Htc Incredible - Delete All Contacts On Phone That People From Facebook Never Intend To Call

How do i delete all the contacts that are on my phone that are people from facebook that i never intend to call? I know i did something to cause this but everytime i try to delete, the phone calls the person. This is getting to be really embarrassing.

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Htc Incredible - Delete Stock Apps Never Use Such As Teeter And Facebook

Is there an easy way to delete stock apps that i will never use such as teeter and facebook? These do not delete like my installed apps.

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Htc Incredible - Replacement - Alternative To Phone People Widget?

I'm sure this has been asked before but a search didn't turn up much. I was wondering if anyone knows of an alternative to the htc people widget? It seems the large one everytime i flick by the screen i'll randomly call someone (maybe i press too long or something). Right now i'm playing with the smaller version of it and wondering if theres one on the market somewhere?

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Htc Evo 4g - People Can't Hear Me On Call / Sort It

When i make a call or receive a call while talking all of a sudden i can hear the person on the line. But, they can't hear me but the calls does not get drop. Pls. Help why? It happens just about every call. Htc evo

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Htc Droid Eris - Sync Facebook Contacts To Phone That I Don't Want

Is there a way when you sync your facebook contacts to your phone that some of the peoples numbers that you don't want, you can delete? Have to many numbers i dont want or need

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Htc Desire - Phone Not Pulling Contacts To Call History / Solution For This

Am a newbie to htc desire and phone seems to have a number of bugs. I've just returned back after os trip and phone is now not pulling my contacts to my call history or in messages. However old texts have a contact assigned and if i go via people directly it showed their call history. But not in main phone view - all numbers are coming up as unknown, and when i try and pull a contact to send a text to it is only pulling from gmail contacts. I've changed nothing and this only seemed to have happened once i landed back home. I didn't have international data roaming on only phone roaming and it worked fine overseas.

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Htc Incredible - Better In-call Application For Phone

Is there any sort of better in-call application? I'm coming from a blackberry.

I don't want to see the android picture taking up all the space. I would rather see the incoming phone number in big letters across the screen.

Also, while in-call, is there an app to replace it? Something that is more efficient (look @ in-call application for iphone)

The green android picture is so useless. I would rather have big bold letters of the name or the phone number of who is calling.

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Delete All My Contacts Without Resetting Whole Phone

I want to erase all the contacts on my phone so i can resync from gmail. My new phone is the htc incredible which i got last week, and the old phone was a blackberry pearl which also sync'd contacts to gmail. Problem is i started doing all the linking on the phone, then i realized gmail had the ability to merge contacts. Now i have a mess and i want to delete all my contacts and resync with gmail. I even backed them up onto the sd card in case of an issue.

Anyone know how i can erase all my contacts without resetting the whole phone?

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Motorola Droid - Delete All Contacts From Phone

I need to delete all the contacts help

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Htc Incredible - Transfers Apps And Contacts From My Eris To This Phone

I am still considering the incredible and i was wondering if and how my apps and contacts could be transfered from my eris to the incredible?

I apologize if this question had an obvious answer, i am fairly new to android.

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Samsung Captivate - How To Delete Contacts From Sim On A Phone

I am having problems with my contacts. Thread here. Not making a lot of progress.

One suggestion i read somewhere was to delete my contacts from the sim. But the contact management software on the phone only allows copy to/from the sim.

Anyone know how to delete contacts from the sim on a captivate?

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Htc Incredible - Possible Incredible Facebook Contact Solution

There are many topics on the subject but i couldn't find where this option was as many of us with an incredible know, the facebook integration is cool but annoying in that it throws every facebook friend with a listed phone number within your dialer screen and other key contact locations. So here's a possible solution if someone can help me. On my friend's motorola droid, his facebook app has an option that will only sync facebook contacts with known phone contacts. It's listed under menu>settings>other settings (the incredible shows only 'helpful hints' under this same menu item, although it's version number is higher). This is awesome in that it gets rid of the zillions of people you don't want showing up in your dialer.

So, can you replace the incredible's facebook app with the moto droid's? I have it downloaded but can't install it since i can't remove the stock facebook apps that came on the incredible. Is it possible to use the moto droid facebook app instead?I didn't have much time on his droid so if i'm mistaken on any point then so be it. Just hoping for options.

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - Erase Phone Contacts Linked To Facebook

I set up my happenings widget with facebook and now all my friends in facebook appear on my phone contacts. I don't even have a phone number from some of these friends but even then they appear in my phone contacts. I tried to erase these friends from the phone contacts and i get a box saying: "to remove this contact from your phone, remove this person from your friend list on facebook. "  How do i get around this? I don't want to erase my friends from facebook.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Contacts From Facebook Page Keeps Syncing Itself To Phone List / Take Them Off

I just got my droid 2 and i am confused. My contacts from my facebook page and it keeps syncing itself to my phone contact list. How can i take them off?

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Htc Hero - Delete Google Contacts Both Ways

My hero did sync "all" my google contacts. Also every one i've ever sent an email to.

So, i found out i can sync only one group. Therefore i made a group for the contacts that i want on my phone.

But, how do i delete the contacts already one the phone that i don want. Without deleting them on my google contact as soon as i sync?

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Htc Droid Eris - Get Rid Of Facebook Contacts

How do i stop them from coming up in the contacts list?

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Htc Desire - Sync Phonebook With Facebook Photos Of Contacts But Nothing More

Is it possible to sync your phone book with facebook to update the photos of your contacts, but not have all your facebook friends who are not already in your phone book downloaded to it?

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Htc Incredible - Need A Better "people" App With Different Fonts And Icons

Just wondering if there's a better people app, with diff fonts and icons, etc.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro - People Can't Hear Me During Call / Get Music Player Working Without Earphones

My new phone (i got it yesterday) has a bit of a problem. When i try to call people, the sound and mic do not work, so the people can't hear what i am saying. Also, when people call my phone, it goes straight to voice mail on theres. I'm not sure what is wrong. I think it may be the mic, as i tried using it, but it wouldn't work (when i wasn't calling anyone, that is). I'm getting quite annoyed with it. I thought it would work properly, seeing as it is brand new, but obviously not. Also, does anyone know how to get the music player working without the need of earphones?

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Htc Incredible - Revert To Old Facebook App

I updated the standard facebook app, thinking it would give me the option to sync w contacts but it didn't. I'm thinking htc intentionally disabled that.

Anyway, with the new updated facebook, it now gives me errors when i try to drag in the facebook widget. Anyone know how i can revert to the old fb app?

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Htc Incredible - Delete Items On Their Pdf Viewer

Does anyone know how to delete items on their pdf viewer? I want to delete articles i have downloaded. But i'm not sure how to do it. Can anyone help?

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Htc Incredible - Facebook Contact Won't Show Up / What To See Them

So i searched around, can only find people having problems syncing pictures with fb.

Heres my problem, i added a friend on facebook, i already had them as a contact in my phone, i try to link their account, but she is nowhere to be found in the facebook sync under contacts.

I have tried to re-sync everything on my phone, it shows up on my laptop facebook page that she is my friend, but on the fb android app, she is not there. Any help?

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Afraid Embarrassing Call? Use Facebook

Ibe attentive in the very first time? Try "friend's calling" hard to keep update buddies? Answer a call and have no idea what to chat with? With "friend's calling" while friend calling, screen shows his/her facebook wall data in seconds. It matchs phone contacts with facebook friends automatically in first time you use.

New andorid app provides solution to embarrassing calls. The developers at gogolook from taiwan realized that everyone experiences the occasional call that occurs when the call is from some friends that being long time to contact. So if you have android phone, you can freely download "friend's calling" on android market. When your friend is calling, the screen can quickly show his/her facebook wall before answering. Therefore, we believe you can have nice talks with good start when you use this app in the beginning, it can automatically match your phone contact list with facebook friends it is free now suitable for any android version.

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Htc Incredible - Change Contacts From Being Read Only

When i try to edit my contacts on my phone, i get a message that says that this contact is read only and i cannot edit it. How can i change contacts from being read only?

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - Contacts - How To Delete Certain Ones

How to delete certain contacts without deleteing the whole list.

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Samsung Moment - Can Delete All Contacts And Start Over

Can i delete my all my contacts and start over?

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - How To Mass Delete Contacts

Is there a way to delete all of the contacts i pulled over into my cliq without killing all of the apps etc i added (, news widgets etc)?  Somehow i wound up with countless "unknown" contacts in my contact list. Probably related to how i fed my bberry's . Csv file into google contacts and then into the cliq. The excel spread sheet looked great - but i obviously (think) i missed something.

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Motorola Droid X - Delete Linked Contacts And Re-entered Them Later

Our new droid x , linked my sons contacts, and mine together on my wifes droidx. How do we unlock numbers and information in the contact list, so his info can be deleted, and re-entered later?

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - Delete History On Our Contacts List

How we can not delete the history on our contacts that got me so mad.

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Motorola Droid X - Manually Force Sync For Facebook Contacts

Is there a way to force the sync for facebook contacts? In accounts, the only thing there is the user/password. I can't find anyway to manually force the sync. Is there also a way to clear out the cache, just in case the phone thinks it downloaded the info, but for whatever reason wants to hide it.

I have an issue with my wife's phone. Not all contacts being downloaded from facebook. Most come in fine, but some don't.

Worked fine before i did a factory reset on her phone, now a handful of her 2000+ "friends" won't download.

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