Ideas - Google Calendar Templates

Not sure if this exist, and when it does kindly provide me the name of the app. What i would love have is an app which allows me to define text templates which can be selected for use in google calendar on my android device (v2. 2). I got around 6 different types of appointments i enter frequently, so selecting pre-defined texts would save me, and i suppose others as well, a lot of time.

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Ideas - App For Google Map

I need a app for a android mobile. I have made a map for my blog. This summer im going on a long bike trip and want to update my map on the blog with my position a couple of times each day. I know i can use my web browser on my phone to do this but it is a bit difficult and i need a app that can do this a bit faster. I want a simple app that connects to my phone gps, log my position, i can make a small comment, choose an icon and then send it to my google map. Is this possible? Can someone make a app like that? Or is it already one on the market?

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Ideas - Google Tasks Widget

For the life of me i can't find a widget for my google tasks on htc desire. I'm looking for a full screen widget but would settle for just about anything at this point.

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Google Calendar Permission

I am using google-api-client to access google calendar.

Following are the permissions in my manifest file.


But i am getting such a warning message on the first run:

The following one or more applications request permission to access your account, now and in the future.

Google calendar

Do you want to allow this request?


Is there a way to avoid this message?

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How To Add Data To Google Calendar Programmatically

I need to add particulars to google calendar from my application. Is it possible to add data to google calendar?

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Motorola Droid - Sync Tasks With Google Calendar

Is there any way to sync tasks with the google calendar? I know you can use companion link to sync tasks from outlook into the calendar on google & droid, but what about tasks from google to droid?

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Google Calendar Sync Problem On Samsung Galaxy S

Google calendar is not syncing properly on my galaxy s. I sync several calendars, but only one is showing up. The calendar for my personal google account does not sync, even though the email syncs properly and it is in the list of calendars that are supposed to be synced and is checked. It seems that this problem started when i updated from android 2. 1 to 2. 3. Any ideas?

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Jar File's For Add Event Google Calendar

I need to know the needed jar file's to add the calendar event from my application and where to download that ?

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Use Existing Google Calendar Without Having To Transfer Lot Into Gmail One Created On Phone

I love my htc magic, but struggle with the calendar app. I had already created a google calendar before i bought my magic, but can find no way of adding this calendar so i can view/edit it. I can only seem to add and remove the gmail one i created when first starting up the phone.

Any ideas how i do this - all i want to do is use my existing google calendar (which i login to using my yahoo mail account address) without having to transfer the lot into the gmail one i created on the phone.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Go To Calendar Or Android Market Without Having To Sign In With Google

I am in africa(ghana). I wanted to find out if i can go to the calendar or the android market without having to sign in with google? I use my wifi @work and anytime i try to connect to my google account this message pops after 3mns"ths could be a temporary problem or your sim card may not be provisioned for data services. " I would like to download som apps and get the astro file manager but i cant i got this fon a week ago but cant download anything tru the android market . I use mtn.

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Motorola Droid X - Make Jorte Sync With Google Calendar After Installing Tranquility

Anyone know how to make jorte sync with google calendar after installing tranquility. The default calendar is ugly. Just wondering.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - When Try To Use Calendar It Open Google Account To Manager

I have a problem with my xperia x10. When i try to use the calendar it open "google account" to manager.

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Motorola Droid - Schedule Appears On Google Calendar Will Not Sync To Phone / What's Wrong

I have been using google calendar with my droid without any issues until i added my favorite big ten basketball schedule. The schedule appears on my google calendar but it will not sync to the droid. Has anyone else tried that and tell me what went wrong.

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Clearing / Deleting All Calendar Data Error - Application Google Services Framework Has Stopped Unexpectedly

Today i started getting the dreaded "the application google services framework(process Process. Gapps ) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Error. In the past clearing calendar data in my settings (calendar storage & all calendar applications) then re-syncing solved the problem. This process is well documented and i'm quite familiar with it. Didn't work today.

When clearing all calendar data didn't work i tried deleting all calendar data in my google account through the website. There is now no data in my google calendar. But when i open my calendar app, if my google calendar is selected, all the previous events suddenly reappear. They shouldn't be there since i've deleted my calendar data both on my phone (allegedly) and in the cloud.

I've tried selecting/unselecting my calendars. I've deleted calendars. I've added new google accounts with virgin calendars. Tried everything i could think of with no success so i'm hoping someone has a new suggestions. Of course every time i try to manually sync i get the error. How do i get my phone to erase all this calendar data? Is there an app on the sd card that i can delete?

Note: i added a new google account to my phone with a virgin calendar. I can manually sync with this calendar without getting an error. However, when i go to the options screen to select which calendar i want to use, i get the "syncing" symbol in my toolbar and a few seconds later i get the error again. This happens no matter what is checked at the time.

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Ideas - App For School

I'm in my final year of computer science, and i get to build anything i want for a project course. The idea should be original, or at least something better then what's available out there. And the app shouldn't take longer than a student can write in about 4 weeks (at most).

At first, i thought "wouldn't an irc client be awesome"? But, sadly, it's been done to death. I'm having problems thinking of ideas. So i figured i'd go online and ask. What should i write to learn android development for school? (I'll have longer than the 4 weeks part to learn android development. I also already know java)

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Ideas - App Logger

So the idea is fairly straight forward. The problem is people run out of space on their phone or get bored and remove apps in favour of other ones. On occasion i have done this and forgotten about the apps i removed only to want them back again, sometimes after i have forgotten the name of it or even don't realise their need of it until something jogs their memory. Also a very useful app for when people put in a new sd card or format their old one.

The idea is to create an application that logs all the apps you download into a list, as well as keeping a link to where it is in the market. This allows for easy uninstall and reinstall, since you won't have to look for it in the market a second time. The ui would look something like a list with the following headings

App name date installed uninstall/reinstall remove from app loggger

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Ideas - Facebook Widget

I am currently looking for a home screen widget to show me when i have a notification/ private message/ event invite, etc. I don't need it to update my status, i use friend stream for that. Can't find anything on the market. Any suggestions?

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Ideas - Call Recorder

Now sure if this already exists or even if this app can be written. I think an app that would allow you to click the record button while having conversation would be useful. I know its not legal in all states, but at least in my state of pennsylvania it's legal to record your own phone conversation even if the other party is not aware of it.

Sometimes this is very useful for legal reasons to have recordings of certain conversations.

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Ideas - Simple Lock On Sms

What i have been searching for and searching for is an app that doesnt have too much put into it. Just a simple pop up that comes up every time u enter into messaging app [ie: handcent, chomp, messaging] that allows you to put in a passcode each time before viewing anything in the messages. Is there an app that does this? And that works? And preferably not a whole lot of other privacy options that come with it. I am just looking for something simple. One standard thing. A pin code be entered before viewing message lists. Any feedback?

Currently im trying that. Spc i dont know the entire name for the app but its the one with the red butterfly as its logo. Something about security and privacy or my private conversation or something. But anywho. It has too much involved. I dont really understand it. And i dont want something to lock down my entire phone like fort knox lol just messaging. Thats all.

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Ideas - Lock Phone To Roam

Does anyone know if there is an app available that will allow me to lock my samsung moment to roam only? In the settings you can lock the phone to home only or automatic.

Last week i was in st. Simons island ga for a conference and had an extremely hard time getting signal to use my phone. My sprint signal was just strong enough the keep the phone from going to roam but too weak to keep a call connected. The signal was strong if i could get the phone to roam but it was hard to find a spot where this was possible. It would be nice if there was a way to adjust the threshold settings.

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Ideas - Location Based Shopping

Idea is to streamline shopping (driving, not online) and the gps feature on phones.

User inputs what they want to shop for, eg '65" lcd tv' the app issues a query which spits out retail stores within a certain range of your current location [gps] who have a match in stock with the price user can now "get directions" to the store based on current location.

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Ideas - Geo Messaging / Info

I want an app that could be like when your at a museum with a headset on but world wide so say your at big ben it will tell you all the relevant info about it. But i would love to be able to upload my own info at a specific geo location eg "amazing coffee here" "watch the step" and bring up a map with direction overlay like google navigate or a privet message to friends. The ability to chat with people local to me. Maybe compatible with latitude/google maps. And the app could be free by being subsidized with location based advertising there are app's that do things like this but not altogether.

Ok that is the very basics of the idea can it be done?

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Where To Read Good App Ideas

Can u guys tell me somewhere i can read good app ideas?

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Ideas - Text / Email Notification Via The Accelerometer

Ok, this isnt' really my idea, but remember i saw this somewhere on the intertubes years ago. I think it was around 05. Way before real smart phones. Anyway, what this app did was: how to explain. When you got a text, or email, you would get a ring tone like usual, but. If the accelerometer was detecting motion (ie. You're walking) it would make a sound of lets say. Rocks in a can. Or. Change in your pocket.

Imagine. You're walking and suddenly you hear change in your pocket. Hahahah i think that would be cool. Unfortunately, im a network engineer, i route ****. Can't make apps.

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Ideas - Youtube Video Converter App

I'm looking for a team to help develop what i think is a pretty decent app idea. I'm surprised i haven't found this in the market somewhere but here is the jist of the app; we all love watching youtube, what is the majority of users searching youtube looking for? Music. I'm working on an app that allows users to convert youtube videos into working audio . Mp3's to download and add to their handheld phones playlist.

There are tons of sights online that do this, but no app yet. How convenient would it be to search for a music video and download it as a song to your phone via youtube?

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Ideas - Remote Hang Up Call App

The other day i lend my phone to a person to make a call but this person took so long talking on the phone and i wanted my phone back. I wished at that moment that i could get in the computer or another phone web browser and send a command to my phone to hang up the call. Maybe also send a text message to end the call or an email. I don't know the method but i don't think is too hard to do depending on the permission on android. I have a nexus one. Do any of you know of a app that do that at the moment or someone can do this. I searched the web and tha store and i couldn't find any like that.

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Ideas - Password Protected App / Block Texting

Let me start by saying that i have a teen girl who is getting terrible grades and is more concerned with texting and facebook than school. Original problem right? I am in law enforcement and want my daughter to be able to get help at anytime so i am not a fan of taking her phone away but want to be able to control it.

I would love a password protected app that could block my daughter from texting during school hours or block all calls and texts from non-family while she is grounded. Maybe block web sites like facebook or selected apps on her phone.

Possibly set school days and hours. Have selected categories like:

Normal - block non-family, apps and websites during school and allow all other after school hours

Holiday - allow all

Grounded - only allow family and emergency dial or text. Block internet. Block select apps.

This could be made as a simple app where the parent enters a code in the phone to modify status and settings or make it fancy by allowing a status change with a text from the parents phone.

What do you guys think?

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Htc Droid Eris - Pulled All Google Contacts In Google / Fix This

My eris pulled all my google contacts in - not just the "my contacts" in google. How do i fix this?

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Launching Calendar In Agendaview

Is there working way of launching calendar app in agenda view beside setclassname(" Calendar", " Calendar. Agendaview"); which seem to work on 2. 1 but people on earlier versions report it does not and also froyo reports

Unable to find explicit activity class { Calendar/ Calendar. Agendaactivity}; have you declared this activity in your androidmanifest.xml?

I checked git repo and agendaactivity is exported.

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Where To Get Calendar Source Code

From where i get android 1. 5 and 1. 6 calendar source code.

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