Access Outlook App On Htc Desire S

How can i access the outlook web app on my htc desire s? It would really useful if i could access my university emails on my phone on the go but for some reason the site never loads once i log in.

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Htc Desire - How To Access Service Menu

Was playing with my galaxy (maybe for the last time hehe) just wondered if anyone knows how to access service menu as us galaxy users had alot of access to various service menues:
Galaxy - mobileswiki

So the only ones i found working are:
*#*#4636#*#* for battery and other general info
*#*#8255#*#* for gtalk service monitor

So my question is does anyone know of any other codes like touchscreen access and other. Would be very interesting for me to compare to the galaxy.
Or did htc or google hide them away from users and only weird samsung coders forgot to do that

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Htc Desire - Can't Access Droid Market / What To Do

I've had my phone since yesterday. Been using the market fine. As of 1pmish today i can't seem to access it. I keep getting an error message "access blocked sorry, your wireless account does not have permission to access this application"

I selected more info, and it sent me to t-mobile content lock (age 18+)
I called tmobile and had it turned off, but its still not working!

Any suggestions?

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Motorola Droid X - App That Synchs To Outlook Task List

I just got a droid x, and live by my task list in outlook. I can't find a way to synch to any task list on the droid. Am looking for a simple one. As my task list is not synched to my calendar. It's just a list of everything in the world that i have to do, and i need it.

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Htc Incredible Doesn't Do Outlook Syncing Natively

I currently have a blackberry on verizon, but i'm sick of paying $45 for the data plan, and i'm sick of the blackberry os. I want to switch to the htc incredible, but i have a few concerns. I know android doesn't do outlook syncing natively, and i am not interested in importing my outlook contacts into gmail - are there any apps that will allow me to sync my outlook contacts into the phone?

With my blackberry, i need to have to more expensive data plan because my work email accounts would not function correctly with the less expensive plan. I can not use pop3 on these accounts - will the android os allow me to fully configure my imap email accounts correctly?

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App That I Can Use To Access Market

I am new to the forum. I recently bought one of the chinese android devices available on ebay similar to the ipad. It came configured with an app store with most of the apps in chinese. The problem is there is no access to the android market. Does anyone know of an app that i can use to access that? Also, is there any way to download apps that are shown on this website other than thru the android market? The device has a browser and connects to the internet thru my local wireless network.

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Htc Magic - Exchange Activesync - Wirelessly Sync Emails Contacts Tasks And Calendar Entries With Outlook

I have the rogers branded version of the magic and i was thinking about setting up a hosted exchange account. Can anyone comment on how well or how poorly exchange accounts work with the magic? I just want to be able to easily and wirelessly sync my emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar entries with outlook.

I have been using many different nokia phones over the last couple of years and i really liked that i could just enter the server details and within a few minutes of starting a new phone i could have all of my pim info loaded. Is there an option to only sync every 15min, or 30 min if i am trying to save battery life?

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App To Access A Sound File Sent To Card From Messaging

Does anyone know of an app that will allow me to access a sound file that was sent to the card from messaging? I was able to save it but can't access it.

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Htc Droid Eris - Setup Different Contact Lists Within Outlook To Keep Lists Separate?

My wife and i both have smart phones. She has a motorola q9c and i have an eris (2. 1v3, which has been running great with only the one or two bars issue, but that¿½s another post). The problem is that both phones want to use the same contacts list from outlook. So i end up with contacts of hers that i don't want and she has some of mine that she doesn't want. Is there a way to set up different contact lists within outlook to keep our lists separate?

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Can't Ping - Access Local Resources / Make This Openvpn App Work

I have installed the openvpn installer and settings apps. I can connect to my network, i just can't ping or access the local resources. Does anyone have any tips on making this openvpn app work?

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App Couldn't Access To Web Service - Deploy It On Google Droid G1 Phone

I actually want to deploy my app on a real phone after deploying it on a an emulator. The problem is that i access to a web service (.net) hosted on my machine , i used the address 10. 0. 2. 2 to test it on emulator and everythg went well, when i install my app on my htc i couldn't access to my web service, i tried to change the address by using a real machine ip connected to a lan but it didn't work!

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Htc Desire - Best Cinema App

I was just wondering which was the best cinema showtimes app available for the desire?I've had a look at the orange wednesdays app (although i'm on o2! - Not sure if this makes a difference!) And its great except for when i click on the film i want to see, it brings up those cinemas closest but it doesnt list all the showtimes (only a few then runs out of space!) And if i click on the cinema itself it just takes me to the cinema details (address, phone number etc!)

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Htc Desire - Looking For Keylogger App For Phone

I am looking for a keylogger app that will record all stokes and passwords on my htc desire android phone.

Similar to aobo keylogger for mac or spector for the pc.

Does this exist?

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Htc Desire - Want App That Makes Pizza

How about an app that makes pizza?

Seems like my desire can do everything else, and i'm hungry.

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Htc Desire - App To Use Wifi Without Sim Card

I am wondering if i buy htc desire or not.
It is coming out on april 27th in japan.
I have contacted with the supplier, softbank, to ask a question if it is possible to use wifi without sim card. And they said it is not possible.
So, i wonder is there any application which i can download from the market to let it possible to use wifi without sim card.

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Htc Desire - Possible To Not Display Certain Pictures In N1 Gallery App / How To Do

I was wondering if it was possible to not display certain pictures in the n1 gallery app. Currently it displays my album art aswell (all in different maps so it gets annoying). And i was wondering if there is a fix for this 'issue'

Now as far as the launcher goes, i've heard that i runs alongside htc sence. Well i don't know if it has been tested thoroughly by those people because it does not on my desire. (Used a link posted by lekky).could be that i'm doing something wrong but for the time being it replaces the sense ui on my phone to the stock android ui

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Htc Desire - Need Journal App For A Project I Will Be Undertaking

Need some sort of journal app for a project i will be undertaking.

Preferably it will be able to split down into days and times

The free-er the better although not adverse to paying a couple of quid.

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Htc Desire - Which Car Dock App For Phone

So there's no navipanel on 2. 2 so i won't be wasting ¿½50 buying the official htc car dock for the desire. I'll be buying a cheap and cheerful car windscreen mount for my desire but need a car dock app that is visually clear, uncluttered and easy to use, and one i can launch with a single click from my home page.

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Htc Desire - Skype App Keeps Growing / Fix It

I've noticed that the size of my skype application keeps growing. Is anyone else having this issue. I can't see any settings to reduce the amount of old messages stored which i'm guessing is the issue.

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Desire - Htc Storage Keep On Reduce Although I Never Install Any App / Why Is So

Why is my phone storage keep on reduce although i never install any application?And how to change application storage from phone to sd card?Can any1 here help me?Thx.

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Outlook Sync Calendars

I am looking for a solution that will sync my calendars at work with personal calendars. My problem is that my company's it policies are, to put it mildly, overbearing. So any solution that involves installing a program on my desktop to sync my work calendar (outlook) with my personal calendar (google) is not a solution at all. Does anyone know of an app that will sync the two from my phone or is it really impossible?

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Htc Desire - App To Use A Numeric Password To Lock Phone

Has anybody found an app that will just let me use a numeric password to lock my desire?

Pattern lock is a great idea, but you end up with the pattern being visible if you don't wipe it down all the time, and that drives me crazy!

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Htc Desire - World Clock App From Market For Phone

Can anyone recommend a quality world clock app from the market for the desire?

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Htc Desire - App Which Allows To Have A Clock Running On Screen While On Sleep

Is there an application which allows to have a clock running on the screen while on sleep?

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Htc Desire - App To Turn Wifi On / Off When I Get Home - Work

Location based wifi? As in it will turn the wifi on/off when i get home/work etc?

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Htc Desire - Make App That Controls Sony Ps3

To make an app that controls the sony ps3? It would be cool if i could control the dvd / blurry function my phone and also turn it on and off.

As the pd3 is blue tooth, it would seem technically possible.guess sony would not allow it though.

On a side note, wish mobile makers would incorporate ir tech too. Would be good to use smart phones as a dedicated remote control, all in one device.

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Htc Desire - Any Free App That Can Use In Uk To Know Train Times And Schedule

Just wondering if anyone knows of any free app that i can use in the uk to know train times and schedules. I found the national rail one which cost ¿½4. 99 but on the iphone there is a trainline one which is free and i cant seem to find it

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Cannot Download Outlook Contacts To Droid

I cannot download my outlook contacts to the phone. I searched the forums and found out i had to pull my notification bar down. The phone seems to show that it's connected validly (my option is to "turn off usb storage). But, when i get through the process to tell the computer to export files to drive l, the usb into which i've plugged the phone, it's only letting me download to something called a backup folder on the phone. I've got a million contacts & i gotta get this right.

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Outlook Custom Ringtones Not Working

I have 100% of my contacts stored in outlook on my pc and have successfully sync'd with my samsung vibrant. The problem is that i cant find where to add a custom ring tone for certain callers. Ie: custom ringtone for boss, family, friends, etc. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Sync Galaxy S Phone With Outlook

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to sync my phone with my outlook accounts please.

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