Reading Email On Phone Doesn't Mark It As Read In Outlook

I've finally got active sync working for exchange, after a few issues. It's working great, but when i read an email on the phone it doesn't mark it as read in outlook. My nokia used to do this. Any ideas?

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Htc Evo 4g - Email Not Showing Up As Read / Solve It

I have upgraded to damage rom. (I dont think this is a rom issue) when i read a email on my evo it does not show up as read. The next time i get a email it shows up that i have the new email and the old. It keeps adding email as unread until i mark read online or go into my email app on my computer. Any ideas?

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Sync Galaxy S Phone With Outlook

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to sync my phone with my outlook accounts please.

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Htc Desire - Start Phone Aftre Reading Hboot

I thought i'd have a look at which boot loader i had even though i think i really already new. Anyway i powered down and pressed the back key on boot and there was this screen telling me what i already really new.

The question is, from this screen how do you start the phone?

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Lg Ally - Get Outlook Calendar To Sync To Phone

I am trying to get my outlook calendar to sync to my phone. I cannot figure out how to work it and the email for my outlook is a whole different story. It says "application email ( Email) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again" every time i try to open and email.

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Gmail - Cannot Select All / Mark Emails

I get a lot of junk mail and want to be able to mark all my previous emails read without checking them individually from my phone. Is there a way of marking all emails read? It seems that there is not a "select all" feature.

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Get Error Excalmation Mark Every Time Create A New Project

Im new to android development and havent made much progress. Whenever i create a new android application i get a red exclamation by its file in the package explorer. Also when i go to the open the string.xml file and try to edit anything there i keep getting an error message java. Lang. Nullpointerexception. I heard that using the clean feature in the projects tab may work, yes it gets rid of their exclamation but when i try to edit anything in strings.xml i still get the same error.

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Htc Droid Eris - Gps App To Mark Waypoints And Then Look At Them Later On A Map

I am looking for a gps application that will allow me to mark waypoints and then look at them later on a map. Or google earth. These waypoints would be off the road ie in the woods! Anyone have any suggestions?

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Looking For An App To Mark / Save Favorite Places Travel Too Using Gps Locater

I'm looking for an app that would allow me to mark/save my favorite places that i travel too using our gps locater, allow me to add photos and make notes on each place. Kind of like a "travel scrapbook". My bf and i like to hike, find secret watering holes and and a variety of hard-to-find outdoor gems but we can never remember where and what we found or how to get back. Is there a trusted app out there that would be good for us?

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Read Birthday And Anniversary Detail From Contact In Phone

How to read birthday and anniversary detail from phone contact in android 1. 5.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Still Can't Get My Pc To Read Phone / Solution For This

After all night trying to get one of my computers to read my epic its still not reading it. I just downloaded the samsung usb drivers and installed them. I am running windows xp 32 bit by the way. When i plug in my epic about four different things show up including the andriod/modem and i forget the rest. It makes the regular connecting tone but when i look in my computer the drive doesn't show up. And yes i mounted the sd card via the phone. Any help or ideas?

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Motorola Droid - Disable Read Receipts On Phone

How do i disable sending read receipts on my droid when a sender requests a read receipt? I would like to read my email without a sender knowing when i am reading.

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Arrayindexoutofboundexception While Reading The File

Hello everybody, i am developing one application in that i am reading one file in parts (i am reading 102400 bytes at a time ) and sending it to server. Size of file is more than 5mb.

I had write following method to read the file


But when this method throws indexoutofboundexception at line 133. Actually i thought because of "in. Readfully(bytearray, start, end); " it reads from start to end and store it to bytearray, but it is not working like that.

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Reading The Contents Of A File

I need some help with reading the contents of a file. I have a plaintext file called 'test' in my app's files/ directory.

I have this code to read it:


I pass the filename to the function like this:


But every time it returns nothing. I have tested it and it doesn't go into one of the catch es, but it apparently reads nothing from the file.

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Reading From Database - File

I know a lot of web languages but they're a lot different from java (which is what android uses, i believe). I'm trying to create a small application but can't figure out how to populate a list or select box with data. How do i store the data so when you install the application it will read it from some database/file and display it? Do i need to use sqlite for this? If yes, how do i populate it before exporting the application?

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Android -read A Particular Value In Droid Manifest File / Xml In Phone

Lets us assume that i am using service or database path in my application, so whenever i change the location path, i don't want to edit in all the ton times in coding. So is it possible to store the value in some xmlfile or manifest file and read it directly to a variable? Or i have to use xml parser? Any idea?

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Motorola Droid X - Phone Read / Write Speeds For Sdcard

I have a faster (class 6) sdcard that i was thinking about using in the x.

Will the system be able to take advantage of those read/write speeds? I would think so but if not i might as will stick with this class 2 they gave us.

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Reading Text File From Server

I have a text file on my server. I want to open the text file from my android app and then display the text in a textview. I cannot find any examples of how to do a basic connection to a server and feed the data into a string.

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Lg Esteem Is Reading A Sd Card That Is Not In The Device

So i when to put a 8 g card ( one that i reformatted) and tried to pop it in and it was picking up the old 2 g card. So i took the card out and left it with no card and still its reading a card that is not in the device. Can any one help me.

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Read Phone Droid File Of Currently Running App Using Its Api

Is there a way to read meta-infmanifest. Mf file of the currently running application using android api?

I want to read sha1 for classes. Dex file and use it as an encrpytion key to one of my assets.

I cannot use the signature for .apk file because everytime i create a new apk i need to re-encrpyte my asset and put in to apk file which requires re-signing the .apk and it becomes a chicken and egg problem.

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Begintransaction() Decease File Reading Times

For sqlitedatabase. Begintransaction(), it starts a new transaction.

And sqlitedatabas. Insert() delete() update(), does these api starts a new transaction too?

That's to say. If i use db. Begintransaction(); try{ db. Insert(. ):  Db. Delete();  db. Update(); db. Settransactionssuccessful(); }finally{

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Make Phone To Read And Write Arabic

How can make xperia x10 to read and write arabic?

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Sample Program For Reading Svg File In Droid

I want a sample program for reading a svg file in android?I am new to android?

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Reading Java Serialized Object That Has Been Split Across Two Files

I'm writing an android application. One problem is your app cannot contain a file whose uncompressed size is bigger than about 1mb. I have a serialized object that i want to load that totals about 2mb. My plan was to split this file into two smaller files, then load the object by combining both files at runtime.

However, i cannot work out how to use e.g. Inputstream and objectinputstream to specify that i want to read the data from two input streams. How can i do this?

For example, say my object was split between file o1 and o2. How can i say "load the object by reading the data from o1 then from o2"?

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Outlook Sync Calendars

I am looking for a solution that will sync my calendars at work with personal calendars. My problem is that my company's it policies are, to put it mildly, overbearing. So any solution that involves installing a program on my desktop to sync my work calendar (outlook) with my personal calendar (google) is not a solution at all. Does anyone know of an app that will sync the two from my phone or is it really impossible?

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Source Code Not Working - Reading Frame Buffer Through Glreadpixels

I am new to android development and have an assignment to read frame buffer data after a specified interval of time.

I have come up with the following code:


Also, if some one can direct me to better way to read the framebuffer it would be great. I am using android 2. 2 and virtual device of api level 8. I have gone through many previous discussions and have found that we can not know read frame buffer directly throuh the "/dev/graphics/fb0".

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Cannot Download Outlook Contacts To Droid

I cannot download my outlook contacts to the phone. I searched the forums and found out i had to pull my notification bar down. The phone seems to show that it's connected validly (my option is to "turn off usb storage). But, when i get through the process to tell the computer to export files to drive l, the usb into which i've plugged the phone, it's only letting me download to something called a backup folder on the phone. I've got a million contacts & i gotta get this right.

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Outlook Custom Ringtones Not Working

I have 100% of my contacts stored in outlook on my pc and have successfully sync'd with my samsung vibrant. The problem is that i cant find where to add a custom ring tone for certain callers. Ie: custom ringtone for boss, family, friends, etc. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Turn Off (gmail, Facebook And Office Outlook)

How do i turn off/log off from gmail, facebook and office outlook? It doesn't give us the option to log out.

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Access Outlook App On Htc Desire S

How can i access the outlook web app on my htc desire s? It would really useful if i could access my university emails on my phone on the go but for some reason the site never loads once i log in.

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