Htc Hero - Mms Message Crashed My Phone / More Effective Ways To Handle It

After using my hero for a bit over a month, i've had my first run in with a serious problem. I received a mms text message, and every time i tried viewing the messages page (using the default messaging program) for that contact, i would get a force close error for Mms.

After trying a few more times, rebooting the phone, etc, i decided to try handcent sms. Fortunately, handcent did not crash when i viewed that contacts messages, but it also couldn't read the message stating something like "handcent sms is unable to read this message. " Oddly though, i was able to use the save mms option not only to see the image, but successfully save it as well. I was happy about this, but when i tried to delete the message so that i could continue to use the default messaging program (i like the widget, sorry), it could not delete the message.

The only way i could rectify the problem was by deleting the entire messaging thread with that contact.

Now, this has only happened once so far, and i have yet to try to reproduce it; nonetheless, it's a pressing issue i'd like more information on. Has anyone else had this happen? Are there any more effective ways to handle it other than deleting the entire contact thread?

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Htc Hero - Delete Google Contacts Both Ways

My hero did sync "all" my google contacts. Also every one i've ever sent an email to.

So, i found out i can sync only one group. Therefore i made a group for the contacts that i want on my phone.

But, how do i delete the contacts already one the phone that i don want. Without deleting them on my google contact as soon as i sync?

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Htc Hero - Pc Crashed While Updating Rom / What To Do

I was updating my htc hero with the up to date orange rom as i needed to unlock it.
The rom was downloaded from the htc site itself.
I started the update but the program crashed.
My hero is now on the update screen, it was on system saying copying or something, then changed to unzipping and is now updating but has stopped at this. (It all changed after the program crashed)
Does anyone know what to do? Pull the battery out? Leave phone there for ages?

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How To Handle Request / Response Combined With Binary / Text / Xml Data In Message Boday

How can i handle the request/reponse combined with binary and text/xml data in the message boday? I need send a http post request, the message body is: [20 bytes binary header][ utf 8 xml's text string ]httpresponse rsp = httpclient.execute(req); this can send request with xml string body, but how to add binary before xml string? Use which entity?

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Htc Hero - Can't Download Mms With Rooted 2.1 / Way To Do

Ive recently installed the 2. 1 rooted software but for some reason i cant get mms, in settings for the network etc there is a orange apn etc, but in message settings and under mms the apns are blacked out and i cant change them to the orange ones, (currently blacked out to sprint settings). How can i change it if possible?

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Htc Hero - Phone Getting Message "force Close" / Sort It

I have searched but couldn't find anything so decided to start a new thread and ask.

Basically 75% of the time i try to read or write a message it says an error has occurred and its needs to close then the "force close" option appears.

Also last night my phone was getting messages but when i went to read them they were not there.

Anyone got any idea's on how to sort?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Mms Shrinking Pictures Too Small / Solution For It

Ever since the big update, when i send a picture in text, it shrinks really small. We're talking 10kb or so. Quality goes right out the door.

I've adjusted the text settings to allow up to 1 mb file size.

Can anyone help me? I have this good camera, but now am sending pictures like my old school katana lol.

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Sms Converting To Mms For Group Sending Message - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have noticed on my vodafone uk bill that when i send an sms (small and large) to multiple people on my contact list, it goes out and arrives to them as an mms. This is not because the message in long. It happens when i send a message to many people (7 for example) despite the message having only 50 characters. I know about issues with the s2 regarding long messages, but to penalize sending multiple short messages just seems daft and a very basic design fault. Can anyone please help me, because yes, i do have more than 7 friends in one group, and i do like inviting them in one text without having to pay 15p each for the privilege!

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Htc Hero - Exchange Activesync - Getting Error Message

Has anybody managed to get their hero working with exchange. I've had no problems with hotmail, yahoo or googlemail but keep getting error message when trying to use the activesync - it doesn;t appear to even try to connect before it throws up an error message saying the provided details are incorrect - they are definitely correct. It synced fine via touchdown using the same details.

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Htc Hero - Keep Getting Application Error Message / Fix This

I have restarted my phone 5 times. I keep getting the same error message.

The application htc sense (process com. Htc. Launcher) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

The only option is to force close.

When i force close i get a black screen - no options, nothing to do. My phone is inoperable.

I have the htc hero cdma (usa - sprint). Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

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Try To Send Long Message Via Mms / It Doesn't Send

It's very very laggy. The lantecy is getting out of control. It takes forever to load a message, if i try 2 send a long message via mms, it doesn't send. ( I end up having to send it via stock). Is anyone else having these issues after 2. 2?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Can't Text , E-mail Even Youtube Without Getting An Error Message / Fix It

I'm a complete newbie, please be gentle and use easy words. I just got my hero with sprint last week, and it's my first phone that does more that just make phone calls. I was excited to use it to take a video of my daughter's dance recital today, but i can't seem to get it out of my phone to share with others. Can't text or e-mail or even youtube without getting an error message that the file is too big. I've searched old threads and all over the internet but the fixes i've found seem to deal with future videos and pictures, not what you've already got. Get this video to my friends or even my mac?

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Effective Ringtone App

I would love, and pay money for, a ringtone so loud and unmistakable that my wife can't possibly fail to hear it. I know loud and annoying ringtones exist, but they suffer from one fatal flaw. They can be turned down. I would like a ringtone app that does not allow the user to change the ringtone, or it's volume, without a password. Yes, i realize that one would need to sneak this little gem of an app onto another persons phone, but i'm so far past willingness to do that it makes me giddy with joy at the prospect.

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Motorola Droid - Phone Crashed When Downloaded New App / Reinstall Another Rom

Just downloaded a new app and my droid decided to crash, rebooted and now just loops between the eye, droid my lock screen and back to the eye.

Is my best bet just to reinstall another rom?

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Htc Desire - Use Mms On This Phone In Pakistan On Telenor Network

I am trying to use mms on htc desire in pakistan on telenor network.

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Htc Desire - Phone Wont Let Me Download - Send Mms With Vodafone / Solve This

I put in the settings for mms but wont let me download or send mms im with vodafone australia tried how much times wont work can go on the the net just cant download mms or send

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Htc Droid Eris - Phone Message Program Crashing / Cause Of It

I just got my girlfriend an htc droid eris on monday and so far she's really liking it. Hasn't downloaded anything yet other then advanced task killer (free) but still, she's liking it.

Well today she's been sending a few text messages earlier this morning and everything was fine, but then last this afternoon she's tried to send text messages and it acts as if it's going but when she tries to close the application it pops up a message stating: "sorry! The application messages has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. " Then she has an option to "force close" to get rid of the box. Whatever texts she send appears to be undelivered. It's done it a few times already.

Any suggestions on what could be causing it? I'm going to have her power cycle the phone but didn't know if there was anything else?

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Htc Hero - Best 2.1 Hero Roms For Phone

What are the best roms for the htc hero on android 2. 1?

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Htc Evo 4g - Unable To Get Phone To Vibrate When Get Text Message / Fix It

I can't get my phone to vibrate when i get an txt msg. The phone is already in vibrate mode. Any ideas?

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Difference Between 2 Ways To Start An Activity

I have seen the following two examples of starting activities in android:

Example 1


Example 2


It seems the obvious difference between the two examples is that you attach the logic of how an activity is created to the implementation of the activity. Are there any other key differences? (e.g. Is the calling activity told to wait until the called activity finishes in one case, but not in the other, etc. )

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Media - Are There Any Apps Or Ways Could Stream Audio

Let me first say i am an insane blackhawks fan, and i haven't missed any of the playoffs or any regular season games that were available in denver. A close friend of mine is getting married tomorrow at the exact time the puck drops, i want to find a way to at least listen to the game (ya know one ear bud discreatly in one ear) while at the wedding . Are there any apps or ways i could stream this audio?I have the mlb app that lets me listen to all the games an nhl version would be the tits. But haven't found anything

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Lg Ally - Easy Ways To Get Ringtones , Apps And Websites

I have never had a problem with getting ringtones on my phone, but this new phone is really different. Can someone please let me know some easy ways to get ringtones. Apps? Websites? Ways to do it?

I use to use and then send it through a txt and save it to my phone. This ally doesn't seem to want to do that.

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Crashed Service Not Restarting

I'm just investing how crashed services are restarted. I've developed a simple service and use a taskkiller from market place to kill the application. Following are the logs after application is killed

"Uninstalling the process test.sys" "force removing process processrecord{432d6ad0 252:test.sys/10041} (test.sys/10041)" "scheduling restart of crashed service test.sys/. Testservice in 5000ms" "sending signal. Pid: 252 sig: 9"

But the service is never started. Can anybody tell why service is not starting? Do i need to put any flag in manifest file for service restart to work?

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Email Crashed / Reason Of It

Since a couple of days the Email app crashes. How can i found out why it crashed? I only see the following message:

The application email (process Email) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

I have a nexus one with android 2. 1-update1 (build ere27).

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Make Table Layout To Scroll Both Ways ( Horizontally, Vertically)

I am having a table defined in xml file, which currently set to scroll vertically. But i also want it scroll horizontally as required.

Here is the code of xml in use code.

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Samsung Captivate - No Longer Send Mms Messages After Upgrading To 2.2 / Need 2.1 For Phone

Having some issues after upgrading to 2. 2. I can no longer send mms messages and the tilt function seems to be off. I have tried messing with the setting to no avail. I would rather put 2. 1 back on it.

Does anyone know where i can find 2. 1 for the captivate?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Syncing Contacts - Does It Work Both Ways?

I have made a few changes to my contacts' details over the last couple of days, both online and on my phone (x10a). If i sync the contacts, will the online stuff over-ride the changes i've made in the phone, or will the phone take priority?  I'd like it to give me a choice of which changes to keep. If it uses the details i have most recently changed, that would be ideal, but i don't really want to try it until i know what will happen.

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Application Crashed Not Restarted Automatically / Resolve It

My application sometimes crashed silently and not restarted automatically, it seems happen when switching between activities too quickly ( start child activity which starts another child activity then finish both). From the log it saids low memory and stop other background processes. However, my application only have a small cache and 3 activities. Anyone knows what is the problem and how to resolve it? Code.

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Htc Desire - Getting "no Sim Card In Phone" Message / Solution For This

I've occasionally suffered from the issue whereby the desire drops the network signal and never recovers from it unless you either turn airplane mode on and off (which sometimes works) or power the phone down completely for a few minutes, which has always worked so far.

However, i've had the problem 3 times already today coupled with the message "no sim card in phone" the only way around this is to power down the phone for at least 5 mins and restart.

Anyone have any ideas re this ? Is it a phone, network or even a sim card issue?

Can live with it if it happens once a week or so, but multiple times a day is a real pain!

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Htc Evo 4g - Can Mms With Os

Sorry i am new to android, but wanted to know if you can mms with this os?

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