Samsung Galaxy S Phone Contacts Suddenly Disappeared

Device: samsung galaxy s
Os : android 2. 1

Basically i don't use google account to sync my contacts because the groups thing doesn't work the way i want it. So instead, i use kies, which allow you to sync outlook contact with your phone, which all worked fine. However, last night before going to bed i sent a few sms message and everything was fine, i.e. All contacts were there. But this morning when i work up because of a text message from a strange number, which was actually from a friend of mine, so i thought he has a new number so i tried to update his contacts but when i click on "update existing contact" my address book pops up and is . Empty.

After that, i opened my contacts and nothing is there. I turned on displaying google contacts and its all fine, but when i choose phone contact, absolutely nothing is displayed. I did absolutely nothing last night, and i don't believe i cleared all my contacts while in my sleep (because i don't even know how to do that while im awake). Btw, i have been adding quiet a lots of contacts over the last 2 weeks (since last time i sync with kies) so i really need them back.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Contacts Have Suddenly Disappeared

My phone was working fine this afternoon, when i got home from work i pressed the contacts button to make a phone call and suddenly i had no contacts. I restarted my phone and then my sim, facebook, googlemail etc contacts had appeared but not my contacts saved on the phone (which is about 90% of them). I restarted the phone again, went into messages and entered a name in contacts and the names all seem to appear, but when i go back into contacts the phone contacts are still missing. But now the phone contact names don't even appear when i type them in as contacts in messaging. I've checked the options and the phone memory is ticked and they should be displayed in the main contacts area. I'm extremely worried as i desperately need my contacts back- could someone please please help me.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Battery Drained Suddenly After Installing Updates

I have been getting pretty great battery life with the extended battery. About 15 hrs use a day with moderate use. But, on thursday i got a notification from the market saying i had a few updates, so i selected install. Friday morning i unplug my phone at 0510, by 0527 i had drained the battery down to 78%. And all i did was unplug it and put it in my pocket and drive to work. Once i got off work i installed the battery and it was dead about 5 hrs later with not even hardly being used. I looked at the battery usage and it was all android os, cell stand by and screen usage.

I cant figure out whats going on with this thing? I think one of the updates i installed might have had an issue. But i cant remember which apps i updated. Does anyone know what else i can do find out what the issue is?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Align Contacts In Alphabetical Order On Phone

How do i align my contacts in alphabetical order on the galaxy s? They are aligned by the letter of the first name, i would like to change that, how?

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Samsung Moment - Phone Suddenly Turns Itself Off / Fix It

For the last couple of days my phone will turn itself off. I hit the start button and it powers back on. I thought that it may be because the battery was low, but the battery shows green. It restarts fine. This has happened when i have been using it and it happened today when my co-worker was checking it out. I am very careful with any apps that i install.

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Youmail Contact List Is Filled With Unwanted Contacts - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

What's with my contacts now being filled with garbage from youmail? Quite annoying. I uploaded y contacts to youmail in an attempt to rectify this but all that did was make my contacts list even more messy. How do you properly manage this?

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"all Contacts" Choice Does Not Display All On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

This is kind of strange. I've searched but have not seen an answer to this issue. I am running straight 4. 0. 2. I have contacts under a gmail account and some under a corporate exchange account. The strange thing is when i choose "all contacts" it only lists like a third of my contacts based on the count at the top! However i found if i go into "customize" and check all the categories on both accounts, it does display all my contacts!

I tried to look at a few of the entries that only display when i choose customize and upon editing them, everything looks "normal". For example it would show it belongs to the gmail account, etc. I absolutely understand if i select each account individually, the total might not add up due to android joining certain contacts. But that is not what i am talking about here. But based on looking at this, there seem to be numerous google contacts that list under customize that do not under "all contacts" nor when just google is selected. Is there a cache file or something that can be deleted and force it re rebuild? Is this a "known issue" that i just did not find?

Another clue or bad side affect. The contacts "search" does not find any contacts that do not show up in the "all contacts" view. Even they they are clearly there in the "custom" view. If i call one of the "there but not there" contacts, it does show up on the favorites tab. I've resorted and rebooted but no change. I guess i can live with it, however i lose my custom categories. Wouldn't mind fixing it. Any ideas?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Get Contacts On Phone

I have a palm pre and would love to move the contact over? Any suggestions on how i can do that?

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Samsung Moment - Not Able To Add Contacts Through Phone / What To Do

Sort of. I recently updated to 2. 1. Whenever i add a contact into the phone it says it is saved however it does not show up in the contacts list. I then have to physically go to gmail and move the newly stored contact over to "my contacts". Only then does the contact show up in my contact list on the phone.

This can be a real pain since i add people to my contacts almost daily and need to talk to them that same day. I can search under contacts and find their name and number through the phone that way, but it still wont show under contacts until i move it through gmail.

Has anyone else seen this issue before? If so is there a setting that i am missing that would allow me to add and view newly added contacts on my phone as soon as i add them?

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Samsung Captivate - How To Delete Contacts From Sim On A Phone

I am having problems with my contacts. Thread here. Not making a lot of progress.

One suggestion i read somewhere was to delete my contacts from the sim. But the contact management software on the phone only allows copy to/from the sim.

Anyone know how to delete contacts from the sim on a captivate?

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Htc Droid Eris - Suddenly Phone An Hour Ahead / Why Is So

Suddenly phone an hour ahead / why is so? Any ideas on why that would be?

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Motorola Droid - Phone Won't Boot Up After Suddenly Crashing / Am I Doing Something Wrong

Sometimes phone simply crashes for no reason i can figure and then when i put it on again the "m" comes up and just stays there. After some extended time (20 - 30 minutes) the phone final boots up. Right now its on the "m" and nothing has happened for one-hour. Do i simply have a defective phone or am i doing something wrong?

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Myplayer Disappeared Off Droid Market / Where To Get It

Myplayer has disappeared off android market, does anyone know anywhere else
I can download it from

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Phone Contacts Not Showing In Google Contacts

Just bought a vibrant about a week ago and noticed that my phone contacts are not syncing up to google.contacts sync down to the phone, but contacts i created (or had) in the phone's internal memory do not go up to google.

The touchwiz contact app is a total piece of **** (and the only thing i don't like about this phone which is awesome in every other way).google contacts don't sync down in their former groups and i don't see any way to add custom ring-tones or pictures if they are google contacts.

Been on with t-mobile about this, and all they said was reset my phone, which i did to no avail.

Am i the only one having this problem?

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Transfer Files From Phone While Phone Is Unresponsive - Samsung Galaxy S2

Basically when i turn my sgs2 on and enter the pattern lock many force close boxes appear and its impossible to get rid of these and i cannot access anything. I was told this is due to some problem with corrupt files/software or something, and the only way round it is hard reset(factory reset). So i was wondering if there are any tricks/tips or anything like that which will allow me to transfer my pictures/music. Kies wont work.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Best Way To Unlock Phone

Anybody have idea how to unlock phone easy safe way?

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How Do I Back Up The Phone ? Samsung Galaxy S2

Im still not sure if it's worth me doing ics (orange uk) upgrade, or even if i can yet but what i want to know sounds really thick. How do i back up the phone? I'm so untechy it's a miracle i can turn a smartphone on and off so any help will have to be a real. For dummies type answer. Is it possible to back it up so that i can just put everything back how it is now? I'd like my phone to stay the same to look at etc but have the new stuff in it.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Phone Close / Get It To Work

Yeah this last couple days haven't been so good freezing the hard rest got take battery out because it froze and today wake up with my phone not open wont even open had to put to charge . And the battery was full what gives? Any one else? I hope didn't over charge my battery already anyways this goes on have no choice but return this phone shame it sexy phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S - What Are Some Things Should Try When Root Phone

I have the vibrant, and i'm thinking about rooting it but i have not idea what to do after i do this. Are there themes i can download are there games i can have? I don't know what rooting is for apart from having total control of your phone.

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How To Get Samsung Apps Through Kies On To Galaxy S Phone ?

Can anyone tell me how to get samsung apps through kies on to my galaxy s phone in australia. When i try to, kies says that google's terms and condition do not allow it. Why would there be a stamp on the back of my galaxy s phone stating "google", when as far as i understand kies was made for samsung. Is there any way to download these samsung apps advertised on kies, into my galaxy s gt19000 phone? Any help or information would greatly be appreciated as i do not know much about phones ect.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Benefits For Rooting Phone

I am getting my galaxy on friday. I have read bits about rooting the phone, what will this do for the phone/is it worth doing/what are the benefits ?

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Can't Wakeup Phone Using Bluetooth - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have paired the phone with my bluetooth successfully and had used it a few times. The problem is when the phone is sleeping (i.e. Screen locked), i tried pressing the button on my bluetooth but it won't wake up the phone. I have to first unlock the screen and then place calls. This is very inconvenient when i was driving, and defeat the purpose of using the bluetooth. I have been using the iphone 4 before and it does not have this problem. When i press the button on the bluetooth, it wakes the phone up and activate voice command immediately, even when the screen is locked.

I have searched everywhere in the setting and can't find anything that allows me to do this. Your help would be appreciated for this noob.

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Phone Can't Be Turned On - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

My galaxy s2 was working just fine, i left it on the table and when i came back i couldn't turn it on, it's just a black screen. I've tried putting the battery in my friend's galaxy s2 and it works, so it's not the battery problem. Does anyone know how i can fix this?

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Samsung Galaxy S Phone Won't Charge

My charger isn't working anymore. I don't know whats the problem but i went to bell today (bell is a canadian store which sells the phone) and they said it's because i spilled water on the phone, which is why it's not working. Now this could be true because my phone fell and completely came apart at a club and the floor was sticky with booze, but that was last friday; it's been one whole week.

Should i trust the store? Is there anything i can do to fix this? I've tried charging on my laptop as well and that doesn't work either.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Make Ringtones For Phone Same As For Iphone

I'm so used to my iphone-how do u make ringtones for the galaxy is it the same as for the iphone make an aac file?

If not can i just use the ones i already have on my mac and drag them to my phone?

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Samsung Galaxy S2 - Cannot Restore Phone Data After Upgrade To 4.0.3

I have had 4 failed attempts or restore my phone data which i backed up with kies before i upgraded but on my phone i have my apps and pictures and i had to default phone and contact icons for my phone and contact icons so i replaced them with the phone icon and contact icon that was in my menu, but i didn't have all my contacts so i synced all my stuff from gmail on the phone and i have the missing numbers back, but i am still trying to complete my restore on kies just in case i haven't got everything i backed up, anyone had this problem?

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket - Phone Randomly Shutting Off

I had my 1st skyrocket for almost 2 weeks when i began getting random shutdowns. Sometimes i would have to pull the battery to get it to respond again & other times i would be able to get it to turn back on by pressing the power button for about 30sec. I took the phone back to the at&t shop where they were baffled but replaced the battery because that was the only issue they knew of. After a day or so, it began shutting off again. I returned to the store where they replaced the phone.

I have now had my 2nd phone for 2 days and it randomly shut down again this a. M. I love this phone but i am leary of keeping it in light of these issues and from the problems i have read from other owners on this forum. Has anyone had any luck in solving this issue? . Btw, the battery is charging/draining normally and i have only used the charger that came with the phone.

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How To Backup Phone With Broken Screen ? - Samsung Galaxy S

My screen broke, but it seems to be functional because i can hear alarm going off. I have a replacement phone (same model) but my yahoo email, gmail, photo, contacts, video, app, etc didn't transfer with sd card and sim card placement to new phone.

I want to .

1. Backup above items that are still on broken phone
2. Move the old data to new phone somehow
3. Delete old phone's data so that i can return it safely

Without seeing the screen it is impossible to do above things. Help please.

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Best Protective Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I have just bought a samsung galaxy nexus in australia and am looking at getting a phone case for it. I've had a bit of an internet search but can't find anything very conclusive on the most decent cases. Basically i'm looking for the best protective cases to minimize the damage impact on my phone in case i drop it. I'm also a little bit of a typical girl and am biased towards good-looking (maybe colorful) cases if possible. Any suggestions would be great.

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Edittext's Hint Disappeared When "input Type" Set / Solve It

Recently i've faced the following problem: i use edittext widget on my "log in" screen. I use edittext's "hint" property to label that field . But when i set "input type" property, for example, to "typepassword" (for password fields), the actual "hint" is disappearing from edittext. In eclipse's ui editor everithing is ok, this bug appears only when i start emulator. I use sdk 1. 5 on mac. Have somebody faced the same issue? Can you reproduce the behavior on your systems? What am i doing wrong?

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