Private File Last Modified Date

I am trying to get the last modified date of an internal file and it always returns me 0 although i could read the file properly. Can you please let me know if i am doing anything wrong. Creating a file.

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Always Returns 0 When Trying To Get Lastmodified Of Private File / Fix It

I am trying to get the last modified date of an internal file and it always returns me 0 although i could read the file properly. Can you please let me know if i am doing anything wrong.code.

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How To Get File's Creation Date

This is my code:


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Write / Read Date Array To File In Droid

I am writing to file in android and read from the same file using the below code.

As per now i am only able to save a string to this file.
I like to write a date array to it and also want to read back the data as array.
I know that the return type of read method will be changed, but i am not getting the idea of how to read and write the date array or any other array to the file.

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How To Use Getlastmodified() For Xml File Creation - Modicfication Date Check

I am parsing xml file in my android application, but i like to modify the code, that it only parses the xml file if it is update (i will store the last successful parse date).

I found out the: urlconnection. Getlastmodified();

But not getting proper idea of how to use it, as it is returning milliseconds as long. Is it possible i can check if file is modified or not.

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Samsung Fascinate - Getting "preceding Message Modified" / Resolve This

On messaging on my fascinate i am getting "preceding msg modified"? Is there anyway to resolve this issue. The text i am getting are not that long, not sure why they are being split?

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Access Private Resource In Donut

I saw in old posts that the oem could add internal resource in framework , so they can be able to use them with the special syntax. For example


Now it seems that the latter interface is not provided anymore in android 1. 5 as well as the donut version i'm compiling. But the former still can be used. Why? Is it gonna be supported in further versions?

As oem, we need to create applications with customizable resources, so the most convenient way as far as i know is to modify the private resource, as they can be used from xml scripts, and they wont cause trouble to third party application that should not use them. But i don't know how to check the res ids in the private resources changed or not. They have no .xml file to set their index orders like the public ones.

I saw in a post : ". Private resource ids are assigned dynamically, they basically change in each build of the system". So if i build a new framework-res.apk and i change some resource data, i don't know what is gonna happen to my previous applications? Does this mean all of the ids changed even if you don't add any new resource? Is there a way to check the compatibility of private resources between 2 builds, or to force them to be compatible  - like in public resources we can set the order in the public.xml to keep ids order the same.

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Add Image To Private String

I have a class which holds strings. I declared them like this:

Private string pper[]={"" + "juan", "manuel", . };

This is then displayed as a listview, and that is fine. Now, i want to add an icon/image on its item. How can i do that?

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Htc Desire - How To Backup A Private Application

I'm using astro to back up some not very often used apps, and games. So i can remove them for now.

I have the paid for version of winds of steel, and exzeus that i want to remove. They're listed as private, with no check box for backup.

How do i get around this, or is it a case of tough.

I can see why they wont allow backups, otherwise a paid for game could be ported to someone elses 'droid phone for free. As long as they have astro.

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List Of Private / Hidden / System Apis

In this post I've read about all that stuff about private apis which are annotated with @hide. The presence of hidden apis is not as well-known as the "all apps are equal"-mantra, but i think there should be more information on it. As long as i belivied in the mantra, i had dialogues like that: boss: can you do xyz on android? Me: yes, of course, there are apps on my phone which do it, so we can do it, too! Boss: cool, go ahead and code that stuff. Customers will love it!Two days later. Me: hey boss, i just found out i need some private api for that. Forget all your business plans.

I totally agree with those two reasons for private apis: 1. Some features would be too dangerous from a security perspective 2. Some apis were not ready to ship when 1. 0 came out, so they should be published later

The post i mentioned above is about two private apis:
* Installing apps without any intervention by the user
* Calling emergency phone numbers like 911 i'm sure there are more private apis, i think those are good examples:
* Everything related to bluetooth
* Reading contancts from a sim card / writing them there but im afraid there may be many more which i'm not aware of.could we create an exhaustive list of them? I think no such list exists yet. For each api/feature it would be nice to know: 
* Why is it private?
* Will it ever be public?
* If yes, are there any schedules when this might come true, in terms of release numbers or in terms of a date?

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Htc Incredible - Set Gmail Invites To Be Private By Default On Dinc

Is there a way to set gmail invites to be private by default? Google help says that if your calendar is set to private (mine is) then all invites will be private too. That is not the case though - when my husband receives an invite in outlook and he has to manually change it to private. So short of using my pc for all invites (where i can manually set them to private each time) is there a way to do this on the dinc?

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Can't Sign Droid App Lite Version With Same Private Key / Create Another For It

I just signed my paid app and now i want to sign a lite version of it with the same private key. My problem now is that, am receiving this error:

Jarsigner: unable to open jar file.

Do i have to create another keystore for it? Or is the problem coming from the fact that i am saving it as a different file name? What can i do?

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Htc Desire - Get Private Calendar Back / Set - Turn Off Alarm Per Appointment

Since my desire updated to froyo, i have a few issues with the calendar.
Before froyo, there were 3 types of calendar: calendar (didn't and still don't use it)
2. Htc sync (use it for the data i want to sync with my work calendar)
3. My calendar (calendar on the phone itself, used it for my private appointments and meetings i didn't want to get synced with my work calendar).

Now that last one has disappeared and i really miss it! Now my private meetings also show up in my work calendar.
Is there a way to get this private calendar back? Or is it possible to sync only in one way? I know it was possible with my nokia, so my work data appeared on my phone, but my private data didn't get pushed to my work calendar.

Another issue i encounter with the calendar app (not sure if it is typical froyo) is that every appointment has an alarm. Again on the nokia there was only an alarm if you explicitly entered one.
Is there a way to set or turn off the alarm per appointment?

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How To Insert Date Value

I am working on data manipulation using sqlite. How can i insert the datetime value in sqlite. I implemented the below code in my app.

It works:


But i cant sort by date.

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Why Eclipse Up To Date With 2.0.1 But No Tools Appear In The Ui

I was completely set up with android 2. 0 and eclipse. Everything worked fine. Then i tried to upgrade to 2. 0. 1 and now eclipse wont show any of the android plug in stuff. There is nothing in the ide relating to android anymore. No avd, no android projects, nothing.

If i go to help -> install new software, select "android eclair -" for the "work with", and look under developer tools i get these:


These are the mot current android 2. 0. 1 tools. It shows that they are already installed (clicking the "hide items that are already installed" box removes them). However, eclipse looks like i just installed it vanilla with no plugins at all.

Is there something else i need to do?  "Check for updates" says there is nothing to update. Should i blow away eclipse and reinstall it from scratch?  Doesnt that defeat the purpose of the automatic updater?

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Market Not Up To Date In All Places

We have uploaded an update to our app on android market several days ago, but some users complaining about no new updates found. It looks like it takes some time for android market to be fully up-to-date in all places.

Just wondering if any of you have encountered this problem?  Is there any workaround that users can do such as manually refreshing the market content?

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Fetching Milliseconds From Date

I have a date in string format as 25 november 2010 and i am trying to fetch the milliseconds of that date, for that i have done the below code:


But, when i try to run the application, it creates an event a day before the date inserted, i.e. For 25 november 2010 it inserts event on 24 november 2010 and for 27 november 2010 it inserts event on 26 november 2010, and same.

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Know When Date Changed In A Datepicker Widget

How do i know when the date has been changed in a datepicker widget? Onclick does not fire and there are no other useful events.

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Stay Up-to-date On New Developments In Sdk

Is it possible to know what's coming in android 2. 0 (a. K. A. Eclair ?) I looked in git and saw a 1. 5r4 (?) From 2 days ago. Not sure what that's about. Does that mean cupcake is getting newer stuff than donut? Does master represent what is going to be, or likely to be, in eclair? Or will eclair just drop one day and we'll all scramble to figure it out then? Is it possible that donut will be short-lived and we might not see many devices with it, rather going from cupcake to eclair? Should we expect big changes going from 1. 6 to 2. 0 as you might expect in a major release? Thanks for any information on this. I just want to avoid doing a lot of work if it has to be redone soon anyway.

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Change Gmail Calendar Date Format From Us To Uk

I'm starting to use the gmail calendar more now i have a g1 - on the web my calendar is setup in uk date format (dd/mm/yyyy) but on my g1 it's showing in us format (mm/dd/yyyy). Is there a way to change the settings for the g1?

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Id What Time And Date / Day Of Week Widget Is Displaying

Can anyone id what the time and date, day of the week widget this is displaying? I need that for my droid x, any help would be awesome.

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Up-to-date Info On A Quality Free Podcatcher For Droid

Any up-to-date info on a quality free podcatcher for android?

Missing the simplicity of symbian in this regard. And that is saying something.

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Add File With Database Inserts To My App - Where Put File With Data

I have a problem with files. I would like to add file with database inserts to my app. Where should i put this file? In res/then? This file will have 5 mb, so after operation i would like to remove it from system.

I know about /res/raw/file, but this file is only readably by inputstream importsql = res. Openrawresource(r. Raw. Import_sql);

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Motorola Droid X - Whenever Try To Play Audio File / Player Cannot Read File

So it has happened a few times since getting froyo. All of a sudden whenever i try to play an audio file it says that the player cannot read this type of file. I reboot and it goes back to normal. Anyone have this issue?

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Random File Access To A File Bundled In Droid App?

Can i have random file access to a file bundled in my android application? I don't want to copy the file from apk to the sdcard.

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Htc Hero - Display Date And Time In Standby Mode - App To Do This

I would like to display the date and time in standby mode (i.e i don't want to keep pressing the power button to see what time it is - i want it permanently displayed). Does anyone know a way or is there an app that will do this? I have searched but cannot find one.

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Htc Evo 4g - Unable To Save File To Sd Card Due To Insufficient File Permissions / Fix It To Take Picture

Tried to take a picture and the evo said '' unable to save file to sd card due to insufficient file permissions''.
On my notification bar at my home screen, there is a picture with a question mark. When i pull it down to read it it says '' mounted read only'' in bold type. Belpow that it says '' the sd card has an unexpected problem. Tappin. '' and the rest is unreadable because it is cut off by the corner of the screen.
1. What does this mean?
2. What should i do?

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Htc Evo 4g - Calendar Wheels - Setting To Change Date And Time Entries

Is there a setting to change the date and time entries from the "wheels" to a standard numerical entry?

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Htc Incredible - Wav File Player - Player Does Not Support This Type Of Audio File

Every time someone leaves me a voicemail on my home phone number, voip home phone voice mail box sends me the voicemail as a . Wav file attachment. When i try to play this . Wav file the phone refuses, saying "sorry, the player does not support this type of audio file".

So, i take it the . Wav files cannot be played on android phones. Has anyone found a workable and simple workaround to this yet?

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Deal With Media _ Its File Format And Convert Into Dlna File Format?

We are developing plugins which convert media file as the source and convert in to other format that can be used by dlna compatible device in android.

Any help on how to deal with media and its file format and convert into dlna file format.

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