Calendar App Don't Run In Droid 1.5 / Why Is So

Why calendar app don't run in android 1. 5?

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Calendar App Cannot Run In Phone / Debug Java Apps Without Any Ide

The calendar app cannot run in my phone. I want to debug it. How to debug it without any ide? How to set a breakpoint?

The calendar app cannot be compiled in eclipse because a lot of classes are missing in android sdk. So i cannot use eclipse to debug it.

The method i used before is to write a lot of logs and watch it in logcat. But the productivity is low .

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Motorola Droid X - Using App Killer But They Dont Stay Dead!

Loving my droid x and i am using the advanced app killer but why dont they stay dead? I can kill the apps and recheck in two minutes and they are all active again. I can see apps like weather , facebook, mail, text, etc but apps that arent used keep popping up like voice mail, skype, music, etc - i dont even have music on my phone. I know the battery issue is a huge complaint and i can see why. As much as i am loving the phone, the apps are draining things and if they wont stay killed, what good is an app killer?

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Motorola Droid - Messaging App Takes To Calendar

All of a sudden, when i open the messaging app it opens calendar instead.

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Display Dont Have Enough Colors

It seems their displays dont have enough colors. Right?Can i do smth. About it? What shall i tell my designer?

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Webview Dont Open Virtual Keyboard / Fix It

I have a url where user can input in a field.

When i open that url with the android browser and click in the field the virtual keyboard pops up. When i open the same url with my webview and click in the field the virtual keyboard does not appear?!

What do i have to do?

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Htc Eris - Remove Apk Files For Things I Dont Use

Stocks and other things i don't use id like to remove from the rom im using. Im not trying to steal the rom and i wont upload it anywhere. Im using gridlocks vanilla droid, how do i delete the apk's and not have a problem with those files not being in the rom?

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Active Calendar App On Emulator

I am trying to use calendar.apk in the emulator on a windows xp system. The sdk version i am using is 1. 1r1. However, the calendar app will always go away with a message "your events will appear shortly". My guess is that the app is bound with google account so i go to "setup"->"data synchronization". Once i click the "data synchronization", i got a failure reading "the application google apps (process Process. Gapps) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again". By check logcat output, i got the following(see the msg at the end). Anybody can help me out how to install the app/service or configure the service or activate the signin service so that i can use calendar on emulator?


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Samsung Moment - Free Best Calendar App For Phone

I have the moment and love the phone but i really do not like the default calendar app that comes with it. I am wondering what is the best app to download from the market? I live on a budget so i am looking for a free one. Any suggestions?

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Building Sdk (.jar File) With Calendar App

I want my android. Jar to include the calendar provider class. This is not in the normal . Jar it's hidden for the sdk build by @hidden lines in the source. I have read somewhere that by removing some @hidden's i can build a android. Jar with the calendar class. But i can't find out how.

I just keep solving errors and dependencies when i remove the @hidden in the calendarprovider.

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Run Tracking App

I'm looking for a run tracking app that will allow me to post the map and stats to facebook. I also want to be able to take photos within the app and have the pictures located on the uploaded map. On my iphone i used run keeper, but i notice on the android one it doesn't support photos being taken.
Any suggestions?

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Htc Incredible - App To Modify My Vibrations For Calendar Notifications

Does anyone know a good app that will modify my vibrations for my calendar notifications?

What i need is something that will let me know that i've got a meeting coming up even if i'm somewhere where i've had to silent my phone.

I've tried searching through different vibration related apps on appbrain.

And downloaded a few with no luck.

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App Doesn't Run After Update / What Is Up

I've been developing an app which uses the camera. It worked fine until i installed the latest system update. I was running the app on my g1 when i saw an alert notifying of some system updates. I chose to install it, and then after that, my app doesn't run anymore. What is up?

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How To Programatically Push My App To Run In Background

How can we programatically push our app to run in background? I am doing one browser app. And when i am directly launching my application and clicking back key . It will show in the list of background running process. At this time category is "category_launcher" but at the same time if we try to run same app via third party app. And then clicking back key, its not showing in the list of background running process. Here the category is "category_browsable". And its not displaying in the list of running process. I noticed that the same behaviour in default android browser. But is their any way to make my app to run in background by clicking back key without killing my application?

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Run App After Installation Using Package Or Other Mechanism

I'd like my app to be run immediately after being installed (it has a service that ideally would run before the user runs the app). It was stated that an app can register for android. Intent. Action. Package_added and it will get it after that app is installed, but this doesn't work for me. I do receive the broadcast if another app is installed after i'm installed, but i don't get one for my installation. Is there something i can do to make this work as desired?Or, better yet, is there a supported way to say "run me after installation"?

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Words With Friends App Make Phone Run Slower - Lg Optimus V

Does words with friends make anyone's phone run slower? I love the app and would hate to have to delete it. I just wanna know if theres anything i can do to not make my phone lag.

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Motorola Droid - Uninstall On Board Droid Calendar And Then Reinstall

Is it possible to uninstall the on board droid calendar and then reinstall. I am unable to delete some events from the past on that calendar and thought the uninstall/install might do the trick.

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How To Create Full Functionality Of Calendar In Droid

It seems android calendar api is not available. Can you please give me some tips and tricks for creating a similar thing. Just like creating events, meeting, birthday etc. And also notification when the event occurs. And also layout should be similar to-our in-built calendar give me some ideas or hint about look and logic?

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Motorola Droid - Sync Tasks With Google Calendar

Is there any way to sync tasks with the google calendar? I know you can use companion link to sync tasks from outlook into the calendar on google & droid, but what about tasks from google to droid?

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Can't Access Droid.provider.calendar / Get It To Work?

I am trying to run the calendar widget on the emulator. I checked out the calendar project (calendar & calendarprovider) from: http://android. Git. Git;.

When i try to run the code i get the infamous "the import android. Provider. Calendar cannot be resolved" i tried searching online but the only explanation that i found was "calendar is not part of the public api" what does that mean? There is no way for us to test and play around calendar?

Is there a way to get calendar to work? What if i built the entire android platform? If you could clarify (with examples if applicable).

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Motorola Droid - Share Android Calendar With Blackberry

I have a droid and my wife has a blackberry. I want to be able to share my calender with her. Is this possible. She normally uses lotus notes for her calendar but that doesn't have to be the only solution.

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Run Cameratests On Droid

I have built cameratests present in packages/apps/camera/tests and installed cameratests.apk on device. From adb shell tried running below command code.

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Port / Run Gstreamer On Droid

I want to use gstreamer in my android based application. So i want to port gstreamer on android. Can anybody suggest me the way to port gstreamer on android.

Can i run gstreamer on android emulator?

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Run A Query With Regexp In Droid

I want to run a query in sqlite with a regexp using android.
How do i do that?

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Motorola Droid - How To Run Adb

How to use adb. For example where to save it and how to get into it and how to run adb.

Once i get home from owrk today i would like to flash the new 2. 1 sbf with rsd lite (i have no issue with this as i have flashed the 2. 0. 1 sbf a couple times) and then root the 2. 1 ota update following these directions:

Originally posted by samedroidsex
Step zero: download attached zip and extract

Step one: boot into sprecovery

Step two: mount /system from sprecovery

Step three:


Step four: reboot

Step five: stay alive

Enjoy rooted stock ese81, with no need to [wipe your data] install a hacked together copy of ota.

The issue is that i have never used adb and dont know how to use it. Is it a simple program? Is there a good tutorial on how to install it?

I am just looking for some help so when i go home and root the ota i wont run into any problems.

If this is a difficult task i will more than likely just install a rooted rom as i am ok with useing sprecovery as i was rooted with 2. 0. 1 and was running smoked glass.

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Possible To Run Chromium Browser On Droid

Since you should be able to build chromium browser on any reasonably modern linux distribution, can we assume that you should be able to build it onto android ?

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Motorola Droid X - How To Run Adb

I keep hearing about adb and would like clarification on what it is and what i can do with it?

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Htc - Possible To Root Eris To Run Like A Droid

I have heard it is possible to root the eris to run like a droid . Is it possible. And if it is how do i do it.

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Something To Run Credit Cards Woth Droid

My roommate is in a band and recently saw a commercial featuring an app for the iphone that allows you to run credit cards. Is something available like this for motor droid?

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Can Run 'standard ' / Non-android, Java App

In my case i want to write an app which is totally symetrical (not client-server) with identical functionality at two pcs, one a 'standard' windows or linxu box and the other an android slate. Can i run the same program on both or do i nneed to wrap it in an android package for persmissioons, etc? The two pcs will communciate by tcp/ip, sort of peer-to-peer, but i suspect that as a generic question this might be of interest to many.

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