Galaxy S2 Crash / Flashing Startup Screen

I was writing a text message on my galaxy s2 i pressed the home button and then the lock button and came back to my phone half a hour later to find the samsung galaxy s2 gt-19100 startup screen flashing on and off every 10 seconds, i have tried taking the battery out taking the simcard out, and getting into recovery mode and nothing is working, the phone has original software on and haven't a clue why this has happened.

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How To Turn Off Startup Sound On Samsung Galaxy Ace ?

How can i turn off the start up sound? My ace makes a loud start up musical sound and similar when it turns off (and buzzes too), its really annoying, how can i turn it off please?

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Flashing Super D - Stuck On G1 Screen

So i actually had super d running, partitioned the sd and did everything that needed to be done, but on and sd that didn't belong to me. So i returned the sd and began doing it on mine, partitioned, wiped, reinstalled drc83_base_defanged, and began reflashing the rom, i know i messed up, don't have a recovery, where do i go from here.

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Droid App Crash On Row Insert / Why Is So

I'm just getting started with android development, and i've ran into some problems my textbook isn't helping me with.code.

It crashes on the db. Insert line with a nullpointerexception. Can anyone tell me why?

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Droid App Crash In Os Layer / Fix It

I frequently get an app crash while the listview is calling on the adapter to provide backing data. Device is a sony experia x10 with android 1. 6.
This is just a seg fault violation, however i don't know how i can fix it? I do not have any native components - its a pure java app.code.

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Htc Incredible - Dinc System Crash

Driving with gps and announcement gps lost. After i arrive at destination, my phone appears to have crashed. Most applications come up with a force close message. Turned on and off. Removed battery. Removed and reloaded some apps, dolphin works after reload. Is there any thing beside reloading and/or doing a reset? Anyone else experience this problem. Not rooted. Running 2. 2. My phone book is nonexistent. Seems that htc original apps load without the force message.

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Program Crash When Call Mwifimanager.iswifienabled / What To Do?

When i call mwifimanager. Iswifienabled() , program is crash.

My code is.

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Crash Reports / New Version Of Acra Available For Tests

Here comes a new major version of acra. For those who do not know acra (application crash reports for android), this is an opensource (apache licence) library allowing your application to send crash reports to a simple google docs spreadsheet. You should go to the project home page to read more about its features:

The main motivation of that new version was to get rid of the need of subclassing an acra-specific android application class. This previous requirement was preventing developers from using both acra and other feature-rich libs/frameworks like greendroid ( cyrilmottier/greendroid), roboguice ( roboguice/), droid-fu ( and others.

This goal has been achieved by moving the configuration of acra from overridden methods to an acra-specific annotation: @reportscrashes. While reaching the goal of allowing to inherit from any application subclass, it also makes the process of integrating acra to a project even easier. Here is the look of an application class using acra with toast notification mode:

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Lg Esteem - Dead Space Game Always Crash

I managed to get about 20 minutes in no problem but now everytime i boot up the game it always crashes. Why does this happen? Can the esteem not handle it?

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Motorola Droid - Hard Crash When Applications Use The Gps

This is my second droid (first had a screen issue), so it seems like it's a deeper problem than just a "bum unit". Basically, i've noticed that about 10% of the time that an application i use first accesses the gps, the phone halts and resets itself (reboots). So for example, when i first boot the maps application, around 10% of the time or so (it's not often at all, but often enough to notice), the phone will reset. I've noticed this in a number of applications, and it only happens when the gps is accessed. Some of the applications it happens to include the browser, maps, navigation, golfcard, skymap, gps status and my tracks. I honestly don't remember when it started doing this, but i don't think it happened before the 2. 0. 1 update. It's so infrequent that the first few times it happened, i barely noticed. But it's definately annoying (especially on the golf course. It'll usually crash at least once per round.considering it only enables the gps when i pull up the range finder).

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Opening Main.xml Causes Eclipse To Crash Out / Fix It

When i open /layout/main.xml in a newly created android projects in eclipse galileo, it crashes eclipse completely, i.e. Eclipse will just close and exit. This only happens with the android projects created using sdk 1. 6, & 2. 1. Sdk 1. 5 & 2. 0 are fine. Anybody has any clue?

P. S. All the other xmls in the /res are fine, only the main.xml has problem. And when i compared the main.xml created by default in sdk 1. 6 & 2. 1 as opposed to 1. 5 & 2. 0, they are the same content. So, it's something to do w/ sdk parsing and trying to display the layout.

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Htc Droid Eris - First Hard Crash After Update

Did the ota update today. All seemed fine (except for the very annoying issue with the unlock screen). But on a phone call this evening, when i took the phone away from my face, i saw it was on the lock screen (which shouldn't ever appear in a phone call).

The call was still active, but the screen and buttons were completely unresponsive.couldn't go past the unlock screen, the little green phone icon was still in the notifications bar. Green phone stayed there after call disconnected (other party hung up). Indicating nonresponsiveness of the ui (not just to my commands, but not responsive at all). Eventually, had to pull the battery.

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G1, Rooting, Rom Flashing Question

I purchased a phone that has already been rooted and has cyanogens froyo 2. 2 on it, dont get me wrong its a great rom, i was just hoping for something a little bit faster, such as superd 1. 11 , so i guess my question is in order to flash this new rom, is all i need to do place the new rom i downloaded as in the root folder of my sd card then restart the phone holding the home and end keys simultaneously? Do i need to delete the previous rom files or anything?

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Does Flashing Rom Affect The 3g Function?

I did quite a few times' flashing between the google rom, cynageon rom and desire rom. Just for testing and fun. But after last week, i find that the 3g network is not working good. It's simply showing no 3g network icon at all, or not connecting when the icon is there, until i change location or reboot. Just wondering if flashing has anything to do with this, thanks

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Flashing Device With New System / How To Proceed

After dowloading the source code of the android os, i have made some modifications on it. Now i want to flash my device with the new system. How to proceed?

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Games - Pacman Game - Flashing

I had a g1 before with 1. 6 and ran pacman with no problems. Sadly my g1 was stolen in cambodia. I live in vietnam so i bought another one in the usa and had to wait a month for a friend to bring it over. It came with 1. 1 so i had to upgrage to 1. 5 then upgrade again to 1. 6 (is this the correct way to do it?) But now when i installed the pacman game it works fine but the whole game flashes. Did not do this before. How do i fix it? I already reinstalled it and even downloaded another pacman file. Stll flashes.

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Compiling G1 Firmware From Source And Then Re-flashing G1

I want to try re-flashing my g1 dev phone with android compiled from source for htc touch target. I have followed instructions from and extracted proprietary binaries from my g1 dev phone, compiled source etc. The build appears to have completed succesfully. Now what do i do with the android build to create an file which i can use to reflash the g1 according to this procedure. Does anyone know the missing step(s) which create a suitable from the andoid firmware compilation ?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Phone Continous Reset / Crash Frequently

Just bougth my xperia brand new 2 weeks ago, and start to resetting continously  up 10 times or more (until remove battery) when accessing emails or when taking pictures, or at anytime. Software already updated but problems continues.

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Flashing Samsung Epic To Cricket With Wifi

I'm buying a samsung epic 4g and want to get it flashed to my cricket account and i have some questions about wifi-tethering and mms. First, i am new to the android world so please forgive my ignorance in advance. Id like to enable the free wifi-tether option on my epic so i can connect my laptop to the internet via the phones wifi-hotspot capability. As i understand it, this feature is disabled in this phone by default with cricket. What is the best/easiest method for enabling free wifi-tether with cricket, and should i do this before or after i have cricket flash the phone to their system?

I'd also like to enable mms messaging as i've heard others have done with their epic and cricket, but have no idea how to do this. How is this done? Again, should this be done before or after the flash to cricket?

My concern is that i'll mess up the cricket flash by rooting the phone and enabling the free wifi-tether. Is this a possibility? I'm just too unfamiliar with how it all works so any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Fyi, i am a coder and have fairly decent knowledge of high-end programming so understanding the code and technical details shouldn't be an issue. *

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Replacing Sd Card / Partition Before Flashing Cyan 6

I'm replacing my sd card. Do i need to partition it before flashing cyan 6? I'm pretty sure my class6 sd card is going bad and giving me serious lag time when loading the apps. So i just bought a class 10 and figured it would be a great time to wipe everything (factory reset) and load up cyanogenmod's latest froyo build. No nandroid, no backup, i want to start from scratch.

1. Do i need to partition the sd card before flashing the new rom, like i did when i first loaded apps2sd (like i did when loading up donut)? I'm wondering since it's been built in to stock roms since eclair. I've never used amon ra. The last time i just followed the wiki article.

2. Any tips since i'm starting all from new?

3. When was the war of 1812

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Does Anyone Use A Transparent Screen Protector For Galaxy S2?

Does anyone use a transparent screen protector (for scratches) on their s2? I had one, but my phone fell screen first onto the glass corner of my table and fell onto the floor. So the screen protector is messed up. I removed it and saw the actual touch screen. The gorilla glass did its job, not a scratch on the screen. Should i get another screen protector or is gorilla glass gonna keep me scratch-free? Edit: is a scratchguard required for sgs-2.

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Htc Droid Eris - During Googletalk Chats Composing Texts Or Emailing Randomly Crash

During googletalk chats, composing texts, or emailing, my eris will randomly crash is a strange fashion.

In googletalk, it goes back to the "friends list" page, and then i have to select my chat contact. At this point i have lost any chats so far exchanged, and frequently say "lost connection to server".

While composing or viewing texts, it often jumps back to the "all messages" screen, and i lose what i have been writing.

While viewing emails or writing them, it often jumps back to the "inbox" or whatever label i had been viewing previously.

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Method For Flashing A Device Htc G1 Dev Edition

I have just re-compile the android source code for the htc g1 developement edition and i am looking for the procedure i can follow in order to reflash my device.

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Samsung Galaxy S Best Multi Touch Screen

Multi-touch is a deciding factor for a lot of people when considering their next mobile has not been known to be the best in this area. Most notable, the nexus one, has been perceived as having a subpar multi-touch display. Until know we?Ve always heard that you have to choose between having a beautiful display or a very accurate multi-touch display. Samsung has brought them both together in the galaxy s.

The screen on the galaxy s is manufactured by a company named atmel. The technical name for this display is the atmel maxtouch, and this screen can handle up to 16 points simultaneously. It has a response time of 7 milliseconds which is 2-3 times faster than current multi-touch displays. This screen is expected to drastically limit or even eliminate miss touches, aka having your hand on the edge of the screen unknowingly.

I am more and more impressed with this phone with every new tidbit of information that gets uncovered. This is probably the most unrated device of all time. If the ?Hummingbird? Gpu lives up to its rumors, which it most likely will since we?Ve seen it in action, this will probably be the best handset of any kind on the market. Samsung is really good at making processors so the 1ghz in this phone could pack in a few surprises as well. I can?T wait to see this device stateside, in the mean time checkout the touch screen demo performed by frandroid.

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Samsung Galaxy S Lock Screen Stays On

The other day i fell asleep with my vibrant in my pocket woke up 3 hrs later and it was dead. Had no idea why, id only had it less than 24 hrs, and it was almost fully charged b4 i passed out. Well sitting here with the phone on my desk today i got a text, didnt look at the text, and the screen stays on the "sweep screen to unlock" screen fully lit up until i do something with it. I just got a text and its goin on 14 minutes of that screen. Problem fixed as to why it died, but why is it doin that? Is it written into the program, is my phone jacked up, is there a setting? Cuz ive checked all those. My screen is supposed to time out after 1 min which it does if im doing something or have just done somethin and set it down. Thanks in advance for the help and input.

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Screen Touch Problem On Samsung Galaxy S2

I have a small problem with my galaxy s2 (i9100-europe). The problem is that when i try and press on certain parts of the screen, it doesn't work o. 0 but if i move my finger really quickly it will complete the test. Someone told me something like "you need to use a different charger", but i don't think thats the problem. What do you think? I also updated the phone to ics (official) and still the same thing.

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Washed Out Screen On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

My beautiful galaxy nexus decided not to update the baseband; the 4g connection would frequently drop and my phone would restart 8-10 times a day. Read about someone in a similar boat who called vzw and they told him it was defective and sent him a new one. So i called and they sent me a new certified pre-owned, that actually has the updated radios pre-installed.

Now the problem: when i place the cert. Pre-owned next to my original g-nexus, the replacement has a washed out screen in comparison, and frankly the hd looks like doodoo. What gives? Either i have to have a beautiful screen with poor reception, or great reception with a *** screen?

P. S replacement was from vzw not assurion.

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Motorola Droid - Can Repetitive Rom Flashing Damage Chips

I just recall back in "the old days" (-about 1994 lol) about how it was either a general consensus or simply an unfounded rumor that flashing desktop bios chips could damage them, rendering the mobo useless.

Any truth to that, then or now?

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Htc Desire - Rom Manager / Following Lekkys Flashing Guide

I am rying to flash my frist rom after rooting my phone two day ago. I am following lekkys guide to rooting. I have downloaded rom manager and i am trying to do this step:8. Open this app, click flash clockwork mod recovery, select htc desire. But everytime i try it tells me there was an error downloading the recovery? I am connected via wifi and have tried restarting the phone.

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Htc Droid Eris - Delete Folders After Flashing On Sd Drive

After you are done flashing can you delete the folders on the sd drive?

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