Lg Esteem Headphone Jack Messed Up

My esteem headphone jack is messed up. What can i do except get a refurbished phone or a bluetooth headset. I also tried to clean it with contact cleaner. Can i repair it?

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Headphone Jack Doesn't Work

All the days i use good morning as my alarm clock my headphone jack does not work. I have to reboot my x and then it works again. The days i don't use it my jack works fine. I found this out because i use my x daily in my car as my radio.

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Event For Button On Headphone Chord

Gripe 1: why oh why t-mobile/htc did you decide to make a phone with a non-standard usb/power connector?I mean seriously, with just what the world needs, yet another frigging connector.

Gripe 2: what's up with providing a multi-media phone without a standard 2. 5mm headphone jack?It's hard to take you seriously as a smartphone without a regular headphone jack!

Now that i have those gripes out of the way :), how do you detect when a user clicks on the button on the headphone connector. The button on the connector that goes from the non-standard usb plug to the female headphone jack.

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - Cant Hear Anything Unless Headphone Or Bluetooth Is Connected

I cant hear anything on my phone unless my bluetooth or headphones are connected to my phone. It will not ring-play music or anything . No sound at all

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After Installing Cyanogenmod 7, Only One Side Of The Headphone Work - Samsung Galaxy Ace

I only experience this problem after installing cyanogenmod7. Dont know if this is a bug of cyanogen or the problem is really on the phones audio jack. As you can see after i install cyanogenmod7. Every time i connect the headphones to the audio jack, only one part of the headphone works. Tried alot of types of headphones but still, i experience the same problem. Anybody have any idea about this? Is it just me experiencing this problem? Any help would do.

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Samsung Moment - Camera Driver All Messed Up In 2.1 / What To Do

Google goggles is nearly unusable because if i try to use the 'crop' feature, it misplaces it due to some bug in the camera driver and/or app. The visible area for taking a pic is not as large as the actual resolution, so it's like the viewfinder only sees the upper left 3/4 of what you're taking a pic of.

Very annoying. I'm going to ask sprint to give me a chance to upgrade my phone early in light of all the issues this phone has had. I'm sure some of you aren't as agitated as me or as picky as i am, but i have pretty much had it with this phone. I shouldn't have to learn to get around quirks and bugs or have to use root access for full functionality. It's ridiculous. All this time waiting for the 2. 1 update, and they not only didn't get it right, but they cut out features.

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Motorola Cliq - Qwerty Some Keys Are Messed Up

Hope someone will be able to help me with this, some of my (hard) keys are toggled for some reason. For example when i click a it types q and vice verse. Only three keys on the very left are messed up like that (q, a, z). Anyone has any idea what's happening?

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Problem With Samsung Galaxy S Audio Jack

I am having a weird problem with my audio jack. Whenever i use headphones for music, youtube, or video the audio is crappy. Almost like the headphones are broken. But i have tried it with several different types of headphones and it all does the same thing. What makes it even weirder is i can use an auxiliary cable to go to other things, like my car or a stereo, and it works fine. What could be the problem?

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Htc Incredible - Froyo Messed Up My Notification Sounds / Fix It

So i installed the froyo ota i received a few hours ago. I noticed that all of my custom sounds like ringtones and notifications for texts and emails had been deselected under the sounds menu.

I reselected the sounds i had set for each, but they're not taking. When i get a text, it's playing 1 of 2 outkast songs from my music library.


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Htc Incredible - Phone Messed Up After Installing App From Market / Fix It

Installed mylock app from the market and it totally messed up my dinc.

Mylock basically by-passes the lock screen.

My problem seems to be with handcent sms. Pages wont load although it seems to be working now after a delete and re-install.

Now however it seems my phone wont power off. It tries to however it just powers back up after pressing the power off button. Any ideas?

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Motorola Droid - Everything On Home Screens Messed Up When Put Leather Holster / What To Do

Just wondering about a holster with a magnetic flap with the motorola droid. I put mine in a leather holster and all of my things on my home screens were messed up. For instance i had to delete all of my contact shortcuts because it did not even recognize they were there. And all of my facebook stuff was messed up. All of my facebook contacts info was all the way deleted. Any suggestions

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - Phone Jack Stop Playing / Solve This

I used to use my cliq as a music player since last december, when i bought it, but since a month ago when i introduce the phone on the jack, the music just stops, doesn't matter what player (software/app) i'm using, or the kind of phone i'm sticking in the jack, it just stop playing. One of the most important features of a smart phone, in my opinion, is to have it all in one device only, but since i'm having to carry around, besides the phone, my ipod, it makes me heavilly disapointed with the cliq. I've tried hard reset, different softwares, everything, but nothing solves this problem. Any ideas on how to solve it?

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Htc Evo 4g - Earphone Jack Volume Too Low / Make It High

I was just curious if anyone else has noticed that the earphone audio is very low. I am very impressed with the speakerphone for music so i assumed that headphones would sound great also. My tp2 had an audio boster that worked very well but i cant find an app to do the same on the evo. I downloaded a player with an eq built in and the quality sounded great but did nothing for the low volume. Has anyone else dealt with this issue?

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Htc Desire - Camera Display A Messed Up Image While Trying To Take A Picture / Fix It

I read another post about someone having the problem where the camera will display a messed up image while trying to take a picture. I found that my desire has this same problem and that it occurs when an edge connection is sending or receiving data while i have the camera app open. I can get the camera to do this by loading up a website and jumping back to the home screen and into the camera app before the site has finished loading. Can you guys try this for me while using an edge connection to see if this is the same for all desires?

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Htc Droid Eris - Low Volume On Audio Jack / Make It Loud

Anyone noticed that when you use a headset connected to the wired audio jack, the volume for calls is low? Listening to music etc. It's fine. Also, my ad2p headset is good for calls and music.

Compared to my iphone, phone calls on this jack are far too quiet. I've tried multiple wired headsets including the one that came with my iphone and the bose ones sold in the verizon store. Any ideas?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Polarities Of Trrs Jack Inside Phone

I've owned my x10 for about two months now and i'm loving it to death. I recently bought a set of razer moray + earbuds because i'm not too fond of the included headset. I thought they would work as they have a trrs connector and the phone has a trrs jack. Just to my luck, they're not compatible. So my question is, what are the polarities of the trrs jack inside the phone? Is it not a standard to have ground as 'this' band and microphone as 'that' band? Alternative earbuds?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Connect Phone To Tv Using 3.5mm Jack Cable

Connect my x10 to pac for using it as a modem for connect to internet. Thanks again.

Now , how can i connect x10 with 3. 5 cable to tv , and view phone image and videos on tv?

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Motorola Droid X - Layout Messed Up / Restore Entire Phone Back To Factory Setup

Something i must have downloaded (app) changed my whole screen  home page is gone. Is there a way to just restore the entire phone back to factory set up?

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Htc Incredible - Phone Repeatedly Asks For Voice Commands When Hook It Up Via Audio Jack / Fix It

Quick question that probably has a simple answer.

When i hook up this phone via the audio jack it repeatedly asks for voice commands instead of just going into playing some music. Anyone know of any setting to maybe disable this or some way to correct it?

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Motorola Droid X - Phone Never Rooted / Never Messed With Phone

Ok, i have a big problem with my droid x. I have never rooted or messed with the phone precisely because i didn't want to have problems come froyo day. I went to download the update that i received notification as being available and now i have a black screen with the motorola logo m in the center. I doesn't shut down. I took the battery out and the m comes back. What do i do now? Anybody else having this problem?

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Best Browser On Lg Esteem

Many people (like me) have been trying to find out what is the best browser on our lg esteem. I'm undecided, so make your vote to help me out as well as others.

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How Fast Is The 4g On The Lg Esteem ?

A couple concerns with 4g, first how fast is the 4g on the esteem n second if you root your esteem, is their any tweeks to improve the 4g?

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Lg Esteem Vs Connect - Comparison

I have an esteem got the connect a week ago and wanted to leave my input for everyone to know. So i tried all roms and kernels on my esteem and found best combo to be zvd cleaned up and zvd speed kernel. I use tsf shell which is a 55mb ram launcher but so worth it. I used overclocked for a month too. So i got the connect to see how it is and i really wanted to use 4g while on the phone. I did not realize how much a difference it would be. I was skeptical due to the smaller screen and no hdmi. And quite frankly i was very surprised

The lg connect with its massive ram is excellent at multitasking. It was faster snappier and better than my esteem overall while bloated. The screen is clearly much more vibrant more contrast and very nice colors better than the iphone 4s which my friend has. I am very impressed with the phone overall no lag no bugs and no overheating as others have claimed. Battery life i would say is 30-40 percent better than the esteem with the exact same setup of apps and all. The difference in screen size was unnoticeable and not worthy of mentioning honestly it did not bother me at all and i did not feel a difference. It is also alot nicer in the pocket but i did like the dock with my esteem which i dont have here and i realized i never use my hdmi out to be honest.

So would i recommend the lg connect? Yes i would i am sure you will feel a clear difference especially with the ram difference and 4g while on the phone. Im loving it. Will keep you updated with what i find. Btw i now have it rooted and de-bloated to a certain extent using just freeze. I still have the lg esteem and i switch between them occasionally to test some things out on 4g ability but nothing noticeable thus far.

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Phoenix Launcher - Lg Esteem

Has anyone tried this home replacement out? It still could use a little more updates but if you want ics this is practically the closest thing to it!

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Cracked Screen - Lg Esteem

Well, i was running and slipped cut my leg open right across my shin, could have gotten about 5-6 stitches but i don't have insurance but i do for my phone lol but at this point i read another person said the screen is not covered under insurance. So, i was looking for just the glass part but looks like they only sell the part as a whole unit. The digitizer is fine and so is the lcd cause the phone still works fine and other than the top layer being cracked and the lcd isn't bleeding etc. Only the glass broke and when i say broke its shattered/spider-ed pretty bad. So, i have a question. Does anyone know for sure that insurance will not cover this? And if it does not cover it maybe someone has a bricked esteem they want to sell me cheaper than this. Touch screen digitizer for lg metro pcs lg esteem ms910 + tools | ebay

I am kinda worried about that screen cause it says metro in the picture but its supposed to say lg and when you scroll down it says revolution ***? And i was reading they are not the same exact part.

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Ringtones Will Not Stick - Lg Esteem

No matter what i do my ringtone will not stick. And are constantly randomly changing! The only way i can get a ringtone to stick is to change the format to . Ogg and inject it into the system where all the default ringtones are kept! Anyone know how to fix this or anyone else have this problem?

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Lg Esteem Vs Apple Iphone 4s

I've been an apple fan for 20 years. My girlfriend gave me an lg esteem for my birthday, and will pay 60 dollars a month for unlimited talk and data on metropcs's 4g lte network. My apple friends said i should reject her gift, and get an iphone 4s on sprint, verizon, or at&t. Verizon for the fewest dropped calls, sprint for unlimited data, and at&t if you want your iphone to surf and talk simultaneously.

Problem: i tried a demo of each phone for 15 minutes, and cannot decide what to do. So far the following seems true: iphone is more expensive than esteem (esteem is $250) and the iphone has a mandatory two year contract for at least $100/month. Metro's esteem has no contract and is 60 dollars month-to-month for unlimited talk and data on 4g lte in the bay area. Iphone is only 3g, not 4g. Iphone has a much longer battery life and is a little smaller and lighter. Esteem has a larger screen and surfs faster on the web. Iphone will back up everything to your computer, whereas only parts of the data can be backed up with the esteem, but i have no idea how to back up the esteem. Iphone's battery is built in, whereas the esteem has a replaceable 1500 mah and 3000 mah battery. I forgot to try "siri" on the iphone, but the esteem's talk to text seemed good, but failed on capitalizations and punctuations. Iphone had a better camera, but the esteem pictures on the screen looked better. Apple's iphone has up to 64gb of built in internal memory, whereas esteem has less even if you add a card.

Apple users say android is not good, and android users love their android phones. Can't find anyone who has used both often. So which should i chose, the esteem or iphone4s, and why ?

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How To Downgrade To Zvb On Lg Esteem?

I have version zvc and i want to downgrade to version zvb, please help me, i want root access again.

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Lg Esteem Phone Reboot Randomly

I am currently on b, upgraded to c and downgraded to b again where all phases had my phone rebooting about once every couple of hours completely at random regardless of root, apps, usage, etc. I was wondering if d or anything else fixes this problem. Since i haven't seen anything on this i assume that i am behind the times and someone found a solution and i just missed the thread and was unable to find it in a search.

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Notification Lights Not Working - Lg Esteem

All of a sudden my notification lights are not working. Anyone one else having this problem?

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