Calendar Doesn't Push / What To Do

I use google calendar and have sync enabled. How come the calendar doesn't push? I deleted an event that was on my google calendar from my desktop and it didn't push that deletion to my evo. I finally noticed about 15 minutes later that it was gone and when i went into check the sync data for calendar, it synced itself about 15 minutes after its previous sync.

It seems to update itself every 15 minutes rather than push.

Is this true? I don't want to have to hit "refresh" on my calendar whenever i make an entry either on my evo or on my desktop.

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Wap Push Not Working

I am trying to get wap push working. When i send the push message to the device i see this in the logcat

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Instant Push Notifications

Why doesn't android have instant push notifications like iphone and some others. This has prob been asked many times. Im just curious to why the iphone gets instant push notifications? Facebook, twitter, instagram are usually instant once they get a update/tweet, etc. Like why is the facebook app only allow 10min intervals? Even friendcasters push notification is slowly sucking. And my twitter app is 1 min intervals but eats battery faster with it that low. Gmail is the only thing i know thats instant. Im just curious to if its the os or apps?

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How To Programatically Push My App To Run In Background

How can we programatically push our app to run in background? I am doing one browser app. And when i am directly launching my application and clicking back key . It will show in the list of background running process. At this time category is "category_launcher" but at the same time if we try to run same app via third party app. And then clicking back key, its not showing in the list of background running process. Here the category is "category_browsable". And its not displaying in the list of running process. I noticed that the same behaviour in default android browser. But is their any way to make my app to run in background by clicking back key without killing my application?

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Apps Similar To 100 Push-ups

I have downloaded all the apps for exercise but they all want you to use weights. Are there any apps similar to this one hundred push ups.

Notice they also make an iphone app for it

Anything similar for android?

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Icon Won't Push To Right / Fix It

I am facing a small issue. In the picture below

I have this icon on the right, the problem is i would like for it to be completely on the right side but after having played with the width and alignment it just wont go to the right. If i try to change the width it just disappears if i increase more than 10 px and the alignment wont make a difference neither does padding. Can anyone help me identify the problem. Here is the xml file code.

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K-9 Email - Set Ping Time For Imap Idle - Push

I use k-9 email on a motorola milestone (android 2. 0). Is there a way to set the ping time to keep the imap idle connection alive for push email? If there isn't, what is the standard setting?

My imap server allows ping every 60 minutes for imap idle; i'd like to set it this way as i understand it should improve battery life. At least that's what i experienced with profimail (which lets you customize this setting) on my nokia.

Any idea how much battery imap idle drains vs polling the mail server every, say, 5 or 10 minutes?

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Htc Evo 4g - Can't Push Files Using Adb / Fix It

First, i'm not rooted. I don't need root to push files using adb though. I'm trying to push a file to "system/app" using adb but i keep getting "permission denied". I've read countless threads and still cant get it.

I can get everything started, f:android sdkools
F: adb devices

Than it list my devices. Than i type in

F:adb shell and i get a "$" sign.

Anything i type after that i get permission denied.

I tried adb push [insert file here] /system/app i get

"Adb: permission denied. "

I tried adb remount, i get 'adb: permission denied"

Here is my log:


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Htc Evo 4g - No Error Device When Try To Push Flash_image Over Phone / What To Do

When i try to push the flash_image over it just says error device not found. Whats going on here. I have been following the directions to a tee but i don't know what the deal is.

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Droid Supports Wap Push Sms / Api To Achieve This Functionality

Is android supports wap push sms ? If so what is the api to achieve this functionality

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Push Email Support For Personal Domains - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I need to check a few of my email accounts daily, and so push email is important to me. I used to be a strict bb user, until i made the switch over to apple this past summer, confused about the fact that iphones don't support push email for all types of email accounts. I have a few personal accounts that i have to keep a track of which are tied to websites i own - so they're not your common hotmail/gmail/yahoo account. My iphone that i've been using for the last six months hasn't given me the support i need and while it is still a pretty good phone i'm thinking about making the switch to android after playing with my buddy's gnex today. I love the bigger screen, i like the ui, it just seems like a solid device.

What i want to know is will the galaxy nexus be able to support push email for these kinds of email accounts? I set up his hotmail account on his phone today, set it to push and sent him sent some test emails. It worked perfectly. That's already a step up from the iphone, since hotmail doesn't even push on that. But does anyone have any knowledge on whether your personal hosted email accounts will be supported with push?

Edit: i'm aware i can forward those email accounts to like a hotmail or gmail account, but i'd really like to avoid that all together. Also, anyone know the maximum number of email accounts that can be configured on the gnex?

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Won't Go To Sleep When I Push Button / Fix It

My htc evo will not sleep even when i push the on/off button. This is a brand new problem for me and was hoping someone would have a fix for it.

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Htc Droid - Eris Calender Syncing Error - Can't Turn It Off With One Push / Fix It?

I can't turn it off with one push like i can with wi-fi, gps, and bluetooth.

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How To Push Application Package To Emulator 'system / App' Folder

How can i push my application package to android emulator "/system/app" folder?I've already tried to use:
"Adb push myapk.apk /system/app" and it gives me this:"failed to copy: . No space left on device. " Although from settings -> sdcard & phone storage, i get 37mb of internal free space. The whole point of this need is related to permissions. I need to have install_packages permission and i know that by puting my application there, in /system/app, i get that permission.

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Launching Calendar In Agendaview

Is there working way of launching calendar app in agenda view beside setclassname(" Calendar", " Calendar. Agendaview"); which seem to work on 2. 1 but people on earlier versions report it does not and also froyo reports

Unable to find explicit activity class { Calendar/ Calendar. Agendaactivity}; have you declared this activity in your androidmanifest.xml?

I checked git repo and agendaactivity is exported.

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Google Calendar Permission

I am using google-api-client to access google calendar.

Following are the permissions in my manifest file.


But i am getting such a warning message on the first run:

The following one or more applications request permission to access your account, now and in the future.

Google calendar

Do you want to allow this request?


Is there a way to avoid this message?

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Where To Get Calendar Source Code

From where i get android 1. 5 and 1. 6 calendar source code.

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Populate A Gridview For A Calendar

I have a 7x6 grid. Here i have to populate the calendar for the selected month.
I have date, month and year. With the help of these value is it possible to populate my grid view with the help of any algorithm? Same like this

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Activesync And Exchange Calendar

Having a bit of an issue trying to set up my wife's new vzw lg ally. It runs android 2. 1 for those that don't know. I am trying to get it to sync with an exchange accout. It works fine for email and contacts but won't sync at all with the exchange calendar. It says "sync error - sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly. " This message never goes away unless i turn off syncing the exchange calendar. Everthing else seems to sync fine regardless of this message.

I have tried to remove syncing the google calendar with no luck. I know i can use tounchdown since i am using it on my hacked tp2 android with the same exchange server, but really wan't to use the stock stuff. It seems like it should be an 'easy' fix since i am not having problems syncing contacts or emails. Btw - this is with an exchange 2003 sp2 server.

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Any Way To Set Default Calendar

I've been using jorte, and like it, but i seem to have some across a deal-breaker. When entering an appointment from the phone, if you just click on "new event", key in the event, and press "done" it puts the event into "my calendar" by default. "My calendar" seems to be something stored only on the phone. It doesn't sync with google. To get the event into your google calendar you have to press "show details" and select the relevant calendar from the drop down list under "calendar. "The problem is

(A) it's very easy to forget to do this when quickly entering an appointment, meaning that your new event will be in the wrong calandar and will not sync;
(B) there is no way of going back into the event and telling which calendar it has been assigned to; and
(C) even if you realise that you've put the event in the wrong calendar there is no way of going back in and changing it to a different one. You just have to delete it (together with any details or repeat information) and start again from scratch.

This is driving me a bit mad, because i keep finding the odd event which is not coming up on my google calendar online for this reason, and i can't afford for this to happen, so i will need to drop jorte unless i can find a solution. Is my analysis above correct, or am i missing something? To solve this there needs to be a way of setting the calendar which new events get dumped to by default, and also a way of easily changing events from one calendar to another without deleting them.

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Ideas - Google Calendar Templates

Not sure if this exist, and when it does kindly provide me the name of the app. What i would love have is an app which allows me to define text templates which can be selected for use in google calendar on my android device (v2. 2). I got around 6 different types of appointments i enter frequently, so selecting pre-defined texts would save me, and i suppose others as well, a lot of time.

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Calendar Force Close Issues

I have an htc eris that is running droid os 1. 5. I use the htc calendar app. It is awesome and the main reason i bought the phone. I use a google calendar for work and home. Lately it force closes like three times daily. If it was a 3rd party app i could just uninstall and reinstall but because it is an htc product that is not an option. Can anyone help me out?

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Active Calendar App On Emulator

I am trying to use calendar.apk in the emulator on a windows xp system. The sdk version i am using is 1. 1r1. However, the calendar app will always go away with a message "your events will appear shortly". My guess is that the app is bound with google account so i go to "setup"->"data synchronization". Once i click the "data synchronization", i got a failure reading "the application google apps (process Process. Gapps) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again". By check logcat output, i got the following(see the msg at the end). Anybody can help me out how to install the app/service or configure the service or activate the signin service so that i can use calendar on emulator?


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Calendar Notification Does Not Turn On Screen

Calendar notifications sound the alarm, but the screen remains black. When i receive an sms, the screen briefly turns on to display the message - it seems to me that the calendar should do the same thing.
(In any case, that's what i'm used to from my palm, mumble-grumble! )

Is this normal behaviour, or have i accidentally set a dumb option somewhere? I've searched everywhere. Do i need a 3rd-party app, and if so, which one?

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How To Add Data To Google Calendar Programmatically

I need to add particulars to google calendar from my application. Is it possible to add data to google calendar?

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Calendar Not Setting Repetitive Event Properly / Way Around This

I am using a droid incredible and i wanted to put it some family members into my calendar with a yearly repeat. When i set up the event, the repetitive events all fall on the day before they are supposed to, even though when i edit the event it says the right date. Anyone know a way around this issue/is this documented anywhere else?

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How To Create Full Functionality Of Calendar In Droid

It seems android calendar api is not available. Can you please give me some tips and tricks for creating a similar thing. Just like creating events, meeting, birthday etc. And also notification when the event occurs. And also layout should be similar to-our in-built calendar give me some ideas or hint about look and logic?

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Who Has Experience Of Syncing With Lotusnote Calendar And Mail

Anyone out there who has experience of syncing with lotusnote calendar and mail?

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Lg Ally - Get Outlook Calendar To Sync To Phone

I am trying to get my outlook calendar to sync to my phone. I cannot figure out how to work it and the email for my outlook is a whole different story. It says "application email ( Email) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again" every time i try to open and email.

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Unable To Edit An Appointment That Already Was In Calendar / Solution For This

I use a htc hero (not rooted), have just updated the rom and have encountered the following problem when using the otherwise excellent calendar pad widget by moaiapps :

-I cannot edit an appointment that already was in the calendar. If i select an appointment, i can open it, but the menu key will not give me the edit option, only send vcalendar and delete . This seems to affect appointments that were on the android before the update.

-If i add a new appointment on the android, i can later select it and edit it, the edit option appears as it should.

I have found a workaround, but it is really cumbersome: use the "standard" calendar app from android or sense, then select the appointment and with long press i'll get the edit option.

Anyone else here with the same problem? Or even better, with a solution?

I have updated to the latest calendar pad (1. 1. 2-free), but it doesnt solve the problem.

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