Assign Left Drawable To Textview Via Simpleadapter

I want to use textview as listview item. Is any way to assign left drawable to textview via simpleadapter?

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Set Left Background Of An Textview?

I have a text view. I would like to add a 'vertical line' on the left side of the textview to act as a separator.

Is there a way to do that?

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Place Textview On Right And Left Of Layout

I want to place a textview on the right of a layout and on the left of a layout, but they keep stacking ontop of each other code.

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Add "drawable Left" Icon To A Button Object (no Xml)

How can i add a "drawable left" icon to a button object?

I mean something like this:

Button button = new button();
Button. Setdrawableleft(r. Drawable. );

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Assign Different Ringtones To Contacts

How to assign different ringtones to different contacts? I can not figure out how to assign different ringtones to different contacts. I have worked and worked on it and searched and searched and couldn't find anything. I'm really hoping somebody can answer this for me. Also, how the heck do i assign a picture to my contacts as well?

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Update Simpleadapter In Droid

Is it possible to update a simpleadapter? I have a list of data and a footer that says "see next results" when that list item is clicked i capture the event and get new data. I then want to replace the data in the listview with this new data but i can't figure out how to do it. Any ideas? I don't want to use an arrayadapter, cause as far as i can see the items can only hold one string where i need it to hold multiple strings and ints.

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Listview Touch - Each List Item In Listview Is Linkified Textview And A Regular Textview

Each list item in my listview is a linkified textview, and a regular textview. The problem is that once there is a touchable item in the listview, the touch works only for that item, that is - only links work, but the entire list item containing the link cannot be touch selected (only with the trackball). I tried this also with buttons inside the list items and the touch behavior was the same - only the button view could be "touched". Is there a way to make a list item touchable with touchable views inside?

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Simpleadapter Not Updatable After A Filter Request Made / Reason Of It?

So i was playing around with a listview backed by a simpleadapter who's data is loaded via an async task. Now i can refill this adapter and use the notifydatasetchanged methods to update the listview to display the correct contents. Ok that's cool. But then when i try to filter the results based on keyboard input is where it gets a little messy. Basically looking at the source, the internal simplefilter seems that when making a copy will replace the mdata value with the copied list, making it impossible to update that adapter's contents. Is this intentional? Are filters only meant to work across static lists or is this a bug?

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Possible To Display Arraylist Of Object's Value In Setlistadapter / Simpleadapter For Listview

I would like to know if it is possible to display arraylist of object's value in setlistadapter or simpleadapter for listview? String arraylist works fine, i am just trying my luck with object arraylist code.

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Can't Add Different Type Of Item In Listview Using Simpleadapter / Why Is So

I want to add a different type of item (like a simple textview) to the last position in my listview.

I extends the simpleadapter and override some methods code.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Assign My Own Songs / Ringtones To Alerts Like New Voicemail

Is there any way to assign my own songs/ringtones to alerts, like new voicemail, or new messages, etc?, Also - can u use a voice recording from the voice memo as an "alarm" sound. My girlfriend has a fantastic voice, and as cheesy as this may be, i want to hear her "waking" me up when i am out of town.

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Motorola Droid - Can't Assign Specific Text Notifications For Different Contacts / Option To Do So

Am i re tarded(dont answer that)? Y cant i assign different ringtones for different contacts for texting? This seems like a simple feature on a very hi tech phone but where is this option? Isnt it 2010? We can assign ringtones for phone calls but not for texts? Doesn't make sense, any1 figure this out?

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Handcent - Can't Seem To Send Mms Messages - Cannot Assign A Speed Dial To Dialer One

1) i can't seem to send mms messages now i'm using handcent. Any ideas what might have happened there? They're not even sending now i've stopped using it - should i uninstall completely?

2) i cannot assign a speed dial to dialer one. It just says there aren't any present, and i can add via the context menu - i try, but it doesn't seem to recognise that i have.

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How To Convert A Drawable To Bitmap

How can i convert a drawable to a bitmap?
I would like to set a certain drawable as the device's wallpaper, but all wallpaper functions accept bitmaps only (i cannot use wallpapermanager - i'm pre 2. 1).
Also, my drawables are downloaded from the web and do not reside in r. Drawable.

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How To Draw A Drawable Over A View

I have several views in my activity. I want to draw a drawable over these views. The drawable should be on top of the views (that means it hides the views below it. The drawable may appear over several views (that is i can't just draw it in one view). How can this be done?

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Cannot Get Drawable To Appear In Imageview I Created / What To Do

I am writing an app which will create drawable shapes and add them to other drawables. (Think tetris pieces onto a tetris board. ) As a test, i want to have a particular shape appear when my activity is loaded, but i cannot get a drawable to appear in the imageview i created.could anyone explain why the following code isn't working?

Activity code.

Note: i have been able to make static resources from the 'drawable' folder appear in this imageview, just not drawables i have created in the code.

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Change Drawable Of Tabs On Selction

I am using tab view in one of my activity. I want to change the drawable of the tabs on the basis of their selection. So it is like this - i have 4 images t11, t12, t21, t22. I want to set the image t11 and t22 initially with tab 1 selected. Now i want to change the images to t12 and t21 as soon as i select tab 2.

So far i tried using via an xml file of drawable type code.

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Retrieve Drawable - Picture - From A View?

I wrote code to draw on a view. After it is done, how can i get the resulting image from the view. For example, in the code below, i want to get the the drawable (image) from mcustomdrawableview.

How can i do that?


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Supplying Different Background Drawable For Dialog

I'm trying to supply my own background drawable for a dialog. It works fine on 1. 6+, on 1. 5 though instead of a transparent dimmed background around the dialog, i just get opaque black. Is there something else we need to do so that we can still get the transparency around the dialog? The drawable is nothing special, i just took the stock one from the aop and changed the color on the inside of the frame.

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Multiple Stroke Box In Drawable Xml

I'm trying to achieve what amounts to effectively 2 strokes on a rectangle in a element in an android drawable xml. A dark green outer line and a light green inner line, with a gradient fill in the center of it all.

My code currently looks like this:


I have tried applying android:top="3px" android:bottom="3px" to the 2nd item element, but when i add the right & left attributes, the entire thing doesn't render. Note, this is all done within a listview

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How To Reference Native Drawable In Layout Xml

How to reference native android drawable in the layout xml ?

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Handling Click Events On A Drawable Within An Edittext

I have added an image right of the text in an edittext widget, using the following xml:


But i want to clear the edittext when the embedded image is clicked.

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Change Image Onconfigurationchanged With Its Corresponding Drawable For Landscape Mode

Is there a way to change imageview drawable with its corresponding drawable for landscape mode without destroying the whole activity. I tried to set the drawable again in onconfigurationchanged callback but it doesn't work. Something like this code.

When i star the activity in landscape mode to correct drawable is displayed so resources are located correctly.

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Way To (programatically , Xml) Add Various Shapes To A Single Drawable

I need to put 3 shapes (circles) on a drawable. I will create various drawables with different colors and use it on an animation, the problem is i cant find a way to (programatically or xml) add various shapes to a single drawable.

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Convert String To Drawable To Display It As Icon In Status Bar

I want to raise a notification showing an icon in the status bar - so far so good, but actually i would like this icon to be a 3 character string.

So my question is: is there a way to convert my string into a drawable to display it as icon in the status bar?

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Get My Activity To Resume From Where It Left Of

In my app, i start an activity and then on button click, display an http url (using intent - view_action)

So when in the middle of the activity, if the user clicks the button called "google", it opens up in the browser.

When i hit the back button, it comes back to my original activity screen. How can i get my activity to resume from where it left of?

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Prevent Default Animation - Right To Left

I wanna disable the automatic slide in from right to left animation/transition. All new intents/activities in my app are supposed to have no animation. How can this be achieved?

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Use Keypad - Left And Right - To Move From One Tabhost To Another

Is it possible to use the keypad (left and right) to move from one tabhost to another? I successfully changed the selector color in listview, then how can i change the text color in listview as well? Is it possible change the tabhost layout by own graphics? I have created a tabhost aligned to the bottom of the screen. How can i move the "line" on bottom of tabwidget to above? (See screenshot)

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Detecting Sensor Manager Left And Right Shakes

My application requires to identify if the user has done a shake towards the left or if he has done a shake towards the right. How do i go about implementing this? I have tried the sensor manager listener where in i am able to identify a general shake event, but im not able to identify if its a left or a right shake.

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Media - Droid Music Player Remember Where You Left Off

I listen to a lot of audiobooks in the mp3 format, so my ipod touch sees it as music. This is fine because i can tag the tracks in itunes to "remember playback position" so that if i have to leave a 30 minute track and come back to it later, it just start where i left off.

Does the built-in app, or any third party media app, let me do this?

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