Easy Way For Windows-based Developer To View Droid Framework Source Code

My immediate need is to take a peek at the source for edittextpreference and see what i need to do to implement support for preferences with more structure. Can i run git or repo under cygwin perhaps? Is there an easier way?

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Where To Get Droid Music Player Source Code

I need native(standart) android music player source code. Where i can find it?

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Setup Environment For Build Droid Source Code

I am new to android, i want to download and set the source code in ubuntu 9. 10. Please help me how to setup the environment and build tha android application.

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Source Code To Display Data In Tabular Format In Droid?

I am new to android, now i am working on some database sample programs.
Now i have a problem in displaying the data retrived from database in
A tabular format. If anyone know the answer me with the source code.

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Source Code To Change Activity On Item Selected In Droid?

I have a list view with 15 items. When i click on any item i want to change the screen(intent). How can i change the activity on item selected in android?
Any tutorial or source code?

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Cann't Clone Android-source By Git (windows Msysgit)

Now i met a question: cann't clone android source by git (windows msysgit) from http://android. Git. show error: the remote end hung up unexpectedly (see next pictures). I don't know how to solute. You received this message because you are subscribed to the google groups "codecore" group.

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Full Source Code To Put Twitter Share Button Into Droid Application

I used android 1. 6 version. I want to integrate twitter button to share songs on my web based application to my twitter followers for that i integrate jtwitter. Jar file into my application
But it is not taking username , password what i provided
Here i am using the below statement to check the authentication

Twitter = new twitter(username, password);

Please solve my problem. Provide full source code to put twitter share button in to android application

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Where To Get Calendar Source Code

From where i get android 1. 5 and 1. 6 calendar source code.

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Need Source Code Of Location Platform

I need to check the source code of location platform classes, e.g. Locationmanager, locationprovider, . Etc.

Is there a way to do that other than following the procedure in to download the 2gb source?

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Mapsapplication Missing From Source Code / Why Is So

Why is the Apps. Maps. Mapsapplication missing from the open source project site? Is it closed source?

Can someone from google clarify please?

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Modding Stuff In Source Code

I am not sure if this goes into the 'platform' or 'developers' forum, so i am posting in both. Forgive me for this, please. I am about to take on a project requiring adding some stuff into the os itself (adding support for additional hardware features on a new android based device). I need to add/change some stuff in the os installed:

1. Adding pages to the system preferences - to allow users to change configuration of the hardware i am adding.

2. Adding packages of software and libraries to the os code - to add the modules needed to handle the additional hardware.

3. Changing some of the built-in modules/packages to allow the device to recognize and use the hardware i am adding.

My questions - can all the 3 be done ? What do i need ? Do i need special certification ? Do i need specific tools ? Is there any documentation/samples to how i do this ? I am really excited about this project - it will certainly add a significant device to the android arena.

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Get All Sms In Phone Sent To Contact / Url - Source Code To Do So

I'm new to android programming. Just to improve my skills, i started with some project in my mind.
When app starts, it will show a button. On click of it, it will allow me to select a contact from the address book. Then i want to retrieve all the sms sent to that contact (if they are stored in sms outbox). Is it possible. Can some one guide me. If there is some tutorial on these topics, can you let me know the url or source code?

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Source Code Not Working - Reading Frame Buffer Through Glreadpixels

I am new to android development and have an assignment to read frame buffer data after a specified interval of time.

I have come up with the following code:


Also, if some one can direct me to better way to read the framebuffer it would be great. I am using android 2. 2 and virtual device of api level 8. I have gone through many previous discussions and have found that we can not know read frame buffer directly throuh the "/dev/graphics/fb0".

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Can't Step Through Code In Debugger - Message - Source Not Found

For some reason i can't step through the code in the debugger. I am not trying to step through android source code, just code that resides in my project. My build paths are setup to include it, but whenever i try stepping over anything it gives me a "source not found" message.

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Mocking Library / Framework That Works Best In Droid

I'm developing android application using third party libraries (twitter4j). I want to be able mock those objects (also objects created by me) in junit and functional tests.

Do you have any good experiences using some mocking libraries and you can recommend them?

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Possible To Send Sms In Droid Using Phonegap Framework

I am android developer. Currently i am exploring on phonegap capabilities and its features. I have gone through the phonegap site.

But is there any possibility (or) workaround to send sms and access phonebook information of android using phonegap framewrok?

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Get An Ondraw Request In View Code When Press Button / Avoid This

I have a custom view and a button in a linear layout. If i press the button i get an ondraw request in my view code and if a release the button i do get another ondraw(). Does anyone know how to avoid this?

Screenshot of the app can be seen on:
http://home-5. Worldonline. Nl/~jdekeij/android.html

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Motorola Droid - File In Framework-res.apk Which Controls Color Of Dividers In Drop-down Shade

I'm just trying to figure out which file in framework-res.apk controls the color of these dividers in the drop-down shade.

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Motorola Droid X Root Easy Way

We've already told you that the droid x is rooted. In fact, we gave you some pretty good instructions on how to do it. But, not everyone out there wants to get into the adb shell and put in some command line. And we know where you're coming from. So, if you're still interested in rooting your brand new device and getting rid of some of that bloatware, here's an easy method. Yes. It's easy. Like, one click easy.

Thanks to a few folks over at alldroid, you now get an easyroot method, where it just takes one click to let the software either root, or unroot your droid x. See? We told you it was easy. It just takes a quick download, and then you'll be good to go with whatever you want to do. Of course, now that it's legal to root your phone, who wouldn't want to take advantage of this? And, if you do, let us know in the comments.

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Motorola Droid X - Where To Get Root Application / Easy Way To Use It

I have my droid x and i'm ready to root.

What is a good reliable and easy to use root application? And where can i find it?

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Motorola Droid - Easy Way To Back To Stock For Ota

How easy is it? I'm curious about it since it isn't ese53.

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Proper Steps For Developing Lwuit Based Droid App

I developed the lwuit based android application.
But that application could not opened in emulator.
I used eclipse 3. 6. 1 and android 2. 2.
Can anyone tell me the proper steps for developing the lwuit based android application?

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Java Developer Wanted

I am in independent android developer, creating an app to enter the second android developer challenge. I am looking for a developer experienced in restful or json web api's. Specifically, requesting and parsing responses in java, using httpclient (org. Apache. http. Client) and sax (javax.xml. Parsers or org.xml. Sax). I do not have money to offer, only an opportunity to be involved in a team, creating an android app that legitimately has a chance at claiming one of the 33 prizes from adc2.

My android publisher id is "ipaul pro". I currently have 5 independently created apps published (2 paid), with over 20, 000 downloads in less than 3 months. I truly believe that if i can finish this project on time, it has a real chance at winning a prize. I am looking for only one partner and will obviously share the prize based on commitment. If you are seriously interested, and understand that there is no guaranteed compensation but only a chance at a share of $250, 000, please respond immediately. The deadline is august me at info [at] or retrieve my personal email from this group. For more information on the android developer challenge visit:

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Contacts-based App Force-closing On Droid - Unable To Repro / Fix It

I'm having problems with my application on droid phones. I am unable to reproduce the problems in the emulator. A co-worker of mine with a droid also has no issues running my app. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

My application is called dialify. It's open source; you can find the code here:

My app queries the contacts db to display a list of contacts. The user can select contacts to turn them into notifications that can be dialed/ texted.

Droid users reported 2 problems:

1) contacts not appearing 2) app force-closes when they begin to scroll through the contacts list

My app creates a cursor over the contacts db to display contacts. I realized problem #1 was due to using the api level 5 method of access which only shows contacts for the master account. I fixed this, but the force-close issue remains.

Unfortunately, i am unable to replicate a force-close in the emulator. I thought maybe it was the number of contacts and created about 200 of them, to no avail. It's been happening to users who use exchange and users who do not, so i haven't tried getting exchange contacts into the emulator.

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Banned From Android Market / Developer

I recently had several apps on the android market and then a few weeks ago, my account was suspended. I tried to email and they simply sent me a link to the policy blah blah blah, but no human will ever talk with me. I then tried to open a new account. They took my $25 devloper fee and one hour later that account was suspended. All i had was a few theme apps and i had a couple with stephen colbert and mtv got upset and asked me to take them down, and i did. I'm not creating anything that 8000 others aren't already doing with themes on the personalize market. I have great customer support and make custom art for people.

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How Often Can Developer Submit Price Changes To App

On the android store, how often can a developer submit price changes to his app? Is there a limit for the number of versions a developer can have for his application in the appstore? Are there any best practise benchmarks on this from other app marketplaces?

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Possible To Use Adb Over Wifi With Developer Phone

Is it possible to use adb over wifi with the android developer phone? If not how heavily is adb tied into usb both on the client and server sides?

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Read Droid Device Information From Windows?

Is it possible to get android device info (e.g. Firmware version) from windows, when device is connected with pc by usb cable?
As i understand at commands are not available. I was trying to use "adb", but i cannot see any usefull options. Maybe there is some text file with device info on the filesystem of the phone, so i could use "adb shell" to read this file?

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Access In China Mainland

I need the source code of android and the source of sdk api, but i can't access What should i do?

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Motorola Droid 2 - Safely Remove Hardware Prompt In Windows 7

I have a newish windows 7 laptop, and the "safely remove hardware" thing is missing from my tasbar. I don't remember ever actually using it before on this computer, so maybe it was removed in 7, but based on google searches that does not seem to be true.

I have "always show all icons" or whatever the equivalent option is chosen in the taskbar customization.

Edit:: also, mp3s in my media-audio-ringtones folder are showing up in my music list, is there a way to stop that?
Edit:: also, can you add more than the 3 alarms?

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