Ringtones Missing And Phone Vibrate When I Receive Calls / What To Do

Installed android on htc hd2. Ringtones are missing and my phone vibrate when i receive calls. What should do?

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Samsung Moment - Phone During Calls Randomly Vibrate And Enter Numbers / Fix It

My moment during calls will randomly vibrate and enter
Numbers. When you have to dial an extension it will always enter extra number
On its own?

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Notification And Ringtones Missing After Upgrade To Ics - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have just upgraded to ics and i noticed all the phones ring tones and notification tones are missing! I backed up my phone before upgrading but it wont let me restore the back up! It keeps saying communication error so restore was stopped! Anyone have any idea how to get the notification tones back as i had several different tones for different apps!

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Set Up Tasker To Turn Down Volume / Turn Off Vibrate On Incoming Calls / Texts

I am having some trouble figuring out how to set up tasker to turn down the ringer volume and turn off vibrate on any incoming calls or texts when i'm at home. I would like to use wifi for determining location.could anyone please go through step by step on how to do this with me? I tried to follow some other profiles people have made and adapt them to this one but for some reason it seems like they missed posting a step and i can't figure it out.

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Issue: Haven't Been Able To Receive, Send Texts Or Make Any Calls

So, for the past week and a half i haven't been able to receive texts, send them or make any calls. I could be in an area where i know there is 3g and i have no service what so ever. I could go to make a call and it will show that i have 3g and when i hit the call button it drops to no service and i lose the call.

Also, i've looked at my phone and it has said it was 6:03am when it was 9:03am. As i post this my phone is saying it is 4:55am when its 11:55am. This is the second time my clock has been messed up. No clue to why it has done this. Has anyone else been having these problems lately?

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Motorola Droid X - Cannot Receive - Make Calls After Froyo Update / Fix It

I have had a few issues with calls since the froyo update. Occasionally, i cannot receive calls or make calls. Everything seems to be working fine, like if i am receiving the call i can choose to answer it and the call time counts up like the call is connected but i cannot hear anything and neither can the person calling me. The same thing happens when i make the call, it seems to connect and the call time starts counting up but it never rings. When i restart the phone the problem goes away. Has anyone had the same issue/know how to fix it?

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket - Unable To Make/receive Calls When Gps Navigation Is On

Unable to make/receive calls when gps navigation is on? Does any body have this problem? When i use my samsung galaxy s ii skyrocket (at&t) with navigation/gps on, it loses reception and data and i can not make or receive calls, the bars and 4g logo disappear and in order to fix the problem i have to reboot the phone or sometimes helps if i just turn the gps off.

I've done master restor, sim replacement, all kind of tech support from at&t but nothing helps. If any one has a idea or solution please share with me.

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When Phone Will Ring And When Vibrate

I am thinking to jump on the android bandwagon and get me the nexus one for my b-day next month. Which made me think of what apps i want to get first. Does anyone know of an android app i can use to schedule/automate when my bluetooth (bt) will be on and when off. When the phone will ring and when vibrate?

I want to be able to tell my phone to turn bluetooth on every weekday at 8 am, turn it off at 9am. Switch to silent mode at 9am. Switch to normal mode at 5pm, turn bt on at 5pm, turn bt off at 6pm. Things like that would be great if i can select which days the schedule will apply too. So i can say automate it to run mon-wed + fri.

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Htc Evo 4g - Unable To Get Phone To Vibrate When Get Text Message / Fix It

I can't get my phone to vibrate when i get an txt msg. The phone is already in vibrate mode. Any ideas?

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Phone Vibrate Problem With Text Message After Ics Update - Samsung Galaxy S2

I just updated to ics (vodafone) 2 days ago, i for 1 liked that when i had my loud profile for messages/calls that it would vibrate when some 1 texts me but after this update i cant get it to vibrate when i receive a text. Can any 1 help?

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Still Missing Features / What To Do

Evo is awesome, but do any of you think its still missing something?
Retail box should include hdmi cable. I wish it had noise cancellation.
Landscape homescreen(no root)

Posted On: 04-25-2010, 11:22 AM . View Related Posts . . View 19 Replies .

Htc Evo 4g - Phone Widgets Missing After Rom Update / Get Them Back

I recently upgraded to fresh rom 3. 4. 0. 1 and i noticed the link to get more widgets from htc is missing now. Is there a way to get that back?

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Htc Droid Eris - Install Skype On Phone Not Found / What Am I Missing

Just tried to install skype on my droid eris and regardless of where i go (market or internet) it says file not found. I can't seem to find anyone with the same problem, what am i missing?

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Samsung Moment - Download Ringtones For Phone

How do you download ringtones for your phone?

Posted On: 09-06-2010, 10:32 PM . View Related Posts . . View 2 Replies .

G2 - When This Phone Will Receive Future Updates ?

I currently have the g2, and was wondering when/if this phone will receive future updates-gingerbread in particular. Also i'm familiar with the rooting process, is there an easy/quick way to root the g2.

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Htc G1 Receives Calls, But Calls Don't Ring

Title says it all. Quick overview:

- I can immediately see that someone called in dialer's call log, but it doesn't show up on the phone's screen.

- According to people that have tried to call me, the calls ring once and then go straight to voicemail.

- I've disabled call forwarding. The ringer and vibrate are on.

- Phone is rooted with cyanogenmod and apps2sd.

- Apparently this started happening about a week and a half ago. Since then, i've installed ebuddy, tf2 backpack, and powervocab.

- I clear my phone's cache via cachemate at least three times a day, and run advanced task killer to make sure apps aren't running in the background.

- I can make outgoing calls just fine.

Am i missing something here? This is a very strange problem. If possible i would like to avoid wiping the phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Make Ringtones For Phone Same As For Iphone

I'm so used to my iphone-how do u make ringtones for the galaxy is it the same as for the iphone make an aac file?

If not can i just use the ones i already have on my mac and drag them to my phone?

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Best App On Market That Allow To Receive A Fax On Phone

What is the best app on the market that will allow you to receive a fax on your phone?

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Motorola Droid 2 - Save Ringtones To Phone Storage Instead Of Sd Card

Is it possible to save ringtones to the phone storage instead of sd card? I would prefer this so when i set my ringtone and hook it up to my computer. I don't have to have my ringtone took away temporarily.

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Htc Eris - Phone Receive Picture Messages But Can't Send Them / What To Do

I just recently flashed my htc droid eris to cricket and everything is working fine but there is one problem i can only receive picture messages and not send them.

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Htc Incredible - Set Phone Calls Only On Phone?

I use my incredible as my home phone. At night i get text and emails that wake me. Is there a simple way to set the inc. For phone calls only? On my bb storm there was a simple 1 or 2 step process for this.

Posted On: 07-22-2010, 08:09 AM . View Related Posts . . View 3 Replies .

Silence The Phone Except For Phone Calls - Motorola Droid

Is there anyway i can silence the phone while i am sleeping except for phone calls? In other words, . Is there a sleep mode?

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Htc Incredible - Separate Ringtones From Music On Phone So It Doesn't Pop Up In Player

How would i separate the ringtones from the music on my phone so that it doesn't pop up in the music player?

Posted On: 07-19-2010, 09:32 PM . View Related Posts . . View 1 Replies .

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Phone Couldn't Receive Any File By Bluetooth / Fix It

My xperia mini pro couldn't receive any file by bluetooth

Anyone know how to receive files from other mobiles by bluetooth , ihave bft but its unless in receiving.

Posted On: Sep 29, 2010 7:23 AM . View Related Posts . . View 2 Replies .

Samsung Moment - 2.1 Rebooting During Phone Calls / What To Do

I hate to make a new thread for this, but i just wanted to throw this out there. If your phone is rebooting during phone calls try turning off bluetooth.

I have read many reports about 2. 1 rebooting during phonecalls (suspected to be caused by using jit). Mine had not rebooted during a phone call until a few hours ago when i arrived somewhere after a short drive. After i got out of my car my phone repeatedly and without fail (4 times) my phone continued to reboot every time i tried to make or receive a phone call. I thought about what i might have done to phone in the pat hour to make it act this way. Then i remembered that i had paired my bluetooth and left bluetooth unpaired but still running on my phone. I turned it off and was able to make a receive calls.

Granted, i still get an occasional reboot from normal use. But at least i can make calls again

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Galaxy 2 Vibrate Not Working Anymore

The damn thing wont vibrate ever, ive had it for 3 weeks and it started doing this like 3-4 days ago. Obviously i have it set to vibrate+ring. Even when i press the home key, nothing. Tried removing battery, rebooting phone, but nothing works. I really don't wanna have to do a factory reset but i may have to cuz nothing else has seemed to work. I barely got this phone just the way i wanted it too. You know? Fonts/themes/apps/etc.

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Htc Incredible - Phone Dropped Calls / Fix It

I new to verizon so i'm not as familiar with their network. I've been using the incredible since thursday and have dropped several calls. I don't use the phone for voice calls a lot but i have dropped five calls so far. I called vzw yesterday and they had me change a setting which required the phone to reboot. My son has a samsung phone and hasn't dropped any calls yet in the same areas that i have. Has anyone had a similar issue?

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Motorola Droid - Phone Rebooting During Calls / Resolve This

It's happened twice today. Never before.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Htc Hero - Phone Keypad Not Available On Calls / App To Allow That

I make several calls that require me to enter additional tones on the keypad, and hate that i have to open the keypad, or worse, have to unlock the phone first, then open the keypad.

Is there an app that will allow me to keep the phone keypad open during calls, or is there a setting somewhere i can change to do this?

My fiance has an iphone and when you move the phone away from your ear the keypad opens. That would be a cool option for the hero.

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Htc Desire - Phone Answer Calls Itself / Fix It

I searched the net but could not find anything, hope you could help.
I have a problem with incoming calls, my desire picks the call itself, without me doing a thing. It rings for a second, no more and the call is answered. I restarted the phone but no luck. Did it happen to any of you? How to fix this.

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