Motorola Droid - Best 3d Games Like Iphone On Phone

Soon i will be getting the droid and i was wondering if they have 3d games like the iphone does? If so, post your favorite and i will try it out.

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Games - Get App Like Tap Revenge For Iphone / Ipod Touch

Do you know if there is an app like tap tap revenge for the iphone/ ipod touch? Or something like guitar hero.
I can't look on the market store yet as my hero hasn't arrived yet!

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Motorola Droid X - Cant Wait For Iphone

When i first got this crappy phone i was pumped but now a whole mess of problems started to happen and mind you its only two months old. If i tilt it n it goes in landscape it takes a long time to go back into normal viewing mode. It lags when switching screens. Half my contacts don't link and now my key board lags. Im about to throw this thing out. Please help before i do it.

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Motorola Droid - Copy And Paste A Picture Like Iphone

I did it and it delete from my contacts two. Does anyone know if u can copy and paste a picture like the iphone?

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Games - Age Of Empires Like Games For Phone

Does anyone know if there are anygames out there that are like age of empires?! I have the settlers and i really like it but the game is too short. It seems like when i get things going and have good resources coming in it says i won and i have to restart. I know there are other threads like this but they suggest pocket empires which i don't like because it's online, i'd rather play a single player game (so i don't get charged for crazy amount of data usage).

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Games - Good Marble Games For Phone

Is there any good marble games? I've seen amazed but don't find it impressive. The physics of it don't seem to good.

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Motorola Droid - Filter Cached Images Out / Need Photo Viewing App Similar To Hero - Iphone

I'm coming from the iphone 3gs & hero on this question.
1. When i go to view pictures for wallpaper from my gallery (not wallpaper gallery), it displays cached album artwork from slacker and cached images from my browser. Is there anyway to filter cached images out?

2. Is there a photo viewing app similar to the hero / iphone will let me swipe through albums without including my cached photos in the mix?

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Games - Good Games For All Touch Screen Phones Mainly Droid X

Are there any good games for all touch screen phones mainly my droid x? Most games require a keyboard or track ball so i'm out of luck. I've found throttle copter which i played all the time in study halls and my tech classes back in the day. Any other slacker class games like this for my droid x to relive the days?

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Motorola Milestone - Install 3d Games On Phone's Memory Card

I purchased the motorola milestone a few weeks back and its my first android phone. Also, i haven't rooted it as yet. I love gaming on my phone and am going crazy trying to figure out how to install 3d games (heavy-duty ones like let's golf, assassin's creed, nfs - to name a few) on my phone. Please can someone tell me what i should do in order to install them on my phone's memory card?

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Is X10 A Better Phone Than Iphone 3gs

Is the x10 a better phone than the iponeg3s

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Samsung Galaxy S - Make Ringtones For Phone Same As For Iphone

I'm so used to my iphone-how do u make ringtones for the galaxy is it the same as for the iphone make an aac file?

If not can i just use the ones i already have on my mac and drag them to my phone?

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Htc Evo 4g - Easiest Way To Transfer My Contacts From Iphone To Phone

What is the easiest way to transfer my contacts from the iphone to the evo?

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Htc Desire - Possible To Use Iphone / Ipod Headset With A Mic On Phone

As much as i love my desire, i hate the crap headset that comes with it.

Is it possible to use iphone/ipod headset with a mic on the desire. And not just to listen but also to talk.

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Htc Desire - Can I Use Iphone Car Charger To Load Phone

May i use the iphone car charger to load the desire in the car ?

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Droid Incredible Or Iphone 4g

Droid incredible or iphone 4g. If iphone 4g is released for verizon would you grab that or go with the htc droid incredible?

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Get A Segmented Bar Just Like Iphone In Droid

How can we get the segmented bar in android just like we have in iphone?

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Games - Port For Emoji (spell Numbers , Keys) For Playing Storm8 Games

Does anyone know of a port for emoji (spell numbers or spell keys) for playing storm8 games? Only iphone users can see it and it shows up on droid as boxes. Does anyone even know what i'm talking about?

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Iphone Versus Droid As Music Player

I would like to know if the droid (or droid x if anyone knows) is similar in sound quality as the iphone (assuming the iphone's sound quality is no different from the regular ipods). Like does it have a relatively high volume control like the iphone and bass and treble in most of thr gith places or did i just screw this whole question up lol. Anyway if someone understand me please answer cause the 23rd im getting the droid x and it'll be basically my media player as well as a phone like my psp was (without skype)

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Switching From Iphone To Droid - How To Sync With Itunes ?

Switching from iphone to droid. What do i need to know and how can i sync with itunes?

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Games - Ihobo / Iquarium - Need Similar Android Games

My missus has an iphone and has these two games. Ihobo and iquarium. Is there any android games that are similar?

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Games - Risk / Global Domination Type Games

Any recommendations for any risk/axis & allies type of global domination games?

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Htc Droid Eris - Way / Application To Unlock Pattern Like Iphone

I was wondering if there was any way or application that has an unlock pattern like the iphone (numbers not drawing) because to be honest i hate having to draw.

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Games - Any Magic Type Card Games

I keep hoping that some magic, the gathering type card games will become available on android. On my windows phone, i had orions: legend of wizards, which was way to easy and incomplete as a concept, but also quite fun. Does anybody know of any of these type of games for android?

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Games - Need Decent Music / Rhythm Games

We need are decent music/rhythm games. I've tried guitar hero 5, and i'm pretty sure most of you should think its a pretty bad port. I'm thinking of more like taiko no tatsujin, dj max technika, osu!, Ddr, . A better guitar hero port :/taiko no tatsujin is great on psp, and it has a port on the iphone so it is feasible with android. The name is namco's but a game with similar gameplay would be great. Dj max technika is a touchscreen arcade rhythm game which will also be feasible and great on android(its gameplay). Osu again has a port on the iphone, . Ditto for ddr. The guitar hero on android is some bad java port.

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Games - Any Good Rpgs For Phone

Anyone recommend a good rpg on the droid?

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Games - Tilt Games Not Working

I just got my g1 friday june 12, so 10 days ago. I had downloaded the abduction demo and was falling in love with the game. I have not dropped my phone, gotten it wet, nothing. But suddenly, while playing any game that requires you to tilt the phone, it will not work. However, the phone will still rotate the orientation just fine and dandy. Should i get a new phone? Or is there a way to fix this without replacing the entire phone?

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Games - 2 Player Casusal Games

My wife and i both have android phones, and was wondering if there are any cool multiplayer casual games you all recommend?Casual, like no fps games, like quake,

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Games - Play Gameboid Offline On Phone

Without an internet connection i can't play it. Is there any way to play without a connection?

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Htc Evo 4g - Best Phone Apps And Games

I don't care about the price or value. Just tell me your favorite apps or games.

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Htc Wildfire - Tower Defense Games For Phone

Do you guys know any good tower defense games that work on wildfire (except robo defense)?

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