Htc Hero - Connect To A External Hard Drive Directly

Can you connect to a external hard drive directly. Was thinking it might be possible via the usb connection.

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Htc Evo 4g - Sd Card No Longer Mounts As Hard Drive In Windows 7 After Plugging It Via Usb

For some reason the sd card no longer mounts as a hard drive in windows 7 after plugging it in via usb. I have the "connect to pc" option in the settings menu set as "disk drive" and the checkbox to prompt for usb connection type is checked but i'm not able to get the sd card to show as a drive. Is there anyway to make this happen manually?

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Motorola Droid - Open A Powerpoint From Hard Drive

So, i can't download a powerpoint that i need onto my phone from my email. So i copied it to the harddrive using the usb. Does anyone know how to access it? Its not on my desktop anywhere.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Time Keeps Changing While I Drive / Get It To Show Right

For some reason the time keeps changing while i drive. I want the clock to show the right time all the time i am using the clock plus weather widget

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Sprint Htc Hero - Flashing To Custom Rom - Hard Reset

I've had windows mobile forever prior to getting my hero. I've read all over trying to find this answer and i thought i found it at one point but it was a little while ago and i wasn't ready to root and flash and so forth.

My question is: when you install a custom rom on an android phone, does it hard reset your phone, or in other words does it wipe everything so you have to start over installing apps and such? I thought i read that it did not wipe everything but just want to be clear before i jump in.

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Htc Hero - Usb Drive "mounting" Stopped Working / Fix It

My telus hero was working just fine when i connected to my pc using the usb cable, and "mounting" the drive, but as of today it no longer will "mount", when i select this on the phone, it still will not show up in "my computer" as a drive. I use windows 7, and have made no changes to my pc recently that i can think of that would affect this.

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Htc Hero - Cannot Connect To Marketplace From My Phone / Solve It

I've just got my g2 touch and cannot connect to the marketplace in order to download some new apps. Here's what i do:

From the menu select 'marketplace'
I get prompted to sign in to my google account, which i do
Get the error message "cannot connect to server"

And that's it. Anyone else experienced this?

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Htc Hero - Connect To Internet With A Pppoe Connection On Phone

Can anyone tell me how to connect to the internet with a pppoe connection on a htc hero? I have a free wi-fi access point at work but must sign up with own internet pppoe account.

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Htc Hero - Firmware / Radio Update To European Phone To Find - Connect To Rogers 3g

Is there a firmware or radio update out there at all that would allow an european hero to find/ connect to the rogers 3g/ hspa network?

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Htc Hero - Can't Be Heard During A Call / Won't Connect To Pc For Photos Transfer - Solve These

Unblocked orange hero (uk) and generally ok but 1) can't always take a call unless on speakerphone - ie i can't be heard when making a call or receiving a call, unless i switch to speaker. (Not every time but more often than not) 2) wifi etc ok, and receiving e-mails ok but won't connect to my pc for photos transfer?

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Htc Droid Eris - Delete Folders After Flashing On Sd Drive

After you are done flashing can you delete the folders on the sd drive?

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Htc Evo 4g - No Sound With Hdmi Out When In Onkyo Fine Directly To Tv / Solve This

Just got my cable today and when plugged directly into an hdmi on the tv set (samsung lnb52750) i get sound and video. I tested with youtube and a video recorded directly to the phone.

When i plug the cable into my onkyo ht-rc160 receiver i get video only.
I've tried various settings on the onkyo and different hdmi inputs and its always the same, video plays but no sound.

Is this a known issue with the receiver or does someone know of a setting that i may be over looking.

If i can get the sound issue taken care of i may very well drop my direct tv subscription.

Other than that so far loving the evo.

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Htc Droid Eris - First Hard Crash After Update

Did the ota update today. All seemed fine (except for the very annoying issue with the unlock screen). But on a phone call this evening, when i took the phone away from my face, i saw it was on the lock screen (which shouldn't ever appear in a phone call).

The call was still active, but the screen and buttons were completely unresponsive.couldn't go past the unlock screen, the little green phone icon was still in the notifications bar. Green phone stayed there after call disconnected (other party hung up). Indicating nonresponsiveness of the ui (not just to my commands, but not responsive at all). Eventually, had to pull the battery.

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Htc Droid Eris - Rooting A Phone And Hard Reset / What These Does

Can someone explain to me what rooting a phone or a hard reset does?

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Htc Evo 4g - Having Hard Time Adapting To Typing On Keyboard

I've had my evo since launch day. I switched over from a bb tour. For some reason i still am having a hard time adapting to typing on the keyboard. I'm a girl and have fingernails so i tend to use the "one finger" typing method. It is driving me crazy as i feel like a first grader learning how to write! I've never changed the keyboard, am i doing something wrong?

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Htc Evo 4g - App That Will Let Take Pics Using Volume Up And Down Hard Buttons

Is there an app that will let you take pics using the volume up and down hard buttons since there is no cam button on the sides?

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Htc Incredible No Default External Storage

The htc incredible is now available for pre order at verizon. Engadget has already done a review. They mention that there is a storage issue with a lot of apps because it does not come with an external sd card by default. It does have a lot of separate internal storage, but apps cannot use it. Does anyone have more info about this from a developer's point of view. What path will environment. Getexternalstoragedirectory() return and what is the correct way to get the path of the internal storage?

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Htc Incredible - Can't Always Answer The Phone After 2.2 Update And Hard Reset

Ever since i "upgraded" to 2. 2 froyo and despite a hard reset on many incoming calls i can't answer the phone. I swipe down to answer and get. Nothing. Thought a hard reset might fix the issue, but apparently not. Suggestions? Ideas? Thanks to all in advance.

One more thing. Just called htc, who wonders if advanced task killer might be an issue if set to auto kill. Will try a few days with it on manual & see what happens.

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Unable To Connect To Gt-i9100 - Cannot Connect To Kies - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have installed ics update via samsung kies for my s2. After that i can't connect to kies. I am getting below message on kies. Unable to connect to gt-i9100. Failed to retrieve device information

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Htc Droid Eris - Save Pictures / Videos And Audio Files (like Ringtones) To Sd Card Directly From Text Message

So this week i am planning on getting the htc droid eris and was wondering if this phone allows you to save pictures/ videos and audio files (like ringtones) to the sd card directly from a text message? How about from gmail?

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App For Drivers To Drive Safely

Howamidroiding is the "how am i driving" android application, allows drivers to know if they are cruising safely. It uses the accelerometer of the phone to determine if the driver should have made that turn more carefully or shouldn't have speeded that much. It is possible to save the tracks to further reverence and see your overall performance on the system dashboard. Sorpasso

I've just released howamidroiding version 2. 0. It includes automatic accelerometer calibration, markers to show the exact location you should drive more carefully and several algorithm improvements. The more feedback i get, the most interesting and useful this app will be.

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Can I Plug A Flash Drive Into Android And Play Movies ?

Can i plug a flash drive into my android and play movies, read books etc. , From its content?

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Samsung Fascinate - How To Tell If Apps Are Saved On Sd Card Or On Internal Drive

I know these questions are really elementary, but:

1. In my task manager, it shows for ram 214 mb/325mb. Why is so much memory already used when i have so little extra on the phone? Does the pre-loaded stuff and os take up that much space?Confession: i have only downloaded 4 apps so far (google maps, handcent, swiftkey, smart keyboard pro) and 1 widget (digital clock widget) plus i have 4 ringtones and 1 song. Obviously, i am not a superuser.

2. How can i tell if my apps are saved on my sd card or on my internal drive?

3. If on my internal drive, how do i move them to the sd card?

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Cannot Access Sd Card On Phone After Encrypted Drive With Bit Locker

Ok, here was an idea. I decided i wanted to make my phone more secure and run an experiment on my evo i just got early last month, so i encrypted the drive with bit locker that came with certain version of windows 7 and now i can't access my sd card on my phone and the disk drive option that is normally in the pull down bar at the top is not there anymore. I restarted my evo and i got a notification that said i can safely remove my sd card did that and put it back in still the same thing. I was thinking the encryption would only apply to the sd card when i access it from a computer didn't think this would happen, even if it did that a password would be asked to be provided. So if anybody ever did this or got a solution please share.

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How To Communicated With Droid Ril Deamon Directly

I want to communicate with android ril daemon with my daemon directly.

Couly you tell me how to do it without using telephony layer.

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Draw Directly On Screen Without Calling Invalidate

I need to animate at a very fast rate (without using opengl). Now i am calling view. Invalidate() to paint to the screen, but this has the effect of

A: clearing the screen with black b: drawing the content view c: drawing the child view (which occupies only part of the screen, and is the only thing that's animating)

How can i avoid doing a and b at every frame? I am looking for

Canvas c = getwindow(). Getcanvas(); c. Drawsomething(); c. Donedrawing();

If this is not possible, can i at least get rid of a?

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Add Contacts Directly To A Group Without Creating An Account

I have this contacts that needs to be imported directly to a particular group that i created in which afaik that adding of contacts in an account , in the api seems to be broken(can't add other fields) so i implemented my own activity to add accounts.

How do i add them directly to a group?

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Motorola Droid By Verizon : Can I Deploy Phone Apps Directly To It

I'm thinking of doing some work in the android space and was looking at the verizon motorola droid. My question is simple: can/how do i directly deploy applications i am developing and testing to my personal phone or i limited by some other third party as to how i can access my own phone?

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Open Pdp Context(2g, 3g) In Libraries Layer Without Using Httpclient Directly

I usually make functions used in libraries layer in android.
These day, i need to make new function using http protocol.
So i found httpclient in java layer.
But i want to know how to open pdp context(2g, 3g) in libraries layer
Without using httpclient in java layer directly.

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Media - Good Program To Rip Dvd Directly To Mp4

I am having trouble making videos for my evo. I have several movies already ripped to avi but the phone plays mp4. I used any video converter to convert them but the video quality is poor and the audio does not sync.
Is there a good program to rip dvd directly to mp4?
I am using #1dvd ripper to convert the vob files to avi.

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