Htc Desire - Auto Reduction Of Internal Storage

My internal storage memory keeps reducing by itself without. Installing a new app or saving new pics etc.

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Htc Incredible - Mounting Sdcard And Internal Storage In Win7

When i plug in the htc incredible, explorer shows two new empty removable drives. Neither the internal storage or the sdcard is being mounted. All the hardware is functioning correctly and both devices recognize they have been connected. The devices mounted correctly before i rooted my phone and installed the latest virtuous rom.

I'm able to mount my sdcard successfully when i reboot in recovery mode via clockworkmod. I'm also able to mount the *only* the sdcard via a paid widget app from the market.

On the phone side, the phone is charging but won't unmount the sdcard. I never get the option to choose my connection type (i.e. - Charge only or mount as disk drive).

I've tried both with and without usb debugging. The phone tells me "usb debugging connected" when i connect the usb. I've also tried uninstalling the drivers in device manager as well as installing pdanet drivers. Pdanet recognizes the phone has been connected.

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Samsung Fascinate - Can't Reroot Without Internal Storage Apparently

Edit: was able to get the phone to boot now to stock, however still have internal storage problem, but i think i should be able to fix it from here. We ll see

Edit 2: can't reroot without internal storage apparently. Jeez. Even installed android sdk on my work computer, hopefully people are irc to help when i get home!

Edit 3: apparently i was using stock recovery in odin and not custom recovery. That was my problem. From there i was able to get into cwr and follow the voodoo removal steps on xda and then factory reset my phone, im good to go!

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Desire - Htc Storage Keep On Reduce Although I Never Install Any App / Why Is So

Why is my phone storage keep on reduce although i never install any application?And how to change application storage from phone to sd card?Can any1 here help me?Thx.

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Htc Desire - Screen Auto Dim / Brighten - Resolve This

I thought the desire could dim/brighten the screen based on ambient light conditions.

I can't seem to get this to work - am i missing something.

I thought that settings sound and display brightness automatic brightness would do this - but it doesn't seem to do anything at all?

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Htc Desire - "phone Storage Space Is Getting Low" / Resolve This

I'm receiving a notification saying "phone storage space is getting low". I can't seem to figure out how to use the sd card memory to avoid this message coming back up. I'm having to delete applications etc, just to make more room for text messages etc. Can anyone help me with this problem?

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Motorola Droid X - Red Eye Reduction

Both of my children have blue eyes, and every time i take their photo on the dx, their eyes appear to be an "evil red". Is anyone aware of a red-eye flash app? Or a free app to remove red-eye from photos?

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Motorola Droid - Red Eye Reduction App

The camera on my droid frequently results in red eye when the flash is on. None of the available apps that i've downloaded seem to address this simple issue.

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Htc Uk G1 Auto Rotates

I was browsing the uk site, jealous of them getting white g1's and i saw a picture and caption that alludes to the use of the accelerometer to switch from portrait to landscape, it shows the amazon store auto-rotating without the keyboard up. I cant even 'flip orientation' in amazon mp3 like i can in other apps, so how is it doing this? Can anyone confirm this?. Or debunk it as a marketing scheme?.

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Htc Incredible No Default External Storage

The htc incredible is now available for pre order at verizon. Engadget has already done a review. They mention that there is a storage issue with a lot of apps because it does not come with an external sd card by default. It does have a lot of separate internal storage, but apps cannot use it. Does anyone have more info about this from a developer's point of view. What path will environment. Getexternalstoragedirectory() return and what is the correct way to get the path of the internal storage?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Auto Restarting - Hibernating

Sometimes my hero will auto restart or more like come out of hibernation. Im thinking its my tast killer. Maybe its killing something that need to remain open. I use task manager.

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Htc Droid Eris - App To Auto On / Off Feature Had On Bbs

The auto on/off feature we had on the bbs. My curve would shut down at 11pm and back up at 6 am, 8 on weekends. Is there an app out there that does this?

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Htc Evo 4g - Auto-install Backed-up Apps Without Prompting

If you try as many roms as i do, you know that reloading all those apps and having to confirm an install on each one can be tedious. Is there an app or a script that will go through my backed-up apps and re-install them in the background with no prompting? I know google is "supposed" to do this but i have found the apps it chooses to re-install is completely random. Sometimes in re-installs 20 and sometimes 10. I would prefer all.

P. S. , I know the "donate" version of titanium does this, but the developer makes it hard and kind of hinky buying his app (why not just put it on market)? I don't like having to pay a guy then wait a day or so for him to get back to me with a key. Any other "batch" installers?

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Htc Incredible - 32gb Class 2 Considerably Faster Than Internal Mem

Not a very scientific approach, but while migrating files from internal storage to the sd card, i noticed it taking a lot longer than moving the same sized files from my comps hd to the sd.

The same file from my comp took noticeably longer to finish transfering to the internal storage. An ~800 mb file took nearly a minute longer. Also, the music loaded on the sd card is much more responsive in the stock player. The audio i had loaded on the internal mem didn't take forever to load up to the player, but i did feel it was a bit slugish.

I'm always blown away by the size of these micro sd cards (and 32gb on that little thing, are you kidding me!?); But i, in no way, expected the read/write to be faster than whatever they've shoved into the inc for internal memory. I'm really pleased with the new card, but can't help to feel a little disappointed in the inc's memory speed.

Anyone else having a similar experience? Anyone out there know the read/write speed of the internal mem?

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Htc Droid Eris - Sound Comes Out Of Internal Speaker Distorted / Solution For This

This evening i noticed my notifications being really distorted so i thought i'd change my ringtone to fix the problem. I guess that helped a little, but now i've noticed that every sound that comes out of the internal speaker is distorted. Videos, ringtones, even the tone when you're dialing a number. What happened? I haven't dropped my phone or anything like that.

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Htc Incredible - Internal Clock Set Wrong / Make It Correct

I just noticed that files on my sd card have their timestamps set 7 hours in the future (and yes i am in a gmt -7 time zone).

Anyone know how to fix this?

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Htc Evo 4g - Apps To Put In Ignore And Auto Kill Folder

What apps do i put in the ignore folder, and what apps should i put in the auto kill folder?

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External Storage File Creation

The following is the code that am using to create a small text file on the external storage. But the problem is its saying can't read nd can't write.

Note : bollo() is a method with has a toast to display on the screen dont confuse with that method.


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Cyan Cache Or Temp Files Storage

I love cyan on my n1 but i'm having a small problem with apps like my bank of america app. It wont remember my username login, or the device, so i have to enter login, secret question answer, and then hit remember device, then my password. Takes way to long. It used to remember all that and password was all i needed. Web sites remember auto logins though. So what will fix the bofa thing?

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Auto Mms Code

I have been trying since last few days making an app which sends mms to a particular number and it takes the url of the image from the code itself. Although, i could enable these features but i do need to press the "send" button and also on clicking the app it first asks the medium i would like to use like, email, messaging, picasa, etc. I want it to be fully automated. Presently, i am using intent to invoke mms and i think with intent it is not possible to remove these two gui. Can someone give a confirmation that it is not possible to build the code i am looking for (at least presently in android)

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Auto Update App?

Is there an application to automatically update all of your applications, instead of having to manually click "update" on the app store? Im on a droid.

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Widget Auto Install

I've been asked by a client if it's possible to install automatically a widget just after an application is installed (to avoid the user place the widget in the home screen). Is it possible? My guess is not, since a device usually have several "desktops" or "home screens" so will be difficult to chosse which one. Can any confirm it's not possible?

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Htc Desire - Debranding Htc Desire Didn't Work

I am tryed to debrand my virgin mobile, all went well, i created the goldcard and then ran the rom update and i got a error 7001 or something like that, and the phone was stuck on the bootloader and would reboot, so i ran the update again and it restored it back to the normal rom and is still branded to virgin mobile. Any one know of a deffo way i can debrand my phone?

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Mounting And Unmountind Usb Storage From Java App

If there is a way to mount and unmount the sdcars as usb storage from a java app. I am looking for the api mechanism.

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Nexus - Remove Google Talk Storage App

I have cyanogen 5. 0. 6 baked on modaco with a lot of things stripped out.

Having a task manager as well i can see what's running in the background, i've noticed that 'google talk storage' is running constantly and reloads once killed.

I do not have, nor want, google talk so i don't see why this app would continue to run even when killed. I would presume that gapps is reloading it but i cannot tell for sure.

Does anyone know what the apk name is for this so i can remove it from my device?

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Samsung Moment - Clear Data Music Storage

Can anyone clear their music player data ?

Under settings/application settings/manage applications/musicplayer

I can clear the data under music, but i cant seem to clear the data under musicplayer. The problem im having is my music player seems to be cache so when i add new music or edit music to my sdcard, it dosent see the changes. So i figue if i could clear the data it would refresh or "rescan" the music on the sdcard. Im just not able to clear the data 16. 00kb.

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Check Whether External Storage Available - Not / Write Files Or Pictures Into It

This is for the first time i am using external storage in android.
How can i perform different operations such as how to check whether external storage is available or not?, How to write files or pictures into storage.

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Sd Card Shows 4gb Instead Of 16gb Storage - Lg Esteem

Does anyone know what is going on here? I installed a 16gb sdcard into my lg esteem and when i look at settings app it shows a 16gb sdcard and a 4gb sim card. However, when other applications show they sdcard the report that there is only 4gb available. For example: the astro file manager appears to have two folders. One called "sdcard", which is 4gb in size and "_externalsd" (hidden), which is 16gb in size. Does anyone know what is going on here? When programs are saved to sdcard are they going to the 4gb sim card or 16gb sdcard or is the 16gb sdcard only showing 4gb of available storage?

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Google Listen Auto Download

I can't seem to get auto download working for google listen. I have my settings set to refresh sub. Every hour, download new audio when possible checked off, and also i have download while charging checked off.

I've had by droid plugged in for 3 hours now and it still has not downloaded any episode. The only way for me to download episodes seems to be to go into the podcast and press settings and then download.

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Using Apps2sd - How To Put Apps On Internal Memory?

I have enomther's w/clockwork recovery and apps2sd. Any widgets i install say "problem loading widget" shortly after installing them. I've read around and found that it's probably because i'm using apps2sd. Is there a way to install widgets to internal memory? Or may another work around to my problem?

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