How Do I Restore Stock Apps On Samsung Galaxy Ace?

I've got gt-s5830 phone running 2. 3. 3. So far the phone is working perfect. I was messing around the other and deleted some stock apps by error. I used ti backup for this. I would like to restore a couple of them back, so i used the restore function in ti backup, but for some reason it did not work. Did not give any errors, just rebooted without the app being restored.

Anyway, i believe i have 2 options.

1). Flash 2. 3. 3 which i found - droidangel.

2) upgrade to 2. 3. 5 which is also located at the above page. But i am not sure what 2. 3. 5 would be best to use. I'm in the uk, using a vf contract with a unlocked phone.

I have no issues on flashing, but i don't want to flash using the wrong rom and messing it all up.

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Restore Firmware To Default On Samsung Galaxy S2

I just manually installed ics 4. 0. 3 firmware on my gb 2. 3. 5 and now i am having some problems like my serial number, ip address and bluetooth address are missing now. Can anyone know how to fix it or how i downgrade to my default firmware which i got with phone.

Default csc code=i9100ojpkj1

Ics version info
Pda i9100xwlp7
Phone i1900xxlps
Csc i9100xeulps

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Restore Original Firmware For Samsung Galaxy S2 (at&t)

So i upgraded my galaxy s2 to 4. 0. 3 and it worked, except now my search, back buttons don't work, and i can not send and receive calls, they dial and i can answer but you can't hear anything on either side, i am on at&t so surprise surprise i guess. At this point i just want my phone working, how can i downgrade to the factory firmware - or - get my other features working with 4. 0. 3. Goolged around and there are a million links about this stuff that go no where.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 - Cannot Restore Phone Data After Upgrade To 4.0.3

I have had 4 failed attempts or restore my phone data which i backed up with kies before i upgraded but on my phone i have my apps and pictures and i had to default phone and contact icons for my phone and contact icons so i replaced them with the phone icon and contact icon that was in my menu, but i didn't have all my contacts so i synced all my stuff from gmail on the phone and i have the missing numbers back, but i am still trying to complete my restore on kies just in case i haven't got everything i backed up, anyone had this problem?

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Samsung Galaxy Ace And Microsoft Activesync

Currently i have an htc touch using windows mobile v. 6 but it's time to upgrade to something better. I'm very tempted by the galaxy ace as it seems to offer what i need in a phone except that it's android not windows mobile which is where my question comes in.

I have activesync already installed locally on my work pc so that my calendar, tasks etc (not email - i have no intention of having my work emails pop up on my phone) sync across when i'm connected via usb (not an over-the-air set up).

This works great for me and i've googled whether activesync can be used with android and apparently it can, but all of the posts refer to exchange activesync - is this different to a local installation of the software?

If it is; when i buy my new phone and i plug it in can i simply set it up as a new device for as to sync or do i have to do something like the complicated hotmail to outlook set up that i read about in razzmatazz's post on the subject? As auto detects my current phone when plugged into usb and syncs my calendar, tasks and contacts from outlook which is what i am hoping it will do to my android, otherwise i'm stuck with buying another wm device which i don't want to do.

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Connecting To 3g With Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830l

My provider uses 900/2100 and my phone can only pick up the 2g signal which is painfully slow. The 5830l version of this phone uses 850/1900 for the hsdpa connection. I've seen workarounds for other phones. Modems, etc. Does anybody have a solution for me?

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Which Rom Would You Suggest For Samsung Galaxy Ace ?

Guys, i'm a newbie and i want to install a custom rom for my ace 2. 3. 4. (Unrooted). Please help me.

My requirements:

1. Faster than stock rom.
2. Battery back up.
3. How should i downgrade to stock rom?
4. No bricking of phone

Which rom would you suggest? And how to install it? Ps: i read about ginger crutz, is it ok for ace?

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Data Packet Keep Switching On - Samsung Galaxy Ace

Why does data packet keep switching on? Just got an ace on o2 payg. My data packets keep switching on despite knocking them off. Usually after the phone sleeps and i reactivate, it is back on again. Please help as this is using my credit i have deactivated all auto updates, auto syncing etc that i can find and checked all apps for permissions etc. What else could be happening here?

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How To Free Up The Ram Usage For Samsung Galaxy Ace ?

My ace always using the ram as 222/278. Facebook, messenger, avast, swiftkey (huge apps) and few other small apps runs behind. Using the samsung launcher only. How to free up the ram usage?

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How To Turn Off Startup Sound On Samsung Galaxy Ace ?

How can i turn off the start up sound? My ace makes a loud start up musical sound and similar when it turns off (and buzzes too), its really annoying, how can i turn it off please?

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Samsung Galaxy Ace Blank Screen (gt-s5830d)

My friend, the owner of this phone, came to school today and the screen was blank and the phone was unusable. When the lock button is pressed, the screen lights up black, and the buttons light up, which suggests that the phone is still thinking. I tried getting recovery mode (home+volume down+power) but it still had no image on the screen. I have no idea what he did to the phone. Any ideas?

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Samsung Galaxy Ace - Broken Screen - Is There A Home Fix ?

My girlfriend has done this to her brand new (2wk old) ace, is this something i could try and fix through the laptop, or is it going to need a new screen and can i do it? Or does it need to go to a shop? The touchscreen is ok, it looks the lcd screen behind has gone funny. It still makes startup noises as usual, just no display.

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3g Turn Off When Phone Screen Is Locked - Samsung Galaxy Ace

I have a samsung galaxy ace. I have turned on 3g and it is working but as soon as my screen locks it goes off and i do not receive emails or whatsapp messages. When i pick up my phone and unlock the screen, the 3g symbol is not there but a few seconds later it appears and my emails and whatsapp messages come through. This is very annoying i want my 3g to be on all the time and emails and messages to come through immediately without me having to touch my phone. Can anyone help?

I have had the phone for 2 weeks and 3g was working fine until yesterday. I started using wifi for the first time yesterday at the office and i noticed this problem with the 3g yesterday evening. I definitely have my 3g turned on. As it works but only when the screen is unlocked.

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Low Battery Warning Notification At About 35% - Samsung Galaxy Ace

I've tried to find some more information about this, haven't found it yet. When the battery has still about 35% of capacity left (at least when i look at the battery symbol), i'm already getting a notification that i should charge up. Apart from that, my battery is functioning normally. Anyone familiar with this? Could it be that default battery symbol is giving incorrect information?

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Upgrading Rom Brick My Samsung Galaxy Ace Phone

I was upgrading the rom on my phone and was doing a back up using rom manager and now my phone wont do anything, what do i do now? Is there anything i can do to get it working again?

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Can I Update Samsung Galaxy Ace From Gingerbread 2.3.3 To A Higher Version?

Okay i have 2 questions/problems.

1 - is there any way i can update my ace from gingerbread 2. 3. 3 to a higher version? If so how do i do this?

2 - my phone camera works no problem and will store my images in the camera album in my gallery for a short period of time before completely deleting them all without any warning, this happens with my music too and i have no idea how to fix this to stop it happening, does this happen to anyone else?

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After Installing Cyanogenmod 7, Only One Side Of The Headphone Work - Samsung Galaxy Ace

I only experience this problem after installing cyanogenmod7. Dont know if this is a bug of cyanogen or the problem is really on the phones audio jack. As you can see after i install cyanogenmod7. Every time i connect the headphones to the audio jack, only one part of the headphone works. Tried alot of types of headphones but still, i experience the same problem. Anybody have any idea about this? Is it just me experiencing this problem? Any help would do.

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Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Game Lags While Play - Samsung Galaxy Ace

I have a samsung galaxy ace, my first smartphone, but i noticed that when i play sonic the hedgehog 4 episode 1 it is laggy, what could be the problem? My friend has the ipod touch 4th generation and it plays perfect without lag, so why does my samsung galaxy ace have lag? Samsung galaxy ace is a mid range smartphone for the record.

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How To Set Home Screen On Different Position Than 1st ? - Samsung Galaxy Ace

I would like to ask how can i set home screen on different position than 1st?

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How To Type Sms Text Without Keypad Tone On Samsung Galaxy Ace ?

How to type sms without the tone/vibration? How can i compose sms in silent? I have turned off the keypad tone. But when i am composing sms, the tone still sound and vibrate too. Please let me know how shall i turn the tone off and also the vibrate when composing sms.

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Remove Google Search History List - Samsung Galaxy Ace

My daughter uses my phone and every time i go onto the internet using google the sites she has searched for come up in googles list, google doesn't open with a blank search it already has her search entered and searched. Can i stop this happening as when i open the internet all i want to see is google and a blank search.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace - Pictures Sent Through Bluetooth Are Shown As Black Hidden Files

I have a problem with my samsung ace. The pictures i sent through bluetooth is shown as hidden files and when i open it, it's just literally black that i see. What could possibly be the problem?

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Leaving Phone Idle With App Running, Does It Use Up More Battery ? - Samsung Galaxy Ace

If i put the phone in sleep either by the power button or leaving it idle with something like go sms pro running, does it use up more battery like that then leaving it on the home page first? So say if eg. I leave it on a page showing sms messages and it then goes to sleep so when the phone is unlocked again that app is still running.

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Htc Evo 4g - Restore Data From Nandroid Backup Running Stock Rooted Sense On Phone

I was thinking about installing the cyanogen mod but i was wondering is it possible to restore the data from a nandroid backup that was running the stock rooted sense on the evo?

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Stock Camera Gray Line - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I took my galaxy nexus to new york city this weekend, and have been snapping pictures like mad. However, i accidentally dropped my naked galaxy nexus while in central park. The extended battery door popped off and slightly scratched the backplate. After cleaning the dirt and reassembling my phone, i noticed it was working just fine. However, when i launch the default camera app, i notice a very slight gray line along the left side of the picture when i'm about to snap a picture. Luckily, the line disappears on the actual picture, but is there a method to rid of this problem? Has anyone noticed this issue with their nexus? I find it weird this problem only appears on the camera app, when the imact shoul have caused a hardware failure rather than software. In other words, shouldn't this gray line be there constantly? All in all the problem isn't serious, but it would be nice to get rid of it.

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Caller City Id With Stock Software On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I've noticed that whenever i get a call from a number not in my address book, it will give me the city and state or at least the state underneath the number. If it's the city i live in, it will say that city and state. But sometimes it will just say the state if it's another state (i've had oregon, washington, and united states, all spam calls).

I'm using stock ics and stock dialer, and i don't know of any app i've installed that would do this. Is it a stock ics thing? Just curious, it's a nice feature, but i remember it being a ridiculous app with a monthly fee on my dx.

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Htc Desire - Are There Any Better Backup And Restore Apps

I want to try defrost 2. 9. That's the latest right?It states that a wipe is required. I'm coming from a modaco rom. Im co cerned about a wipe though because i use titanium and don't find it reliable. Last time i installed defrost 2. 6 and restored, i didn't even restore my google settings. It was like i had to set up from scratch.

Is a wipe really essential? Are there any better backup and restore apps? Perhaps my backup pro?

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Recommended Apps For Samsung Galaxy S2 (at&t)

What apps does everyone recommend? Im looking for stuff thats useful, also games, tinker toys/time killers, communication/social. Also any tips and tricks people may have that i can pull off with my galaxy s2.

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A Free Stock Watcher Apps

Istockdriod is a stock watch apps, the key feature compare to other apps is that it will clearly display the stock trendcy in cradlestick form in your andriod device, it will also provide some key technical analysis such as moving average, gap up/down, support and resistance in interactive mode. The following is the feature list, -auto complete stock code for us/london/hk market
-Fetch the stock data from web
-Plot the graph in cradlestick
-Highlight some technical analysis(support/resistant, gap up/down, average)
-My stock watch list
-Global index watch list
-Currency watch list
-News feed list
-Clear summary such as last trade, trade time, change, previous close, open, bid, ask target est, day randge, 52 wk range, volume, average volume market cap. , Pe, eps, div yield net assess, ytd return.

1. Enter "" in [data source url]
2. Select the default ta such as period, volume.
3. Back to main screen, press [menu] to add new stock to watch
4. Type the stock name such in yahoo syntax, such as 2628. Hk or goog
5. Press the stock name in main screen, it will download the data and plot graph

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Is There A Way To Setup Vibrate Mode On Galaxy Ace?

Is there a way to setup vibrate mode on the phone? When i click the volume down i get to silent mode straight away. I know you can turn vibrate on in silent mode, but then you need to go into settings to disable it if you want silent with no vibrations. On my boyfriend's galaxy s when he clicks the volume down it goes to vibrate, and then to silent if you click down again. Is there a way to do something like that so i don't need to enable and disable vibrating in silent mode every time i want to switch between them?

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