Motorola Droid - Prevent Text Messenger So Only Handcent Visible

I installed handcent on my phone. When i get a text the stock text messenger still comes up. Is there a way to prevent this so only handcent is visible?

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Published Text Editor Is Not Visible At Market

I have published my text editor at android market -> apps -> tools. It is visible at nexus one and htc g1 at market -> apps -> tools in 'just in' category and in search results on 'text editor' search request but it is not visible from motorola milestone neither at 'just in' no at search results

Please can you check the visibility of the app 'amoeba' in tools -> just in or in search results by 'text editor' request

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Motorola Droid - Don't Like Way Messenger App Looks - Change It Back To White On Black

Got froyo lastnight. Love it so far. One thing bugs me though. I don't like the way the messenger app looks. I liked it better when the text was white on black. It fit better with all the other apps and menu's on the droid.

Anyone else feel this way and is there a way to change it back to white on black?

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Turn Off Handcent Ringtone After I Start To Reply To A Text

How do i set up handcent so that the ringer turns off after i start to reply to a text? The only way that i can kinda do that right now is to close the pop up notification and then go into the app to reply to the message. Not sure if this is even possible but i sure hope it is.

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Motorola Droid X - Setting That Will Prevent Wifi From Turning Off Every Time Phone Sleeps

I asked this on the motorola forum as well and am hoping someone somewhere can help. Am i missing a setting that will prevent wifi from turning off every time the phone sleeps? The only setting i can find asks when to let it sleep and i have it set at never but every time i pick up the phone wifi has dropped the connection and it takes several minutes to reconnect. With my droid that never happened, once connected it stayed that way until i turned it off. 3g is terrible in my house so i miss stuff while wifi is "sleeping".

I only have a few days left to return this phone and these small, nagging issues keep turning up making me really consider returning it. I can't find another phone to replace it yet. I really wish i hadn't sold my droid. I hate to return to my razr until something good comes out.

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Motorola Droid X - Handcent Screen Orientation

I really like handcent for my text messaging, but i have one complaint or problem. When i receive a text message, handcent will do a pop up on my x and let me do a quick response, without having to unlock my x (i like that). The problem that i have is that handcent will only allow for portrait screen orientation in quick response mode. When i rotate my x handcent will not rotate to landscape mode. Is this a bug in handcent or is there a way to get it to rotate?

I cannot use those tiny keys in portrait mode to type a message

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Motorola Droid X - Handcent Mms In Froyo

It seems that my mms in handcent is broken after updating to 2. 2. I'll try to send a picture, and it will try to send forever, but never complete. If i use the stock text messaging app, it seems to work fine, but with handcent, it doesn't even make the 3g start uploading or downloading. I can't download picture messages with it, either. Normal texting works fine, though. Also, my mms seem to stay at the bottom of the conversation now. It's annoying, because all newer messages get shoved behind it, and i have to scroll up. Has anyone else had these issues? If so, what should i do?

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Motorola Droid X - Blurry Wallpaper In Handcent Sms / Fix It

Whenever i set a wallpaper for hancent, the picture is very blurry and distorted. I am sure that the pictures i am using are very high quality, that is not the problem.

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Motorola Droid X - Email - How To Get Logo/ Text Icon To Show Getting Text?

When i get a text , i get a notification up top, fine. How can i get the logo/ text icon to show i have a text? Like doesn't have like a 1 or 2 ontop to let me know?

Also, email is there a way to separate accounts , i just see that one email icon and all my accounts are in there.

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Htc Droid Eris - App Name That Send And Receive Messages From Someone With Blackberry Messenger

Does anyone know what the application is called that lets you send and receive messages from someone with blackberry messenger.

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Prevent Droid From Backing Up Wireless Settings

Whereas i don't particularly care that google has access to my contacts and even stuff like my facebook password, i have no intention of sharing my wifi key with them. And i'm shocked that my googling doesn't turn up anyone else who is concerned by this. Does anyone know of a way to prevent that aspect from syncing? I have root and am technically inclined.

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Droid Loading Dialog Freez / Prevent This

I have this code in android. But when the thread begging the loading in freezing. How i can prevent the freezing. Here the code.

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Prevent Droid Emulator Using Custom Mouse Cursor

Is there a way to prevent the android emulator using the custom mouse cursor (black with white outline), and instead use the normal system cursor?

This is the cursor that's shown when your mouse enters the emulator window.

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One Of Application Is Invisible Now On The Market - Pure Messenger/not Copy Protected

One more problem with the market.

Since 2 days, i have big problems with this application (pure messenger widget). It is invisible on the market.

I checked multiple times, the applications is published and everything is fine on the market publisher website. Important information : this application is not copy protected.

I checked on 3 different devices : same result, application invisible (tried search by dev name, or app full name).

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Msn Messenger App That Will Stay Active After Turning Off The Display

Is there a msn messenger app that won't sign out after going inactive or turning off the display? I use msn messenger withyou and it sucks. Keep having to log in.

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Custom Image For Handcent - Droid X

Has anyone successfully got a custom backround to look good? No matter where i move the frame to select what part of the pic i want it always gets blown up too big and looks like crap. Anyone know how to get this to work?

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Motorola Droid - Voice To Text

How long can i talk and still have v to t function?  Is there a certain number of words?

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Motorola Droid - Unable To Text While On A Call / Why Is This

I'm on the phone w/ verizon and have been receiving texts, and while i was on hold i was trying to reply. The texts arnt going through. I could have sworn i was able to do this before, and i know for sure that i was able to do this on my old phone, the env2 (able to text while on a call). Why is this?

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Motorola Droid X - Instead Of Icons It Uses Text - What Launcher Is This

Instead of the icons it uses text?

See screen -

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Motorola Droid - Voice Text App

Does anyone use this app here?

Voice text v2. 42 application for android | communication

I can't find it in the marketplace on my droid.

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Motorola Droid - Way To See Space Being Taken Up By Text Messages

I ran out of space for text messages so i deleted all the threads. Do text messages have their own memory space or is it shared with all apps?Is there a way to see how much space is being taken up by text messages?Anybody know the limit on space for texts ?

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Motorola Droid X - Voice To Text And Email

I am considering purchasing the droid x and would like to know if i can use it for voice to text and email. Can somebody who owns/is familiar with the droid x let me know? 

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Motorola Droid - How To Paste Text From Clipboard

How do i paste copied text from the clipboard?

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Motorola Droid Text Message Saving

How do i save text messages recoded on my motorola droid to my desktop? Your help will be appreciated.

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G1 Is Not Visible To Macbook

My g1 is not visible to my macbook, e.g. $ Adb devices returns no device at all (usb-debugging is enabled). The adb kill- server command doesn't help. Note that the g1 is visible when i plug it to my windows vista machine.

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Motorola Droid - Need Phone App For Text / Sms

Just got my droid. Don't like the current text set up. What is the best for text/sms? So i can see a message pop up when it comes in? Heard of compsms, but not found under the market.

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Motorola Droid - Saving Email To Quick Text

I was wondering how i can save my email address so that when i text it auto populates

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Motorola Droid - Text And Calls Not Coming In / Solution For This

Every now and then calls and txt will not come to my droid. Then all of a sudden they will all come in at the same time. I will have like 10 txt messages and a couple voice mails, but no missed calls. I went to the vzw store and the guy told me to just reboot the phone everyday and that would fix it. It has helped but i also notice every now and then this problem still happens. Like today i kinda noticed the droid was running a little slow so i called it, the phone rang in my ear but the droid never rang, so i rebooted and then it worked fine. But rebooting all the time isn't something i really wanna do. Anyone else have this issue? I have been reading about people not liking advance task killer, which is on my phone, would this app be causing the problem? I'm totally confused on this issue.

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Motorola Droid - View Text Messages On My Computer

Is there a way to view text messages on my computer?

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Motorola Droid X - Howardforums Says Screen Is Pixelated When Looking At Text

I've been looking at the howardforums thread on the droid x and fauguy who has had the phone for a while is complaining about the text in the browser looking pixelated. This is really disappointing to me as i loved the original droid's screen and have been less than thrilled with my incredible's screen (i don't like pentile setup). I saw the iphone 4 this weekend and regardless of the os, the screen is killer due to the resolution. Does anyone else have any fear that due to the large size but no increase in resolution the screen won't be so great? I have 20/15 vision and i've owned a droid since a day before it officially came out, so i'm no apple fanboy, i just wish they bumped up the res on the x.

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