Motorola Droid X - Can't Add Numbers To Speed Dial After Froyo 2.2 / Fix It

Can't add contacts phone numbers to speed dial now. After installing froyo. Either from pressing the number down, or going through the menu. Can some other people try, so we can see if this is a common issue?

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Htc Droid Eris - Delete Google Voice / Can't Remove Number 1 From Speed Dial / Fix It

I got google voice and want to get rid of it. I unistalled the app on my phone and deactivated on on line. However, my # 1 speed dial is stuck with the google voice mail number instead of *86 for verizon's voice mail number. I can edit/delete any speed dial i want except for #1. Anyone know how i can fix this?

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Personalize Ringtones And Set Up Speed Dial

Ok so i have my new droid and well im a bit over whelmed, ive looked thru several post and cant seem to find out how to or if you can personalize ringtones and set up speed dial, any one know were or how i can do this ?

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Handcent - Can't Seem To Send Mms Messages - Cannot Assign A Speed Dial To Dialer One

1) i can't seem to send mms messages now i'm using handcent. Any ideas what might have happened there? They're not even sending now i've stopped using it - should i uninstall completely?

2) i cannot assign a speed dial to dialer one. It just says there aren't any present, and i can add via the context menu - i try, but it doesn't seem to recognise that i have.

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Motorola Droid - Can't Delete Numbers From Dialpad While In Call - No Backspace / Fix It

Has anyone noticed that there isn't a key to delete numbers from the dialpad screen while in a call. There is no backspace. I have found with some calls that if i don't clear the dialpad between typing in menu numbers or credit card numbers etc that the company i am talking to takes all the residual numbers on the screen as part of the number too.consequently i sometimes have to backspace/delete the previous entries before making a new entry. Cant do that now. The droid doesn't have a delete button for the dial up pad while in call.

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Motorola Droid X - Cannot Receive - Make Calls After Froyo Update / Fix It

I have had a few issues with calls since the froyo update. Occasionally, i cannot receive calls or make calls. Everything seems to be working fine, like if i am receiving the call i can choose to answer it and the call time counts up like the call is connected but i cannot hear anything and neither can the person calling me. The same thing happens when i make the call, it seems to connect and the call time starts counting up but it never rings. When i restart the phone the problem goes away. Has anyone had the same issue/know how to fix it?

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Motorola Droid - Unable To Add Contacts Directly To Phone / Fix It

I have been able to sync my contacts from my gmail to my droid with no problem. But i am unable to add a contact to my phone directly. It takes all the information and goes all the way thru the process but when i am done. No new contact. I can add a contact to my gmail account and it is on my phone almost instantly. Any ideas?

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Htc Desire - Add Sim Numbers For People Widget In Groups

How do i add more people to the widget? All i get is some random contacts out of 250, and it seems it's just those with an email. How do i add sim numbers for the people widget in groups? It's so annoying

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Motorola Droid X - Use Moto Onetouch Dial With Launcher Pro

Is there a way to use the moto onetouch dial with launcher pro. I know i can not resize it but i am looking for a way to set a few favorite people so i can one touch dial. There might be an app for it as well. I know the paid version of launcher pro has the fav people widget.

What is everyone using?

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Motorola Droid - Keyboard Not Letting Me Enter Numbers / Get It To Work

Sometimes the keyboard will not let me enter numbers. For example, entering "alt q" yields "!" Instead of the number "1. "Any ideas? Yes my fingers are large, but this malfunction is really happening, but not all the time.

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Samsung Moment - Phone During Calls Randomly Vibrate And Enter Numbers / Fix It

My moment during calls will randomly vibrate and enter
Numbers. When you have to dial an extension it will always enter extra number
On its own?

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Can't Add More Than One Line (overlay) To Droid Google-map / What To Fix It

I'm having problems with adding lines to the map in my android project. Basically, when i want to draw lines from point a to point b android is painting them just fine, but when i want to add another line later (say from point b to point c) android is removing the old line and drawing a new one. I guess it has something to do with collections because i'm using the itemizedoverlay class to collect all markers and it seems to work, but how to do the same with lines or anything else i would like to draw? How to prevent android from refreshing the map? Itemizedoverlays seems to do the trick, but only with markers/drawables.

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Nexus - 3g Speed Dropped From .73mbps To .47mbps After Install A Custom Rom / Fix It

I've noticed that after i install a custom rom, my 3g speed dropped from . 73 mbps to . 47mbps. I know it's not that big of a difference, but i just wanna know if this is in fact confirmed.

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Froyo On The Motorola Droid

Pictures emerged a short while ago of froyo runni98ng on the motorola droid. We already received confirmation from motorola that the droid would indeed receive the update to android 2. 2 but none of thought it would come this soon. Ok, this is by no means an official update running on this droid, in fact it may not be froyo at all.

It?S possible that 2. 2 have been ported to the droid but in all likelihood this is made from the sdk image. Or, could just be some a complete hoax. Those of us that are familiar with modding could easily replicate the information on the picture above with a few build. Pro edits. And for some reason there are no pictures of the updated home screen on this droid.

Another thing that kills this hoax is the linpack score posted by droid-life. I?Ve seen over clocked droid?S output those same exact numbers. Those of us with froyo and a little bit of knowledge about how linpack scores works know that the droid would output numbers double of what?S depicted in that screenshot. Hopefully this is an extremely early froyo on the droid and it gets leaked soon but for now this is nothing more than hoax until something solid surfaces.

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Froyo On Motorola Droid

I hate it that there are too many phones called the droid. Here are a few experiences that i would like to share after the froyo update happened on my droid.

The swype keyboard stopped working. Luckily someone on this forum posted a link for me which allowed me to get it back to working status.

An app i used called "fun puns" has now hung up several times, sometimes causing the phone to hang up. I suspect something in my phone has been affected. I plan to uninstall the app.

Two of my browsers skyfire & dolphin have developed a strange quirk. When i click a button, the touch screen seems to highlight the click a few pixels above the button. Not right on it. This is something i can live with for a button, but for a drop down list, it makes things confusing.

I had to uninstall task manager. This app has given me a great deal of trouble. It started to kill processes while i was using them. This process was not in its autolist.

On a positive side, my linpack score jumped up from 4 to 8. 1. I understand this is not a great score, but remember my motorola droid is completely at the mercy of verizon. I have not modded it in any fashion.

The phone has started to hang more often. This is an experience i can live without. Once the phone hangs, i have to slide open the back panel and then take out the battery. Once i put everything back in, it will start.

I wonder if upgrading was a mistake.

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Motorola Droid X - Slower With Froyo

Full gallery of droid x running android 2. 2 | droid life: a droid community blog

Reports are coming in that the quadrant score on an x running a froyo test build are actually lower then the x on stock 2. 1 this kinda makes me mad because i just switched from the incredible and the incredible is crazy fast on 2. 2

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Motorola Droid X - Is There .com Button On Keyboard Of Froyo

Is there a .com button on the keyboard of froyo? Also is the sms time stamp issue fixed?

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Motorola Droid - Tether Up / Down Speeds On Froyo

My modem went out at my house an hour ago. Tethered (with pdanet) - sorry, i like it. Newest froyo baseband
On nexfro 1. 0 @ 1200 4 bars and 3g. I honestly never cared before because i was happy with phone internet speed - is this high or average?How are other froyoyos doing on this?I tested via my laptop.

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Motorola Droid X - Handcent Mms In Froyo

It seems that my mms in handcent is broken after updating to 2. 2. I'll try to send a picture, and it will try to send forever, but never complete. If i use the stock text messaging app, it seems to work fine, but with handcent, it doesn't even make the 3g start uploading or downloading. I can't download picture messages with it, either. Normal texting works fine, though. Also, my mms seem to stay at the bottom of the conversation now. It's annoying, because all newer messages get shoved behind it, and i have to scroll up. Has anyone else had these issues? If so, what should i do?

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Motorola Droid X - Lag Time With Froyo

This is amazingly slow. When i hang up the phone, 10ish seconds until the phone log screen. As i was typing out the 1st sentence of this thread, i typed 4 words and it was frozen for about 5-7 seconds and finally finished. I wish i could have the old os with the mapping update. This update is worse than when microsoft came out with windows and moto found a way to make my dx slower than my old blackberry tour. Nice job dumbasses.

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Motorola Droid X - Still Occasional Lag In Froyo

Just wondering if anyone else still sees occasional lag with froyo? I was thinking this update would make the phone run smooth 100% of the time, but maybe my expectations are too high. For instance, the unlock slider is smoother most of the time, but it still hangs every once in a while. Also, occasionally there are pauses when jumping around on the screens in launcher pro. To be honest, to me the phone doesn't really feel any faster (as far as transitions, load times, etc) compared to using launcher pro and 2. 1. It is still lightning fast compared to my old blackberry storm.

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Motorola Droid - Droid Lifes Post On Froyo Speeds

Droid life has posted the nexus one and incredible's speeds on froyo. They are reporting an amazing speed just shy of 40 mflops ! I know they have different hardware but i was wondering why im only getting around 19? Is there really that much of a difference?

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - Cant Type Numbers

Semi old new but a leaked version of android was. Well leaked. And it has the newst motoblur and such and you dont even need to unlock you phone. If you are lucky or know someone that has it. Grat. Motorola or someone else it taking it down off all sites big and small. So any who no one is reporting any major problems with this leaked update. I even played around with it myself and it is vastly better then the current version. Since the leaked version is stable and highly wanted why cant motorola just release it? Its stable. Its better then whats out now. What the heck is the problem here? I am confused. I am on the current version right now just to compare. And well i am typing all this out on my phone and i can break lines or use caps. Hm weird. Gotta love one point five. Wow i cant type numbers either.

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Motorola Droid - Flash 10.1 For Froyo Hardware Accelerated

Does anyone know if flash is hardware accelerated in froyo?

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Motorola Droid X - Post Froyo Dx Not Recognizing Sd Card

I was stock 2. 1 not rooted. Upgrade was seamless other than this issue with the sd card not being read. Rebooting doesn't fix it. Should i unmount and reformat (i think these are my only options at this point)? I hate to lose the images i have but if this is the only choice, i guess i have to.

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Motorola Droid X - Bottom Icons Change With Froyo

Did anyones bottom icons change with froyo, i know the droid did but my x looks the exact same. And can you post pics?

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Motorola Droid X - Update To Froyo Gmail Alerts Stopped

Updated to froyo gmail will not push what should i do?

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Motorola Backflip - Motorbulr : Sync Contacts That Do Not Contain Phone Numbers From Gmail

I do not want to sync contacts that do not contain phone numbers from gmail. Is there a way to do this?

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Motorola Droid 2 - Add Message To Locked Phone

I'm a d2 user that has recently made the change over from a blackberry tour, on my tour i also had the phone lock after 30seconds as i do now on my d2.

The one thing i've not been able to find, is the ability to add a message to my lock screen like i did on my tour. I setup a message that read "in case of emergency or found, please contact 555-1234 or 555-4321"

Is this possible to do on the droid?

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Motorola Droid X - How To Add My Name - Compatible Java Program

Two questions: how do i add my name on my droidx where it says this phone belongs too. ? Also is there an android compatible java program so i can run some webcams that i like to monitor?

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