Creating Database And Tables On Click Event Of Button

I am trying to create database and table on the click event of button when i am clicking on the button for creating database and table. It is saying that process com. Example. Hw3 has stopped unexpectedly.

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Using Database - Create Database With Several Tables

Using sqlite on android? I've found this: and it ok to start with, but then it wants me to jump into other source code then its difficult to follow.

I've tried others on the web, one from screaming penguin and that just kept causing errors with jvm.

I need to: create database, with several tables (auto id, declare type) update get

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Trouble Creating Sqlite Database On Sdcard

I want to create a database storing on the sdcard, but there is error occurred. The following is the error: error/database(605): sqlite3_open_v2("/sdcard/lyodsgps. Sqlite", &handle, 6, null) failed error/androidruntime(605): caused by:android. Database. Sqlite. Sqliteexception: unable to open database file and i want to ask what it is? What can i do to solve it?

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Event For Button On Headphone Chord

Gripe 1: why oh why t-mobile/htc did you decide to make a phone with a non-standard usb/power connector?I mean seriously, with just what the world needs, yet another frigging connector.

Gripe 2: what's up with providing a multi-media phone without a standard 2. 5mm headphone jack?It's hard to take you seriously as a smartphone without a regular headphone jack!

Now that i have those gripes out of the way :), how do you detect when a user clicks on the button on the headphone connector. The button on the connector that goes from the non-standard usb plug to the female headphone jack.

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Activites Are Not Performing My Overiden Back Button Event

I want to send back my activity to starting one. Let me explain you. I am using main activity having 4 tabs, and each tabs has his own activity. Each activity in has more activities in it.

Problem starts when i click on 1st activity in my 1st tab. The next activity is independent. I create an intent of my next activity. In such case to prevent draw my tab-bar layout in that new activity. I use my existing activity layout, remove all the view in it. Then i put new activity in it.



Its done. But problem arise when device back button pressed. Because new activity is starting in existing activity. So when back button pressed , then it quite to main activity and application close. I want to do that in such a case "new activity" should be terminate and existing activity must start again. And then if again back button pressed then it should terminate main activity. I override the onkeydown() down method as follow but it. Dose not working properly?

In my new activity.


But it always quite the application instead of closing child activity.

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Listen / Bind Hardware Button To Activity / Event

I'll break down for you. In general i'm wondering if its is possible, if so then how, to bind/listen to a hardware-button to my application.

* Is it possible to make a hardware-button start my app on shot/ long press?
* Is it possible to start/trigger my widget on a longpress of a hardware-button?
* Is it possible to (when i have the app in the background) make a hardwarebutton triger this app to the foreground/activate it? * Is it possible to let a servive listen to long-press of a button?
* The camera activity on some phones has a camerabutton, can this button be programed to work with my app?

What i want to do is that upon a longrpress (hold valume up/home- button for more than 3 seconds) start/execute a activity in my application like the camera-application and its camerabutton. Im searching for any and all information about this right now as i cant find any real answer ;(

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Add Onclick Event To Button In Listview Added By Addfooterview

I'm using a listview with my own implementation of baseadapter. Before adding the main list items to the listview and setting the adapter i add a footer, with addfooterview(), to the listview. The footer is a normal listview item with a custom view and two buttons.

And here comes my problem:

How can i add a onclick() event to this buttons? I tried it in the getview() method of my baseadapter but that does not work

I need these two buttons at the bottom of my listview as back and forward buttons, cause i don't want too much items at once in the listview.

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Create Run Time Button Click Evernts In Application

How we can create run time button click evernts in androif application.

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Samsung Fascinate - Can't Just Root And Unroot With Click Of Button

So, debating which phone to get is probably one of the more annoying things right now, but while i can't stand the bing thing, rooting seems to fix everything?Rather than root and then unroot using the instructions, why not just install this app: ryanza's oclf 2. 0 - android app on appbrain

Can't i just root and unroot with a click of the button?Rooting will allow me to fix the soft search key and make it google, but isn't bing technology throughout the phone? Searching in the browser, voice searching in the browser, using voice to text for text messaging, all that. Isn't it bing voice?One of the things i find awesome about google is the voice commands, sending an email with voice, texting with phone, all that. Bing can't be wiped entirely after a root?

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Play Sound On Button Click - Null Pointer Exception / Fix It

I am trying to play a sound file on the click of a button. The sound is just 1 sec long. It plays well the first few times i click the button, but after a while it gives a nullpointerexception. Here's the code.

And here's the exception:

07-29 23:07:27. 690: error/androidruntime(10542): uncaught handler: thread main exiting due to uncaught exception
07-29 23:07:27. 710: error/androidruntime(10542): java. Lang. Nullpointerexception
07-29 23:07:27. 710: error/androidruntime(10542): at com. Example. Mypackage. Test$3. Onclick(test. Java:270)

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Htc Evo 4g - Email - Manually Sync All Mails With Click Of Just One Button

#1 - im coming from iphone email setup where there is only one mail icon to use. Within that one mail icon, i can include all of my email accounts including pop3, imap, yahoo, gmail and hotmail accounts. When a new email comes into any of the accounts, a notification badge pops up on my screen (lets say 4 emails). I click the mail icon and all of my email accts are listed along with how many new emails are in each of the accounts. Screen might look like this: -1 -1 -1 -0

As far as i can tell on evo, so far, i have installed the mail, gmail, yahoo and hotmail apps. I have 4 different email icons on my screen and i have to click through each of them to check the mails under these different email servers. Isn't there a way to combine all into just one email icon and work it like i did on the iphone?

#2 - is there a way to manually sync all of my mails with click of just one button? I think each mail accounts can be set with various auto settings individually. But if i just want to download emails manually , all at once, whenever i choose, is there a way to do this with just one click?

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Layout - Making Three Tables With One Column

I need to represent the following diagram: each x will be an image button. I was thinking of making three tables with one column each and have each cell height be half the height of the table. The problem is that the table needs to be able to stretch or shrink because i am worried about getting everything on the screen and the tables are the only part that can change size and have the entire thing still look ok. The problem i am having is that the rows are only as big as the image buttons. While all the image buttons are the same size, the left and right table in particular, need to have some padding around the image buttons to make it alright. I would add margins to the buttons but that defeats the reshaping problem i am having. I think.

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Creating Default Files

I'm new on android and eclipse. I would like to create a xml file in my project. This file must be loaded in runtime. How could i do this? I want to create the file and not a resource. How to put on deployment a file on /data/data//files folder?

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Creating A Custom Menu On Bottom

I would like to create a custom made menu on the bottom of the screen, this menu will be as buttons and, it will always be visible first, if the user scrolls down, it will be visible, and scrolls upp.

How is this possible?

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Creating A Blank Location Object

A couple of other people and me are working on an app for android. It requires locating the device in latitude and longitude. We've been able to create a location object, but the object is always blank. We even tried recreating the code in a completely empty project, but that also failed. Here's our root activity code.

How do we fix this problem?

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Memory Leak When Creating Onclicklistener

If anyone could point our a way to avoid the following memory leak.

When switching layouts in a single activity, and assigning onclicklisteners to buttons, each assignment looks to leak a bit of memory.

Below is a quick example application that shows it happening with two button's and a simple function to switch which layout is currently active. If run, you'll see the used memory jump slightly with each click between them.

I'm aware there's plenty of ways around it (using multiple activities for each layout, using a single onclicklistener thats a member variable which gets assigned to it each time), just curious as to where that extra reference is going thats not getting collected.


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Creating A New Intent Results In Error / Fix It

When i do the fallowing i get screamed on code.

Apparently my this is not the one needed
How can i fix this err?

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Media - Creating Ringtone App For Market

I just got approved for the android app inventor and i want to be able to get my custom automotive ringtones on the android market. I have all the sound files but no app. Future plans are for automotive themes but that's a ways off. Any suggestions or tutorials that people could point me to?

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Creating And Opening Sqlitedb On Sdcard For Api7

I have a small problem with my code, i am trying to create (if that does not exist) and open connection to sqlite but it fails to open. Im doing that cos i know that my db can be big and may not fit into mobile local storage. I get path to external storage and get the full path to sqlite file

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Motorola Droid - Keep Gmail From Creating A Contact For Everyone I Email

I received my droid last week, and this is my first post here. I've been looking all over and can't find the answer.

It seems that gmail is creating a contact for every email i've ever sent. I use outlook mostly and never synced my contacts before, so i never noticed. Now i've got hundreds of contacts that are just email addresses. Every craigslist ad i ever responded to, every ebay question i ever received. Everything.

Does anyone know a way to make this stop? I spent an hour yesterday cleaning up my contacts, and after a few more emails, have a few more contacts i don't need.

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Add Contacts Directly To A Group Without Creating An Account

I have this contacts that needs to be imported directly to a particular group that i created in which afaik that adding of contacts in an account , in the api seems to be broken(can't add other fields) so i implemented my own activity to add accounts.

How do i add them directly to a group?

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Can I Use Qt For Creating Doid Apps - Embed Its Designs In My Application

I would like to design a ui for my application. I tried droiddraw.
How about qt? I use it for symbian however can i use qt for creating my anroid applications?

If so, how can i embed qt designs in my application?

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Get Network Camped Event

I am wondering how to get noticed once the phone has been successfully registered to a valid network. Anybody has a point on this?

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Create An Onclick Event For A Simplecursoradapter

I have this code.

Which displays a list of titles. I dont however for the life of me know how to create a click event so that i can call another view when i click an item from that list.

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How To Get An Event In A Service When Screen Touched

I would like to implement a service in android that basically should monitor the time elapsed since the user didn't touched the screen. For example the user opens internet or adobe reader, starts reading and don't interact anymore withe the touchscreen.
I want that my running service know the time since the user didn't touched the screen.
How can i do this ?
I'm thinking at two approaches:
1. The better one : after the time is elapsed (the service is set that after 2 or 5 or 10 minutes to check if the screen was or not touched) the service query some system object for this information.
2. The not so better one (i think this could have an impact on performance) at every touch of the screen the service to be notified.

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Overlay Class And Event Handlers

Maybe i don't understand the concept of event handlers, but this doesn't seem to work the way i would expect. The overlay class, and its subclass itemizedoverlay, have a number of event handlers, which i've been playing around with:ontap(geopoint p, mapview mapview)ontap(int index)ontouchevent(android. View. Motioneventevent, mapview mapview)now all these events seem to work fine, individually. But if you implement more than one of them, only one of them works. From my previous experience with events (from applets etc. ) I don't recall any restrictions on the number of events that can be handled at once.

For me, any one of these calls doesn't really give me enough info. I may want to know if someone has clicked one of my overlays, but i may also want to know if someone has tapped elsewhere on the map. What's going on here, am i missing something?

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How To Detect / Query Screen Off Event

Is there any api i can detect the event that the screen is off after time out? Or is there any api i can query the backlight status?

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How To Detect Key Event In Service

How to detect key event in android service ?

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How To Detect Key Event Without Activity

How to detect key event without activty in android? How to detect key event in broadcastreceiver in android?

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On Touch Event Problem With Game Code

I'm having a problem when overriding the ontouchevent method in my custom surface view class in android. See i am trying to make a game in android but have run into a major problem. As far as im concerned the code below should keep the xchange variable equal to either 1 or -1 as long as the left or right side of the screen is touched and should set it back to zero when i take my finger off the screen.

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