Get Online User To Gmail Chat

I am developing gmail chat application in android. Anybody know how can we get the online user?
I would login from my gmail id. I want to show the my friends who is online from chat list.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Online Video Chat On Phone

I was wondering if there was a way to have online video chats on the xperia x10? Skype would be perfect but they don't support the xperia x10. Is there anyway i can do some video chat while the other person is on a computer?

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Can I Get User's Gmail Address / Handset Sn To Verify Them

Here is the scenario: i plan to develop a application which can share ideas with others, this means user need submit their idea to my server through client apk. I don't like ask user to registration. Actually, every gphone user have unique gmail address, unique imei, handset sn, phone number, etc. I think these information can be used to replace registration, everytime when they submit their idea, client apk will send these unique info with ideas together, so server side know which ideas belong to one user. Is there some way can get user's gmail address or machine sn, or something else to verify user?

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Mobile To Desktop Video Chat

Just wondering? I tried one i forget what it was called but could never get it to work. Any ideas? Or is there one coming soon for the evo. I wish sprint had skype

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Encoding For Irc App And Chat

Just wondering what encoding is best for an android on verizon.

The default encoding for this and another irc app i tried is utf-8. The options are vast though.

Anyone know the "optimal" encoding for irc? Specifically, if it's a factor irc.

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Bluetooth Chat Example From Sdk Resources Works Ok

I assume the bluetooth chat example on the developer resources page runs on something. I have a dev phone 2, which i think is an htc ion, with os ver 1. 6. Will the btchat example dl and run on 1. 6? (Right now its saying it stopped unexpectedly). So is it possible to upgrade the dev phone 2 to the newer os? My goal is to cvt the chat prog into a receive only prog. I have a bluetooth dongle on my pc running itv bluesoliel and i want to send data out the virtual serial port on the pc and receive it on the phone. Step one is get something running on the phone. Step two is opening com15 or com16 on the pc so i can send data out the com port.

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Htc Evo 4g - No Chat Regarding Qik App

No chat regarding the qik app? I did a search but nothing comes up. So far, i can connect to the service, but not to anyone else on the service. Can anyone comment or point me to more info on this topic? What about other video conference apps (if there are any)?

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Htc Evo 4g - Use Phone To Video Chat With A Computer

Can i use my evo to video chat with a computer

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Apps - Proximity Chat - Log Phones That Are Often Close To Yours

In short: log phones that are often close to yours. Ability to open chats with these people to see what they are up to.

- You create a small profile on you phone (name, nickname etc)
- Phone has the locater enabled for this app and is looking for other devices with this same app installed.
- When it detects such a device it will log the following:
Username of the device (set in app by user)
Approximate range (location) of device in meters

The amount of times this partical device has been found and logged. With ofcourse the ranges and maybe the log time. Through this app you can ask for a chat to any detected device. The operator of that device of course has to accept the invite before a chat window opens. Even group chats would be a good option.

Why this app? When i travel with public transportation i see loads and loads of people playing for with there phones. Just to have something to do. I always wonder how many of these people i travel with every day without me knowing. Same for people at the university or the office. I think it would be fun to have a chat with these people and see what they are up to.

I discussed this idea with numerous friends and colleagues and all of them can see the fun in it. There have to be some good options in this app for privacy reasons like:

- Block phones that constantly open chats for example
- Minimal range that people can log you phone. Not that they log it on 5meters day in day out. Thats for stalkers. You can set it to minimal of like 200meters

What you think of the basic idea? What would you change or add?

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How To Video Chat Through At&t Network ? - Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

I am new to the android seen and i have been trying to figure out if the samsung skyrocket that i got from at&t is only able to video chat through a wifi connection on or if you can do it through the at&t network. If you can video chat through the at&t network how?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Can't Log Into Video Chat With Qik

I can't log into video chat with qik does anyone else have the same problem or any ideas of how to fix it?

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Is Bubble Chat Layout Forced / Can Change It To Normal Look Like With Handcent

Is the bubble chat layout forced, or can you change it to the normal look like with handcent?

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Custom Chat App For Colors - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I use my phone a fair bit for chat. When i look at my power usage, most of it is the screen. I would like to change the colors on the chat window. A black background with yellow letters should save a lot of power and be easier on the eyes. Plus the blue suggested words are hard to see. I would like to alter the colors for every screen. Is there an app that would do this?

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Liveperson Agent Which Pushes Notifications To Phone When People Request Chat

Is there a liveperson agent for android? Specifically one which pushes notifications to your phone when people request a chat.

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Htc Eris - Can't Seem To Find Url To Take Me To Developer Irc Chat

I have search all across this forum but i don't seem to be able to locate a link that will take me to this irc chat. Can someone post it please?

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Music Online App

I don't know if anyone used the music online before. It's awesome app for music downloading on your android phone. But it seems google has took it off from market. I found its website And you can still download it from there. Or click here to download.

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Want To Buy Tangram Pro Online / Way To Get

I want to buy tangram pro, but in india there is no paid application available in market . Is there any way to buy it online?

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Is There List Online Somewhere Of All Apps That Are Currently Out At Moment

Basicly i just got myself a contract galaxy s with 02 and i'm waiting for delivery, i chose this phone because of the bad rep the iphone 4 has gotten but the one thing that was edging me towards the iphone was the amount of app's that it can have. Is there a list online somewhere of all the apps that are currently out at the moment?

And also the iphone has an app for a virtual mpc5000 which is a drum machine you press certain buttons and whatever sound you have allocated will be played in real time, does the andriod have this app or anything like it?

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Apps - Online Safety For Child

My daughter is 12 years old, and has been saving her allowance for many months in order to buy a tablet. My question, as one who has never used an android device, is what options will i have for limiting her online access, what apps she uses, monitoring her internet usage, etc? Right now she goes online on my windows 7 pc, and there are plenty of software options so that i can limit time online, allow computer use within certain hours, block websites, keep track of all websites visited and keystrokes pressed; basically anything i need to do, i can.

Right now since she only uses the computer which is in our living room, there aren't many issues with what sites she might go on, people she might talk to, and so on. We have google safe search locked, youtube's safe mode locked, and she only has user level privileges on her account so she can't install or remove a program without my approval. I have a keylogging program installed and every few weeks i do a random check. I have her windows account set to allow her only on for an hour at a time and for a maximum of two hours a day. This generally works pretty well and she is well behaved, a few days ago she even asked me to block her from a game/chatting website which she likes to go on but doesn't feel has an age-appropriate community for her, which obviously made me very proud because once i checked the website i saw that it was indeed inappropriate for her and she had realized that on her own. None of the monitoring/limiting/blocking that i do is secret, she knows about it all.

Now that she will be having a tablet of her own, some things will change. She'll be able to use it in her bedroom, and i'm not going to start living in there with her so i can constantly monitor what she's doing. I could create a rule of no internet use while she's in her room to be sure, but then she won't be able to play any online games, send emails, etc. , So i think that is too broad and eliminates things which i'm fine with her doing.

Basically i suppose my questions is will i be able to do the following things, either with built-in android functionality or with apps?

1) will i be able to limit internet use to certain hours?
2) will i be able to block websites?
3) will i be able to view keystroke/screenshot logs?
4) will i be able to control what apps are installed?
5) will i be able to remotely access the tablet to view it or control it?

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Xoom Online Petition For Sd Card Info

As you know there has been a great deal of discussion regarding the xoom's capability of expandable memory via an sd card. To date the sd card is disabled and requires a software update in order to be activated. Motorola has said that the software update would be available "sometime in the future". Despite the growing frustration, as evident on the official forum, motorola has not provided its customers with an official statement on the status of the issue or when they expect the software update to be available. In fact, they have not responded to consumer inquiries and requests in any official capacity. In order to try to convince motorola to provide a simple, official response to their customers concerns an online petition has been setup.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Can I Watch Online Videos

I've heard that the galaxy s doesn't have flash support so you can't watch videos online until flash 10 is added with froyo 2. 2 at the end of the year. Is this true? Does the galaxy s really have no way of watching videos online?

Also, if you can watch videos online (or will be able to with froyo) does the tv out allow you to stream high quality video onto a tv? For example using bbc iplayer, can you send to a tv? My netbook has a 1. 6ghz processor and is choppy, so i was wondering (if doubtful) if the galaxy s could do this.

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Games - Online Multiplayer With Friends List

I work out of state most of the month and was wondering if theres any online multiplayer games that have a friendslist where we could play together?

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App For Listiening To Online Talk Radio

Whats a good app for listening to online talk radio? I have the moro droid.

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Media - Play Online Videos From Phone

I need help on playing online videos from my droid x. I recently got a droid x and i am totally new to smart phone. So can someone specifically teach me how to play online videos from phone. (Just like youtube)

I have no problem watching youtube since youtube is already installed in droid x, but like veoh, and other clips from other video sites that i cannot watch.

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Locus - Online/offline Map Viewer App

I wanna introduce you my app i'm currently working on.

Basic description similar to market description:

Fast and useful online/offline map viewer.

**** Description ****
* Many online map providers (osm, google, yahoo, bing, ovi/nokia, more. Actually 34 map types)
* Support users offline maps (sqlitedb format, updated trekbuddy tared format)
* Direct download online to offline by user defined area (rectangle, path, state).
* Beta my maps viewer, my maps editor
* Basic poi handling. That means, custom poi import into separated categories, viewing on map, basic guiding.
* Support for groundspeak pocketquery
* Google street view
* Support for bluetooth gps
* Work with c:geo, gps status
* Quick and clean gui
* And more.

I'll be very glad to receive any feedback. I obtained a few comments about crash and force close, but no one send me logs with crash from logcat or locus/logs directory also people don't read description on market and than comments like: "why google account permission, bam. One star" appear, grr i hate this, so, please try, any feedback is very welcome and some market comments also. And if you have time and know my maps, try support of my maps in locus (mainly editing).

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Weed Farmer - Online Marijuana Growing Game

Hello android gamers. For those of you who enjoy casual online multi-player growing games i would like to let you know about a new game myself and another developer have recently released on the app market. The game is named weed farmer. It provides adult players the ability to experience the challenges and rewards of being a marijuana farmer. Players control all aspects of the growing from seed germination to harvest. Featuring 30 unique strains and over 80 different types of equipment and consumable items.

To learn more about the game you can go to the game's web site at or search the app market for weed farmer.

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Ximonic - Free Online Music Player App

Ximonic - free online music player for android with a lot of music (an incredible amount of world music in your phone anytime, anywhere and free).


• usability
• playlists
• search by name of performer (returns a list of albums)
• search by song title

Official page: http://ximonic. Moonbear. Ru/
Android market: market://search/?Q=pname:com. Ximonic

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Motorola Droid X - Sent Email Not On Phone Nor Online At Aol / Get It

I have had the x for a week now and i just realized that any email i have sent via the x, it is not in the sent folder nor is it online at aol. The emails are being sent though. I guess this is an apparent issue as others have the same problem. Here is a link to a complaint. sent-folder.html

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Uploading - Downloading - Listing Files Online From Application

Way to store data files via ftp from my android application. My approach is to create a google base account and upload/download files from my application there.

To achieve this, i added the following permission to the manifest file

And i used the below code. The problem with this code is i get an ioexception "unable to connect to server: {0}".

How to get the result of uploading/downloading/listing files in another way?


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Motorola Droid X - Way To Order Online First And Check Stores Second

Would there be any way for me to order the x online asap, check the stores tomorrow, and if i find one in stores, pick it up and cancel the online order? This way the online order is kinda like insurance just have to make sure my order is canceled before 4:30 p. M. If i find one in stores, right?

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