area. Iphone is only 3g, not 4g. Iphone has a much longer battery life and is a little smaller and lighter. Esteem has a larger screen and surfs faster on the web. Iphone will back up everything to your computer, whereas only parts of the data can be backed up with the esteem, but i have no idea how to back up the esteem. Iphone's battery is built in, whereas the esteem has a replaceable 1500 mah and 3000 mah battery. I forgot to try "siri" on the iphone, but the esteem's talk to text seemed good, but failed on capitalizations and punctuations. Iphone had a better camera, but the esteem pictures on the screen looked better. Apple's iphone has up to 64gb of built in internal memory, whereas esteem has less even if you add a card.

Apple users say android is not good, and android users love their android phones. Can't find anyone who has used both often. So which should i chose, the esteem or iphone4s, and why ?

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Importing Contacts From Iphone To Captivate

Just got my new captivate today (so long iphone) n the att clerks was trying to transfer my contacts from the iphone into the captivate. Btw, i am such a android newbie its scary. But cant wait to learn.

Anyways, when i try to go into the contacts i get an error: "android. Process. Acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Dumpstate_app_201007191334_android_process_acore. L og has been saved"

I know the contacts are in here somewhere because when people call me their numbers pop up from my iphone contacts, but cant access them in contacts.

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Iphone Code - Equivalent In Java


This is the code for iphone wat is its equivalent in java.

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Get A Segmented Bar Just Like Iphone In Droid

How can we get the segmented bar in android just like we have in iphone?

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Is X10 A Better Phone Than Iphone 3gs

Is the x10 a better phone than the iponeg3s

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Iphone Defector Needs Help Choosing Apps

I had iphone(s) for more than 2 years and now despite iphone 4 want to switch to android, probably incredible on verizon. I'm a total newbie to android though being developer myself understand what it is . I have a few favorite iphone apps and would appreciate if you can suggest android alternatives:what's on? - Tv cable listings. Flight track pro - does what title says and does it well plus integrates with tripit. Navigon us & canada - i seriously use this one a lot and it replaced my garmin standalone gps nav. I know that android comes with free goggle gps nav app that even supports tts but as far as i understand it doesn't store all maps on-board and requires data connection to give you directions.

Associated question is what do i do with my itunes library. Is there something that allows to easily sync non-protected mp3s and aacs to android phone?

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Jailbroken Iphone Vs Stock Froyo

I had an iphone for just over two years but never went down the jailbreaking road. Felt it was too much effort just to customize my screen and such. However, since i've made the switch over to android i find i like the customization options a lot. Which had me wondering whether i would have been better off jailbreaking the iphone and spending my time and effort there since the actual device is very nice. Does anyone that has had a jailbroken iphone and now android have any thoughts about how the two compare with each other?

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Why Switched Iphone To Android Article

Why i switched from iphone to android - pcworld. Thought it was interesting! Very true. I was a die hard apple fan and blackberry fan. The technology is old and slow now.

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Top 5 Reasons Android Is Better Than Iphone

I saw this on cnet's website and thought i'd share. Pass it along to all your iphone friends out there so they can pout all day. Videos - free video downloads and streaming video - cnet tv

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Motorola Droid X - Cant Wait For Iphone

When i first got this crappy phone i was pumped but now a whole mess of problems started to happen and mind you its only two months old. If i tilt it n it goes in landscape it takes a long time to go back into normal viewing mode. It lags when switching screens. Half my contacts don't link and now my key board lags. Im about to throw this thing out. Please help before i do it.

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Need Application Such As Air Sharing For Iphone

I apologize in advance if this has already been mentioned but couldn't find it and wasn't exactly sure how to search.

I am trying to find an app to transfer music/pictures to my droid through it's ip address (wireless) rather than using the cable. I was wondering if there was an application such as air sharing for the iphone.

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Emulator To Run Iphone Apps

I am very new to android and smartphones on a whole , as part of my computer science engineering graduation i was thinking about making a project to make an emulator (like wine for linux) that would allow iphone apps to run on android platform unmodified or with at most a minimal change . Can you please guide me if there is any other such project going or what technical considerations or challenges i must deal with . I am really sorry for being lazy and asking here instead of researching myself actually i have a deadline to submit the project proposal.

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Designing Rich Website For Android & Iphone

My team and i are currently planning to do some rich web development for the android and iphone and i am wondering if you guys could share some resources with us.

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Motorola Droid - Best 3d Games Like Iphone On Phone

Soon i will be getting the droid and i was wondering if they have 3d games like the iphone does? If so, post your favorite and i will try it out.

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Htc Evo 4g - App Like Ants On Iphone

Is there an app like the one on the iphone? Saw this some time ago, and wanted it for my crackberry but couldn't. Now id like to have it on the evo!

Youtube - ants in the iphone

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Touch Key App Just Like Mquickdo In Iphone

Is there any touch key app like mquickdo in iphone?

You know, we have to press back key when we want to approach the former action! We have to press menu key when we execute the next step in some apps! It is torching me much becuase we have to press the mechanical key instead of touch the scree

If you used iphone before, you will know clearly that there is a app named mquickdo which is at the top of screen. When you like to stop a app or back to home screen , what you need to do is just using your finger via different kinds of slide.

Can some android talent develop a apps like mquickdo? When we are using a apps, we can touch some location in screen and the app pops up , back or do some setting will be easy buy real touch instead of press the hard key.

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