Unread Message Count Bubble's To Appear / When Change Dock Icon To Handcent Sms

I know i can replace the android messenging app icon on launcher pro's dock with handcent sms. But is there anyway to get the unread message count bubble's to appear when i change that dock icon to handcent sms?

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Motorola Droid 2 - Sms And Email Icons Not Showing Unmber Unread / Way To See

Can the sms/text or email icons on the home page show the number of unread items like the motorola messaging widget does?

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Htc Evo 4g - Download Sms Handcent From Website view topic - download here: version: 3. 0. 4

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Motorola Droid X - Blurry Wallpaper In Handcent Sms / Fix It

Whenever i set a wallpaper for hancent, the picture is very blurry and distorted. I am sure that the pictures i am using are very high quality, that is not the problem.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Disabling Stock Sms App After Installing Handcent (cm6)

N00b question here y'all:

I just flashed cm6, and after installing handcent, i now get txts on 2 apps (handcent plus the stock app). What's the most efficient way to disable that stock app?

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Is Bubble Chat Layout Forced / Can Change It To Normal Look Like With Handcent

Is the bubble chat layout forced, or can you change it to the normal look like with handcent?

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Samsung Fascinate - How To Change Battery Icon At Top

So i've been uninstalling some apps i no longer use, trying to conserve battery life as much as i can.
I was wondering; does having wifi on drain more battery, than the network itself? When it comes to updating weather and such. I have my beautiful widget weather thing on my home screen to update every 30 minutes. I was wondering if anyone know how to change the battery icon at the top. I've seen a few themes with percentages within the battery icon. That would be useful. Does it involve rooting? I have launcherpro installed and stuff. -Thanks.

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Intercept Sms Inbound Message

I got a sample code how to intercept sms inbound message. It is really simple, and i really admire android make it so easy:

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Htc Desire - Best App For Message And Contacts Management / Update Handcent Not Picking Up Some Contacts - Fix It

?What is the best app for message and contacts management?

I'm using handcent and dialerone at the moment, is there anything better?

For some reason, with the new update handcent is not picking up some of my contacts, is there anyway to fix this?

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Whenever Go Into Conversation And Scroll / Bubbles / Text Bunch Up / Impossible To Read

Handcent just got updated, and whenever i go into a conversation and scroll, the bubbles and text bunch up and eventually it gets impossible to read. If you haven't updated, don't just yet. Anyone else having this issue?

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Intent Filter - Send Sms Message And Place Outgoing Call

I am trying to register my activity so that it can be used by the activity chooser/picker allowing a user to choose whether or not to select my application/activity to complete what they are trying to do.

I want to provide the option for the user to be able to select my application when they want to send an sms message and when they want to place an outgoing call, to try to achieve this i added the following pieces of code within my activity tags in my manifest:


However the activity chooser never appears and the native apps are used without providing a choice to the user. Can anyone see where i am going wrong?

I have figured out i need to add


For the sms message but what do i use for the outgoing call?

I have tried the following for the outgoing call:


But again with no luck, has this been blocked from 1. 6 on?

This is what happens when i click text mobile:

So i want the same thing when i click call mobile

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Sms Converting To Mms For Group Sending Message - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have noticed on my vodafone uk bill that when i send an sms (small and large) to multiple people on my contact list, it goes out and arrives to them as an mms. This is not because the message in long. It happens when i send a message to many people (7 for example) despite the message having only 50 characters. I know about issues with the s2 regarding long messages, but to penalize sending multiple short messages just seems daft and a very basic design fault. Can anyone please help me, because yes, i do have more than 7 friends in one group, and i do like inviting them in one text without having to pay 15p each for the privilege!

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App To Change Sounds For Incoming Emails And Sms

Is there an app that can do that.

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Way To Change Vibration Pattern For Phone / Sms / Email

I'm new to android, coming over from bb, so please forgive me if i ask some stupid questions below. I need some assistance on a few things:

1) i have the htc incredible with sense ui, but i notice that when contacts im me in gchat, the im isn't linked the sense ui message panels for that particular person. For example, if john smith ims me in gchat, and i go under people->john smith, i don't see that im. I have to go directly to the talk app. Is there any way to fix this so that all chats, sms, etc are linked under john smith's name?

2) some of my contacts have been autolinked to facebook, but i notice that - even though the facebook picture is already linked - the contact page asks if i want to "link to facebook. " I've also noticed there are two facebooks, htc sense and regular. Is this why i'm getting this message? Why would i need to link it twice?

3) is there any way to get a combined email box where all emails (exchange, gmail) and smss come into one inbox, without having to toggle between accounts. I'm used to this on my bb and find it much more efficient.

4) is there any way to change the vibration pattern for phone, sms, email, etc? On my bb, without even looking, i always knew if i was getting a call vs an email vs an sms because of the vibration pattern.

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How To Change Language Easily For Sms Texting On Htc Hero ?

I am trying to find a way i can change language easily for any kind of writing (sms, mail, etc. ) Are there language packs i can install into my hero, so i can write let's say one sms in english, the next in spanish and the next in german? P. S. I don't want to change the os language (like with custom locale), only additional languages for texting.

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Is There Way To Get Unread Notifications With K9

Just set up k9 on my incredible and have a few questions, first and foremost want to verify i did things correctly. I have gmail and a pop3 account. I started by deleting the pop3 account from the native messaging app which i was previously using. I then went into accounts/sync and unchecked the checkmark for syncing gmail but left the checkmark for contacts and calendar. Then proceeded to set up both my gmail and pop3 account in k9. Ok so far? Also, is there a way to get unread notifications with k9?

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Standard Mime Type For Contentprovider Query Performing A Count()?

The contentprovider documentation details how to define mime types for single row (item) or multiple row (dir) queries. But what about a query which performs a count()?



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G1 - Yahoo Mail Unread Messages Issue

I've had my g1 for a couple weeks now, the only little "thing" that i have noticed with my g1 has to do with my yahoo mail. In the email application on the accounts screen both my yahoo account and another email account i use are listed. Next to the title of my yahoo account is the number 11 in a small box, which i'm sure is meant to indicate how many unread messages i have in that account (unless i'm wrong about that?). Occasionally this number has gone up and down as new emails come in and i read them, but it mostly returns to 11. It was 17 for a little while, 2 for about a day, but generally goes back to 11.

The problem i have, if you can even call it a problem, is that there are no more unread messages anywhere in my yahoo account. I really can't figure out why, why, why it keeps showing the number 11 there. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the yahoo account. Before reinstalling i went throughout my entire yahoo account (from my computer) and made sure that there were no other messages i had left unread in any of my folders, too.

Is there some way to fix this? Is anyone else having this issue? I know that i'm getting a little ocd about it, but if there are no unread messages, i don't see why it can't reflect that accurately.

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Monitor Activities Launching In Real Time So Can Count How Many Times It Has Been Launched

How to monitor the activities launching in real time, so i can count how many times it has been launched? Activitymanager somehow can do the similar work, but it is not on real time. Would you help me? (i.e i had a background service running, it can detect when an activity has been launched, so it can record how many times this activity has been launched by user)

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App Code - Count Number Of Times User Clicks A Button

Im creating my first market ready app and its a fairly simple idea i think ill be able to finish but i need a way to count the number of times a user clicks a button. Also if anyone knows of a simple way to record the times between clicks that would also be very helpful. Any suggestions?

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Samsung Captivate - Phone Itself Doesn't Show Any Unread Emails / What To Do

Sorry if this has been covered - couldn't find anything in search. Also not sure if this is the best place to post this (lot of forums here!).

My captivate is set up with gmail. Today i've noticedon the internet it still shows the unread count (though the inbox does not show any unread emails). i.e. , It looks like inbox(21).

The phone itself doesn't show any unread emails. I also have yahoo set up through the app and it sometimes does the same thing but gmail never has.

Any idea what is going on?

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Htc Desire - Sms Crashes Regurlaly And Lose Every Sms + Thread / Fix It

Got my desire now for about a month. I have already swapped it for a new one, and the new one also went in repair. (They only 'updated' it).
But i still have the same problem, sometimes when i'm sending a sms the application crashes. Sometimes when i press close now everything turns back to normal. But most of the time, it doesn't and i'm prompted for my pin. When i return to my messages every sms and thread is gone.

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Send Sms Which Is Visible In Sms Thread - No Gui

What i need:
- Send sms with no gui interaction (choosing a client to send sms is out)
- Sms has to be visible in a thread queried from "content://mms-sms/conversations/"+threadid

Currently i'm using smsmanager:


Is there any ways to do this across all the devices considering each of them has a different sms app.

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Atrix Laptop Dock Worth It

Cousin is getting the atrix + dock. Is this going to be useful and what type of person would need this and for the price he's paying? I would like to try to tell him it's a bad idea, that it is not worth the money for someone who doesn't even "need" a regular laptop. Then again i'm not fully informed on all that the dock does for a user. So i guess my question after all that is who would need this dock? And why?

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Broadcastreceiver Not Working For Car Dock

I'm trying to write a program to send an email when the phone is placed in the car dock. I have create a android project with no activities.

Below is the one class i have created. It just has a toast so i can see that it is working. Below is the code which i think is correct.


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Does Anyone Happen To Know Size Of Dock For Launcherpro

Does anyone happen to know the size of the dock for launcherpro if i want it to go all the way across the screen (from the edge of the right side of the main screen to the edge of the left side of the main screen)?I'm trying to make my own dock but i realized i have no idea how big to make it.

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Where Can I Pick Up A Multimedia Station Dock?

So where/when can i pick up a multimedia station dock? I call stores and they don't have them, they aren't on verizons website, and motorola doesn't have them for sale yet.

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Samsung Epic 4g - One Of Dock Widgets Will Not Work

I know someone else posted this before, but i can't find it now. Maybe it's buried in the bug thread. There are 4 icons on the dock, and the one second from the left (next to phone one) will not work. It was for contacts. I deleted it and changed it to market, and that won't work either. It says: "could not launch the requested activity. "

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Bluetooth Application That Works With The Car Dock

Is there such an app out there that will automatically activate the bluetooth function on the phone when placed into the car dock?

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Motorola Droid X - Car Dock Compatability

I'm trying to get some clarification on the oem car dock compatabilty when the phone is in its case. I use the oem sleeve case that slides into the holster. Will this fit properly in the car dock?I have read the car dock has some spacer that can be removed to allow my case to fit correctly in the dock. Can anyone confirm this?

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