Unable To Click On Regions Of 1st Image Where 2nd Image Overlapping / How To Do

I have 2 imageviews which have animationdrawable backgrounds to animate a box opening and closing when you click on it. The 2 images are slightly overlapping (the transparent area) so they can be closer together.

The problem this is causing is that i am unable to click on regions of the 1st image where the 2nd image (transparent area) is overlapping.

Is there a way to set a clickable region of an imageview?

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On Click Enlarge Image

I have a textview and an image button. Text view has the description about the image[which is there in imagebutton] now on clickin the image button i want the imagebutton to occupy the whole screen and on clicking this i want the imagebutton back to normal position.

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Why Image Capture Doesn't Work With Trackball Click On Htc Magic

I have got a bunch of questions why image capture does not work with the trackball click on htc magic. Here is the code, which works on g1 phone. Basically what i am trying to do is to use the autofocus feature whenever possible (if the user pressed the focus key or if the user pressed the camera key). Once the autofocus was completed successfully the camera will capture an image.

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How To Hide Image After A Second

Is there any way to hide a image after a second or given time in android application?

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Image On Sd Card

I am going to be saving some jpeg images to the sdcard and i don't know the best way to get those images back off, one at a time. They will be in a folder named /sdcard/images/ i will just need one image at a time, so this folder will act more as a cache of images pulled from the web that will be used in the application. Therefore, i can't just put them in the res/drawable folder because i won't know which images they are beforehand.

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Text Wrapping Around Image

I'd like to get the similar layout on an activity as this html fragment in a browser, basically making text wrapping around an image: bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

I tried the following but no luck yet:  

- None of the current layouts supports this.

- A textview and using html. Fromhtml, but that doesn't seem to understand the "align" attribute - no matter what "align" equals to, it just places the image in the same line of the first line of text, and never aligns multiple lines of text along side the image. Styles don't work either.

- I looked up the doc of imagespan, but its verticalalignment only supports "bottom" and "baseline". Should i use "baseline"?  I tried it but seems no effect, maybe i'm missing something?

- A hack: using two textview, one to the right of the image, and another below the image, and set the maxlines of the first textview to be approximately the height of the image. But the problem is i couldn't get the *last visible character* for the text.

I don't want to use webview since it seems to be too much overhead for such a simple view.

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How To Change An Image At Runtime


How can i change the src of an image? I want to do something like this: imageview image = (imageview)findviewbyid(r. Id. Image); image. Setsrc("drawable/newimage"); but imageview doesnt have a setsrc property.

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Dim An Image View

I have a gridview on top of an imageview (which has a background image) and want to dim the image view so that the gridview will be more prominent. What is the best way to do this? Is there a simple xml attribute i can use? I tried using the flag_dim_behind from windowmanager. Layoutparams but it's not working.

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Image Takes A Beating

Android's image is going to take a beating; this is a review of the next 10" android tablet that has just gone on sale for 180(~$280), it's obviously cheap, but if it's people's first experience of android i can't see it doing the image much good.

This is one of the problems google has with android, and the lack of control over the various bit's of hardware it's being run on.

This is the video of the bbc's tech reporter showing the new product off.

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Method To Pass An Image Value?

How would i go about passing an image to the next page for android?

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How To Set A Border Around An Image

Preferably, i'd like a somewhat fancy bevel . I'd like the picture to have some depth on it. So it doesn't look so plain and old-fashion.

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Show Hide Image

I have a code like this:


But i want after a second, image should fade out or it display nothing or as previous state.

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Gridview Image Border

I am using gridview for display group of image from xml using xml parsing now i want to display the border around each image in gridview. All image should display outline border on image in gridview . How to set boder for each image in gridview.

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Stop Image Scaling Down

I'm trying to draw an image in a view but having problems trying to maintain the scale of the original image. Basically, i have a small view and i would like to show part of the image in the view. The intention then is to perform a translation on the image so that a different part appears in the view.

No matter what i try, either the image is down-scaled automatically to fit the view or the whole image is viewable. I've tried playing about with the settings on bitmapdrawable, imageview and layout to no avail.

Anyone know a good way to achieve this?

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Create Image From String

I am trying to depict on the screen the image i receive from my neighbour via a text message. I mean, the other node sends me a message where an image is encode (i can read the png header, . ) And now i want to show it on the screen, but it doesn't appear nothing. I must be doing something wrong ¬¬.

As i said, nothing appears on the screen. The img hsa a correct value since i try "img. Setimagedrawable( getresources(). Getdrawable(r. Drawable. Sample_0));" and shows the picture.

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How To Unload Image From Memory

Are there any ways that i can unload unused images from memory? For example i want to unload background pictures in order to save memory when my activity is going to background?

I want to this because my app will force close on nexus one, from the logcat i found it was caused due to out of memory.

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Image Button Background Never Changes

The image button background never changes (normal, focused, clicked. ) I'm using an image button and trying to different background image when normal, focused and clicked. I have read quite a lot of posts related to this and have implemented exactly as suggested.

Also kindly let me know will the focus works in the emulator when focused using mouse.

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Get Image From Url Using Xml Parsing

I want edit image from url using xml parsing and that image display in gridview and more image display from device image gallery. How to get image please tell solutions for that

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Send Image Behind Scenes In Phone

I need a solution for , how to send an image behind the scenes i.e; with out users further input ? Can any one help me to sort out this?

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Divide A Picture / Image Into Parts

I am new to android and need your guidance and suggestions on a problem im trying to solve. I want to divide an image into 4 parts just like a puzzle game but could not find any tutorials on it. After an image is divided into parts i need to store each part in an array.

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Selectively Manipulate Parts Of An Image

How can we manipulate parts of an image selectively. For example, i have a canvas based on bitmap of image i am working on. I would like to change the brightness of a path on this canvas while the rest of the image remains the same.

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Place Image In Rectangle In Canvas

In canvas we have drawrect() method for drawing rectangle. But now i want to fill it with image view. For this what can i do.

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Draw View On Image Within Xml

Sharing your knowledge on how to draw a small rectangle on top of image in android.
I have main.xml and there are some widgets. Right at top, there is a image and i would like to draw a rectangle on that image and display both while app is running.

Here is how my xml file looks like code.

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Gridview Open Image In Foreground

I am able to create a grid view layout as shown here.

When a image is clicked i would like to bring that image to the foreground (full screen) for 2 seconds and then go back to the grid layout.

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Put An Image Into Data Parameter?

I was able to send an mms using dk's code sample from here and here. I'd like to put an image into the mmspart class. I think the mimetype will be "image/jpeg" (correct me if i'm totally worng on that), but how to i put an image into the data parameter - do i need to read the image into a fileinputstream or bitmapfactory and set the . Data value to it?

Update - tried asahi's code and i think i'm getting closer, but now i'm getting an out of memory error. Here is the info from logcat.code.

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Image Fit Screen In A Webview

In my app, i display pictures thanks to a webview. So for each image i create small html code that i load with the webview. So my html code consist basically in a img tag (with the path to my picture).

My pictures have different sizes, that's why i'd like to set my webview zoom to fit the pictures width to the webview width. So the user don't have do zoom in or out to be able to see the entire picture.

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Pass An Image Resource From My App To Another

I have 2 apps running, and i need to pass an image resource from the first app to the second.

The imageview have a setimageuri(uri) method, that i could use in the second app, but does not have a geturi() for me to use in the first.

Any idea how to do this?

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Get Image Of Map Displayed In Mapview

Is there any way to get the image of the map displayed in mapview?

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Add Image Into Imageadapter At Runtime

I just want to ask that how it is possible to add images ( bitmaps ) into imageadapter which is baseadapter at runtime.

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How To Know In Which Pixels Of A Image User Clicked

I want to draw a image filling the complete screen.
Then when user clicks in any pixel or group of pixels they turn black.
How can i know where the user clicked exactly and how can i turn the touched pixels black?

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