Samsung Galaxy S - Phone Close / Get It To Work

Yeah this last couple days haven't been so good freezing the hard rest got take battery out because it froze and today wake up with my phone not open wont even open had to put to charge . And the battery was full what gives? Any one else? I hope didn't over charge my battery already anyways this goes on have no choice but return this phone shame it sexy phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Phone From Cove Will Work On T-mobile's 3g Network In Usa

If i order the galaxy s from cove will it work on t-mobile's 3g network in the usa?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Will Andriod Market Work

I'm planning to buy an unlocked phone from hong kong (either xperia x10 or galaxy s, but im leaning more to samsung now). My question, will android market, youtube, layar and other apps work in australia ?

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Bluetooth Does Not Work After Update - Samsung Galaxy S2

So the other night i updated my software to 4. 0. 3 kernel: 3. 0. 15-19100xwlp8-cl356487dpi@dell173#3

And i went to use my bluetooth this morning to connect with the computer but the computer just says "no services available" after trying to copy. So after spending an hour or so trying to fix the bluetooth on my computer and failing then tried to get my brother to send me something on blue-tooth on my phone and it didn't work and then i tried to send him something but when i click scan for devices it just doesn't do anything. Also after the update i noticed when i go into a message sometimes it doesn't come up with the predictive text and i have to go out and back in to make it come up. I'm not appreciating this update at all.

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Does Any .apk Game Work On Samsung Galaxy S2 ?

I have heard that galaxy s2 doesn't run any game .apk. Is that really true? I have heard about games of type hd, does this type work on s2? What about galaxy ace and galaxy tab and other samsung galaxy devices? Does any .apk game work on galaxy s2?

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Does Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Work On T-mobile 3g / 4g Network ?

I just got a new samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket as a gift, it is unlocked and i'm currently using it on the tmobile network. The problem is that i can't access the 3g or the 4g and it's just using the edge for data access. Which is sad for such a powerful phone. I read around and find out that this phone does not support the tmobile band 1700/2100. Is that true? And if so, is there a way to change the software or hardware of the phone so i can receive and send on these frequencies? If not, i'll just sell it and buy a phone compatible with tmobile stupid network frequency.

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Galaxy S - Samsung Apps Don't Work On My Pc / Resolve It

When i synchronize my galaxy s whit kies, and go on samsung apps, it gets fuckd' up . There is popping a message that says my phone not supports this. And it cannot fine my phone, so cannot install any apps from my pc to my phone. ?

Maybe someone has had the same problem once?

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Do The Ibeats App That Came With Rezound Work With Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Do the stock ibeats that came with the rezound work with the samsung galaxy nexus, do all the the buttons on the controller work (media controls and call controls) also does the mic work, please answer.

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After Installing Cyanogenmod 7, Only One Side Of The Headphone Work - Samsung Galaxy Ace

I only experience this problem after installing cyanogenmod7. Dont know if this is a bug of cyanogen or the problem is really on the phones audio jack. As you can see after i install cyanogenmod7. Every time i connect the headphones to the audio jack, only one part of the headphone works. Tried alot of types of headphones but still, i experience the same problem. Anybody have any idea about this? Is it just me experiencing this problem? Any help would do.

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Issue: Outgoing Call Vibration Doesn't Work On Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

The outgoing call vibration doesn't work for me, it never vibrated. The call / call alert / outgoing call vibration is checked. Does it work for you?

Android: 2. 3. 5 (gingerbread. Bukj3)
Product code: gt-i9100lkavdc
Pda: i910buki1
Phone: i9100buki1
Csc: i9100vdcki2
Build info: mon oct 17 14:37:12 kst 2011

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Automatic "bot" Payment Systems Doesn't Work - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Some of you guys bash my old omnia ii, but i never had this, or any other problem with that phone. You know the automated "bot" payment systems that utility and credit cards have? That allows you to check on your bill balances or pay bills? Doesn't work. At first i just thought something was wrong with that particular bot. I'd input the account number exactly with the correct numbers, but all kinds of crazy things would happen. I'd get a double-2 when i only hit it once, the number wouldn't record at all.

Comcast, the utilities, credit cards, they all were not picking up all the numbers. The bots worked on my landline (and omnia 2), so its the phone. Verizon says its a "known issue" and theres a patch coming. They have no idea when, so the phone is of almost no use to me. Is there something i can do to synch the phone to the bots?

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Samsung Captivate - Phone Goes Blank When I Turn It On / Get It To Work

I was turning on my captivate, and now when i turn it on, it does the at&t screen, and galaxy s screen, and just gets stuck there, and then goes blank.

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Phone Force Close On Calling Add / Insert To Arrayadapter - Fix It

I am trying to add a string dynamically on button click but it force closes every time.code.

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Samsung Moment - Phone Can't Find Music / Get It To Work

I downloaded music to my sd card with 1. 5 and music player can't find the songs.

Reformatted the card, upgraded to 2. 1, downloaded from a different computer 1567 tracts and music player only shows 311 tracks. Plugged in to a different computer, unmounted the card and the computer reads all the songs and plays every one i tried.

I also have a htc hero with the same problem.

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Samsung Captivate - Can't Seem To Play Xvid On Phone / Get It To Work

I can't seem to play xvid on my phone.

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Samsung Moment - Wireless Contact Back Up Work With Phone

Are my contact going to convert over with wireless back up with the moment?

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Samsung Captivate - Good Site To Download Hd Trailers That Work On Phone

Does anyone know a good site to download hd trailers that work on the phone i keep trying to convert stuff but im having a lot of trouble getting videos to play, i have a couple that work but there not hd quality. Any help would be appreciated, i would like to be able to show off the screen to its fullest potential. ,

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Motorola Droid - Error Message - Is Not Responding - Makes Force Close It

I have a motorola droid, and it has been working great for the month i've had it.

Since this morning, i've been getting an error message saying " Phone is not responding" and makes me force close it.

As a result of the force close, it shows i have no service momentarily. Because of this, i cannot get calls, texts, and whatnot.

I haven't installed any new apps recently, and have already done a "factory reset" from the settings.

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Transfer Files From Phone While Phone Is Unresponsive - Samsung Galaxy S2

Basically when i turn my sgs2 on and enter the pattern lock many force close boxes appear and its impossible to get rid of these and i cannot access anything. I was told this is due to some problem with corrupt files/software or something, and the only way round it is hard reset(factory reset). So i was wondering if there are any tricks/tips or anything like that which will allow me to transfer my pictures/music. Kies wont work.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Best Way To Unlock Phone

Anybody have idea how to unlock phone easy safe way?

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How Do I Back Up The Phone ? Samsung Galaxy S2

Im still not sure if it's worth me doing ics (orange uk) upgrade, or even if i can yet but what i want to know sounds really thick. How do i back up the phone? I'm so untechy it's a miracle i can turn a smartphone on and off so any help will have to be a real. For dummies type answer. Is it possible to back it up so that i can just put everything back how it is now? I'd like my phone to stay the same to look at etc but have the new stuff in it.

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Htc Hero - Phone Getting Message "force Close" / Sort It

I have searched but couldn't find anything so decided to start a new thread and ask.

Basically 75% of the time i try to read or write a message it says an error has occurred and its needs to close then the "force close" option appears.

Also last night my phone was getting messages but when i went to read them they were not there.

Anyone got any idea's on how to sort?

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Samsung Galaxy S - What Are Some Things Should Try When Root Phone

I have the vibrant, and i'm thinking about rooting it but i have not idea what to do after i do this. Are there themes i can download are there games i can have? I don't know what rooting is for apart from having total control of your phone.

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How To Get Samsung Apps Through Kies On To Galaxy S Phone ?

Can anyone tell me how to get samsung apps through kies on to my galaxy s phone in australia. When i try to, kies says that google's terms and condition do not allow it. Why would there be a stamp on the back of my galaxy s phone stating "google", when as far as i understand kies was made for samsung. Is there any way to download these samsung apps advertised on kies, into my galaxy s gt19000 phone? Any help or information would greatly be appreciated as i do not know much about phones ect.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Benefits For Rooting Phone

I am getting my galaxy on friday. I have read bits about rooting the phone, what will this do for the phone/is it worth doing/what are the benefits ?

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Can't Wakeup Phone Using Bluetooth - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have paired the phone with my bluetooth successfully and had used it a few times. The problem is when the phone is sleeping (i.e. Screen locked), i tried pressing the button on my bluetooth but it won't wake up the phone. I have to first unlock the screen and then place calls. This is very inconvenient when i was driving, and defeat the purpose of using the bluetooth. I have been using the iphone 4 before and it does not have this problem. When i press the button on the bluetooth, it wakes the phone up and activate voice command immediately, even when the screen is locked.

I have searched everywhere in the setting and can't find anything that allows me to do this. Your help would be appreciated for this noob.

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Phone Can't Be Turned On - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

My galaxy s2 was working just fine, i left it on the table and when i came back i couldn't turn it on, it's just a black screen. I've tried putting the battery in my friend's galaxy s2 and it works, so it's not the battery problem. Does anyone know how i can fix this?

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Samsung Galaxy S Phone Contacts Suddenly Disappeared

Device: samsung galaxy s
Os : android 2. 1

Basically i don't use google account to sync my contacts because the groups thing doesn't work the way i want it. So instead, i use kies, which allow you to sync outlook contact with your phone, which all worked fine. However, last night before going to bed i sent a few sms message and everything was fine, i.e. All contacts were there. But this morning when i work up because of a text message from a strange number, which was actually from a friend of mine, so i thought he has a new number so i tried to update his contacts but when i click on "update existing contact" my address book pops up and is . Empty.

After that, i opened my contacts and nothing is there. I turned on displaying google contacts and its all fine, but when i choose phone contact, absolutely nothing is displayed. I did absolutely nothing last night, and i don't believe i cleared all my contacts while in my sleep (because i don't even know how to do that while im awake). Btw, i have been adding quiet a lots of contacts over the last 2 weeks (since last time i sync with kies) so i really need them back.

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Samsung Galaxy S Phone Won't Charge

My charger isn't working anymore. I don't know whats the problem but i went to bell today (bell is a canadian store which sells the phone) and they said it's because i spilled water on the phone, which is why it's not working. Now this could be true because my phone fell and completely came apart at a club and the floor was sticky with booze, but that was last friday; it's been one whole week.

Should i trust the store? Is there anything i can do to fix this? I've tried charging on my laptop as well and that doesn't work either.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Make Ringtones For Phone Same As For Iphone

I'm so used to my iphone-how do u make ringtones for the galaxy is it the same as for the iphone make an aac file?

If not can i just use the ones i already have on my mac and drag them to my phone?

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