Possible Reason For Poor Battery Consumption - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

So, my battery has really been pretty crappy for a few weeks now (much worse than before). It all happened right after my phone had ghost dialed *22899 and updated my phone's prl. Now, my phone's battery is pretty decent, so long as i am connected to the google servers (my wi-fi & bars are blue). Here's the thing – they aren't blue as often as before. And sometimes, the wi-fi icon doesn't even appear, even though i know that i am connected to wi-fi (maybe my work connection is bad).

Anyway, the remedy for this is to turn off my screen and turn it right back on a second later. When i do that, the icons appear and they are blue. Should i manually call *22899 (since i had factory reset a week ago)? Would a new sim card fix this problem or is that not a factor? And, when the phone is not being used, juicedefender makes it so that the battery barely drains at all.

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Poor Signal Strength - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I am having very poor signal strength with my galaxy nexus. At home i get only 1 bar even if i go outside. I am not far from a tower. Downtown, if i go into a building, i get no signal. My calls are often dropped to the extent that i cannot even make a phone call. I googled this and there are many others with the same complaint. I finally called verizon support and after numerous tests, they sent me a new sim card. It made no difference.

I have discovered that in order to see 4g i have to turn off wi-fi. One person said this phone has known problems with its poor radio and to insist verizon exchange it for a razr max. Any thoughts or help?

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What To Do To Increase Battery Life On Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Wow, the quick battery life is taking me all the way back to my palm tungsten e days. One session with a multi-media function can take massive amounts of battery life. Is there some tricks i can do, or a third party battery? Because as it stands, i can only use it to make calls, if i want it to last more than a couple hours. I got a tablet and gaming portables too so its not a big deal, but man, the battery life is the same or worse than the ol' palm tungsten e.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Portable Battery Power

Anyone ever use something like this? Verizon samsung galaxy nexus rechargeable backup power portable battery charger (399759199890) | ebay

I have a duracell thing that works well, but ya gotta keep a cable with it to plug into your phone. I'd rather have something built in and carry one piece. More money than i want to spend on some off shoot brand, but curious if anyone's ever had one.

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Is Using Extended Battery With Samsung Galaxy Nexus Good Enough ?

Most likely going to purchase a new phone tomorrow, either a gnex or a maxx. Love the gnex, but the battery life scares me. A guy i know claims to make it from 7am to 5pm on a charge, and to me that's just not good enough. Anyone here use the extended battery, and can give a non-root user an idea of the life in hours during an average day?

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300% Battery Improvement Settings - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I have been struggling with battery life for some time now. I have tried every possible combination of settings on juice defender but ran into issues where my 3g wouldn't connect - forcing me to power cycle. Anyway, i disabled jd but did not change anything else and now get a very noticeable improvement in battery life.

Here are screen shots from 2 separate days on the same battery from a fully charged state. In both, i am in my office, connected to the same router. I used the phone almost identically both days - talk time, screen on time, etc.

In the first shot, you can see wifi disables and enables every 5 minutes - per jd. I also had it plugged in 2x for about 5 minutes each. I got 9. 75hrs.

In the second shot, wifi is on the entire time and jd is disabled. Not sure why it was "awake" for the long period of time in the middle of the day but it still didn't affect it. I got 28hrs.

The results are drastic - nearly a 300% improvement. I have read in other places that this phone does better with wifi enabled constantly but here is the proof. Go to forum to see the screen-shots and replies from other users.

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Battery Gives Only 2 Hours Of Screen Time - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I have a gnex running on aokp build 32 with 3. 0. 28 imoseyon kernel and my battery is burning to 0% like a mofo. I had only 2 hours of screen time! I check the battery on settings and saw that android system is taking up the most percentage and that my phone is always awake even if its turned off. Any of you guys got a solution to this?

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How Much Battery Will Drain If I Leave Gps On ? Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I have a couple of locater apps, where is my droid and lookout. I set these up a long time ago, the thing is i usually have the gps off to save battery life. But if i leave it off i think there locators lack the ability to turn the gps back on. I have tasker and on my old phone the droid 2 i believe i had a task set up so that when where is my droid or lookout came on it would turn on the gps. But if i did that task didn't get move to my nexus. So how much of a drain will leaving my gps on have on my battery. Or is there a work around.

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Extended Battery Heat Issue - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I just bought this extended battery couple days ago, it's for gsm version 2000mah, and after i used it for a while i noticed that it gets hotter than my standard battery, is this normal? Last night it was up to 46c.

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Case For Trexcell Extended Battery With Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Got my 3800 mah trexcell battery and loving the extra power, but not loving the fact that i can't seem to find a case for it. Anyone seen anything that would fit? Trexcell makes one for the epic 4g but i can't seem to find one for the galaxy nexus yet.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Battery Drained Suddenly After Installing Updates

I have been getting pretty great battery life with the extended battery. About 15 hrs use a day with moderate use. But, on thursday i got a notification from the market saying i had a few updates, so i selected install. Friday morning i unplug my phone at 0510, by 0527 i had drained the battery down to 78%. And all i did was unplug it and put it in my pocket and drive to work. Once i got off work i installed the battery and it was dead about 5 hrs later with not even hardly being used. I looked at the battery usage and it was all android os, cell stand by and screen usage.

I cant figure out whats going on with this thing? I think one of the updates i installed might have had an issue. But i cant remember which apps i updated. Does anyone know what else i can do find out what the issue is?

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Mobile Network Signal Bar In Battery Stats - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Has anyone been able to figure out what the different colors in the mobile network signal bar in battery stats detail mean? (The one that shows the large chart of your battery draining over time and has mobile network signal, gps, screen, and awake usage bars under it). I see dark green, light yellow, dark yellow, and red on mine. Based on my usage the last 5 hours our so i'm guessing the following:

Red = no signal
Dark green = 4g
Light yellow = 3g
Dark yellow = no idea, maybe 1g?

Does anyone else have any additional colors, or idea what these mean? I'm just taking guesses here.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Installing A Task Killer To Manage The Battery Consumption

I intended on getting the hero when it came out on the 11th but decided to wait a week or 2 to make sure there were no major problems. I have had sprint service for 10 years and don't really need a new phone but i qualify for the 22 mo upgrade and want a new toy. My question is with all i am reading about the battery drain issue should i wait to get the phone after the issues have been resolved? If i get it now is it possible to use as is without installing a task killer to manage the battery consumption?

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Used Motorola Droid 2 Battery Life Is Very Poor, Is This Normal ?

A few days ago i purchased a droid 2 global. It is used. My previous phone was the droid 1. Something im noticing that really bothers me is the horrific battery life. For example; this morning at 8:30 i unplugged it (fully charged). At about 10:30 it was down to 80%. I literally did virtually nothing with it. I checked the weather once. I have wifi and bluetooth shut off, as well as greenpower battery saver downloaded and working.

So now what im wondering is, is this normal? Since its a used phone i was thinking it could possibly just be that the battery is old? Anyone have any opinions?

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Htc Evo 4g - Battery Dying When I Am Not Even Using Phone / Reason For This

I understand the battery dies fast if you're using apps/games. But i didn't touch my phone, and it's dying slowly. I was at work today all day, and i didn't mess with my phone when it was fully charged, in 8 hours the battery was 35% without me even touching the phone beside turning it on to check the time or the notes i wrote in it. Yesterday i did use it a little bit, but by night time my battery was dead.

So what's the problem with this? Is it the apps that sync automatically like weather bug, news, and facebook? From my understanding, most apps close by themselves eventually if you're not using a task killer, so i don't think opening a lot of apps has much to do with it. Also, i have the lookout app, it's a virus scan, back up contacts, and it locates the phone, it opens up often, so is that the reason for the battery dying?

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User Comment: Anker Astro 5600mah External Battery For Galaxy Nexus

I carried stock battery to replace extended battery when it gets low, and got sick of removing case, then back cover each time. And those external batteries were kinda too big to carry until i found this one. 5600mah is almost good enough to recharge gnex battery 3 times, plus it has all kind of recharging tips so i could use it to recharge my bluetooth headset, fiio, and speaker. So i only need to recharge anker at home.

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Low Battery Temperature - Samsung Galaxy S2

Basically, today i had the yellow triangle with the flashing thermometer notification on my phone when i tried to charge it. So, having snooped around, i found that a lot of people have also encountered this problem. I read about some solutions (alcohol and bending the usb port) and so, tried them out. My galaxy s2 now charges again, but every few minutes it will come up with the 'charging paused. Battery temperature too high or too low. ' notification.

I have checked the battery temperature (using *#*#4636#*#*) and it quotes that i have a -7c temperature. This seems exceptionally low and i was wondering if there was a way to boost the temperature back to a normal one. Note: i took the battery out for about 15 minutes and when i put it back in and turned it on, the battery temperature showed 23-5c, but then after a few minutes it will revert back to -7c.

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What Is Normal Battery Usage For Samsung Galaxy S2?

I have had a samsung galaxy s2 on at&t since it's launch and just recently the battery has began draining quicker. I've noticed the android os and android system have been using more battery than normal. What could be causing this? I haven't upgraded to the new firmware since it's such a shoddy upgrade.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket - Reset Battery Use Page

I often check the battery use page in the settings. Although it has a "refresh" option, it still shows several hours of battery use. Even if i remove and replace the battery. How can i reset?

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Battery Usage Does Not Reset - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

Still runs and doesn't reset to zero hour, it has been 3 days(also my phone is 3 days old, sg2, international model), and i already charge it 4 times, i only get like 8 hours of usage, and to think that every charge it will reset the process, why doesn't it reset? Is this a bug, please don't suggest me to root, i am done with the jail breaking stuff.

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Htc One X Vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I am in denmark / europe. So no g4 network for phones yet (bahhh), but free choice of carrier. I have had the htc desire since it came out, and my boss just asked me to buy him a new smartphone and to get one for myself. I am one happy camper. I use my smartphone mainly for e-mails, browsing, camera, team viewer, gps navigation, guitar tuner and listening to pod casts. I don't watch videos much on my desire. I am considering the htc one x or the the samsung galaxy nexus

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Htc One Vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Has anyone here had their hands on both? I saw a review on the verge got the htc one. It looked pretty cool. I had the evo a while back and it was a good little phone. The nexus has been good as well, but is it going to be better than the htc one? They aren't in the us yet, so uk guys?

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Will Not Charge Unless Its Off

I walked into my room to find my 18 mo old daughter with the tip of the mini usb charger that came with my sgn in her mouth. I quickly grabbed it, inspected it, and dried it off and nothing seemed to be wrong. She also had my sgn but i don't think anything was wrong with that either. But now my sgn will not charge unless it's off. If i power it on and insert the mini usb. Nothing. I even plugged the charger into my old og droid and it started charging right up. But when i hook it up to my sgn. Nothing. Unless it's off of course. ***? Also, nothing happens when i try to hook it up to my computer. And nothing happens when i use a different mini usb/charger. But it's not the mini usb since it started charging my og droid but not my sgn.


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When Update 4.0.3 Will Come In Uk For Samsung Galaxy Nexus ?

Anyone know when we are going to see this update? I heard that it fixes the horrid contact photo's by adding facebook integration?

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Battery Life Decreases After Upgrade To Firmware 4.0.3 - Samsung Galaxy S2

After upgrade my samsung galaxy s2 to newest firmware 4. 0. 3 with samsung kies battery life decreases approx 100%. Before upgrade my phone on full battery charge can work 48 - 72 hours. After upgrade my samsung galaxy s 2 can work only 12-18 hours. Is this bug in firmware?

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Worth Getting Official Battery Extender Kit - Samsung Galaxy S2

Is it worth getting the official battery extender kit? Ive been thinking about getting the official samsung battery extender kit (with the 2000mah battery) as i game quite a lot and find my battery life gets eaten up quite quickly. However i'm currently on the fence, will it increase heavy usage battery life by much? Ive heard the '3 hours extra life' number mentioned but is that heavy usage or just light usage? I dont think there is much point getting it if it will still die quickly when gaming.

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Low Battery Warning Notification At About 35% - Samsung Galaxy Ace

I've tried to find some more information about this, haven't found it yet. When the battery has still about 35% of capacity left (at least when i look at the battery symbol), i'm already getting a notification that i should charge up. Apart from that, my battery is functioning normally. Anyone familiar with this? Could it be that default battery symbol is giving incorrect information?

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Nfc Tags - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I had read somewhere on this thread that someone was planning on getting nfc tags and programming them so they could use their gnex with them. One example this user provided was to create like an alarm tag so that at night before going to bed he could touch his phone to the tag and an alarm was automatically set.

How doable is all of this? And if i wanted to do this and play with nfc tags to use with my phone, how could i? Is there some sort of documentation people can point me to so that i could learn how to program tags? Is there hardware i need? Where can i purchase this hardware- and the tags for that matter? I think this would be something cool to try out, and play with. Maybe even show off to friends (insert iconic my android is better than your iphone because. Statement).

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Bluetooth Bug - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I have been experiencing a 100% repeatable bug affecting the bluetooth on my galaxy nexus. First a little background: i connect my gn to my car's bluetooth for hands-free, and i also connect it to the tunelink adapter for bluetooth audio playback because my car doesn't support it. Both devices only register as having the only profile they're capable of: the tunelink knows it can only do "media audio" and the car knows it can only do "phone audio. "

Now the problem: the problem is, when both devices are connected to the gn, every single phone call i make is a garbled mess. Ever since i got the tunelink, i've hand to initiate calls and then switch them to handset or speaker mode, and that's not a good thing when you have to drive in d. C. Every once and a while with their handsfree laws.

If i'm in the middle of one of these garbled calls and i unplug the tunelink and wait for the bluetooth connection to drop, the call clears up immediately. But this just isn't a suitable solution to the problem, and repeated stress on my car's power outlets isn't a good thing.

Does anyone have a solution? I can't get rid of the tunelink. It's by far the best product i've used for this purpose, and i listen to podcasts in my car all day every day (i do a lot of driving). Apparently 4. 0. 3 was going to have some bluetooth fixes, but i'll have to wait for a future update (and for verizon) before i see any of those, and who knows if they'll address this specific issue? This is so frustrating. I finally found a great product, and now i can't use it.

Oh, and i contacted tunelink, and they saw no problems on their end (naturally - not sure whether to believe them on that one). They said to wait for a bug fix.

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Bluetooth Headphones - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I work as a shipper/receiver and i'm allowed to listen to music at work. I primarly listen to tune in pro radio or google music. I'm not a big audiophile so i'm not concerned with sound that much, i just need to find a solution because i've gone through a lot of wired headphones at work as im constantly in and out of a forklift and ripping my phones outta the jack or my ears. I usually keep my phone in my pocket.

Does anyone have any experience with these guys? I've narrowed it down to four choices however i want to be sure they'll work with the phone in my pocket all day. Specifically does anyone have any reviews on either the sports and or freedoms i'm leaning towards these , other options appear to be motorola s10hd or lg sbh 700, any opinion appreciated!

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