Samsung Galaxy S - Tethering Without Kies

Has anyone used their galaxy s as a tethered modem without installing kies?

According to the manual, you can just set the phone's usb settings to "pc internet" then plug it into the computer. Supposedly after that you just follow "on screen instructions" to install the phone as a modem (presumably the add new hardware wizard).

Has this worked for anyone? I tried it on two computers and the hardware wizard failed. Does anyone know where to download the necessary drivers?

Apparently installing kies installs the drivers needed, so you can then tether the phone without running kies. The problem is that kies requires an internet connection to install, so even if you carry around a kies install on the phone, you end up in a catch-22.

All of this was done on xp pro sp3. I have an international i9000 with zsjf7 baseband.

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Samsung Vibrant - Error Message When Tethering Device On Kies

I have a samsung vibrant and when i use programs like samsung kies and begin to tether the device an error message pops up saying the modem on my device is out of order is this a programming issue or is my device out of order. When tethering begins it disconnects the device and pops up with the os error message then when i disconnect the phone i dont have internet any more, right now im using easytether pro to connect to the internet but even now i have limited internet usage since its running really slow and even that will disconnect the internet from my phone if i use it to long.

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Samsung Vibrant - Downloaded Kies Software For Picture/video Transferring And Tethering

Just got the samsung vibrant and it is my first android phone. I am in the us and recently downloaded the samsung kies software for picture/video transferring and tethering and when i plug my device in it says "reconnect the device on samsung kies(pc studio)mode. Kies doesn't support this connect mode. "

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Need A Better Tethering App For Samsung Galaxy Nexus

For a long time i used barnacle and have been more than happy with it, however, since i got the gnex, it doesn't work. So, i have been using wifi tether with some success. The problem that i have is that it seems to drop my connection every so often. When this happens, i have to stop tethering and restart it. This is very annoying. So, is there something else out there? Please let me know.

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Kies Not Recognising Samsung Galaxy S2

Trying to connect my s2 to kies via a usb cable, but it won't recognize it at all, doesn't even give an error message. If i turn off usb debugging, on my s2 i get "mtp connected", but still nothing on my mac, when i turn on usb debugging, i don't get anything on my phone or mac. I've tried different usb ports, different usb cables, nothing. Any suggestions?

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How To Get Samsung Apps Through Kies On To Galaxy S Phone ?

Can anyone tell me how to get samsung apps through kies on to my galaxy s phone in australia. When i try to, kies says that google's terms and condition do not allow it. Why would there be a stamp on the back of my galaxy s phone stating "google", when as far as i understand kies was made for samsung. Is there any way to download these samsung apps advertised on kies, into my galaxy s gt19000 phone? Any help or information would greatly be appreciated as i do not know much about phones ect.

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Samsung Galaxy - Kies Will Not Update Firmware

I am trying to update the firmware on my galaxy s gt-i9000. Kies recognized i needed to update and started the update. I got to about 51-2% when i lost connection to the internet. It then stopped the update, now it recognizes that i have not updated the phone but when i try update i get a a message that says firmware update has stopped working almost immediately.

More details:

Problem signature:
Problem event name: clr20r3
Problem signature 01: gt-i9000.exe
Problem signature 02: 11. 2. 15. 2
Problem signature 03: 4d631915

Any suggestions?

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Can't Find Kies On Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

I can't find kies on my samsung galaxy s2 phone. There is kies air but i don't think that is the same thing. I bought the phone from india and it is running the stock rom.

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Kies / Usb Mode Issue - Samsung Galaxy S2

Basically for the last month or so when i try to connect my sgs2 to the computer to use kies i get the message. "Unsupported connection mode alert reconnect the device in samsung kies (pc studio) mode. Current connection mode not supported by kies. "

I wouldn't really care as kies is rubbish in my opinion, and it is a lot easier and better to use the phone as a mass storage device, but i have been waiting patiently for the official ics update and now it is finally landing i am unable to update without kies. I have checked the usb debugging is not enabled, i have tried all solutions i can find (turn usb debugging on connect and let load drivers, unplug and turn usb debugging back off and try again), (uninstall and reinstall kies), etc etc. There are a lot of things i have tried but nothing is working. Also i assume it is something to do with it, but i know i used to have 2 or 3 options when i go to settingswireless & networksusb utilities. But now there is only one, "usb mass storage".

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Some Of Photos Do Not Load / Sync Using Kies - Samsung Galaxy S2

So i bought a samsung galaxy s2 off ebay and i have been using it for about 4 days. I have put 6gb of music on the internal memory and i have tried putting a couple 700mb videos and 7gb of photos on to a 32gb micro sd card but only about 20 of the photos load and one of the videos loads and plays fine but i can't skip it along and the other says unsupported file extension even though both are avi. The pictures are gif, jpg and png a few of each load. I am using kies to sync the photos and running 2. 3. 5

I also another thing the phone was originally t mobile but was unlocked and i have a orange sim. Do you have to root the phone to unlock it? And could this be causing the issues. Also the sd card was cheap 14 for a class 10 32gb. But the videos do the same on the internal memory, i haven't tried the photos.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Message Kies - Device Version Cant Be Update

Well before try to do this reg hack try get 2. 2 use say latest version now get different message saying "this device version cant be update" instead saying having latest version when updates come out i could update right if new updates come out or got change reg setting back thanks for tip help?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Download An English Copy Of Kies - Set Region To Taiwan

I have a quick question about kies. Since the froyo update will be coming through it, i need to install it on my pc (win 7, 32 bit). I live in taiwan, but i don't speak chinese. When i go to the samsung mobile website, it asks me to select my country. The link for taiwan renders the website only in chinese characters (for obvious reasons). I'm hesitant to download it from the taiwanese website because i'm worried it'll be in chinese, and i'm hesitant to pick an english-speaking country as it may affect the region settings.

How do i download an english copy of kies and set the region to taiwan?

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Unable To Connect To Gt-i9100 - Cannot Connect To Kies - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have installed ics update via samsung kies for my s2. After that i can't connect to kies. I am getting below message on kies. Unable to connect to gt-i9100. Failed to retrieve device information

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Issue: Tethering Makes Data Connection Icon Disappears On Galaxy S2

Everytime i set up my phone for wifi tethering i seem to have a problem. The main thing i notice is my data connection icon disappears i.e 3g, h, h+ with the up/down arrow flashing indication data transfer. However, when i switch off the tethering the icon reappears. The same thing happens when i even try usb tethering. The last time it has worked was before i updated it to 2. 3. 5 from 2. 3. 3. Can anyone advise, thanks in advance.

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Issue: Cannot Sync Outlook Calendar With Kies Since 2.3.6 On Galaxy S2

Has anyone else had problems with kies since 2. 3. 6? I just got the phone update cause my phone is so new, and i just tried to sync my outlook calendar, which worked before, and no luck. Syncing my contacts worked fine. Help!

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Do Not Upgrade Via Samsung Kies

After having a chat with a member of staff at a local carphone warehouse store, whilst returning my samsung galaxy s to have a manual upgrade, the staff member told us that samsung are having huge issues with samsung kies. He went on to say that, even if samsung kies does work, all it does is pile the firmeware versions on top of each other. It does not replace them. He said he would not recommend upgrading via samsung kies until samsung fix the piece of software. Alternatively, if you take it into a official samsung help centre branch of carphone warehouse they'd be happy to manually upgrade it for free. This is what i've done. They've taken my phone away from approx 3 days to do a manual upgrade.

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Samsung Captivate - Device Not Suppoted By Kies

Why is kies telling me my device is not supported. It is rooted using unleash the beast and thats it from what i have searched and read it should work but it does not

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Samsung Captivate - Connecting To Kies Error

Running windows 7 64 bit. Soon as i connect my phone debug turned off of course. I select kies on the phone
It starts flashing mtp applicaition over and over the screens just opening and closing this window.

Win 7 always fails to load the driver for it and ive downloaded every driver i can find.

Ive tried even letting kies recover the drivers.
Ive tried the turning off wifi solution.
Ive unmounted my sd card

What am i missing because this is realllly getting annoying i always get the error 10 code. Reinstall the drivers for this device code 10 or 18 i reinstall them it says they are the most current and i get no where.

Kies wont recognize the phone and my phone just sits there flipping out going from home screen to mtp application over and over.

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Samsung Fascinate - Kies Not Comaptible With Fascinate

I'm new here and just got a fascinate and i love it except for a couple of bugs which is probably my lack of experience i just need to know why my kies software says its not compatible with my phone anyone else have this trouble?

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Anyway To Make Tethering Connection More Stable

I am using easytether via usb, but my connection often get drops. =( When i do an ipconfig, i still see my ip and my gateway and both i can ping with replies but yet i just cannot surf the internet. Is there something i should do to make the connection more stable?

Can it also be because i used "adb -d forward tcp:2511 tcp:2511" for my easysms that is causing the unstable in usb? Like if the usb cannot handle more than one app? But when i disable this forwarder too, the connection is just as bad. Or should i try another tethering app?

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Motorola Droid X - Nonrooted Tethering With Powerbook G4

I'm just wondering if anyone out there may know a good way to tether the dx to a mac powerbook g4 without rooting? Pdanet doesn't seem to work on ppc-based architecture and i can't afford to buy a new laptop right now. Either usb or bluetooth would be fine. I'm wondering if it can be done without pdanet at all, just configuring the proper info (especially in the g4). It's a 17" 1. 5ghz g4 running osx 10. 5. 8

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Setup Tethering & Portable Hotspot - Lg Optimus V

I was actually surprised to find out that alot of people are having problems with there tethering. I've had the optimus v for over a year and not a single problem with it. There are more tutorials around here than i can shake a stick at, so i'll just keep it simple and tell you my setup:


2. 3. 7 gingerbread

Clockworkmod recovery v3. 2. 0. 1

Cyanogenmod-7. 1. 0-backside-iho-kang

I don't have a hotspot app. In this version, it's actually built into the settings menu: settings>wireless & networks>tethering & portable hotspot. It allows for usb tethering and portable wi-fi hotspot under infrastructure and allows you to name and secure your hotspot with wpa2 psk encryption. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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Non Ad-hoc Tethering - Htc Droid Eris

Do any of you know if an access point (ap) emulator tether has come out for the eris yet? Although my tether works just fine for my laptop, i can't use if for my kindle as the kindle won't connect to an ad-hoc wifi setup. I found success! Wireless tether in ap mode (not ad-hoc) + wpa2 encryption - xda-developers by samwathegreat, but it specifically states it's only for the incredible. And i like the idea of wpa2 encryption also

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Motorola Droid X - Check Data Usage Of Bluetooth Tethering

Is there a way to check the data usage of bluetooth tethering? I just want to keep sure that i don't use too much as to *** verizon off.

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Htc Incredible - Working Option For A 3rd Party Tethering Program

Is there currently a working option for a 3rd party tethering program? I'm waiting to hear about the beta for android and this: android-wifi-tether - project hosting on google code needs a rooted phone and isn't available for the incredible.

Anyone have another option? I'd be happy with either usb or wifi tethering.

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Firmware Upgrade Problem With Kies 2

Had my galaxy s for a week now and have decided to upgrade to android 2. 2 now rather than later. But kies 2 would not let me set proxy settings. So i connected to the internet directly using a 3g modem. Now kies 2 says "no sim card inserted. Unable to continue communication. " Getting to the point, finally kies recognizes that it's time for a firmware upgrade and when i tell it to go ahead it crashes on me. I tried running the "gt-i9000.exe" program directly as well as compatibility mode for xp sp2 (i use win 7) but same problem. It's now been hours to do a simple upgrade. What's wrong with kies? Anybody got suggestions? If feels so backwards, should i reconnect my pc from the 1990's?

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Samsung Galaxy S - I9000 No Mobile Ap Setting & Samsung App Store

I just bought my sgs i9000 in france a few days back. It's locked to sfr here. I tried searching the forums for an answer to these but had no luck.

I noticed 2 things:
1. There is no "mobile ap settings" under wireless and network settings. I installed appbrain and i can see the "mobile ap settings" under the installed apps. But i can't run them. Is there any way to enable this? I would love to use my fone as a wireless hotspot.

2. No samsung app store is installed with the phone. Is there any way to do this? I want to install the asphalt 5 game.

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Issue: Phone Does Not Support Upgrading Via Kies After Factory Reset

I factory reset my phone the other day and now when i open kies it says, your device does not support software upgrading via kies. I was able to upgrade firmware before factory reset. If anyone has a solution please let me know.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Notification

How do you get a text message tune onto the galaxy s. When the phone is connected to the pc, the notifications folder is not found. This folder contains the tunes for text message notification.

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Texting With Samsung Galaxy S

I am fairly computer literate also been using candy-bar type phones for many years. I received my nice new galaxy s just yesterday and one thing has me completely stumped. I wanted to send a text to a non-address book or non "contact" recipient, here's my question.

How can a recipient's number be manually entered into the "to" field in the galaxy s? I have tried everything with it, also contacted my network tech support and samsung and no one can tell me how to do it. Got to say this is a major drawback.

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