Motorola Cliq And Download Errors

I'm trying to download .zip and .rar file on my motorola cliq, not sure if it will let me dl the ?Rar file because it says cannot dl on phone format not supported but the .zip just says unsuccessful download. I know when i had my tmobile g1 i could download this .zip file on it but for some reason the cliq cannot. I checked off in the settings allow install of non market items. I want to dl this file and i don't got a computer.

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Droid Asynctask Download Image Errors / Solution For This

Trying code.

Then i get error.code.

What is the solution for this?

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Motorola Droid - Way To Report Navigation Errors To Addressed

Is there anyway to report navigation errors so they can be addressed? Found a major one this morning when the gps told me to exit off i-285 in atlanta on exit 30a to get onto i-85 north. Only problem is exit 30a is 85 south and takes you into the city of atlanta. Fortunatley i knew this was wrong and continued to 30b. If there is any way to report these errors other than this forum, please let me know.

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - Use Adobe Flash Player With Update On Cliq

Will cliq be able to use adobe flash player with the update, the cliq xt can use it.

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Motorola Milestone - Can't Get Default Tether To Work On 2.2.1 / Troubleshoot These Errors

Recently i upgraded to g. O. T 2. 2. 1 with cm6 for my milestone. I am wanting to try out the default 3g mobile hotspot and usb tether setting. But i'm having problems.

3g mobile hotspot: it tells me "cannot setup data link. "

Usb tether: my computer does not seem to have rndis drivers. I have read and understand i needed to install windows mobile device centre (i am on windows vista). I did but still cannot find the drivers for: rndis ethernet data and remote ndis based internet sharing device.

How can i go about troubleshooting these errors? I know i can use other 3rd party app to do tethering, but i'm hoping these default stock one will be able to do its job so i don't need more apps install.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Pop3 Account ( Constantly Getting Authentication Errors / Fix It

I use as my primary email account and i am finding that i am constantly getting authentication errors whenever it syncs up with my account. It is telling my username and/or password is incorrect when i know for a fact they are entered correctly. I have re-entered both the incoming and outgoing passwords several times and i still get the error.

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Motorola Cliq - How To Reset Cliq

My cliq is starting to *** me off. Just a whole bunch of problems with this phone. Is there a way to reset the whole phone instead of me deleting everything one by one and erasing all my email info?I want to make a claim and return the phone under the 1 year warranty thing

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Confused About Handling Ssl Errors In Webview

I have a webview and i want to capture an error, most likely related to a web page having an invalid ssl certificate (company intranet). Currently the mywebviewclient. Onpagestarted() method is called, and no secure content is shown the the page.generally i would expect webviewclient. Onreceivederror() to be called to handle this situation, although the documentation is not quite clear on exactly what kind of errors this method covers.

Which of course is a method that was removed in 0. 9: 9/changes/android. Webki. I am not clued up enough to take on the webkit source and can't find any documentation on what if anything has replaced the onreceivedsslerror() method. Is this a bug/omission in the android platform? How was the "release-1. 0" browser complied with missing classes? Am i doing something completely wrong?

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Remoteviews Addview Function Returns Errors On Appwidget / Fix It

I'm trying to create a appwidget that displays a number of items (which can change). I'd like to generate textviews dynamically, i assume i do this by using code.

But this returns a "problem loading widget" error. The widgetitem.xml is just a textview within a linearlayout. The widgetmain.xml is two textviews within a linearlayout.

What am i doing wrong?

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Between G1 And Motorola Cliq

Just got my g1 a few days ago and the t-mobile rep said that i have 14 days to choose if i want to return the phone or not and well the motorola cliq is dropping on nov 2nd and he said if i wasnt pleased wit hthe g1 i could basically swap phones for the cliq. Well i was sure the g1 would be everything i would need (i came from the iphone 3g) and the motorola cliq is more of a social networking phone is what it seems to be advertised as. So my question is would it be a good thing going for the motorola cliq and just swap my g1 for it? Just trying to get opinions.

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Motorola Cliq Rom

So i am trying to help a buddy out here who just got his cliq. I have had my mt3g for a while now and i know where there are great resources for that, but it seems really hard to find anything on the cliq. Xda doesn't seem to have anything on any motorola device. Anyone have any links they can point me to? I have already found how to root it, but whats the point if there aren't any good roms.

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Motorola Cliq Xt Review

It's feeling a little like deja-vu here at android community, with another android device from motorola in to review. Hot on the heels of the motorola devour and motorola backflip comes t-mobile's latest android smartphone, the motorola cliq xt. As the name suggests, motorola are positioning the cliq xt as a derivative of the original cliq (launched back in november 2009) but eschewing the qwerty keyboard in favor of a newly slim line touch screen-only form factor. Question is, have motorola done enough to update the rest of the smartphone? Check out the full android community review after the cut.

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Motorola Cliq Any Good?

I lost my n1 and tmobile fuked me on the insurance part so long story short. I just today got the cliq. I don't know if i like it yet and i want your thoughts on the phone compared to the mytouch and the behold 2. I plan on rooting the phone, whichever i get or keep, but i don't know which is best. Thoughts?

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Motorola Cliq - 1.6 Available For Update

Just checked for update and said 1. 6 was available

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Htc Hero Vs Motorola Cliq

Which android powered phone will you be getting?. Also i'll be providing some pics and specs

Sprint htc hero

Original gsm european htc hero:

U. S. Specs:

- Google android os
- 112mm x 56. 2mm x 14. 35mm, 135g
- Qualcomm msm7200a 528mhz processor
- Cdma dual band (800/1900 mhz)
- 512 rom / 288 ram
- 3. 2″ hvga capacitive touchscreen
- 5. 0 megapixel camera with auto-focus
- Gravity sensor
- Digital compass
- Wifi 802. 11b/g
- Gps
- Bluetooth 2. 0 with edr + a2dp
- 3. 5mm headphone jack
- Microsd/microsdhc
- 1500 mah lithium ion
- 4 hours (240 mins) talktime
- 4. 50 oz (128 g) weight

Motorola cliq

U. S. Specs:
Carrier: t-mobile
- Available: q4 2009
- Networks: gsm quad-band phone capable of global roaming (850/900/1800/1900 mhz); umts tri-band global 3g (900/1700/2100 mhz); gprs/edge/umts/hsdpa 1. 8 mbit/s/hsdpa 3. 6 mbit/s/hsdpa 7. 2 mbit/s
- Display: 3. 10 inches hvga screen, 320 x 480 pixels, color, tft
- Camera: 5 megapixels with af
- Operating system: google android motoblur
- Input: 5-way navigation, capacitive touch screen, qwerty keyboard, virtual keyboard
- Cpu: 528mhz msm7201a
- Memory: 256mb
- Memory card: microsd/microsdhc
- Connectivity: wi-fi, gps, bluetooth 2. 0, 3. 5mm headphone jack
- Misc: mp3, aac, aac+, eaac+, wav, amr
- Media: mpeg4, 3gp, h. 263, h. 264
- Form factor: slide-out
- Battery: 1400mah
- Talk time: 6 hours (360 mins)
- Standby time: 324 hours (14 days)
- Dimensions: 4. 49 x 2. 28 x 0. 62 inches (114 x 58 x 16 mm)
- Weight: 5. 75 oz (163 g)
- 512 rom / 256 ram

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Motorola /motoblur - Cliq : No Way To Turn Off 3g / How To Do

Tell me please that i am just plain crazy and that some how i missed in the menu how to disable 3g on the cliq. I looked and looked and looked and i can not find it anywhere. So my very simple question is, how and where do i turn off 3g so i use only 2g network incase i need to conserve juice on my battery?

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Motorola Cliq - Way To Actually Shut Motoblur Off

Is there a way to actually shut motoblur off? I have friends that don't use it but have motoblur phones; they've tried killing the service, but it just restarts.
No sense wasting battery.

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Motorola Cliq - Waving At Contacts

When i first used my cliq i was able to wave at my contacts and now i can't find it can someone help me

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - What Does Early Q4 Mean

Rather than watching this question go unanswered (or answered but lost in the thread), i want to ask it stand-alone:matt/mark, when is the last day of "early q4" (as used in the cliq 2. 1 upgrade timing)?We've heard theories:it refers to a fiscal calendarit refers to the last 3 months of the year with "early" being the first month, octoberit refers to the last 3 months of the year, with "early" being the first half of that. Yes, we are trying to pin you down and give us a straight answer.

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Motorola Cliq - Create A Custom Rom

So i have a motorola dext, as i am in the uk, however it might as well be a brick as i cant really use it yet, because the first thing i have to do is signup to but it is not yet active and i cant progress further. So my question is will any once create a custom rom, like htc sense for this phone?

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - Contacts - How To Delete Certain Ones

How to delete certain contacts without deleteing the whole list.

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Motorola /motoblur - Cliq Rebooting On 1.4.8 / Stop This

I restored my cliq to version 1. 4. 8 and i'm stuck in a boot loop. I can put in my motoblur account and then it reboots everytime. I also tried to restore to 1. 6. 1 and i'm getting the same problem. In the end, im trying to upgrade to android 2. 1.

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - Getting Error When Installing 1.3.18 / Why Is So

I downloaded the update for my cliq (2:00pm pst). Now there's only a black screen with a blue bar reading 0x000a.

What's the problem?

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Motorola Cliq - How To Safely Root Phone

I want to have support for some multi-touch. Until the 2. 1 update comes

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Motorola /motoblur - Can't Turn Off My New Cliq / Way To Do

I just got my new cliq yesterday. I put the battery in charged it all the way before turning it on. Messed with it for a while and update the system in the system update thing. I went to turn it off yesterday by the button on the side on the right. The menu comes up says power off, airplane mode, wifi, bluetooth, and gps. I touch the one that says power off. It proceeds to turn off the vibrates and goes black for like 2 seconds. Then it will turn right back on and go through the startup process. I have taken the battery out left it out and as soon as i put it back in it just starts right back up. I need some help should i send it back. Does everyones just turn right back on. Can anyone else turn their phone off and stay off.

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Motorola /motoblur - Cliq Loose Screen / What To Do

Has anyone had this issue with the cliq? When i hold my phone upright(at 90 degree angle), while closed and touch the screen it sort of gives , and pushes in around 2-3mm. And i can also notice a wobble when i hold the phone while closed, (not holding the screen in any way) shaking the phone . Please check your phones, is this only my phone or is it a defect.

P. S. I haven't dropped the phone and this is already my 2nd cliq do to this issue.

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - 3g Slow Or Not Working

My cliqs 3g just recently started working real slow, or sometimes not at all. I'll tether it to my laptop and it wont work like it used to. I went under the settings and made it so that it would stay on edge (2g) and its working okay.

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Motorola Cliq - Rom Building Tutorials

Hey i waz woundering if any one had a good tutoral or know a place oh how to kook up roms for the cliq i know the kictien wrks for the g1 but what about the cliq i know a lot of ppl dont dev for this phone but idk y

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Motorola /motoblur - Video Out Capability With Cliq

Is there video out capability with the cliq? I haven't found anything saying how, but i'd assume through the mini-usb? If not, could this be added through a future software update? It would be a great option.

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - Cant Type Numbers

Semi old new but a leaked version of android was. Well leaked. And it has the newst motoblur and such and you dont even need to unlock you phone. If you are lucky or know someone that has it. Grat. Motorola or someone else it taking it down off all sites big and small. So any who no one is reporting any major problems with this leaked update. I even played around with it myself and it is vastly better then the current version. Since the leaked version is stable and highly wanted why cant motorola just release it? Its stable. Its better then whats out now. What the heck is the problem here? I am confused. I am on the current version right now just to compare. And well i am typing all this out on my phone and i can break lines or use caps. Hm weird. Gotta love one point five. Wow i cant type numbers either.

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