Remove Widget From One Of My Screens

So i just got the droid eris recently, and was setting up one of my "scenes" last night, and accidentally put the facebook widget on two screens, and one it is on the same screen as my google search widget.

How can i remove the facebook widget from the screen with the google search widget. It just looks cluttered and there is no sense in having the same widget on two screens.

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Samsung Epic 4g - How To Remove Widget / Put On One Of Home Screens

I have been searching this forum for weeks, researching android and epic. I have been a treo user since 2005! I just got my epic yesterday and i am sure i will have lots of questions. But there is so much on here!

Right now i need to know how to remove a widget i put on one of the home screens. I added the android power control widget, and then i hit it again to try to remove it, but now i have 2 of them on that screen?!

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Cannot Remove Home Screens On Samsung Galaxy S2

My old galaxy s2 on orange uk was perfect, i could delete unused home screens and i customized it exactly how i wanted it. However today i had to have my phone replaced under warranty as the touch screen became unresponsive in places. The phone they have sent me obv has different software on it because i don't like it and i cant customize it!

My first problem is that i never had on my old phone was i now have 5 home screens and a orange scroll bar across the bottom. I don't use widgets or any of that crap, i use 1 home screen with 4 icons on and everything else is organized in folders in the app screen. However i cant remove them. If i hold them down all i get is a "add to homescren" window with the following listed:

Orange widgets
Orange shortcuts
Android widgets
Android shortcuts

If i press the menu button on said screens, i get

All programs
Add to homescreen

By default it also opens straight to the 3rd (middle) screen of the 5. I have no trash bin to drag them down to like my previous phone. Somebody please help me and tell me how to get rid of them?

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Motorola Droid - How To Remove A Widget

How do i remove a widget. I know the answer is going to be simple but for now i'm baffled.

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Remove Widget When App Uninstalled In Droid

In android, i have created a widget for my application. When i uninstall the app, widget shows "problem loading widget" error in home screen. I need a scenario where widget should be removed by the developer through code (and not by the drag and drop to the trash) when i uninstall the app. Is it possible. If so, what changes we need to do. Is there anything can be set in manifest so that it removes all references of the app once it is uninstalled ? Something like that.

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Htc Desire - Cannot Remove Widget From Phone / How To Do

I am having a problem removing a widget it is the google search widget from my htc desire you cannot hold and drag it as you can with all other widgets this one appears to be stuck, also you cannot place any other widget on the same screen
Has anyone any ideas how to remove it.

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Htc Hero - Switch Screens Like A Carousel

Is it possible to switch screens like a carousel?

For example, if i want to switch from the leftmost screen to the rightmost screen, i would then go to the left one time instead of going to the right six times.

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Using Different Launcher Also Change Ui In Texting - Emailing Screens

I'm planning on buying a sony ericcson xperia x10 mini pro but i don't like the blueish ui i saw video of it running adw launcher and that looked great but, does using a different launcher also change the ui in the texting/emailing screens? , I want to have homescreens like adw launcher and the texting/emailing ui should look like pure android or adw style.

When i think about the word "launcher" it isn't clear, does it modify only the home screens or the entire ui of the android operating system

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Htc Incredible - Google Talk Icon On One Of My Screens

So i am a big google talk user (gchat) and i see that the program comes preloaded on the incredible. For one, how come this app is not available in the marketplace (i wanted to see if there was an update to install)? Also, what is the best way to switch back and forth between chats and other programs? I thought doing this on my old blackberry was pretty easy but have not discovered an efficient way of doing this. I just have the google talk icon on one of my screens that i have to keep clicking on every time i want to go back into chat. I know when you have a new google talk message you will get a notification at the top of the screen, but is that all i am going to get? It would be nice if the icon showed something, like changed a different color or had a number next to it indicating a message.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Screens Constantly Load / Cause Of This

First off, let me say that i really really like these forums. I have been lurking forever and have never had to post any questions because i can always do a search and find a post that leads me in the right direction. This one has me stumped though.

I rooted this past weekend and flashed the new fresh2. 0d rom. I upgraded the 1. 5. 2 image to 1. 6. 2 and i just installed the 2. 42. 00. 03. 10 radio.

Now when i back out of any program i get a black "fresh" screen and my home screen loads like it does when the phone boots up. My twitter app and my bookmarks do the same. This is each time i back out of a program. It only started today after i upgraded the image and radio. Would those cause this or is it another problem?

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Motorola Droid - Is There Any Way To Arrange Icons On The Home Screens

I got my droid yesterday adn so far thiungs are going smoothly however i have a few questions:

1. Is there any way to arrange the icons on the home screens?

2. When i send multiple messages is there a way to toggle between them all? I send a message adn when i get another one it usually goes to the last person i was texting.

3. My husband says i sound muffled on the other end, i read someplace that there is a way to change modes from sometihng like evg to evg-b (or is is egb-b) - where is it that i can chage this to see if it has different quality in the calls?

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Motorola Droid - Program / App That Give Phone More Screens To Use

I was playing with a freinds droid eris last night and noticed that it has 6 screens. My droid only has 3. I was under the impression that the droid was superior to the eris and while it may be, i feel having 6 screens is a better feature. Is there a program or app out there that would give my droid more screens to use?

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Motorola Droid - Place Dialpad On One Of Screens Displayed All Time

I was wondering is there any way to make calling someone easier? I tap the button on top, slide the unlock then find the phone button then type the number or use the contact list then tap the name and push call, i have some contact on direct call already which is great however is there a way to place the dialpad on one of the screens displayed all the time?

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Way - App To Occupy Full Screen Window On One Of Home Screens

Since the captivate allows us to have large number of home screens, i want to configure one of the screens to show my days calendar in full screen mode. I am using exchange/gmail for my business/personal calendar entries.

Is there any app that can occupy the full screen window on one of the home screens? Is there any other way to set this up.

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Adw Launcher - Can't Increase Amount Of Screens From 5 To 7 / Fix It

Downloaded adw launcher. I am wondering why i can't increase the amount of screens from 5 to 7.

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Adding Or Deleting Home Screens - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

How do you in ics add or delete home screens on the gnex?

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Htc Droid Eris - Phone Screens Autodims When In Landscape / Fix It

My eris has all of a sudden starting to turn off the screen when placed in landscape mode. It dims and then goes dark but is working perfectly in portrait mode. Any ideas?

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Motorola Droid - Add Life (color) To Email Screens / App To Do This

Is there a way to change the email screens to a more lively color format rather than the bland grey and white i see now? Also the htc eris has cool pages that sort of flip through the messages. Is there an app that might do this type of thing?

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Motorola Droid - Everything On Home Screens Messed Up When Put Leather Holster / What To Do

Just wondering about a holster with a magnetic flap with the motorola droid. I put mine in a leather holster and all of my things on my home screens were messed up. For instance i had to delete all of my contact shortcuts because it did not even recognize they were there. And all of my facebook stuff was messed up. All of my facebook contacts info was all the way deleted. Any suggestions

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Motorola Droid X - Can't Get Back To Beautifully Customized Launcher Pro Plus Screens

I downloaded widget locker and was messing around, and somehow selected the "old" stock launcher as default. I've tried everything i can think of but can't get back to my beautifully customized launcher pro plus screens. What did i do? And how do i get back to launcher pro as my default launcher?

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Motorola Droid X - Reorder Screens In Lpp Other Than Dragging Icons And Widgets In Launcher Pro

Is there any way to reorder my screens in lpp other than dragging icons and widgets all over the place?

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Motorola Droid - Make Shortcut From Apps To One Of "other" Screens

On the home screen, when i slide my finger left or right i get extra screens that are blank (i understand these are for more icons). Well, how do i make a shortcut from my applications to one of the "other" screens?(Sorry, don't know what they are called ) i'd love to go to my app menu and put all my games on one screen.

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Remove Top Icons (bluetooth) On 2.2

How to remove top icons (bluetooth, vibrate) on 2. 2. Is there any app or setting to do this? I can't seem to find it anywhere. My top bar is getting frequently cluttered with icons for stuff that are *always* on. I mean i have apps that make sure they stay on (like vibrate) so i don't need an icon at the top telling me it's on vibrate mode. Is there any way to remove some of these?

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Motorola Droid - How To Remove Bookmarks

How do you remove bookmarks

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Remove Custom Button Border

I used this selector code for my custom button (simple.xml) code.

But on my imagebutton i don't know how to remove border. I want to show only my images not to show border around button.

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Remove E.printstacktrace() From Code Before Publishing

I was reading the the android publishing docs and they said to remove all log calls from my code. I have some calls to e. Printstacktrace() in my code that can be printed as part of the normal running of my program (ie. If a file does not exist yet).

Should i also remove these calls?

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Motorola Droid - How To Remove Feature

I can see how to change the pattern but i can not find how to remove the feature.

Using the new moto droid.

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Remove A Notification With Flag Flag_no_clear

I create a notification for a background service code.

Then, when i stop the service, i try to cancel it, but i can't find any way to have it disappear. Any clue?

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Remove - Delete - Hide Geotags

I am pretty much ocd and nest my pictures in several folders. I have come to deal with the sad fact that their is no hierarchy in the android od and you cannot nest folders, but i have a whole new annoyance.

I have about 20 folders. Problem is that some of the pix have geotags. I don't know if i had the setting on at the time or what, but it's disabled now. The problem is that i have like 100 pictures, and 2 of them were taken in a certain area, and underneath that folder it shows a city and state they were taken in. I want to hide or preferably delete this info, because on most of the pictures, they are not even tagged in the correct location.

I have a n1, i will not root, and i am open to a pc app, although i would like to avoid having to upload all my pix to a site and dl them again.

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How To Remove Header View From Listview

How can i remove the header from a listview?I tried setting the view's visibility to gone but that just leaves me a blank area. Is there a way to be able to disable the header and than enable it again?

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