Htc Evo 4g - Way To Specify Certain Contacts In Gmail / By Group / Don't Sync To Phone

Is there a way to specify certain contacts in gmail, perhaps by group, where they don't sync to your phone? I'd swear i had it set up to where it wouldn't, but i noticed the other day i had a bunch of random contact on my phone. . .

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Htc Evo 4g - Contacts Update - Sync Automatically From Gmail

I am curious to gmail and contacts from android shift. I get new contacts every day. I want to know how the update contacts works between my phone and gmail? Is there something i have to do, or its sync automatically?

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Motorola Backflip - Motorbulr : Sync Contacts That Do Not Contain Phone Numbers From Gmail

I do not want to sync contacts that do not contain phone numbers from gmail. Is there a way to do this?

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Htc Evo 4g - Gmail Doesn't Automatically Sync / What Happened

My evo was working perfect even after the update. All of a sudden the gmail doesn't automatically sync, i have to do it manual. Also, i noticed when i drive from one city to another its no longer refreshing unless i do it. Any suggestions?

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Htc Evo 4g - Sync Only My Contacts

I have a vanilla 2. 2 updated evo. I want to sync only "my contacts" from my single gmail account. I have already removed the "show all contacts" from the view menu. Instead of having the "my contacts" option in the view menu it only shows "google" and that option subsequently corresponds "all contacts" in the gmail interface and loads all of the gmail suggested contacts. This was not like this on 2. 1 and it worked perfectly.

Also, i have already filtered the list with "show only those with phone numbers" but this does not stop the auto-fill feature in the email interface.

Anyone have an idea? I have spent considerable time looking for a solution and it would seem even rolling back to 2. 1 is not an option.

I forgot to mention that i have already reset the phone to factory defaults twice so it's indeed as vanilla as it gets.

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Cannot Sync Only The Group Into Contact List - Htc Hero (sprint)

On 1. 5, i was able to sync only the group that i wanted for my phone book (in this case i had created a group called phone) now i don't see this option and it's throwing all my groups into my contact list. I deleted a couple groups thinking i had to do that. Wrong. It's deleting the groups out of gmail period. Any suggestions, i can't scroll thru thousands of contacts.

2ndly on my home screen, clouds just went floating by on my screen lol. I guess that's because it's partly sunny?

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Htc Droid Eris - Sync Facebook Contacts To Phone That I Don't Want

Is there a way when you sync your facebook contacts to your phone that some of the peoples numbers that you don't want, you can delete? Have to many numbers i dont want or need

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Application That Let - Group My Contacts

Is there any application that will let me group my contacts? On my old palm e2, i could classify each contact, work, personal, business, whatever i wanted. Then i could view the type. I can't figure out how to do that on the g1.

And while i'm at it, my e2 also let me color code events on the calender. I notice that the g1's calendar does have a blue color for events, but i didn't pick it. Is there a way to change the color coding?

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Htc Evo 4g - Sync Phone Withmediamonkey

I'm moving away from itunes and decided to go with mediamonkey. This may be a newb question but how do i sync my evo with mm? I also have some music already on my evo from doubletwist.

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How To Sync Phone Contacts To Google?

While using the android os for a couple of months, i found one thing that seems to not working very great with my htc hero. I have imported my contacts from my addressbook (mac) to google mail. From there i set up a sync with my hero. So all contacts are copied/synced nicely to my hero.

But in time i also added new contacts in my phone, however they appear only to be in the phone memory and will not be synced to google mail. When i add a contact my hero only give me the option to store in in the phone- or sim-memory and it does not sync it to google mail/contacts. So in my contacts list you see behind a lot of names google and a few contacts (i personally added) names phone.

How can i add the functionality to store my 'internal' contacts to google mail automatically? Because i like the way to keep it in sync so i always have a backup of my contacts and also to assign e-mail adresses to my contacts.

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Htc Incredible - Set A Default Group Like "my Contacts" (on Google)

I spent a nice amount of time on google sorting my contacts by groups so it's neat and being i dont have a landline i have numbers in there that i dont ever call but i need to kepp them. And i know smart dial searches everyone if they are in a group or not.

My question is: is there a way to set a default group like "my contacts" (on google) when you go into your contacts insteal of "all contacts" (on the incredible)?

On google all the people who are in my contacts just fall under "all" even google considers it a "group"

Or maybe just put all of them in a new group and set it to default to that group?

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Htc Evo 4g - Gmail Still Not Syncing Reliably On Phone / Fix It

This issue comes and goes from day to day. When it stops pushing my new messages it seems like the only way to get it back up and running is to go into the account and sync settings and hit sync now for my gmail account. I have background data and auto sync turned on and all that.

I'm not running a task killer anymore, but is it possible that when i did i killed something i wasn't supposed to that wouldn't come back on even after a reboot of the phone? What apps or services should i ensure are running to make sure my account stays up to date?

I know this isn't a google issue since new mail still comes to my computer and ipad (exchange activesync) instantly.

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Htc Evo 4g - Gmail Not Syncing After Phone Reset / Resolve It

I cannot get my "contacts" to sync with gmail after resetting my phone because i have had many issues with froyo 2. 2. I have tried deleting all contacts and then syncing. But the sync always fails.

This issue came up after using the reset suggestions by earlymon. I understand this worked for many. However, it really didn't fix my issues. In fact, now i have more (not receiving mms, caller id not working properly, etc).

And, even though i had everything backed up on the phone (using mybackupprop and an sd card), i had to completely reconfigure all my settings and reinstall many apps.

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Add Contacts Directly To A Group Without Creating An Account

I have this contacts that needs to be imported directly to a particular group that i created in which afaik that adding of contacts in an account , in the api seems to be broken(can't add other fields) so i implemented my own activity to add accounts.

How do i add them directly to a group?

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Htc Desire - Get Rid Of Gmail Contacts

When i go to send a text message and hit the contact button, it always brings up my gmail contacts in with my phone contacts. Is there a way to get rid of the gmail contacts, i would just like to be able to scroll down and only see my phone contacts when sending to multiple contacts.

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Htc Evo 4g - Bb Be Able To Import My Contacts From Lotus Into Phone

My lg lotus just died today. 2 days before i get my evo. Would bb be able to import my contacts from my lotus into my evo even if i cant get my lotus to turn on? Please say yes. I have almost 200 phone numbers in my lotus and i know maybe 5 of them by heart.

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Htc Evo 4g - Easiest Way To Transfer My Contacts From Iphone To Phone

What is the easiest way to transfer my contacts from the iphone to the evo?

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Htc Desire - Sync Phonebook With Facebook Photos Of Contacts But Nothing More

Is it possible to sync your phone book with facebook to update the photos of your contacts, but not have all your facebook friends who are not already in your phone book downloaded to it?

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Motorola Droid - Gmail Sync Slower Than Usual

Anyone noticing any slowness with gmail syncs over the last day or so? 

What's happening to me is this:  i used to get new email (gmail account) on my droid before it would show up in my desktop gmail, but lately, it's not happening like that. I have rebooted the phone and deleted all of gmail's storage and data and cache, but the problem persists. It's like it only syncs about every hour now.

Everything else seems to be fine, just not getting gmail in a timely manner.

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Htc Magic - Exchange Activesync - Wirelessly Sync Emails Contacts Tasks And Calendar Entries With Outlook

I have the rogers branded version of the magic and i was thinking about setting up a hosted exchange account. Can anyone comment on how well or how poorly exchange accounts work with the magic? I just want to be able to easily and wirelessly sync my emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar entries with outlook.

I have been using many different nokia phones over the last couple of years and i really liked that i could just enter the server details and within a few minutes of starting a new phone i could have all of my pim info loaded. Is there an option to only sync every 15min, or 30 min if i am trying to save battery life?

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Htc Evo 4g - Gmail Site Down / Up It?

Anyone having problems going to gmail mobile site on their evos?

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Htc Evo 4g - Turn Off Gmail At Night

With my old windows phone, there was a simple setting that lets me set a time that the email will come to my phone. I usually had it set to check email from 8am to midnight, as i don't need my phone going off all night and waking me up. I have searched all over this phone, and cannot find an option to turn off gmail at night. Is there a way to do this, or am i going to have to get an app to do this?

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Htc Evo 4g - Two Separate Gmail Accounts On One Page

I use two personal gmail accounts. Yesterday, i set both up and added the apps to home page so i could see both (two gmail icons. Two separate accounts). I returned that phone b/c of boot loop issue. On new phone, i set up the two accounts and added two icons, but when i switch accounts on one, it switches the other. Now i cannot get back to two gmail icons, each representing a different account. Can someone help me with this?

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Htc Evo 4g - Activesync Will Not Stop Trying To Sync / Fix It

I got my evo last week and within the past few days i noticed at times the activesync starts up adn will continue to try to sync my emials which is totally draining my battery life. The first time i noticed it, my phone was very warm adn the sync icon on teh top of the phone appeared. Being a new user to the evo (and android) i started looking into it further and when i woudl view the sync status within the exchange account, the circle would roll, reset for a splt second and start again. It would never make it to teh calendar or contact as it just tried to get the email over and over again. Next, i tried to turn off. No luck. Eventually, i removed the account adn then reestablished and that seemed to fix the problem. Temporarily. Within the next 18-24 hours it did it again and i am now seeing it once a day. Any thoughts on why or how to fix this issue?

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Link Contacts To My Gmail Account / List Empty

How do link my contacts to my gmail account? My contact list is empty

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Htc Evo 4g - Installed Unrevoked - Gmail Wont Notify Me Now / Fix It

Like the topic asks. I installed unrevoked, now gmail wont tell me i got emails. I gotta manually refresh

Everything's enabled though.

I see others have the same issue. Any fixes?

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Htc Eris - Remove Apk Files For Things I Dont Use

Stocks and other things i don't use id like to remove from the rom im using. Im not trying to steal the rom and i wont upload it anywhere. Im using gridlocks vanilla droid, how do i delete the apk's and not have a problem with those files not being in the rom?

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Htc Evo 4g - Email - Manually Sync All Mails With Click Of Just One Button

#1 - im coming from iphone email setup where there is only one mail icon to use. Within that one mail icon, i can include all of my email accounts including pop3, imap, yahoo, gmail and hotmail accounts. When a new email comes into any of the accounts, a notification badge pops up on my screen (lets say 4 emails). I click the mail icon and all of my email accts are listed along with how many new emails are in each of the accounts. Screen might look like this: -1 -1 -1 -0

As far as i can tell on evo, so far, i have installed the mail, gmail, yahoo and hotmail apps. I have 4 different email icons on my screen and i have to click through each of them to check the mails under these different email servers. Isn't there a way to combine all into just one email icon and work it like i did on the iphone?

#2 - is there a way to manually sync all of my mails with click of just one button? I think each mail accounts can be set with various auto settings individually. But if i just want to download emails manually , all at once, whenever i choose, is there a way to do this with just one click?

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Htc Evo 4g - Sync All Icons Don't Spin Anymore

I just noticed that when i go to sync all my data under settings-accounts and sync, the little green circle icons do not spin anymore when syncing. I think i disabled this feature to save battery life but for the life of me i can't find out where it is to re enable it. Does anyone know what would cause the little animations to stop? Is there a setting for this? Before it would just spin the icons while syncing and now they do nothing.

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Motorola Droid 2 - New Contacts Add To D2 Not Appearing On Gmail / Show Them

New contacts that i add to my d2 are not appearing on gmail. What do i need to make it sync. I tried the back up assistant but this is for verizon not gmail.

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