Gps Keeps Sending Updates Even After Locationmanager.removeupdates

Ok, i am using gps on google maps, and this is my onpause. Am i missing something? Gps keeps sending locationmasfclient getnetworklocation(): returning cache location with accuracy 1319. 0.

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Nexus Gps Antenna Is Always Active When Use Gps Satellites Is Checked

My company just got the nexus last week to develop on. It's a nice phone, but something has me seriously concerned.

Whenever the "use gps satellites" option is selected in the settings (settings->location & security), the gps antenna immediately starts searching for a lock, and won't shut off until it has one. What application/phone subsystem is doing that?  How do i disable that application without turning off the gps antenna? Is the gps antenna just getting ephemeris information?

Also, if i have the "use wireless networks" option selected, the location consent form pops up asking me to give google permission to collect my location information. Can't use the network for a location fix without agreeing to that.

The idea that i'm required to share location information with google to get my location off of the network is scary enough (and intrusive i might add), but the constant use of the gps antenna is really screwing with my power consumption.

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Gps Power Saving Feature Rc33 - Or Gps-killer

I had noticed strange things with gps. The icon would appear and disappear from the status-bar. I would think that if i didnt see it . Then gps was not enabled . So i would go toggle it .

But it seems after the rc33 update the radio must not be active until an app requests connection . If i place the gps-using app in the background the gps-icon diappears for the status-bar . And i believe you loose active fix . When you return to the gps-using app the icon reappears . But now has to re-establish it's fix again .

This is a not great for gps dependent apps . But i think this may have been a boon for saving battery .

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Sending Ringtones Via Mms

I'm trying to send a ringtone from my g1 to a friends phone via text/mms message. I went to compose a new message, hit menu, selected attach - then audio. But only the preinstalled ringtones are there. None of the ones i've downloaded. I have them on my sd card under media/audio/ringtones. How can i send one of my downloaded ringtones via text/mms?

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Sending Info Via Handler

I need to send some stuff to my gui thread and i'm doing this via a handler. But i regularly need to send more then 1 piece of information in one go and using the single message.obj field won't work unless i use an object array or something. I'd really like to avoid this so there is less object creation, is there a better i can send lots of info in one go? The amount of information i send can be of variable length, 1, 2 or 3 depending on the situation.

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Sending Http Headers In Java

Am i correctly sending an httppost? I am checking my encodedauthstring against my webserver and can verify the string is correct.

Not sure why i am unable to authenticate.


When i hard-code the encoded string, everything is fine.

When i use the base64 encoder i get the same results as the encoded string, but the server returns a 401.

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Sending Images Using Http Post

I want to send an image from the android client to the django server using http post. The image is chosen from the gallery. At present, i am using list value name pairs to send the necessary data to the server and receiving responses from django in json. Can the same approach be used for images (with urls for images embedded in json responses)?

Also which of, accesssing images remotely without downloading them from the server or downloading and storing them in a bitmap array and using them locally is a better method? The images are few in number (<10) and small in size (50*50 dip).

The images chosen from the gallery are sent to the server after scaling it to required size.

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Unknownhostexception When Sending Http Post

What i'd like to do is sending a http post request to a rest webservice. However it seems as if my applicaion cannot connect to the host.

The application throws the following exception when sending the request:


The host definitely exists and the url provided is correct. Also i'm able calling the url using the browser of the android emulator.

The application contains the following in the androidmanifest.xml:


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Stuck In My Outbox - Way To Cancel Sending

I am attempting to email a 4mb file, but it is stuck in my outbox since yesterday. I am on wifi so it should have gone by now. I have tried to delete it but it says attempting to send. I have taken the battery out to try to cancel sending but it is still there. Any way i can cancel sending?

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What Information Is Mixzing Sending To Their Server

So i'm looking at media players and i found mixzing and am moderately impressed with the features in the program. I'm almost willing to fork over the $7, but the more i research it the more i find references to the app talking to a "server" for some reason. I have no idea why and there doesn't seem to be any information out there on why mixzing is talking to a 3rd party server. I know it generates recommendations and downloads album art, but the developer seems to imply that even if you turn off those two features in the app that it will still talk to the server.

Can someone tell me why that would be? Why does mixzing's server need information about my media library if it's not going to be generating recommendations? What other information is it passing to them about my device and my library?

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Htc Nexus One Text Messages Not Sending

I've heard this from a friend that has an n1 also but what's happening is that text messages will not send. It's not all the time but i would say it happens at least twice a day. I'll hit send, then eventually it'll give me the error saying it couldn't send the message. Sometimes resending it works, sometimes using taskiller to close messaging works, but in the end the only true fix is resetting the phone. I think this might be a 3g issue because when i'm on edge (or i force it onto edge for testing purposes) it never has this problem.

Any ideas?

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Sending Jdwp Tracking Request Failed / Why Is So

I got this message in the ddms:

Sending jdwp tracking request failed!

I didn't understand the reasons.

Is there a problem using a stream to get the image from the internet and use the tabbar cause the use of them in different application didn't launch this errors?

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Wrong Resultcode When Sending Email / Fix It

My goal: open a "compose email" activity and then determine whether the email was sent.

I open the email app with this code.

I send the intent with startactivityforresult, because i would like to know wether the email was actually send.

Works fine until here, the email app starts and i see my text now i either press "send" or "save as draft" or "discard". I receive the email just fine.

But in my onactivityresult-method, the resultcode seems to be always 0 ( result_cancel), even if the email was actually sent.

Does anyone have an explanation for this? Or a fix?

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Droid Sending Wrong Email / Solve This

I know this has been posted before. Maybe i am not searching the correct words. Can someone point me to the correct thread/solution?

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Accessing Http Request Before Sending To Server

I am trying to calculate md5 hash of a http reqest before sending it to server. For this i have to get the http request first.

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N1 Automatically Sending Sms To An Uknown Number

I've posted this in the n1 help forum from google, but maybe someone here can help me with this (if i get any good reply there i'll re-post it here):i've been getting some strange sms charges on my monthly bill, and checkin them closely i've found out that apparently my n1 is sending sms to an uknown number (6592324290), and the odd thing is that those sms don't appear on my sms program.

To do a closer investigation i decided to call the number, which, called from inside brasil network, goes to a cellphone in a small city. The guy told me that he doesn't know what is happening but he is receiving an average of 40 sms's on a daily basis, and that they appear to be crypted. My conclusions are that some app is sending those sms aiming another cell number (in some other country) and because i'm in brazil this poor guy is receiving them. The questions are:

1) how can i find which app is doing that?

2) and how can i remove the sms permission that it has?

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K9 Mail Updates

A quick question about k9 mail and it's recent updates. Why are there seemingly 2 update paths being used? If you take a look over at downloads - k9mail - project hosting on google code you will see there are currently 3. 2x and 3. 3x updates being pushed out at the same time. Whats the difference between the two? I can't seem to find any explanation of it on the site. Perhaps one is the 'stable' branch while the other is the 'development' branch?

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Htc Incredible - Aol Not Sending Email On Droid / What To Do

My aol email stopped sending on my incredible. This happened when i first got the phone when i went in to put my name on the user, but i changed the password and it seemed to work fine. Not sure what i did this time, but a couple weeks ago it stopped sending again. I have always been able to receive mail though. I tried deleting the account and creating it again, a few weeks ago, i gave up, but the next morning it worked again so i thought maybe it was a system thing. I don't always send emails, so i am not sure when it stopped again. Today, i tried to send a email and it won't again. I always get the "unable to send email" "the account setting is incorrect (aol)" message. This will take me to the account settings tab, it seems to verify the account every time, but when it sync's the error will come up again.

I also have a yahoo account set up in "mail" and that account is fine. This is starting to get frustrating.

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Motorola Droid X - Sending Default Notification Sound

My gf has the fascinate, and heard the notification sound "bell" or "bells" that the x has. (Not the bike bell) shes been trying to find away to get a hold of it. Any of you guys have any idea? Or can someone post it?

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Switch Content Views On App Sending Over A Variable

I'm trying to switch content views on my application and i wanna send over a variable along with it. So my main class has a button and when you click it, it brings you to a different content view (i have an intent setup) so yeah in the main class it has a variable and i wanna bring it to the new content view. How can i do this?

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Way To Download / Install All Available Updates

I am just curious if there is any way to download + install all available updates?

It kind of sucks when you have 12 updates available, and you have to sit there and click each app in the market, then click install, then click okay, etc. Etc. Etc.

I am on android 2. 0 if that matters.

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Cannot Get Any Updates From Facebook To Phone / What To Do

I cannot get any updates from facebook to my droid. What do i do to at least get something. (Droid hero)

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Smarter Widget Updates

I have a widget that displays detailed wifi state (ssid, signal, etc). It registers in the manifest to receive various Wifi. * Notifications. So far so good. However, these notifications are not sent if the home screen is side- scrolled, or phone is locked. This is good - android framework notifying only visible widgets improves battery time and performance. The bad side of this, though, is that since wifi state can change when the widget is not visible, i have to request frequent scheduled updates in my xml descriptor to bring the widget up to date when it's scrolled into view or screen is unlocked.

After the widget comes into view and is updated, further updates could be driven by Wifi. * Notifications, butt scheduled onupdate()'s continue to run, which is a waste. Is there a way to register my appwidgetprovider for a smart one-tme update when it's becomes visible, either after side-scrolling, or after the screen is unlocked?

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Updates From Web Server

I want to make a background process/service which will listen for updates from a web server and then notify the user of those updates. I've done some research into several approaches but can't decide which one is simplest/best.

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Make Sending Function Wait Till Location Calculated

I want to send an sms message containing current location of user. How do i make the sending function wait till the location is calculated?

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Access A Webpage (php) Sending Data With Post Method

I'm posting here because i searched the web and found nothing about how to http post. What i want to do is to access a webpage (php) sending data with the post method. I'm not interested about seeing the webpage, i just want to send the data. Actually, it's for a game i developed, and users are asking for online scores, so i wrote a php script that takes post data and writes the score in an sql database.

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Trigger Widget Updates From A Service

I have a background service that can be configured to perform some action every x minutes. I want to implement a widget that gets updated every time my service performs that action. However, i can't get the onupdate method of my appwidgetprovider called in any way, except when adding a widget to the homescreen.

I tried sending appwidget_update intents but onupdate did not get called although the appwidgetprovider did receive the intent since the onreceive method was called. Is there any way i can trigger widget updates from a service?

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Is There Recommended Method For App Updates

I heard from some users that they need to check the market updates. My question is if there is standard, or recommended way of checking for app updates? My impression is that android would greatly benefit if all apps used the same api to do this.

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Are There Any Software Updates Available Besides Rom-update

That my hero finds all the neighbours wificonnections but not my own network? All our other phones and pc's finds the wifi without any problem. Have tried to reset the router but are there any protocols/encryptions or something the htc hero does'nt work with? Are there any software updates available besides the rom-update? For the rom-update it actually looks like my phone has a version that is more recent than the one on the htc-website. It has a rom-nr 2. 73. 405. 6 and the one provided at the website is 2. 73. 405. 5.

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Htc Nexus One - Cyanogen Updates For N1

I have been away for a bit. I noticed that there are no new nightlies for the n1. Am i missing something? Are there any cm7s for n1?

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