Listview That Can Be Clicked

I'm trying to create an application where a listview contains items that can be clicked. However, i can't seem to find a way to have an onclick() handler. Can someone post an example please?

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Get Index Of Clicked Item In A Listview

I want to get the index of the selected item ( clicked ) in a listview.

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Capture Text Value Of Item Clicked In A Listview

What i'm trying to do is set the text of the item i click on into the myedittext. Not sure how to access the specific item in listview though.code.

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How To Know In Which Pixels Of A Image User Clicked

I want to draw a image filling the complete screen.
Then when user clicks in any pixel or group of pixels they turn black.
How can i know where the user clicked exactly and how can i turn the touched pixels black?

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Using Custom List View - Get User Clicked Row Value

I am using custom list view . I have trying to get user clicked row value
Can anybody tell how to get the value?

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Listview Touch - Each List Item In Listview Is Linkified Textview And A Regular Textview

Each list item in my listview is a linkified textview, and a regular textview. The problem is that once there is a touchable item in the listview, the touch works only for that item, that is - only links work, but the entire list item containing the link cannot be touch selected (only with the trackball). I tried this also with buttons inside the list items and the touch behavior was the same - only the button view could be "touched". Is there a way to make a list item touchable with touchable views inside?

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Use Layoutinflater In Listview

May i know how to use the layoutinflater in listview?

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Using Getscrolly() Of Listview

I have the following code which recording the scroll y position in my listview whenever my activity is paused.


But regardless where i scroll my listview vertically, the value of getscrolly() always return 0.

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Simplecursoradapter - Listview

I have a problem displaying the results of an sql query into a list view via simplecursoradapter.

This is my query:


When i execute this query i get a typical result set like so:


I want to output this cursor to a listview.

The problem i run into is that i can output client name and status no problems, but the start_time and end_time fields remain blank.

My cursor adapter code is this:


The xml defined views which the data will be bound to


Create the adapter using the cursor pointing to the desired data as well as the layout information


Set this adapter as listactivity's adapter


And finally my xml layout (list_element.xml) is as follows:


So my question is, how come some of the code (i.e. Status and client name) is getting output while my time fields (start_time, end_time) are not? Is it because simple cursor adapters can only deal with ints and strings and my time variables originate from sql timestamps in the database?

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Using Listview In Alertdialog

I am trying to add 2 listviews to an alertdialog to select 2 separate items.code crashes on return of alertdialog. Any ideas as to what the adding window with non-application token means?

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Populate Listview On Runtime

Best way to populate a listview on runtime from one screen to another.

Please see my code below 1. The list always ends up empty 2. I get a invalid resource error in the end.


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Add Grouping To My Listview

I have activity for displaying search results. It extends listactivity. I need to show search results in listview grouping several items. So, how do i add grouping to my listview?

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Custom Views In Listview

Question about custom views in listview

This app is building custom views for elements of a list view. How can the custom view be made to fill the entire width of the list view?

This xml for the elements view is inflated from this:


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Listview Row Overlap

I just updated my app and i am getting some odd complaints from people who update it. I am only getting complaints from people with non-stock android phones (phones that manufacturers have modified. Htc phones, cliq, pulse, etc), other phones like the droid, nexus work fine. My app (photo frame deluxe) has a list in it with a image view, text view, view (spacer) and checkbox, all in a row. What happens on the affected phones is that the rows start overlapping and it cuts the top half of everything off. My layout code for this is below, i am pulling my hair out on this, what might i have wrong in this layout.
Why does this work on some phones and not on others?

Row layout:


Layout row is inserted in:


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Custom Listview Adapter

Trying to implement a custom listview in java for an android application.

I'm trying to list a bunch words (typically, 100 < n < 500) and highlight a subset of those rows by changing the text color. The both sets of words (global and subset) are listed in a collection (currently an arraylist)

The problem is that some words are missing. It seems random. I think it might be more likely that the words intended for 'highlighting' are missing. (i.e. I've tried a couple different variations of code, but here is what i've currently got:


This custom adapter gets instantiated and assigned by the following code:


It appears that there's some disconnect between the data variables, and what shows up on the screen.

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Listview Memory Leak?

I seem to be having some kind of memory leak issue with my listview. The list view activity is in a tab and each row downloads an image and displays it in an imageview (tiling it as a backgroiund).

I am using a cache similar to droidfu fu/blob/master/src/main/java/com/github/droidfu/imageloader/imagecache. Java

Everything seems to work fine as i'm completely clearing the memory cache when it gets past 20 items and also completely clearing the disk cache when it gets past 0. 5mb just to be safe. The problem occurs when i have a large list of items in the list (say 100) and i keep scrolling back and forth this list as fast as i can.

Eventually i get these messages in logcat:


And a whole bunch of those which lead to a force close. I'm not too sure what the problem is or how to go about fixing it.

Here is the full log:

Turns out its the problem is with too many asynctask/thread objects being created. I am using the code from and not sure how to get this fixed.

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How To Set Simplecursoradapter To Listview

I have to set the simplecursoradapter into a listview. How can i achieve that?

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Data Still Not Able To Be Showed In Listview

I cant be able to show my data into a listview using this code which ive found on a particular website. I am able to show all the images in listview but the data are not there!


What should i change or do?

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Listview - Simplecursoradapter And Cursors

I have a very simple issue i actually can't fix.

I have a basic database with fields, let's say "mydbhelper. Key_id, mydbhelper. Key_name, mydbhelper. Key_data" and a listview where i only display the "mydbhelper. Key_name" field.

I used this sample of code :


My problem is, i don't know how i can modify simply this code in order to get the "mydbhelper. Key_id" value when i click an item on the listview.

I suppose it should be something like this :


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Listview.getscrolly() - Does It Work

I am using it, but it always returns 0, even though i have scrolled till the end of the list.

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Toast On Top Of Listview

I have a listview in my android application. Now, when the user presses next button other contents will be loaded into the listview. What i want is that if there are no more contents available then there should be a toast displayed indicating that there are no more data available.

Say, for example i have a total of 55 data available and i am displaying only 30 of them in one listview. So, when the user presses next for the first time next 25 records will be visible. If the user again presses the next button then a toast should be displayed on top of the last listview that had last 25 records.

Currently i get an error as indexoutofboundexception : invalid location 15 size is 1.

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Simplecursoradapter And Listview.settextfilterenabled()

I want to display all contacts with a phone number in a list. I got the data, it is displayed in the list but my problem is that i can't get the text filter functionality to work. e.g. When the user types 'fre' it should filter out all entries not containing 'fre'.

This is what i've got in the listactivity. Oncreate()


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Listview That Acts Like Radiobuttons

I get a list of choices from an external server. Sometimes this list is long so using actual radio buttons is ugly. The user can only pick one item from the list. I'd like the listview to act just like radiobuttons - one item in the list is highlighted and if a different item is picked then that item is highlighted and the previous choice is unhighlighted. Can this be done?

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Dialog Containing A Listview With Contextmenulistener

Setting the activity content view directly to a listview, the code below works as expected. However, if you change the code (by uncommenting the dialog lines, and commenting the setcontentview line), the context menu no longer works.

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Advanced Trackball In Listview

Have some nitpicky scrolling issues in listview that i don't expect many people to know the answer to, but if there are any experts in listview, your help would be greatly appreciated. I'm doing a listview of contacts such that one contact, the contact that the viewer is currently looking at, has a larger view than the other contacts, in this case, the position of the second selected contact is determined by the bottom of the previously selected contact, giving the listview a "jumpy" feeling and allowing me to only view ~3 contacts before having to use my finger to move to the next screen.

It's a problem that's not a gamestopper, but something that can hurt the user experience of the application.

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Debug Cursorindexoutofboundsexception With Listview

I occasionally get exceptions like this one here code.

My own code isn't really touched in this stack trace and i am wondering what i might be doing wrong here?

I suspect it is something about the coordination of redraw/invalidation events, but i don't know where to look exactly.

When i update the model (the sqlitedatabase) i run the following code on the ui thread afterwards code.

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Update View In Listview

I need to frequently update listview row, what's the best way to find the row? I wonder how findviewbyid and findviewbytag work? Do they walk over all child views and check each view id or tag? Because this could be very inefficient. Or they have some sort of hash map to quickly retrieve the requested view by id or tag? Or maybe there is another way of updating listview items? I know listview reuses views and as you scroll they essentially hand adapter the same views in getview method.

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Imageview Selection In Custom Listview

I have developed a custom listview with following pattern

Name |-| age | my tiny image | email | -|

Now i want to know after clicking on my tiny image some function should be called. How to attach listener to this image which is part of custom listview row.

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Do Listview's Getfirstvisibleposition And Getlastvisibleposition

I've got my listview on screen. It's scrolled to the top. I see 6 rows.

And when i log getfirstvisibleposition() and getlastvisibleposition(), it says 0 and 6.

Is getlastvisibleposition() actually returning the first non-visible position? In other words, should my test for whether a particular row is onscreen be not first

<= Row && row <= last

But rather

First <= row && row < last

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Listview Which Presents A Table Of Items

I have a listview which presents a table of items. The table is supposed to look like:

But if i scroll around a bit, i sometimes see:

Now this only seems to happen when i run the program on an actual device (motorola droid with android 2. 2). I have never seen this happen on the emulator.

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