Motorola Droid 2 - Keep Things To Landscape As Default

I would love to use my d2 in landscape mode all the time. I use dxtop for my launcher so i can force that to landscape easily. Many of the apps and games i use are landscape anyway. My question is about the lock screen. I know the lock screen does operate in landscape mode (with the keyboard open), but when i close the keyboard it goes back to portrait. Is there any way for me to keep things landscape as the default?

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Motorola Droid X - Stock Ui Landscape

Does the droid x stock ui go into landscape mode at all?

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Motorola Droid X - Slow When Texting / Screen Wont Go Into Landscape Mode

Did a hard reset n phone went to ***. Slow when texting. Screen wont go into landscape mode.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Need Default Android Restriction Password

Just got a new droid 2 and when i go into the settings of the menu that require a restriction password (in location and security) i have no idea what it is and never set anything like that up. Is there a default android restriction password that i don't know about?

Posted On: 08-17-2010, 07:08 PM . View Related Posts . . View 1 Replies .

Motorola Droid X - Sending Default Notification Sound

My gf has the fascinate, and heard the notification sound "bell" or "bells" that the x has. (Not the bike bell) shes been trying to find away to get a hold of it. Any of you guys have any idea? Or can someone post it?

Posted On: 09-26-2010, 08:48 PM . View Related Posts . . View 1 Replies .

Motorola Droid - Default Home Screen Forcer Closing / Fix It

Does anyone else have the problem of the default home screen force closing all the time? It's been happening alot after the 2. 1 update and it's getting annoying. I dnt have live wallpaper on so that couldnt be the issue.
How do you fix this?

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Htc Droid Eris - App On Market That Has Several Things Like (dings, Blips) For Ringtones

I'm not into song ringtones but do like different dings, blips, etc. Is there any app on the market that has several things like this for ringtones?

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Droid Widget Stops Working When View Changes From Potrait To Landscape / Fix It

My widget stops working (becomes unresponsive to a button press) when the view changes from portrait to landscape or vica versa, does anyone know why it does this and if there is a fix?

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Htc Droid Eris - Phone Screens Autodims When In Landscape / Fix It

My eris has all of a sudden starting to turn off the screen when placed in landscape mode. It dims and then goes dark but is working perfectly in portrait mode. Any ideas?

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Things Turning On In Night / What To Do

I am using a htc magic and recently various programs are turning on and using all my battery power. I recharged my phone for 8pm last night and woke up to a phone with no power at 5am plugged in and loads of stuff i rarely use was on ( i do have a task kill program which i use before bed).

What else can i do ?

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Samsung Galaxy S - What Are Some Things Should Try When Root Phone

I have the vibrant, and i'm thinking about rooting it but i have not idea what to do after i do this. Are there themes i can download are there games i can have? I don't know what rooting is for apart from having total control of your phone.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Cut And Paste Certain Things But Not Others On Phone

Hey. I just switched from a black berry bold to my new epic. On my old phone i was able to cut and paste any text (read only and input). On my epic i've figured out how to cut and paste certain things but not others. For example i cannot read an e-mail and then cut and paste something from that e-mail to an input field somewhere else. On the black berry it was as easy as holding down the shift key and using the arrows keys to select the text. This does not seem to be an option with text in received e-mails that are read only.

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Htc Evo 4g - Pick Up New Phone - Some Of First Things To Do Once I Get It Other Than Enjoy

What are some of the first things i should do once i get it? Other than enjoy it.

I don't want to come across like somebody that just wants to mod it as soon as i get it. But that is just my nature.

What are some of the "must do's" once i get it?

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Draw Fullscreen Alpha-image Too Slow / Speed Things Up

What i'm trying to achieve is quite simple: i want to draw a fullscreen image (rgb_565). On top of it, i'd like to draw a fullscreen image with an alpha channel. My problem is that i get terrible performance, around 30 fps. Is there any way to speed things up? I use a htc hero, shouldn't the hardware be capable of faster rendering? (Without opengl).

Posted On: Dec 15 2009 . View Related Posts . . View 2 Replies .

Htc Evo 4g - List Of Important Things To Write Down Before Resetting

Hi guys. So i'm going to root my phone, and to avoid any complications at all, i think i'm going to factory reset my phone. I heard that some apps (ie dropbox) can interfere with the root process so i'm just doing this so i don't get any complications. I'm making a list of all the things i should write down from my phone before i reset it.

So far, i have:

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Htc Eris - Remove Apk Files For Things I Dont Use

Stocks and other things i don't use id like to remove from the rom im using. Im not trying to steal the rom and i wont upload it anywhere. Im using gridlocks vanilla droid, how do i delete the apk's and not have a problem with those files not being in the rom?

Posted On: 04-14-2010, 01:38 AM . View Related Posts . . View 14 Replies .

Htc Evo 4g - Better App For Transferring Music , Photos And Other Things Off Phone

So i have been going nuts with my evo and thanks for all the great information on these forms. I have installed the htc sync program which sucks imo. There must be a better application for transferring music, photos and other things off my evo?

Posted On: 06-21-2010, 02:36 PM . View Related Posts . . View 8 Replies .

Samsung I7500 - Disable Internet _ Syncing Of Things Like Calendar And Contacts

Can i disable the internet or syncing of things like calendar and contacts?

My internet access is very expensive so i'd like to control when it's on or off.

Posted On: 03-18-2010, 04:19 AM . View Related Posts . . View 15 Replies .

Landscape Keyboard Lag

So this has been the biggest issue for me so far with my android device, and it has been a problem in every rom that i have tried. I am a pretty fast typer, but not too crazy and it doesn't matter where i am typing or what application i am in, but there is a significant lag in the landscape keyboard all the time. The portrait works fantastic with no problems. I have sound and vibration turned off.

Any suggestions? (Btw, i have a mt3g. . And again. This has happened on every rom that i have tried and i have tried most of the latest roms that have been posted over the last 3 weeks or so)

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2-thumbed Swype In Landscape

This may really be a dumb question, but is swype even meant to be used in landscape mode? I've recently tried swype to see what all the hype was about. In portrait mode, i can see the advantages; it's actually pretty fast for me. However, i can't seem to wrap my brain around using it in landscape mode with 2 thumbs like on a conventional keyboard. I've tried, but, well. It's a mess.

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Motorola Milestone - Can't Get Default Tether To Work On 2.2.1 / Troubleshoot These Errors

Recently i upgraded to g. O. T 2. 2. 1 with cm6 for my milestone. I am wanting to try out the default 3g mobile hotspot and usb tether setting. But i'm having problems.

3g mobile hotspot: it tells me "cannot setup data link. "

Usb tether: my computer does not seem to have rndis drivers. I have read and understand i needed to install windows mobile device centre (i am on windows vista). I did but still cannot find the drivers for: rndis ethernet data and remote ndis based internet sharing device.

How can i go about troubleshooting these errors? I know i can use other 3rd party app to do tethering, but i'm hoping these default stock one will be able to do its job so i don't need more apps install.

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Apply Scroll Through Activity When It In Landscape Mode

How to scroll through activity when activity is in landscape mode, scenario: my textview has around thousand words and few buttons, how to apply scroll to this when activity is in landscape mode

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How To Know The Device State - Landscape/portrait - Programatically

I want to know the device state programmatically.

I mean whether the device is in portrait mode or in landscape mode by programming (in a class which extends the activity).

Posted On: Nov 5 2009 . View Related Posts . . View 4 Replies .

Dynamic Views Removed When Switching To Landscape / Keep Them

I thought i already posted this question but i can't find it so i ask again

I add dynamically some views to my main view with addview(). When the phone goes to landscape mode, these views are no longer on the screen.

I believe that's because the main.xml file is reloaded so all the views that are not described in the xml are gone.

Is there a nice way to keep the same view hierarchy when going to landscape mode and not lose the views added dynamically?

Posted On: Jan 27 . View Related Posts . . View 3 Replies .

Want Soft Keyboard When Mobile In Landscape / Way To Set It

In my application i want soft keyboard when emulator is in landscape mode only. If mobile is in portrait mode i want to use keyboard which was designed by me, give me some suggestions for this.

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Get Default Fonts Properties On Droid

I need to draw some text on my canvas, and i'd really avoid hardcoding some particular text size.

Is there some standard way to find a default text size (and other properties) used in the os?

So far i found only textview. Settextattributes(context, resid) to which i can pass Attr. Textappearance.

But the thing is that i don't want to create a textview - i just have a canvas and i want to draw text in it using default font. Is it possible?

Posted On: Feb 8 at 13:04 . View Related Posts . . View 1 Replies .

Change Image Onconfigurationchanged With Its Corresponding Drawable For Landscape Mode

Is there a way to change imageview drawable with its corresponding drawable for landscape mode without destroying the whole activity. I tried to set the drawable again in onconfigurationchanged callback but it doesn't work. Something like this code.

When i star the activity in landscape mode to correct drawable is displayed so resources are located correctly.

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Use Droid Default Font Sizes In Xml

How do you use the android default font sizes in xml?

I tried: code.

But i get error code.

Posted On: Aug 4 at 11:46 . View Related Posts . . View 1 Replies .

Best Sms App That's Not Default Texting For Droid

I'm sure this question has been asked in the past, but i was wondering what everyone thought was the best sms app that's not the default texting app for android.

Posted On: 11-19-2010, 04:27 PM . View Related Posts . . View 2 Replies .

Update Droid Default Database Table Schema

May we have rights to update the android database table schema such like people, organization, calendar, events. I want to add triggers on the update, delete and insert of the above mention tables.

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