Samsung Captivate - Good Site To Download Hd Trailers That Work On Phone

Does anyone know a good site to download hd trailers that work on the phone i keep trying to convert stuff but im having a lot of trouble getting videos to play, i have a couple that work but there not hd quality. Any help would be appreciated, i would like to be able to show off the screen to its fullest potential. ,

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Htc Desire - Phone 2.2 File Corrupted / Can I Download Automat. From A Site

When i download the 2. 2 android file from my htc desire it says always that the file is corrupted.
Can i download automat. From a site?

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Samsung Captivate - Phone Goes Blank When I Turn It On / Get It To Work

I was turning on my captivate, and now when i turn it on, it does the at&t screen, and galaxy s screen, and just gets stuck there, and then goes blank.

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Samsung Captivate - Can't Seem To Play Xvid On Phone / Get It To Work

I can't seem to play xvid on my phone.

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Upload / Download Any Applications , Games In Admin Site

I want to know weather it is possible to upload r download any applications, games in this site because i am having nearly 1500 applications & games for android mobiles which i had downloaded from other sites.

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Samsung Captivate - Rooted And Now Mounting Usb Does Not Work

I've been sideloading apps for awhile now non-rooted, and copying stuff to/from my phone by mounting the usb.

Today, i decide to root using the 1-click root method, and it works fine.

However, when i connect my phone via usb (debugging on of course) and then mount my usb my pc no longer recognizes the sd cards like it did before?

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Lg Eve - Hertz Audio Recorder - Good Programs For Phone That Folks Have Gotten To Work

Has anyone got this app working on their lg eve? I don't have mine in front of me, but i was getting some kind of error, or something missing file or component. I'll followup on this message when i see it again with the specifics.

That said, are there any good audio recording programs for the lg eve that folks have gotten to work? When i say audio, i mean high quality, and not just voice quality. On my old htc mogul in windows mobile i have an awesome program called resco that does a great job at this. Resco audio recorder| overview

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Htc Desire - Good Instant Messaging Service To Work On Both Phone And A Blackberry

Does anyone know of a good instant messaging service that will work on both a htc desire and a blackberry? This week i finally upgraded from a bb 8900 to a desire. My girlfriend still has a bb though and while we used to use bb's im which was great, that obviously isn't an option now. Any suggestions?

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Samsung Captivate - Can't Get Manual Updates To Work / Fix For This

I just got my new captivate, switching from an iphone 3gs. I was trying to update the software on it and it keeps giving me the error that the att server is having a communication error. What should i do to try to resolve this issue? I had the phone rooted but unrooted it with the same program.

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How Good Is Samsung Moment Phone ?

I'm a sprint hero user, my girlfriend is thinking about joining my plan and getting a moment. I know a good amount about android now but not about the moment. Would she be able to use the touchscreen to text or only the keyboard? And what are the good and bad features of the phone? Thanks for the help guys!

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Samsung I7500 - Looking For A Good Bike Mount For Phone

I am looking for a good bike mount for my galaxy i7500. There seem to be some universal ones around the place, just want to see if people have any advice or suggestions. Most of my riding is offroad so mud and bumps are common.

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Samsung Captivate - Locked Up Captivate / Restored And Still Asks For Password

I just bought a captivate from a lady that works for att and she says it was a display model. It is asking for a gmail account a password and i tried the volume and power button thing and erased all data but that didn't work. It's still asking for the account and password. Is there any way to reinstall the os or erase everything or do something to where it doesn't ask for this information anymore?

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Samsung Captivate - Phone Keeps Going Back / Why Is So

Does anyone have this problem?

I just got my phone today, was testing the phone to see if it works correctly. I open the menu, it went back to home screen. I clicked on the application on the menu, the application opened and soon it went back to the menu. It is random, but happens pretty frequent. It is becoming annoy because it stops my work and went back to previous screen.

Is it a hardware or software issue?

I had hard reset the phone, but doesn't work.

Does anyone have same problem?

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Samsung Captivate - Captivate Has Agps Or Assisted Gps

So the captivate has agps or assisted gps, correct? Does that mean that the "assisted" can come from anywhere other than the gps (like wifi) or does that mean the gps gets assistance specifically from the cell towers? After the update, my gps is still not working, and if i turn off wifi location, google maps cannot find my location. My point is, my captivate has never been able to find my location using the cell towers like other agps devices. My nokia n95 didn't use wifi, but maps was able to locate me in 2 seconds because of the cell tower location, and then in 15 seconds with the gps. Can anyone else get a location with wifi location disabled and without a gps lock?

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Samsung Captivate - Balloon App For Phone

Does anyone know of an app that has to do with balloon animal tying?

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Samsung Captivate - Width Of Phone Screen

Can anyone tell me the width of the captivate screen? I know it's diagonal is 4 inches, but i am curious of the width. The wider, the better for typing. I currently have the droid x, and the x has a different screen format. If the screen is wider on the galaxy s', i might switch.

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Samsung Captivate - How To Back Up Phone Using A Mac

New to the whole android experience. How would i go about backing up everything on my captivate? I work on a mac. Any suggestions? Also, my phone is not rooted.

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Samsung Captivate - Can I Take A Picture While On Phone Call

I tried and got a message saying that camera not available while on call.

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Samsung Captivate - Possible To Unlock Phone For Any Carrier

Selling an att captivate. Is it possible to unlock it for any carrier? I have it rooted already.

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Samsung Captivate - Root Phone To Get Launcherpro

Do you have to root the phone to get launcherpro?

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Samsung Captivate - Rom To Install For Use On Phone

Rooted. Now what rom should i install?

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Samsung Captivate - Phone Keep Shutting Down / Fix It

I mean won't the new one just keep shutting down too!
I just want to burn it

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Samsung Captivate - Wierd Symbols On New Phone

I received my replacement phone today (to correct the random shutdown issue). It's supposed to be a brand new phone. So i'd assume that it is at this point unless im told and can prove otherwise. On the locked screen, in the upper right hand corner, the following symbols are there:@@@/oe@@. When i unlock the phone, they're also in the drop down menu to the left of the "clear" button.

Any idea what these are? I'm in the process of downloading a software update, so im not sure if that'll change it. But my previous phone didn't have those symbols and the software never updated (since it wouldn't connect to the at&t server) so im not holding my breath on that.

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Samsung Captivate - Set Up Voicemail On Phone

How do i do it?
I know that's a dumb question but i am truly baffled, lol.
When i had my iphone i had no problems setting it up.
No problems with it working.
So i figured that it would just carry over.
Well when i got my captivate everyone that has called me said that it just rings and rings and rings and every once in a while they will get a message saying that i'm not available.
Is there a way for me to reset it up?

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Samsung Moment - Download Ringtones For Phone

How do you download ringtones for your phone?

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Samsung Captivate - Best Non Resistant Screen Protector For Phone

Well, i really enjoy using swype but i am going to buy a screen protector. I don't like zaggs just because it is a bit "rubbery" and therefore it has a bit of a resistant feel to it when sliding your finger. Are there any good quality/ nice screen protectors that don't feel like that?

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Samsung Captivate - How To Delete Contacts From Sim On A Phone

I am having problems with my contacts. Thread here. Not making a lot of progress.

One suggestion i read somewhere was to delete my contacts from the sim. But the contact management software on the phone only allows copy to/from the sim.

Anyone know how to delete contacts from the sim on a captivate?

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Samsung Captivate - How To Transfer Itunes Songs To Phone

How do i transfer itunes songs to my captivate

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Samsung Captivate - Proper Way To Charge New Phone Battery

For any android phone. How should one use/ charge the phone when it's new?

I know that with the nexus one, people are told to fully charge the phone for an amount of time before even turning on the phone.

Once i get my samsung captivate should i do the same or something different?

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Samsung Captivate - Antenna Plug On Back Of Phone / For What This Is

I noticed what looks like an antenna plug on the back of the phone. Anyone know what this is for? It looks like a wifi plug like the ones in laptops.

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