Is There A Way To Request Permissions From A User As You Need Them

I suspect there has to be. I mean i saw for bluetooth there is. I was wondering why it is not as easy for the other permissions. I mean heck we can intercept urls without even asking a user for the most part, so i would have to suspect that permissions have to have this ability.

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Super User Permissions Without Having Root Access

Is it possible to have su permissions without having root access? I bought a used galaxy nexus and discovered that it's unlocked and has the su icon in the app drawer. Yet, when i run root check, it says "sorry, this device does not have proper root access. " Any thoughts?

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Htc Incredible - Request For Non Rooted 2.2 User

Could someone connect to their phone and do a 'ls -l /system/bin/insmod' or 'ls -l /system/bin/toolbox' who does not have root?

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Where To Get A List Of Droid Permissions

I'm trying to get a list of valid android permissions. I know the 'official' ones at Permission.html but it seems there are more out there.

For example code.

Where can i get such a list? Where do i get a description for these permissions?

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Help With Giving Application Permissions

Okay so i have an app that sends non stop texts to people (basically to *** them off haha). And after it sends a certain ammount a thing pops up that says an unknown application is sending a large ammount of sms press ok if this is fine. So it makes it really useless that i have to press ok for every single text that gets sent. Does anyone know how to disable the warning thing?

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Read_sms Permissions Not Working

Even though i have the persmission read_sms in my manifest, i have tried it both outside the application tags and inside, neither way seems to work and the same error keeps popping up.

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Revoke Permissions For Droid App

Say, an app declared itself as

Is there a way for a user (or another app) to revoke that permission (w/o iptables of course)?

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Looking For Log And Firewal Of Features Which App Accessing / Customize Certain Permissions

I am looking for a log and firewal of the features which an application is accessing. Also is there any way fot me to customize certain permissions? For example, the app where's my droid uses my gps location and that uses my battery. But if i could customize permissionsthen i would disable location for that app.

But my main concern is to see what these applications are doing behind our backs.

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Htc Evo 4g - Unable To Save File To Sd Card Due To Insufficient File Permissions / Fix It To Take Picture

Tried to take a picture and the evo said '' unable to save file to sd card due to insufficient file permissions''.
On my notification bar at my home screen, there is a picture with a question mark. When i pull it down to read it it says '' mounted read only'' in bold type. Belpow that it says '' the sd card has an unexpected problem. Tappin. '' and the rest is unreadable because it is cut off by the corner of the screen.
1. What does this mean?
2. What should i do?

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Request-response Messaging With C2dm

Is it possible to implement a request/request messaging pattern with c2dm?

I mean, some application issues a http post request to the c2dm server to send a message to a device. If the device is online, the application processing the intent could respond with a custom message that could be delivered back to the caller within the same http transaction in the http response payload.

Reading the documentation i haven't found this is feasible, . In case it is not, have you considered adding this feature in further releases?

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Frequent C2dm Message Request

I had develop an android app that allow user to request info from their phone based on chrometophone example.
Everything is working well but i noticed that c2dm message only sent once to the device and subsequence c2dm will only reach phone after screen unlock.

This make me annoy as my app required to get data from phone without unlock screen multiple times.

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Get Status-code Of An Httpclient Request

I want to download a file from and need to check the response status code (ie http /1. 1 200 ok).
This is a snipped of my code.

How do i get the status-code of the response?

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Sending Jdwp Tracking Request Failed / Why Is So

I got this message in the ddms:

Sending jdwp tracking request failed!

I didn't understand the reasons.

Is there a problem using a stream to get the image from the internet and use the tabbar cause the use of them in different application didn't launch this errors?

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Getting Entity - Body From An Http Post Request

My android app scan avaible wifi access points and generate a xml file with that. Then i send it trough a http post message to a servlet, which gets the message body with de xml content y insert its content to a db.

My problem is that i cant get the http post body in the servlet.

I get something like this instead:


I think it's sth to be with the encoding, but i couldnt solve it.

Here is the android app code(the part that makes the connection):


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Send A Json Object Over Request With Droid

I want to send the following json text {"email":"", "password":"123456"} to a web service and read the response. I know to how to read json. The problem is that the above jason object must be sent in a variable name jason. How can i do this from android? Like creating a request object setting content headers etc.

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Motorola Droid - Theme Request - Galaxy S

So checking over at xda forums showed that there was a theme that had been released with the galaxy s theme which i thought was pretty sexy.

[Theme] gala s theme alpha 0. 3 cm6 - xda-developers

Unfortunately someone had reported that they lost root after flashing the theme.

Can anyone confirm this or does anyone know where i can get a theme that looks like it?

If not is anyone willing to make one? Will donate. Thanks.

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Accessing Http Request Before Sending To Server

I am trying to calculate md5 hash of a http reqest before sending it to server. For this i have to get the http request first.

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Htc Desire - Slim Rom Request

Can anyone suggest a rom without all the bloat in it?I quite liked opendesire but recently it's became unstable and crashing my phone all the time. I don't need sense widgets just interested in low battery consumption tbh.

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Http Post And Get Request For Updating Map

I want to post data onto google map. Since there's no gdata for android, i reckon that i have to do it through http post and get which i am not good at. Is there some reference code for doing http post and get request? I guess it should be regarding the content type. Should i be calling get http on this url to retrieve the xml? And then modify the xml file and do a post http request to this same url again?

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Simpleadapter Not Updatable After A Filter Request Made / Reason Of It?

So i was playing around with a listview backed by a simpleadapter who's data is loaded via an async task. Now i can refill this adapter and use the notifydatasetchanged methods to update the listview to display the correct contents. Ok that's cool. But then when i try to filter the results based on keyboard input is where it gets a little messy. Basically looking at the source, the internal simplefilter seems that when making a copy will replace the mdata value with the copied list, making it impossible to update that adapter's contents. Is this intentional? Are filters only meant to work across static lists or is this a bug?

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Http Post Request - Response Code 400

In the following code - i get an http response code 400 - bad request.

If i comment out the post. Setentity() line - then it works fine - response code 200.

Of course i've got internet permission params is a list of 1 entry - string2string mapping.


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Dhcp Request Failed Wifi With Wep2 Enterprise

I got a problem when i try to connect the wifi with wep2 enterprise. In the log, i found it failed when doing dhcp request. I don't know why. Is any place i can get detail log. Or anything wrong with my config, or it is not supported by android 1. 5.

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Services - Thread In Background That Makes Request To An External Api

I'm developing an android application. Actually, i have a thread in background that makes request to an external api in order to get data when the users clicks in different parts of the app. My doubt is if this "thread" would be better if i implemented it as a service instead of a runnable class.

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Get An Ondraw Request In View Code When Press Button / Avoid This

I have a custom view and a button in a linear layout. If i press the button i get an ondraw request in my view code and if a release the button i do get another ondraw(). Does anyone know how to avoid this?

Screenshot of the app can be seen on:
http://home-5. Worldonline. Nl/~jdekeij/android.html

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Motorola Droid - Never Received An Email When Request An Invite From Google

I was wonderin if anyone could send me a google voice invite? I've been tryin to sign up but i never received an email when i request an invite from google. And i'm under the impression that google voice users can invite others to join.

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Web Browser Die When Request Cached Geolocation Position

Does anyone know about this problem? When i run browser and create new windows by press button menu key to menu->windows->press + new window from time to time browser die. I have try to solve this problem but it doesn't works.

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Liveperson Agent Which Pushes Notifications To Phone When People Request Chat

Is there a liveperson agent for android? Specifically one which pushes notifications to your phone when people request a chat.

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How To Handle Request / Response Combined With Binary / Text / Xml Data In Message Boday

How can i handle the request/reponse combined with binary and text/xml data in the message boday? I need send a http post request, the message body is: [20 bytes binary header][ utf 8 xml's text string ]httpresponse rsp = httpclient.execute(req); this can send request with xml string body, but how to add binary before xml string? Use which entity?

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How To Make User-control

I have two questions.

First. I wanna know how to make user-control and how to use it(in xml code).

Second. I want to find color picker dialog, but i don't find it. Where can i find it?

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Restful User Authentication

I want to develop a restful web service for my android application. I have some questions and problems. I want to use a database for the user login and signup for the beginning. But how can i make a restful webservice (in java) where i can authenticate a user. The user has to login with a username and password and this username and password has to be checked. How can i make this? I have read a lot but i don't find a solution. I want to use this webservice in my android application (using http and xml/json)

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