Overriding Default Backkeys Function

In my application, i override the android's backkey default functions(by override onkeydown). Its works fine. But when a spinner components default selecting elements windows and virtual keypad(in android 1. 5) enter into the screen the default back keys functionality collapsed because of my overriding.

Is there any way to solve this problem? Or what is the name of virtualkeypadwindow and spinner components window?

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Overriding Autocompletetextview

I am trying to override autocompletetextview for custom ui. I want to change x, y position of list items and make it horizontal list instead of vertical. But i don't know the way by which i can access these child views in my new custom class.


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Overriding Home Screen Search

I want to completely replace how the home screen handles searches, i figured out that this declaration in the manifest is enough to intercept both alphabetic and numeric entry on the home screen:


But that also means that my app is now responsible for handling all dial intents. Which i don't want. I only want to intercept numbers entered from the home screen. If i leave out the second intent-filter, alphabetic input is received, but numbers go to the dialer.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Overriding Se Uxp Update

Is there any way we could override the se updates with their custom skin and apps and go about updating to the newest version (2. 2) of android? The custom skin looks nice, but when it all comes down to it, i don't want to wait 5 months (how!?) For se to apply their own skins to updates.

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Wipe Function Both Local And Remote

I am testing android oss for approval for use within our company and i am concerned with a finding. When using the activesync wipe or when selecting the factory data reset option under privacy it says this will erase all data from the phone and it appears that it does not. Any pictures or files saved to the phone remain along with tracking data the phone seems to collect.

Factory data reset says this will erase all data and it does not giving a false sense of security. Worse yet the factory reset accomplished via any of these methods removes the password you may have put on the phone so now access to the files is free and clear.

The only way i have found to erase all data on the phone is to use the format sd card and storage functions for both onboard memory and any sd card inserted. Think of all the people that use the reset function which says it will erase all data believing their phone has been wiped of all content and then sell it with all those pictures still on them. Seems pretty scary to me. Am i missing something? Does this concern anyone else?

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Does Flashing Rom Affect The 3g Function?

I did quite a few times' flashing between the google rom, cynageon rom and desire rom. Just for testing and fun. But after last week, i find that the 3g network is not working good. It's simply showing no 3g network icon at all, or not connecting when the icon is there, until i change location or reboot. Just wondering if flashing has anything to do with this, thanks

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Copy And Paste Function Or App

I can't figure out how to copy n paste names and numbers n stuff like that, its really frustrating for me to go back n forth between apps just so that i can remember a name or something. Is there an app? Or is there a function built in.

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Problem With Google Quick Search Function On Home Screen

I have a motorolla droid firmware version 2. 0. 1 and build number esd56. For awhile now i've been having a strange problem with the google quick search function on the main desktop type screen. When i touch the text box, the bottom half of the box will light up orange and the top half will not show any kind of activity.

I will start typing in my search and i can only see the bottom half of the letters typing out. If i had something previously typed in the box, it will stay there in the top half (where no activity was shown). So basically what's happening is that only the bottom half of the google search box will work while the top half just isn't functioning at all.

The only way i can temporarily make it work again is to turn off the phone and then restart it. Has anyone else had this problem and how do i go about fixing this?

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Make Sending Function Wait Till Location Calculated

I want to send an sms message containing current location of user. How do i make the sending function wait till the location is calculated?

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Remoteviews Addview Function Returns Errors On Appwidget / Fix It

I'm trying to create a appwidget that displays a number of items (which can change). I'd like to generate textviews dynamically, i assume i do this by using code.

But this returns a "problem loading widget" error. The widgetitem.xml is just a textview within a linearlayout. The widgetmain.xml is two textviews within a linearlayout.

What am i doing wrong?

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How To Change Function Of Phone Buttons On Htc Hero (sprint)?

Back in the day when i used my compaq ipaq, i could change the function of the buttons on the face plate. Does anyone know if that is possible with the hero or any other android phones?

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Motorola Droid - Contacts Automatically Bring Up On Phone / Shortcut This Function

Been enjoying the android for almost a month with one exception. If i want to call my aunt geraldine for instance on virtually every other phone i've ever owned i can type 437 which corresponds to "ger" on a 12-digit telephone pad. I can then select her name from a drop down list and the phone calls her. The drop down list will include anyone whose name starts with g, h, or i then d, e, or f and finally p, q, r, or s. It will also include anyone whose number has a 437 in it.

I can get the same effect if after activating the phone interface i press the "search" button but then i have to use the small qwerty keyboard. Is there anyway to shortcut this function to work like a normal cell phone?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Browser - Access Withdraw Function On Paypal Acct

I tried to access the "withdraw" function on my paypal acct from the hero's stock browser, and wasn't able to select "withdraw". Apparently it is a "hover over" link, which then provides a drop down menu when used from my laptop, but i couldn't figure out how to access that particular link on the paypal website. Is this truely not possible? Or am i just missing something obvious? Other than tryng a different browser (which i don't particularly want to do)

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro - Create Folders In The Album Function On Phone

Does anyone know if or how you can create folders in the album function on the mini x10.

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"add" Button From Menu Doesn't Function / Put Widget

My "add" button from menu doesn't function while other buttons are fine.

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Function "getline1number" Always Return A Empty / Why Is So

I was tried to get the phone number in a real device. But the function "getline1number" always return a empty string. Why? How do i get the phone number in a read device?

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Music App That Has A "hold" Function

Is there a music app that has a "hold" function? A simple app will do, nothing fancy.

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'share Mobile Network' Function Om Htc Hero 'grayed Out' / Why Is So

Anybody got an idea why the 'share mobile network' function om my htc hero is 'grayed out'? I don;t now if this is what it is called in english, but i mean the tethering function. It was working before, but now i can't select the option anymore?

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How To Get Default Screen To Go Away

I have recently installed lock 2. 0, the full version. When i press the "end" button to bring the phone out of standby mode, the default lock screen still comes up with the "drag down" unlock. After that is unlocked is when the "lock 2. 0" lock comes up. Any ideas how to get the default screen to go away? This wasn't an issue with the free edition on lock 2. 0.

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What Is Default Password

I installed the 'advanced lock(free)' app from the market and by mistake ticked 'use password' n did not enter a password. Now it is asking for a password after sliding n i do not know the password. My phone is locked. Please help. What is the default password? What should i do now? Waiting for a reply asap.

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Nullpointer Using Default Arrayadapter

My following code does an exception when i'm trying to display the dropdownview. I uses the default standard object arrayadapter displaying string. But there is an issue that i can't resolve.

I tried a lot of thing. So maybe i'm tired or i don't understand something somewhere!


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Creating Default Files

I'm new on android and eclipse. I would like to create a xml file in my project. This file must be loaded in runtime. How could i do this? I want to create the file and not a resource. How to put on deployment a file on /data/data//files folder?

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Any Way To Set Default Calendar

I've been using jorte, and like it, but i seem to have some across a deal-breaker. When entering an appointment from the phone, if you just click on "new event", key in the event, and press "done" it puts the event into "my calendar" by default. "My calendar" seems to be something stored only on the phone. It doesn't sync with google. To get the event into your google calendar you have to press "show details" and select the relevant calendar from the drop down list under "calendar. "The problem is

(A) it's very easy to forget to do this when quickly entering an appointment, meaning that your new event will be in the wrong calandar and will not sync;
(B) there is no way of going back into the event and telling which calendar it has been assigned to; and
(C) even if you realise that you've put the event in the wrong calendar there is no way of going back in and changing it to a different one. You just have to delete it (together with any details or repeat information) and start again from scratch.

This is driving me a bit mad, because i keep finding the odd event which is not coming up on my google calendar online for this reason, and i can't afford for this to happen, so i will need to drop jorte unless i can find a solution. Is my analysis above correct, or am i missing something? To solve this there needs to be a way of setting the calendar which new events get dumped to by default, and also a way of easily changing events from one calendar to another without deleting them.

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Default Throbber Animation - Froyo 2.2

I'm looking for the location of the android froyo (2. 2) default throbber animation resource. (In the progress dialog displayed as a animated wheel spinning).

What is the type of animation? (Gif, png, avi?) How to get it as a separate file (or images) to be able to adjust.

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Prevent Default Animation - Right To Left

I wanna disable the automatic slide in from right to left animation/transition. All new intents/activities in my app are supposed to have no animation. How can this be achieved?

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Get Default Fonts Properties On Droid

I need to draw some text on my canvas, and i'd really avoid hardcoding some particular text size.

Is there some standard way to find a default text size (and other properties) used in the os?

So far i found only textview. Settextattributes(context, resid) to which i can pass Attr. Textappearance.

But the thing is that i don't want to create a textview - i just have a canvas and i want to draw text in it using default font. Is it possible?

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Default Browser For G1 Stopped Working

My default browser for my g1 stopped working this morning. I click on browser, it tries to load, but it just quits. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix?

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How To Set Mabilo Ringtones As Default

I have a motorola droid and want to set the ringtones i downloaded as my default, but i can't figure it out.

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Default Timeout Of Using Httpget And Defaulthttpclient

The code is like below. If i don't set any timeout parameters, what is the default time out for "new defaulthttpclient().execute(mconnection)"? Code.

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How To Add Default Zoom In / Out In Mapview

Like the map app in the emulator, there are zoom in/out function and beutiful icon in the bellow of mapview, can i write the same function and icon for my mapview?

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