Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket - Unable To Make/receive Calls When Gps Navigation Is On

Unable to make/receive calls when gps navigation is on? Does any body have this problem? When i use my samsung galaxy s ii skyrocket (at&t) with navigation/gps on, it loses reception and data and i can not make or receive calls, the bars and 4g logo disappear and in order to fix the problem i have to reboot the phone or sometimes helps if i just turn the gps off.

I've done master restor, sim replacement, all kind of tech support from at&t but nothing helps. If any one has a idea or solution please share with me.

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Samsung Vibrant - Music Not Playing In Background While Using Gps Navigation / Setting To Make This Work

I discovered today that music will not play in the background while using gps navigation. I figured that if music was muted for a new e-mail ding, that it would be muted for the gps lady.
Is there a setting to make this work?

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Samsung Galaxy S Cannot Make Calls Even When Having Service

I was on the metro today. I got off at a station which has service when the rest of the metro doesn't and needed to call someone however, although i had service, i couldn't call because it said "no data network/connection" or something like that. I used a friend's phone and i was able to make the call.

Now i've only had this phone for a week now but if i can't make calls in a place where you easily can, then i don't know about keeping it. Also, my phone had zero battery while making the call so maybe that had something to do with it?

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Issue: Haven't Been Able To Receive, Send Texts Or Make Any Calls

So, for the past week and a half i haven't been able to receive texts, send them or make any calls. I could be in an area where i know there is 3g and i have no service what so ever. I could go to make a call and it will show that i have 3g and when i hit the call button it drops to no service and i lose the call.

Also, i've looked at my phone and it has said it was 6:03am when it was 9:03am. As i post this my phone is saying it is 4:55am when its 11:55am. This is the second time my clock has been messed up. No clue to why it has done this. Has anyone else been having these problems lately?

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Motorola Droid X - Cannot Receive - Make Calls After Froyo Update / Fix It

I have had a few issues with calls since the froyo update. Occasionally, i cannot receive calls or make calls. Everything seems to be working fine, like if i am receiving the call i can choose to answer it and the call time counts up like the call is connected but i cannot hear anything and neither can the person calling me. The same thing happens when i make the call, it seems to connect and the call time starts counting up but it never rings. When i restart the phone the problem goes away. Has anyone had the same issue/know how to fix it?

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Strange Symbol Appears When I Make Calls - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

I have this strange symbol that appears on my phone when i make calls, you can see it in the picture. Does anybody know what this is, and how to remove it? My phone is samsung galaxy s2.

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Samsung Captivate - Possible To Use Phone Internationally For Navigation (gps)

I am headed to australia next week and was hoping hoping to use my new captivate for navigation directions. Will this be possible? I know gps will need to be enabled, but will i alsop need international data? I wasnt planning on doing that, using it only as a navigation device if possible. Any direction or answers would be very helpful.

Ps. I did some searching but the only thing i can really find on the board is info about using gps navigation on verizon phones, which doesnt apply since they dont roam very well period.

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Slim Hard Case For Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

I own a samsung galaxy sii skyrocket, and i'm looking for a slim hard case for it. I loved the case-mate barely there cases and owned several for my iphone 3g & 4. I ordered what appears to a knockoff on amazon for a few bucks and the darn thing kept popping off. Any one find something that fits and works?

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket - Phone Randomly Shutting Off

I had my 1st skyrocket for almost 2 weeks when i began getting random shutdowns. Sometimes i would have to pull the battery to get it to respond again & other times i would be able to get it to turn back on by pressing the power button for about 30sec. I took the phone back to the at&t shop where they were baffled but replaced the battery because that was the only issue they knew of. After a day or so, it began shutting off again. I returned to the store where they replaced the phone.

I have now had my 2nd phone for 2 days and it randomly shut down again this a. M. I love this phone but i am leary of keeping it in light of these issues and from the problems i have read from other owners on this forum. Has anyone had any luck in solving this issue? . Btw, the battery is charging/draining normally and i have only used the charger that came with the phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket - Reset Battery Use Page

I often check the battery use page in the settings. Although it has a "refresh" option, it still shows several hours of battery use. Even if i remove and replace the battery. How can i reset?

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How To Video Chat Through At&t Network ? - Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

I am new to the android seen and i have been trying to figure out if the samsung skyrocket that i got from at&t is only able to video chat through a wifi connection on or if you can do it through the at&t network. If you can video chat through the at&t network how?

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Does Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Work On T-mobile 3g / 4g Network ?

I just got a new samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket as a gift, it is unlocked and i'm currently using it on the tmobile network. The problem is that i can't access the 3g or the 4g and it's just using the edge for data access. Which is sad for such a powerful phone. I read around and find out that this phone does not support the tmobile band 1700/2100. Is that true? And if so, is there a way to change the software or hardware of the phone so i can receive and send on these frequencies? If not, i'll just sell it and buy a phone compatible with tmobile stupid network frequency.

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Email Gmail Speed Slow On Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

Why does it take 15-30 seconds for me to get my gmail either through the included email app or the added gmail app? Everything else on this phone is blazing fast but email has been the one sore spot. Sometimes it won't even pull the latest email. I've looked at the settings but seem to be missing something obvious.

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Signal Improves After Upgraded To Ics - Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

Well our house hold has two skyrockets. One just updated to the leaked ics and one on gingerbread. And lemme tell you, i have been doing some testing and i have noticed two major improvements. Number one, my signal on the ics is double sometimes than on gingerbread! And the battery is also slightly better. I put the phones side by side, right on the couch and watched the signal meter for like fifteen minutes and the phone running ics was always way better signal, very interesting.

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Motorola Droid - Gps Navigation - Change To Shortest Distance

Is there a way to change the settings from fastest time to shortest distance?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Mms Failure - Send & Receive

I've had the galaxy s for about 3 weeks now and it's a lovely phone, very very slick. However, i'm unable to send and receive picture messages! I've installed settings from both my service provider and the samsung technical support team and still nothing. I was hoping that members of the android community might have the power and the knowledge to help? I have about 6 days in the hope finding a solution before i consider returning (within 28 days) the phone to o2

Here's what i have:
Home -> menu -> settings -> wireless and networks > mobile networks > access point names:
Once arrived at this point i see the following already 3 apn's listed however only 2 have circular option buttons, one is illuminated green the other grey, they read as follows:
O2 wap pre pay (grey button not illuminated)
O2-gprs-http (green button, illuminated)!
O2 pay monthly mms (no option button availble at it's side)

Within o2-gprs_http (green button option) is the following:
Name: o2-gprs-http
Apn: wap.
Proxy: not set
Port: 8080
User name: o2wap
Password: password
Server: not set
Mmsc: http://mmsc. Mms.
Mms proxy: 193. 113. 200. 195
Mms port: 8080
Authentication type: pap (illuminated) choices of, none, pap, chap, pap or chap
Apn type: internet

The settings you provided i've entered and created a new apn but cannot choose it (green illuminate button) as the other apn's only appear to have that option.

Question: should i somehow delete one of the two listed apn's? Might this then create a option putton?

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Email Disappear After Receive On Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

Having some issues with the e-mail application which comes with the sii. First problem is that when i receive e-mails, within 5 minutes, they disappear. It's set on never delete from server, and i can't find anything else to do with saving them. I want my e-mails to stay on my phone for future reference.

Second problem. If i receive them on my phone, i don't receive them on my pc. Any ideas? I'd appreciate the help.

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Ringtones Missing And Phone Vibrate When I Receive Calls / What To Do

Installed android on htc hd2. Ringtones are missing and my phone vibrate when i receive calls. What should do?

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App For Gps Phones That Would Not Send / Receive Text When In Motion

Just wondering after another teen was killed in auto while text messaging, do they have an app or software that gps enabled phones would not send or receive text when in motion.

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Samsung Galaxy Gps Problem With T-mobile Vibrant

I read that tmobile has a 20 day return policy so i am thinking about returning my galaxy because the gps issues have not been fixed by samsung. Then i think i will walk back in the store and buy another galaxy and wait another 18 days and if the gps isn't fixed take that one back and keep doing that until they get a fix. I just dont want to be stuck with a phone that spins like a frisby while trying to navigate.

I sent an email to samsung but haven't heard anything back. I been tossing around the idea of rooting the phone but if that doesn't fix it i gotta de-root to take it back.

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Static Noises During Phone Calls - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

During phone calls the first few minutes are fine, but after a couple the person on the other end gets loud screeches, laser noises, static and eventually drop offs. At first this only occurred when i had incoming calls, but now its both and consistent. Verizon told me that this was my sim card and replace it. Im now on my 3rd sim card with the same problems. So do i keep getting bad sims, or is it my phone. Have any of you experienced this?

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How Much Battery Will Drain If I Leave Gps On ? Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I have a couple of locater apps, where is my droid and lookout. I set these up a long time ago, the thing is i usually have the gps off to save battery life. But if i leave it off i think there locators lack the ability to turn the gps back on. I have tasker and on my old phone the droid 2 i believe i had a task set up so that when where is my droid or lookout came on it would turn on the gps. But if i did that task didn't get move to my nexus. So how much of a drain will leaving my gps on have on my battery. Or is there a work around.

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Issue: Blocking Gps Doesn't Block My 3g - Samsung Galaxy S2

So i thought that by disabling gps i could block my 3g network. I was wrong as it used all my bandwidth in one go. So i had to go in settings and disable packet data. Which is really a chore to do every time i want to turn it on/off. Is this normal?

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Gps Software For Droid Samsung Galaxy I7500 Operated Without Interest

Can any1 help me to know is there any gps software for android samsung galaxy i7500 which can b operated without interest?

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Data Not Working After Swapped From Galaxy S2 To Skyrocket

I just swapped to a skyrocket from a normal gs2, and now i can't get the data to work at all. Wifi is fine, but no data. It seems like a setting or something but i have the "data packet" checked on in the mobile data settings. My sim card says 3g and is white and blue, not sure why that would matter though. I live in an area (ottawa, il) that doesn't have lte so i should have h+ but im not sure what im doing wrong? I checked the power save mode etc. Any ideas?

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How To Turn Off Maps App On Galaxy S2 Skyrocket?

Recently, i've noticed my maps application running in the background even though i haven't used the maps application ever. Is there any way to get this to shut off/go away without rooting or deleting programs?

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How To Delete Items Out Of Notification Bar? - Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

How to delete items out of your notification bar. For instance i downloaded sykvi, and i have a few security scanning apps. Such as "lookout" and avast, they are always in my notification bar and the power saving mode icon, i would like to remove these icons from the bar but still have the services running, how do i do this task, if this can be done?

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Htc Hero - Do Not Get Any Audio When Make - Receive A Call / What To Do

Whenever i make or receive a call i do not get any audio. The other person can hear me but i cannot hear them. This happens with the phone as well as when using sipdroid and nimbuzz. I have tried switching to speaker phone as well as using the headset. I have also restored to factory defaults but it still happens.
I know the sound still works because i can hear the phone ringing on the other side, but once the phone is picked up the sound stops.

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Phone Randomly Shuts Off Shows Black Screen - Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

My phone has been either turning off or black screening about once every other day. I go to check the phone and it doesn't respond - the only thing i can do is to apply a hard reset to it to bring it back.initially i thought that it had something to do with a loose battery since i was biking when it first happened, but it does it when it's just sitting on my desk now. Thoughts, ideas?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Make Ringtones For Phone Same As For Iphone

I'm so used to my iphone-how do u make ringtones for the galaxy is it the same as for the iphone make an aac file?

If not can i just use the ones i already have on my mac and drag them to my phone?

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