Sprint Htc Hero - Phone Not Making A Peep / Make It Sound

So i have been using my phones 16gb memory card to listen to music on my computer at work for most of the day today. I go out to lunch and bring the phone with me as usual. I notice that i have 5 missed calls and 9 texts that have come in over the last few hours. My phone did not make a peep and i now realize why, with the memory mounted via the computer the phone has no access to the memory where the ringtones are stored and thus the phone has no way to make sound.

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Htc Hero - Root Phone Without Downgrading And Making Goldcard?

Have got htc hero on 3 contract and wanting to root, is there any way i can do this without downgrading and making goldcard.

Build number is 2. 73. 771. 62

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Sprint Htc Hero - Make Forwards Emails As Attachment

When i reply or forward an email to someone, it attaches the original email as an attachment rather than a continuation of the email. I do have "reply with original text" checked.

I noticed i can't change the format type from plain text, so i don't know if that is part of the problem.

Does anyone know how to make replay's and forwards a continuous email?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Messaging Slow After 2.1 Upgrade / Make It Fast

I used mybackup trial version to backup text messages, call logs, apps, etc and then upgraded to 2. 1. After the upgrade my text message app takes a good 10-30 seconds to enter into. I can still see them fine and quickly in the status bar and the widget, but the app takes forever to load now, even if it's already running and i'm just switching people. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Htc Desire - Phone Sound Volume So Low / Make It High

I can hardly hear the volume on the htc desire - whether it be the alarm or the ringer or using the radio through the speaker or call volume

Does anybody else find it so low?

Previously i had an htc touch hd, the sound on this was also very low but i downloaded some programme to make it far more acceptable.

Does anybody have a solution to this?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Need A Best Browser For Phone

I have only used the stock browser because a buddy said that the dolphin browser wasn't that good. Any suggestions on good browsers?

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Htc Hero Sprint - Which Phone Are You Getting When Your Contract Is Up?

The hero has served me well. It was my first android phone, and absolutely blew away my prior blackberry. And with cm7. 1, it still runs fairly quickly. But with my 2yr contract up in a few months, i will probably make the leap to a new phone. Which android phone are sprint hero users getting (or have gotten in the last few months) when your contract is up? And is anyone considering crossing over to the iphone?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Best Am Radio App For Phone

Wife needs am radio app.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Not Able To Start Phone Tv / Get It To Show

I get the following alert when i try to start sprint tv.
"You have no network connection. Please check your connection and try again "later. "

Any idea?

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Htc Hero - Phone Passion Going To Verizon Not For Sprint / Why Is So

Why is the htc passion going to verizon and not for sprint? Is sprint getting something like it in 2010?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Not Getting Text Messages On Phone / Solution For This

Not getting text messages on my sprint hero today? Any ideas whats up?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Transfer Avi Movie To Phone

How do i transfer avi movie to my htc here version 2. 1

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Sprint Htc Hero - Stock Browser Apk For Phone

Does anyone have the stock browser apk? I installed godzons blue dirt icons and dialer, and its no longer in their.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Phone Takes Forever To Turn On

It takes about 3 minutes from the time i press the power button to the home screen to fully load. Is this normal?

I bought it new and its been like this since i bought it. Is there anything to speed it up? Its not a big deal, its just kind of annoying. I had a blackberry before this and it took no more than 30 seconds to turn on so i figured the same for an android phone.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Application To Turn Phone Off And On When Programed

Is there an application that will turn the hero off and on when programed
I am new to the hero but my bb had that and i used it a lot.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Phone Keep Getting Late Text / Fix It

I'm a big time texter. 1 out of every 13 texts i get comes about 5-10 min late. It really *** me off. It really makes my friends wonder but they are cool with it but i still feel bad. This is a huge problem. I always have at least 3 bars at my house which is where i am when i text.

What is wrong? I'm so mad it keeps happening

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Sprint Htc Hero - Best Apps For Users With A Rooted Phone

Searched the forums but couldn't find anything really.

What are some of the best apps for users with a rooted phone?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Best Password Protecting App For Phone

I've never really wanted or trusted using a password protecting app. But with all of the different usernames and passwords websites require now, an app for this would be very handy. So are there any good apps in the android market? Or any good suggestions on how everyone else keeps their passwords stored?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Phone Support Music Through Bluetooth

Does the hero support music through bluetooth

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Sprint Htc Hero - Possible To Find Out My Home Address On Phone

Could someone tell me if it's possible for someone to find out my home address if i were to give them my cell phone number.

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How To Change Function Of Phone Buttons On Htc Hero (sprint)?

Back in the day when i used my compaq ipaq, i could change the function of the buttons on the face plate. Does anyone know if that is possible with the hero or any other android phones?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Remove/change The Word Sprint Above The Time

1. On the unlock screen is there anyway to remove/change the word "sprint" above the time? (Without rooting)

2. While on youtube is there anyway to set your preferences so that the video defaults to high quality if available?

3. Still havent got an answer about if its possible to get gmail to show up on an individual contacts "mail" screen without setting up imap?

4. Is using your phone as a modem only possible if you root?

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Sprint Htc Hero - How Does Everyone Feel About Best Buy Insurance As Apposed To Sprint

I'm picking my phone up from best buy tonight and had acouple of questions. I am considering having bb install an is screen cover, but have heard the screen is pretty scratch resistant. The thing is i am a mechanic and my phone never leaves my side and i don't want any harm coming to it. I also plan on getting the seidio innocase combo once i recover from the money i spend on the phone. Oh yeah, how does everyone feel about the best buy insurance as apposed to sprint?

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Sprint Htc Hero - App To Stream An Am Radio Station On Phone

Is there an app that would let me stream an am radio station on the hero?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Phone Dropped Calls About 15 Seconds Into It / Resolve This

My girlfriend and i both got hero's about 2 weeks ago, mine seems fine so far, but her's is dropping the call about 15 seconds into it. Then it takes 2 or 3 more dropped calls like that in order for the call to actually stay connected. Once it finally stays connected for more then 30 seconds she can talk for half an hour and every thing's fine.

Anyone experienced any issues like this? The problem seems worse in certain areas, but it's now happened all over the state. We took the phone in and had it exchanged yesterday, the new one seems slightly better, but it's happened a few times already.

We like the phones a lot aside from this issue, it'd be nice if she didn't have to trade it in for something else.

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Sprint Htc Hero - When 2.1 Is Released - Officially - And Upgrade - Will It Wipe Your Phone

I wanted to use a shorter title for the thread, but i didn't want to draw the ire of the community for thinking that i was giving new info on 2. 1

In all seriousness though, with all the threads on 2. 1 and related topics. When it is finally officially released from htc/sprint and it is available to us, the hero owners, to download and install on our units (most likely through pc/usb upgrading and not ota. Not that it matters for this question) will it wipe the phone?

The reason i am asking is because this is, in fact, a completely new os and not just an mr patch. I have posed this very question to htc tech support when asking about another issue and they said that it will not wipe info/settings/etc from the phone. I don't know what to think about that.

With my last winmo phone, when the sprint rev a upgrade came out, it blew out everything from the phone and it was a fresh start. When i upgraded my imac w/ snow leopard, it didn't change a thing. With that comparison, i guess i can believe both sides, however, i was curious if anyone on here has a definitive answer through experience that it wouldn't wipe all the info. Hasn't there been a few os changes already with android for the earlier phones? I'm sure there's info out there somewhere, but i was hoping to hear it from someone on here.

This is kind of a relevant question, because if it is going to require a complete wipe, i have absolutely no reason not to root, since i'd have to go back to stock ruu to get the upgrade, which would require a fresh wipe of the phone. I'll most likely still be rooting this week, however, i'm still curious about what the upgrade to 2. 1 is going to require.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Possible To Create Some Sort Of App To Use Phone As A Scale

Would it be possible to create some sort of app that allows you to use your phone as a scale (for weight)?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Good Overclock App / Widget For Phone

I finally jumped on the wagon to rooting. I havnt yet found a new rom to go with, so im still playing around with some things on launcherpro, one of which being the overclocking capability. I tried "overclock widget" from the market, but it doesn't seem to allow me to go above 528. Can someone either recommend a good overclocking program or give me a hand getting this one working?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Phone Won't Mount To Pc / Solution For This

I have an htc hero that no matter what i do will not mount to my pc. I have continuously connected my usb cable, dragged down the shade, and hit mount. All that happens is my f:/ drive pops up and tells me to insert a disk, even though i definitely have it plugged in. The usb debugging option is clicked, i have remformated the sd card, i even went and bought a new sd card. Nothing works!

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Sprint Htc Hero - Screen Protectors That Are Custom Cut For Phone

Does anyone make screen protectors that are custom cut for the sprint hero? I don't want to have to trim them if possible.

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