Lg Esteem Phone Reboot Randomly

I am currently on b, upgraded to c and downgraded to b again where all phases had my phone rebooting about once every couple of hours completely at random regardless of root, apps, usage, etc. I was wondering if d or anything else fixes this problem. Since i haven't seen anything on this i assume that i am behind the times and someone found a solution and i just missed the thread and was unable to find it in a search.

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Issue: Order Of Applications Reset Itself On Phone Reboot - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have an sgs2 with android 2. 3. 5 - i think i started to notice this issue after i upgraded to 2. 3. 5 - mostly because i think jumping from 2. 3. 3 to 2. 3. 5 the way in which the 'applications' screens work now is different - they are similar to the main home screens.

Anyway the issue i have is, when you click the 'applications' icon and are taken to the list of all your applications, in the 'grid view' setting if i arrange my applications in a particular order or i move the various screens/windows around - i have about 5 of them - i find that on rebooting or restarting the phone that this setting gets reset i.e the order in which i placed my applications is lost. I think i notice this also if i mount and unmount a sd card too. Has anyone experienced this?

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Motorola Droid - Phone Randomly Restart Itself / Fix It

Purchased droid today and so far it likes to randomly restart itself. Anyone else with this problem?

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket - Phone Randomly Shutting Off

I had my 1st skyrocket for almost 2 weeks when i began getting random shutdowns. Sometimes i would have to pull the battery to get it to respond again & other times i would be able to get it to turn back on by pressing the power button for about 30sec. I took the phone back to the at&t shop where they were baffled but replaced the battery because that was the only issue they knew of. After a day or so, it began shutting off again. I returned to the store where they replaced the phone.

I have now had my 2nd phone for 2 days and it randomly shut down again this a. M. I love this phone but i am leary of keeping it in light of these issues and from the problems i have read from other owners on this forum. Has anyone had any luck in solving this issue? . Btw, the battery is charging/draining normally and i have only used the charger that came with the phone.

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Lg Esteem Phone Usb Not Recognized By Pc

Ever since i wiped data. It says e: format_volume: make_extf4fs failed on /dev/block/mmcblk1p2. Does this have anything to do with pc recognizing usb or do i do something else so i can connect to the pc. Help plz? Also, it says sd-ext.img not found wen restored, does that affect it also?

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Motorola Droid X - Phone Reboots Randomly After Rooting / Stop It To Do So

Phone is running fine after rooting and deleting a few unneeded apps but about once a day it reboots randomly. Anyone else?

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Phone Restarting Randomly And Killing My Battery Life / Resolve This

Okay this is getting ridiculous, my droid x is restarting over and over. This is killing my battery life, ruining whatever i was doing at the time, and just getting annoying. Of course i can just restart whatever i was doing but this phone wasn't made for this. I herd atk may do this occasionally . Although i don't think so because that app is always closed and not running. I don't understand whats going on would love any advice at all on this. Whats verizon or motorola going to do when i call in?

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Phone Won't Boot After Update - Lg Esteem

My husband has an lg esteem, and a couple weeks ago he got an android update. Well it finished updating, and the phone turned off to restart, but didn't go back on. So he powered it back on, and it gets to the "lg" screen, and then turns back off, and then loads the "lg" screen, and then turns back off, and so on and so on until you take the battery out. We tried turning it on while plugged in, same thing. He said he tried to do a factory reset and it did nothing. Anyone know what might have happened and/or how it might be able to be fixed?

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Phone Randomly Shuts Off Shows Black Screen - Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

My phone has been either turning off or black screening about once every other day. I go to check the phone and it doesn't respond - the only thing i can do is to apply a hard reset to it to bring it back.initially i thought that it had something to do with a loose battery since i was biking when it first happened, but it does it when it's just sitting on my desk now. Thoughts, ideas?

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Lg Esteem Phone Enters Silent Mode When Someone Calls

My lg esteem is not in silent mode, however, whenever someone calls, the phone magically enters silent mode. (Therefore, i do not hear my ringtone and miss a lot of calls) after they hang up, or i hang up, the phone exits silent mode. But then the above happens, obviously. If i exit silent mode while in the call, the phone will continue to do all of what i've just described anyway. It's pretty annoying.

I have the plague kernel installed (extreme 2ghz one, but it's not the kernel as this has been happening since before cwm was even released for this phone. ) I'm not sure if it started happening before or after i rooted it though.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Phone Randomly Turns On Cardock Switches Back Off Then On / Fix It

So i leave my phone on the usb plugged into my computer, lock it, and it randomly turns on the cardock switches back off then on. I don't get it. Any advice?

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Samsung Moment - Phone During Calls Randomly Vibrate And Enter Numbers / Fix It

My moment during calls will randomly vibrate and enter
Numbers. When you have to dial an extension it will always enter extra number
On its own?

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Usb Port Problem - Phone Going Into Car Mode Randomly - Samsung Galaxy S2

Ok, i'm not sure how this hasn't blown up yet but this is a huge issue and in my opinion it should be getting way more coverage. If you're having these problems:

1. With your phone going into car mode randomly
2. Always having speaker phone activated
3. Randomly connecting to kies when it's not plugged in
4. Randomly saying it's charging when it's not plugged in
5. Freezing, getting really hot, then loosing about 25% charge

Then you have a problem with your mini usb port. It is not a software problem. I've seen this happen to 3 sg2's including my own. I have been able to fix all of them by cleaning the port with rubbing alcohol. 2 of them unfortunately relapsed. I have no idea why or how this problem is so prevalent but it appears to be affecting a lot of people. What can be done about this? It seems like it is faulty hardware and not an issue with people just being careless with the port. I hope this clears up some confusion that people have.

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Htc Desire - Phone Sometimes 'looses' Sd Card - All Ok After Reboot

Have an orange desire that came with 4gb sd card. Every now and then the phone reports that it can't see/access the card. If i plug the usb in and set as disk drive, i can see all the data on the card?!
All ok after re-booting the phone?!
Anyone else?

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Samsung Behold 2 - Phone Is Stuck On Samsung Screen And Will Not Reboot

I followed all the instructions to switch to bh mans galaxy rom. After doing so i rebooted and the phone is stuck on the samsung screen and will not reboot. Is my phone completely bricked?

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Lg Esteem Phone Is Stuck On "download Is In Progress" Screen

I recently tried to update my phone with lg's mobile update software, however in the middle of the update i had a power surge which interrupted the update. Now my phone is stuck on this screen. I tried to to a hard reset by using the volume and power button but to no avail.

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How To Reboot Device

I just want to reboot the device just after the installation package has installed on the device. How can i do this? Is there any way to do this?

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Reboot/power Off Emulator

I installed new fonts on my android emulator. The instructions say i have to reboot my device. I tried using the "power off" button but it just displays "shutting down" and does nothing. Even when i go to the adb shell and run "reboot" it hangs.

Any ideas how to restart the emulator so that the new settings appear?

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Broadcasting Reboot Intent

I am trying to reboot android by broadcasting intent. Action_reboot from my activity. I believe that i have given it all the proper permissions to send such a signal but when i launch the activity, nothing happens. I saw a similar post about this back in may, but no responses.

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Samsung Captivate - Takes Forever To Reboot

It seems some widgets are maybe the cause? Does anyone have advice on increasing boot times?

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Cannot View Saved Image Until Reboot / Fix It

I am saving an image taken by the camera to a unique folder on the sdcard. The image saves fine, but i cannot view it in the gallery. I can see it in the file system, but i cannot view the image in the gallery app until i reboot the phone or mount the sdcard, and then umount.

Here's the code.

As i said, the file is saved fine, i can see it in the fs, and i can view it after the card has been umounted/mounted or rebooted. Is it an issue that i'm not correctly closing the file?I don't think that's it, but i'm not sure why i can't view the image. I believe i tried saving the file using getcontentresolver(). Insert() and didn't have this issue, but i want to save the images to a specific folder that i create.

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App To Preserve Ringer State Through Reboot

I'm using an htc desire, a bad choice apparently! Like many other desires mine has developed the fault of shutting down and rebooting at random. It does this ten or twelve times a day. The solution is to send it back to htc under warranty. However, according to the thread on the desire forum they take around a month to fix it, and even then there's a good chance that the fault will develop again!

At the moment the main problem which this fault is causing me is that for the eight hours i'm asleep the phone will almost certainly reboot itself. After a reboot the ringer state goes to vibrate (i set it to silent before i doze off). Because of this i get woken up during the night by vibrating alerts. Currently the only way round this is to turn the phone off overnight. Equally during the day when i leave the phone lying around the house or office with the ringer set to loud it reboots itself, goes to vibrate, and i find i've missed a load of calls.

So is there an application which will remember what the ringer state is and restore it to that after a reboot?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Bluetooth Only Works Once Then Have To Reboot

When i first connect my samsung wep 870 bluetooth to the epic it works fine. Then the next call i can answer and hear the caller but they cannot hear me. If i reboot it works once again. This is really annoying. Is it a samsung issue or android 2. 1?

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Video Player That Stores Position Through Reboot

When i travel, i like to load some videos onto my phone to watch in the airport and on the plane. I'm using the app "video player" to watch. What sucks, though, is that when i have to turn the phone off for take-off and landing, it loses my position, and then when i turn the phone back on again, i have to find where i was.

Is there a video player which will remember my position even through a reboot?

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Motorola Droid X - Ringtones Reset After Reboot

So i took notice some of my ring tones reset for some reason the other night randomly. This morning i restarted the phone and i had to reselect the phone ringtone and the ringtone i had set for one person, and i also had to reset the sound for notifications. Anyone else have this problem?The droid x is literally brand new. I took notice when it was starting it said prepping sd card. Is that normal?

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Motorola Droid - Random Reboot When In Sleep Mode

The problem occurs when i "sleep" the droid. For some reason when its in sleep mode, my phone will randomly reboot and i'll notice it becaue the lock screen is displaying and all my notification bar symbols (like weather channel) are gone. This is really annoying and it appears to be draining battery pretty well too. The phone has also reboot when not in sleep mode but this is much rarer.

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Why App Throws Android.permission.reboot Securityexception

I write an app, it uses android. Os. Powermanager. Reboot() method, and i add in androidmanifest.xml.

However, when i run hte app, it always throws folloeing exception:


Is anything l am wrong or froyo have some problem with reboot?

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Htc Desire - Reboot Cycle After Rom Manager Backup

I was about to go for a2sd+.

Performed a backup using ti. Went fine.

Then chose to backup rom (clockwork) using rom manager.

It booted in to a screen that showed details of stuff that were being backed up.

Reached generating checksum/md5. And that's it.

It has been rebooting. Ad infinitum! Vibrates, htc screen, blank, vibrates, htc screen, blank. . .

I tried rebooting via hboot and chose recover. No use.

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Ringtones Saved From Audio Files In Sd Card Disappear After Reboot

I'm having a problem creating ringtones from files saved to the sd card. I have succeeded in getting the information to be written to the mediastore database, and the files do show up in settings -> sound & display -> phone ringtone. However, as soon as i reboot the phone, the files disappear from the list of ringtones.

The only clue i have is that the database in /data/data/ Providers. Media/databases/external-. Db is getting its rows deleted on startup. The files themselves are not changing. Even stranger is that, if i simply copy the file from the sd card to the files/ directory of the internal storage directory for my app, and then save that file as the ringtone, it works!  However, it doesn't really seem feasible to me to force the user to keep two copies of the audio file.

I do have a . Nomedia file in the audio files directory (to avoid the files showing up in the music app), but i have tested this with and without the . Nomedia file and the same problem occurs.

Below is my code for creating the ringtone/notification. The users of my app would be really grateful if i figured this out.


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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Random Reboot With Camera

I have now had my x10 for a week and am quite happy with it in the main. The only problem i seem to have, is it sometimes reboots when i try to use the camera. It first did it before i had any marketplace apps on, so i don't think its due to something i installed. It happens when i try to open the camera, and it has also happened when the shopsavvy app tried to start the camera.

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