Add Bookmarks Of Websites To A Apps Organizer Label

How can i add bookmarks of websites to a apps organizer label? Is this possible? It seems to only organize apps and not bookmarks and such

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Apps You Download And Websites Go On Viewable On Bill

Does anybody know if the apps you download and websites you go on are viewable on the bill?

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Lg Ally - Easy Ways To Get Ringtones , Apps And Websites

I have never had a problem with getting ringtones on my phone, but this new phone is really different. Can someone please let me know some easy ways to get ringtones. Apps? Websites? Ways to do it?

I use to use and then send it through a txt and save it to my phone. This ally doesn't seem to want to do that.

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Google Maps Label Starred Locations

I have several starred items and most were entered by hand. Problem i have in the car and on the fly is that i know the name of who i want to go see, but only an address shows up. It can be hard to see and i don't always remember the person's address. I would like to add more stars but without being able to label an address "booty call 1", etc, i will have a hard time using it.

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Htc Desire - Folder Organizer Doesn't List Handcent / Cause Of This

It used to, but now when i attempt to add a widget or shortcut to the homescreen, i don't get handcent in the list, nor can i find it if i open folder organizer itself. Handcent is still installed, so i'm unsure why it isn't listed in the application?

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How To View Frames On Websites Using Samsung Galaxy S2 ?

How do you view frames on websites using the s2? For those who don't know what i mean i only know of one way of explaining it. Go to: and then click on any letter in the selection. It will list a vast number of tunes starting with the letter you click. Now on a pc it has a tab you can drag down to access the lower tunes beginning with that letter (alphabetically) but with the s2 there is no tab. There was also no tab on the iphone but you scrolled through the frame using two fingers instead of just one. I cant get it to work on the s2 so does anyone else have any ideas?

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Samsung Moment - How To Create Favorite List For Websites

Just received my new samsung moment phone. I have a few question if you would be so kind to try to answer them for me to get started. I pretty much get around the phone with no problem.

1- after opening things like facebook, or any other websites, how do i close them off when done so they are not running all the time in the back ground draining battery life. ?

2- i would like to buy some other ringtones besides the default ones. How can i do this via the phone on the sprint store. There are ones there i like that i've had on other phones?
Will they download to the phone also?

3- how do you create a "favorite list" for websites?

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Motorola Droid - How To Remove Bookmarks

How do you remove bookmarks

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Htc Desire - Best Way To Get Bookmarks On Android Phone

Using a htc desire, i don't see a direct way of doing this, im very surprised chrome does not have some sort of direct integration seeing as you log into both crome and your phone.

So looks like a xmarks is an option, used before, some saying dolphin browser lets you log in and obtain your bookmarks from chrome?

Couple of apps on the market, but one states it does not list in tree structure, (i have folders) and the other states its not a sync.

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Motorola Droid - Setup Folders To Categorize Their Various Bookmarks

Ok how does one setup folders to categorize their various bookmarks?


A folder for "travel" that contains all my airline and rental car links.

Seems to me that this is kind of browser 101, what gives? I don't want a huge laundry list of bookmarks to browse through.

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Motorola Droid - Can't Find My Bookmarks / Get Back To It

As i have gone into my web browser and visited a website, i have saved several as a bookmark. Now i cannot figure out how to get back to my bookmarks!  It's so frustrating.

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Htc Incredible - Bookmarks Only Remember Sort By Last Created / Do It By Frequency Of Use

In hate this, want to sort my browser bookmarks by frequency of use, but always reverts to original order!

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Motorola Droid - Delete 800 Bookmarks On Phone At Same Time

I ruined my droid!

I stupidly imported my firefox bookmarks into the droid and didnt realize that there would not be folders.

So now i have 800+ bookmarks in my droid!

How do i delete them all. I realized i dont need all my bookmarks on the droid.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Does Android Have A Synched Bookmarks Across Browsers Like Winmo6.5

Currently on a touch pro 2 and with winmo6. 5 opera mobile (not mini) and ie has synchronized bookmarks so i don't have separate bookmarks for each browser.

Reason why i'm asking is that there doesn't to be a king of all browsers for android, there are so many options to choose from whereas with winmo, opera mobile rules but sometimes i need ie to access more secure sites.

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Htc Evo 4g - Need Google Browser / App To Have Synced Bookmarks On Chrome Into Phone

Is there a google branded browser for android? (Or is that the default browser).

2ndly and more important to me: google sync on google chrome. Is there an app to have my synced bookmarks on chrome into my evo? Maybe like just a bookmarks widget or app which syncs to my google chrome bookmarks. That would be sweet.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Back Up Contacts And Bookmarks Ready For Update That I'm About To Do

What would be the best way to back up my contacts and bookmarks ready for the update that im about to do?

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Cant Seem To Add To Database

So basically my app starts out with a tabview, then through the options menu the user selects to add a game to the database. This opens the inputgame class, which accepts a few values, and then it should put them into a database when the user clicks "submit". It will also go back to the original home view. The app goes back the the home tabs view just fine, bu nothing ever gets added to the database. Am i doing something wrong?



And here is my database helper. The records i have pre-programmed in show up just fine:


Edit: when submitting from inputgames, should i be closing that activity all together? I think the way i have it set now just goes back to the other activity, but nothing really gets done. Or is that not it at all?

Edit #2 well i got it to add. For some reason i have to use .execsql. Thats fine i guess, but bow when i try to add from a spinner item in inputgames, i get this populating the respective element: com. Jvavrik. Gcm. Inputgame@43bb0510

Were the number after the "@" is always different.

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How To Add Openobex

I am a new man to build android. I want to add the openobex to android. I have test openobex on pc and it is ok. I don't know how to add it to android. I think maybe i should build the openobex to a . So file and so can let the android framework use it, do you think so?

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Add Grouping To My Listview

I have activity for displaying search results. It extends listactivity. I need to show search results in listview grouping several items. So, how do i add grouping to my listview?

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Add Contact Not Working

I followed the documentation to start the show or create contact activity. Since my app asks the user if they want to add a contact, i don't want the activity asking this as well. Thus i used the extra_force_create flag.

If i do not use this flag, the code below works fine. It asks the user if they want to add the contact, brings up a selection list where they can choose an existing contact or create a new one, and then shows the add contacts ui.


Using the extra_force_create flag, the activity does not start and the logcat output shows that the intent forwarded by the showorcreateactivity fails:


Looking at the contacts manifest, i found that sending this intent would take me directly to the add contacts ui, but will always create a new contact even if there is already one for that number:


Am i doing something wrong with the first example? Or is there a bug in the contacts app? This is with sdk 1. 5 r2.

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Add A Textview Below A Mapview

I followed hello views, google map view and now i want to add a textview under below the mapview. I have only changed the layout file main.xml and placed the mapview and the textview in a vertical linearlayout. My eclipse is set to build this automatically, but when i run the application in the emulator, i can only see the mapview.

How can i add a textview below a mapview?

Here is my layout main.xml code.

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Add Contact Into K-9 Email

I am wanting to add a contact into my k-9 email i can't figure out how to do this. I dont know if there is any way to sync my contacts into my k-9. I am using hotmail as my email. I dont really care if this one contact i want to add is on my actually hotmail or not i just want to set up a quick way to send an email to the contact id like to add.

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Add & Delete View From Layout

How can i add & delete view from a layout?

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Add Style Dynamically To A Textview

I have a string[] and i need to create a "paragraph" for each of the strings in the array.

Basically what i am doing at the moment is this code.

I am not happy with the way i format (padding) each new textview beign created. I was wondering if there is a way to assign a style dynamically so that i can extract from the code the styling.

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How To Add Contact Groups In Emulator

How to add contact groups in the emulator or sync with google contacts or device contacts?

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Possible To Add Functionality To Call Screen

Is it possible to customize the call screen in android? Example would be, two users have the same application, user calls, but the other user cannot pick up, so they respond with some type of predetermined image baked into the application.

Is this possible?
Does this break any rules?

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Add Intentfilter In An Activity By Code

I have this activity that holds 2 intent filters and my problem is not to use this activity for devices 1. 6 and before since i wanted them to use the native contacts.

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Add Image Into Imageadapter At Runtime

I just want to ask that how it is possible to add images ( bitmaps ) into imageadapter which is baseadapter at runtime.

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Add Image To Private String

I have a class which holds strings. I declared them like this:

Private string pper[]={"" + "juan", "manuel", . };

This is then displayed as a listview, and that is fine. Now, i want to add an icon/image on its item. How can i do that?

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Add Menu Icon Programatically

In menu.xml you can specify an icon:


Whereas in code you create entries thus:        


How in the code version do you specify the icon please?

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