Add & Delete View From Layout

How can i add & delete view from a layout?

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Add View To Layout By Z Index

I have a project that needs to change the displayed content dynamically i know i can remove then add a new view to my layout.code.

And then dynamically change the view of layer a.

At the layout is built, it works perfect. But when i programatically remove the view and add a new view. The new view covers the layer b.

I found there is no z index attribute for me to set in the viewgroup.could anyone tell me how to achieve this request ? I'm currently using the absolutelayout.

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Inflator To Generate New View From Layout

In my custom adapter, that implements the baseadapter and its getview, i use the inflator to generate a new view from a layout. Is there any way to avoid repetitive inflation step? Specially when the convert view (an argument to the getview) is always null, which mean it cant be reused and the view needs to be re-inflated. I was looking for something like a copy or clone but fund none.

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What's Best Way To Wait For View To Layout

I'm currently playing with this android stuff, doing some image manipulation using image view and matrices for a simple comic book viewer i'm writing. I want to be able to scale the image that i send to the image view to fit the size of the view as it is presented on the screen but when i call imageview. Getheight() it returns 0.

I know i have to wait for it to be laid out before i can get what this value should be but i don't know what the correct way to go about this is. I tried a basic loop that checked the height returned and kept checking until it returned something that wasn't 0 but this simply gave an infinite series of 0's returned.

What's the best way of doing this?

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Layout - Inflate An Xml Into The Class Which Extending View

I create a subclass of view as an inner class in my activity. I just want to inflate an xml into the class which extending view.

Can anyone provide some code/syntax of both class and xml?


Xml is


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Need To Delete / Re-add Widgets After Updating App

I have pure calendar on my home screen, and that widget has frequent updates. Do i need to delete the widget and re-add it every time market downloads and installs an update?

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Delete A View From Its Parent

I am very new to android development, but i am not new to development of uis. I am trying to run this piece of code. Basically, there is a gridview which contains a bunch of  imageviews. To each of these image views i have added this ontouchlistener as given below. However, the removeview statement throws an exception - "unsupported operation". It is important for me to remove this view, because i need to attach it to another layout.code.

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Delete Addressbar From Browser (to View On Droid)

Does anyone know how i can remove the address bar from the android browser to better view my web app and make it look more like a native app?

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Possible To Add A Button To Scroll View

I have a simple scrollview in a layout that displays an about box in a dialg format. So it just pops up on the phone screen in a dialog. The only way for the user to close the box is to click the back button (it is an intent).

Do i have a way of adding a close button to the box or could i have the user hit the box on the screen with their finger and close it? Code.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Add _ Delete _ Change Something On My Home Page On Phone

How do i add, delete or change something on my home page on my droid 2?

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Custom View That Takes & Delete Camera Picture

I am trying to create a custom view that takes as well as deletes a picture and looks like the following:

Following operations a view can perform:

Take a picture (by clicking on the no image available sign) - works
Delete a picture (by clicking on the red cross) - works
Preview a picture

How do i create a listener to find out when the image has been taken by the camera? The location of the image that needs to be taken is known before.


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Add View In Bottom Of Screen As New Layer

I need show ads in application. Ads in my custom view must move from bottom of screen with animation. How can i add my view in bottom of screen as new layer or help me find other method?

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - Can't View - Modify Or Delete Contacts

Once i imported my motoblur contacts via i can't view, edit, or delete them via web browser. When i update the details on my phone, it only updates it on my phone and not on my motoblur.

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Add Progressbar To Row.xml View Not Working / Fix It

I'm trying to add a progressbar to my row.xml view but i can't seem to make it work i keep getting error code.

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Way To Change Inbox View So That Don't View Messages As Threads

Apologies if this has been asked/answered before. I searched and couldn't find anything, and can't figure it out on the phone. In the stock gmail app, is there any way to change your inbox view so that you don't view your messages as threads? In other words, even if i move previous replies in the chain to the trash or to another folder, in the inbox, you still see all instances of the message chain. I don't like this. Is there a way to change that or do i just stick with k9.

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View Overlap - Created A Custom View As Gallery Item

I had created a custom view as gallery item. My custom view contains an image view and a textview. I want textview to be below of imageview but it overlaps.



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Custom Views In Listview - Custom View Be Made To Fill The Entire Width Of The List View

This app is building custom views for elements of a list view. How can the custom view be made to fill the entire width of the list view?

This xml for the elements view is inflated from this:


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Layout Designing Tools

Dose any tools existing for our android layout design? I mean just drag the buttons, edittext, layouts. Etc and that tool generate the xml file for our layout. Anybody know about this tool.

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Imageview Layout - Startactivityforresult

I have a imageview layout where one image need to be displayed on user selection.

If i click on image, it start a new activity for image selection and display that image on the previous activity image layout.

Activity 1:  


Activity 2:


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How To Reuse Layout.xml

In my activity, i have the following in my layout.xml file. Can you please tell me how can i make it 'resuable'?  For example, i what to create a library so that i can insert a component and it creates 4 buttons for me using linear layout? How can i combine all that into a 'view' or a widget?

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Not Able To Table Layout Rowspan / Fix It

I want to build the following layout but it is not working.code.

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Reusing Layout Xml And The Code Behind

I am trying to turn a couple buttons into a reusable component in android. I have successfully gotten the xml / ui portion working, but i can't figure out how to make code behind it reusable between activities, short of recoding it everywhere.

I've already reviewed this post several times: android layout tricks 3 - part 1 but it seems to be missing a few files, and i do not have enough experience to rebuild them.

A dumbed down version of my main layout:


And then of my "component":


If you have any additional critiques on my xml.

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Place Textview On Right And Left Of Layout

I want to place a textview on the right of a layout and on the left of a layout, but they keep stacking ontop of each other code.

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Copy Android.r.layout To My Project

I'm trying to copy android. R. Layout to my project to ensure consistency.

How do you do this?

I looked in eclipse's package explorer and under
Android 1. 5>android. Jar>android>r. Class>r>layout and find r$layout. Class.

Do i copy the code out of there into my own class? From my very limited knowledge of java, the following code doesn't make much sense:


Inner classes:


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Layout - Making Three Tables With One Column

I need to represent the following diagram: each x will be an image button. I was thinking of making three tables with one column each and have each cell height be half the height of the table. The problem is that the table needs to be able to stretch or shrink because i am worried about getting everything on the screen and the tables are the only part that can change size and have the entire thing still look ok. The problem i am having is that the rows are only as big as the image buttons. While all the image buttons are the same size, the left and right table in particular, need to have some padding around the image buttons to make it alright. I would add margins to the buttons but that defeats the reshaping problem i am having. I think.

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Possible To Layout Children That Flows In Different Directions

I want to lay two textview to the left, and one button to the right inside a linear layout, is this possible?
The following is my code where i had to hardcode the leftmargin of the button, this is inflexible. Is it possible to layout children that flows in different directions? Code.

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Can Make Own Appwidgets List Layout

I am trying to create a home application that contains appwidgets. Can i make a own appwidgets list layout that includes appwidgethostview without appwidget_pick intent?I mean i wanna make a visual appwidget list. Actualy i made it, but i couldn't start appwidget some like music widget. I think it does not contain a intent. How can i get the appwidgets intent ?

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Can't Get Precise Layout On Nexus One / Fix It

I want to use precise layout on nexus one, my code is like this.

But it turns out on nexus one, the screen width is not 480 px. So this linearlayout will exceed the screen width.

How should i fix this?

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Create Table Layout Without Using Droid Xml

How to create table layout with out using the android xml.

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Optimizie Listview With Different Item's Layout

In my listview i have items with different layouts, in fact they use one sub-layout few times. I cannot use getviewtypecount() and getitemviewtype(), because i don't know how many times the sublayout will be used. Is it possible to optimize somehow getview() method and use it's convertview parameter, or do i have to inflate view each time?

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