Customize Home Screen Instead Of Going With Default Home Screen

I am pretty new to android and have a couple of questions:

1. Is it possible to drag and drop a ui widget from one activity to another activity?

2. Does android support multiple non fullscreen applications running active concurently  (say a browser and phone screen next to each other)?

3. Is it possible to customize the home screen instead of going with android default home screen? If so, can we change the layout and widgets in that screen completely?

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Motorola Droid - Default Home Screen Forcer Closing / Fix It

Does anyone else have the problem of the default home screen force closing all the time? It's been happening alot after the 2. 1 update and it's getting annoying. I dnt have live wallpaper on so that couldnt be the issue.
How do you fix this?

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Setting 3rd Home Screen As Main When Press Home Button Key - Lg Esteem

My home screen is currently set to five. The problem is before when i use to hit home it would go to the third screen, now it goes to second home screen. I don't know what i did to change it. Can anyone tell me how to set the third home screen as my main one when i hit the home button?

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Cyanogen 5 Home Screen Resets When Pressing Home

This has been happening since 5. 0. 8 test four and the latest 5. 0. 8. After i use a couple of apps, say i'm in gmail or using the browser, when i press the home button it takes a few seconds because the launcher/home screen seems to restart. It has been happening with stock anderwebs, market anderwebs, and launcher pro beta. I reinstalled the rom various times. I wiped everything.

Fixed permissions. Tried everything i know of and this still happens. Anyone know a fix? Anyone having this problem? I thought i read this was fixed on the changelog, but i guess not. Again, when i press home after using an app the launcher takes a few seconds to reset. Ex: it goes to the stock launcher with out my settings for a few seconds and then loads up my icons and all. It's actually a real pain and adds up to a huge waste of time

Edit: i think this is the bug that he said was fixed, from changelog: "long standing "disappearing icons" launcher bug fixed" this still happens when i press home icons disappear a few mins and then come back with my settings.

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Stuck On Home Screen But Can Access Boot Screen

I purchased this device from someone that was already a second user. That makes me the third. No warranty at this point. I got this phone for $50 in current state hoping that i can fix this via flashing new rom. It has turned out to be dead end after dead end. This is my first time flashing an andriod device aka noob so help me out people, please

I have gone through every forum post about how to gain root access. Here is the issue i am running into. Everything goes great, download sdk, get drivers, i am able to connect the device to and get a response with device pin number in command screen. Then i type in 'fastboot oem unlock' and it gives me this terrific message:

. Info[err] partition_read: :failed to read page 261120 or it is em
Info[display_err] sp_custom partition: sp_custom_img_hd read err
Info[display_err] can not load custom splash
Infoloading custom splash failed

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Can Widgets Be Home Screen Aware?

Do android homescreen widgets "know" when user returns to that homescreen? Specifically, can a widget know (and use this knowledge) when a user comes back to that homescreen after:

- Unlocking the device
- Swiping back from another homescreen
- Completing a phone call
- Closing an app
- Closing a popup
- Pressing dedicated home soft/hard button
- Closing all-app list

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How To Drop Appwidget To Home Screen

I checked out the "simplewikitionary", the demo project mentioned in the blog "http://android-developers. home-screen-widgets-and.html". I tried to start the application in the emulator. The application was installed successfully on the emulator, but i could not see the wiki- widget on the home screen. I added also some logging code in the "wordwidget::onupdate()", however, the code seems never to be called. Does the emulator delivered in sdk 1. 5 support the appwidgets framework? Or i did forget to do some configuration?

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What Are Some Good Home Screen Alternatives

So i just got my new captivate and wanted to know the must have apps. What are some good home screen alternatives? Share the wealth!

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Overriding Home Screen Search

I want to completely replace how the home screen handles searches, i figured out that this declaration in the manifest is enough to intercept both alphabetic and numeric entry on the home screen:


But that also means that my app is now responsible for handling all dial intents. Which i don't want. I only want to intercept numbers entered from the home screen. If i leave out the second intent-filter, alphabetic input is received, but numbers go to the dialer.

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Install Home Screen Widgets Programaticaly

I have main activity window in my app, which displays three icons on it, also there are 3 home screen widgets in this application.

Is there a possibility for long press on one of the icons in the main activity, to do the same behavior as when you install the program shortcuts from the application menu when dragging shortcuts on the desktop?(For example this video:
Or the user to have to go to home screen menu add widget?

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Programatically Move A Widget Through Home Screen

Is it possible to programatically move a widget through the home screen?

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Command To Back To Home / Destop Screen

What's command can back to home screen or destop screen? Eg:

A. Java have a button can link to b. Java, and b have a button can back to home/destop, is by finish()? Should a. This. Finish() or b. This. Finish()? Or both needed?

If it can work possible?

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Motorola Droid X - Where To Get Different Home Screen Thing

I just switched from iphone so i am new to droid, where do i get something different than the android green bug giving you tips like you can have the htc clock or something like that

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Way To Find Out When An App In A Folder(on Home Screen)

What i'd like to do is find out the name of the folder an app placed in. A folder on the home screen that is:

Is there a way to find out if an app is in a folder(on the home screen)? And if so, what the folder name is? I'm guessing this would not have anything to do with the app's location in the file system. I'm i right?

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Slow Home Screen Recover When Closing Applications

One thing i've noticed is that when when closing certain applications the home screen takes some time to recover. What i mean by recover is that the home screen initially only shows the background and a few icons, but no widgets, status bar and drawer. These items takes a while to come back on the screen. This doesn't happen with all applications, but when closing some (like skyfire) it always happens. With most applications the home screen is there instantly, so i was wondering why some seems to slow down the home screen like that. Ideas anyone?

I'm running android 1. 6 with adw. Launcher (but the same thing happens with other launcher including the built in android one).

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Process Acore Stopped Unexpectedly On Home Screen

I am running android 2. 1 on a motorola milestone. I am getting the error "android. Process. Acore stopped unexpectedly" repeatedly when trying to access the home screen. I wasn't using the phone when it first happened so i don't have any clue what might have started it.

When booting up the phone, it shows the lock screen fine and i can unlock the phone by drawing my pattern, but i immediately get the error before anything on the home screen is made visible other than the notification bar at the top and the button for the app drawer on the bottom. (The notification bar is functional but the app drawer is not. ) I am only given the option to "force close", not to "wait". After clicking, the screen goes black (except for the bar at the top) and after a few seconds the background image, app drawer button, and same error message appear. It is an endless loop. None of the back, menu, home, or search buttons work.

I have tried plugging the phone into my computer to use adb, but the device doesn't show up and i can't access the settings on the phone to make sure usb debugging is on.

I really want to avoid having to reset the phone to factory settings (i already had to do that about a week ago because of the bug whereby android won't accept my password after 20 incorrect pattern attempts). I would like to at least be able to back up the data on the phone's internal storage before resetting.

Is there any way to stop this error without resetting the phone, or to back up data first?

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Possible To Detect Which Grid Sections Used By Widgets On Home Screen

My understanding is that any of the available home screen spaces are compromised of a grid view. These slots in the grid view can contain a simple shortcut to a program or/and a single widgets can take up multiple rows or columns of the grid (e.g picture frame generally takes up one 2 columns & 3 rows)

Is there a way to detect which grid blocks are occupied on the home screen and what is available and how big of a block is available? There must be since sometimes when trying to add a widget it will tell you, "no space on this home screen. "

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Motorola Droid - How 5 Home Screen Wallpapers Work

Looks like we get 5 home screens in v2. 2 coming out this week.

Does anyone know, will it be one wall paper image, like it is now, that as you shift home screens, you shift across the picture?

Or, will it be more like a completely different wallpaper per home screen?

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Problem With Google Quick Search Function On Home Screen

I have a motorolla droid firmware version 2. 0. 1 and build number esd56. For awhile now i've been having a strange problem with the google quick search function on the main desktop type screen. When i touch the text box, the bottom half of the box will light up orange and the top half will not show any kind of activity.

I will start typing in my search and i can only see the bottom half of the letters typing out. If i had something previously typed in the box, it will stay there in the top half (where no activity was shown). So basically what's happening is that only the bottom half of the google search box will work while the top half just isn't functioning at all.

The only way i can temporarily make it work again is to turn off the phone and then restart it. Has anyone else had this problem and how do i go about fixing this?

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Motorola Droid - Widgets Disappearing From Home Screen / Why Is This Happening

I was running an application today, and when i returned back to the home screen, no widgets. The only way i found to retrieve them back was to restart the phone. Has anyone had any experience with this ever happening?

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Htc Hero - Can't Get Home Screen Widget To Allow Me To See More Than One / Reset It

I have an htc hero that i can't get the home screen widget to allow me to see more than one screen. All the others seem to have disappeared. Any ideas on how to reset?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Remove Widgets Added To Home Screen

Remove widgets i added to my home screen? I went to menu, then clicked add, clicked android widgets, scrolled down and clicked power control. This added the android power control widget to my home screen, and then i clicked on it again to get rid of it. And it added a 2nd widget to my home screen?! How can i take them back off?

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Htc Eris - How To Get Temp To Read In F On Weather Or Home Screen

I dont post much but do search alot and read alot. Ive got my eris rooted with ee 3. 0 fully on cricket. How do i get the temp to read in f on my weather or home screen. It reads in celsius. This is the only rom that does this?

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Way - App To Occupy Full Screen Window On One Of Home Screens

Since the captivate allows us to have large number of home screens, i want to configure one of the screens to show my days calendar in full screen mode. I am using exchange/gmail for my business/personal calendar entries.

Is there any app that can occupy the full screen window on one of the home screens? Is there any other way to set this up.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace - Broken Screen - Is There A Home Fix ?

My girlfriend has done this to her brand new (2wk old) ace, is this something i could try and fix through the laptop, or is it going to need a new screen and can i do it? Or does it need to go to a shop? The touchscreen is ok, it looks the lcd screen behind has gone funny. It still makes startup noises as usual, just no display.

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Htc Sense Adds Pinch Zooming On Android 2.1 Home Screen

Htc has added a new feature to the sense ui home screen. It will now have multi touch support on the home screen as well. Soon you will be able to zoom in and out on the main screen by utilizing the pinch zoom feature.

Sense ui has always been the most beautiful and popular version of android. Since its inception it has been the most innovative platform for android devices. It already came with flash support preinstalled and it even plays flash video right from the browser. While we continue to wait for flash on our non-sense phones, it?S already becoming an afterthought on devices like the hero and the upcoming sense ui phones.

Another great feature of sense is multi touch support which it also had since it was released. Now this feature will be added to the home screen to add to the long list of features that it included in the sense ui. This is as huge accomplishment since currently the home screen for sense ui doesn?T eve auto rotate yet. In fact most android?S home screen doesn?T auto rotate by default. I guess htc will lead the 2. 1 pack again with their newest incarnation of sense ui.enjoy this sideways demonstration of it in action.

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Htc Droid Eris - Home Screen Reloading Too Many Widgets / Get Rid Of Bh On It

My home screen has recently been trying to reload itself after a moderate amount of activity on the phone.

Simply loading reader or my6sense + opera/dolphin and then hitting home again causes all my widgets/icons to disappear and then slowly reload one by one, similar to exiting out of a memory-hungry game on a pc.

I've noticed beautiful home is the worst offender, sometimes taking 10-20 seconds to fully reload and for the screen to be responsive again.

Getting rid of bh on my homescreen seems to help, but then again maybe i need to take it easy with the widgets. I've got 5 on my lockscreen alone.

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Motorola Droid X - Launcher Pro Home-screen Icons Are Lost

Ever since the update last week every time i restart launcher pro my homescreen icons are lost. They are still there but they are blue with the settings cog in the corner instead of the pic for each icon.

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App To Save Home Screen - Wifi Is On Constantly - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have some questions and would be grateful if someone could let me have an answer or two: -

1. I saw a home screen recently which had a shortcut on it to mobile networks/use packet data. How was this done/what program was used to create it etc?

2. When i first got my phone i configured the phone to only switch on wifi when the screen was active. For the life of me i do not know how i did this. Recently this setting has been lost and the wifi is on constantly. When i am at home i would like it to switch off when the screen goes off and comes on when active. The only thing i can find is "wifi sleep policy, which i have configured to "when screen turns off". However after my screen switches off and i turn it back on, i do not see any signs of it having been off - ie; i do not see it switching back on like it used to do, by observing the top notifications bar. This is a drain on my battery - yesterday i noticed that it had been on all the time i was at work - over 10 hours - and the battery reduced by 50%, which is not what it used to do. In wifi settings, even though i am locked on to my home wifi, the phone is constantly scanning away every few seconds - i would like it to stop doing this when connected. Any thoughts etc please?

3. Is there a program out there which can save your home screens/application screens? Yes i know i can restore my phone using cpw/titanium backup but i only want to restore my home screens after diddling about with new themes etc. I usually always prefer the look and feel of my existing ones but am getting fed up with restoring manually and titanium backup doesn't appear to do this - it wants to restore all my previous apps etc. Again some help would be appreciated.

4. In cpw/titanium backup how do i start to freeze a program? I would like to experiment with freezing wifi sharing but not sure how to do this exactly ie; what exactly do i do? - The opening screens are not that user friendly. Fwiw i am on 2. 3. 4 cpw (waiting patiently for an upgrade via kies) and cf-1 kernel (i think).

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How To Set Home Screen On Different Position Than 1st ? - Samsung Galaxy Ace

I would like to ask how can i set home screen on different position than 1st?

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