Motorola Droid - Mediaserver Is Using Most From Battery

My droid is getting warm and when i check battery usage it shows mediaserver is using the most from my battery. I killed the app and problem went away. What is running this app?

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Motorola Droid - Mediaserver Used About 40% Of Battery Life?

In my baterry use indicator in settings, my phone says mediaserver used about 40% of my battery life. Another 50% was from the screen. I was playing slacker radio for a few hours and that's only about 3% of my batter use. I tried using taskiller, to see if this would slow down mediaserver, but it didn't seem to. What is mediaserver and why is it using so much of my battery? I unplugged around 6 am and it's 2:30 now and my battery is down to 15% so i shut the phone off. I haven't used the phone for much besides slacker radio, so i wouldn't think my battery should die so quickly.

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Htc Eris - Mediaserver Using Battery

I am running kaosfroyo v38. I been running and upgrading since version 34. I upgraded the kernel after v38 was burning through the battery too fast. That worked fine. Now, i am noticing that the battery is not lasting as long as it use to again.

I check the battery stats, now mediaserver is the number one user of the battery. Much more than the display.

Does anybody what would cause this? What apps use the mediaserver? I noticed on a previous thread somebody mentioned pandora. My pandora is not one of the apps running.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Battery Manager Fc

I've seen a ton of threads with a google search regarding the battery manager fcing on the droid x.

Have any of you all had this problem on the droid 2? I am now and i can't seem to fix it.

1. I've went into applications and clicked the cleared cache and force close button under battery manager.

2. I've rebooted the phone.

3. I've turned off the phone and pulled the battery out.

4. I've went into the "storage" section, backed out, and went to the battery manager.

Still force closes 100% of the time. Fyi i am running lpp and quite a few apps. Not rooted.

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Motorola Droid X - What Is Wrong With Battery

So i am having way less battery life than what others are reporting. I unplug my phone from the charger at 9am then by 3pm it is down to 30%. I have moderate usage. Here is a list of apps that i have on my phone: mrtissues's apps on the droidx

I don't think i have any rogue apps but would someone mind checking that? Maybe it is because i use wifi at work because we do not get cell service in the office building.

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Motorola Droid - Battery Drained While Droid Completely Off / Fix It

I've been a moto droid owner for about 2 1/2 months now. I've not had too many issues with the phone other than the occasional lockup - requiring me to remove/reseat the battery. However, i had something quite unusual occur this morning.

Last night i got home and realized that i'd left my charging cable at work. I figured "no problem" and simply powered off the phone. And by "off" i mean completely off by holding the power button and selecting "power off".

When i powered it off last night the battery still had more than a 50% charge on it. I woke up this morning at attempted to power the phone back on and had no luck. I removed/reseated the battery just to see and still no luck. When i got to work, i made one last ditch effort and plugged the phone into the charger. It powered on immediately and when it got to the unlock screen, the phone indicated it had less than a 5% charge.

I'm kind of at a loss for how the battery could have possibly drained 50% when the phone was completely off. The best i can figure is that something hung during the shutdown process and the phone never actually powered off. Has anyone else experienced this and/or have any suggestions?

This is only the second time i've ever shut the phone off for any reason, so i'd really like to know if this is going to become a common occurrence.

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Motorola Droid X - Still My Battery Drains / What To Fix It

The battery is killing me on this phone. I have it set to the optimal settings and still my battery drains. I look into advanced task killer and it has all these applications open and i didn't even open them to be used. What is going on here? Any suggestions?

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Motorola Droid X - Battery Manager Alternative

I seem to be one of the lucky ones that can't get the battery manager to work regardless of what i try. Are there any alternatives that i can use that would give me roughly the same info? I am trying to optimize my x for better battery life but i am not sure if i am tweaking the right area's and without knowing what is taking the most battery it is difficult to dig in further.

I am on the ota froyo and rooted. I am using autokiller set to extreme and setcpu to run underclock when my screen is off. Any alternatives you can point me too?

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Motorola Droid - Need Upgraded Battery For Phone

Is there an upgraded battery i can buy? Oem stuff

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Motorola Droid - Battery Display In Cyanogen

This is a weird bug. I charged my phone overnight and pulled it off at around 8 am this morning. Around noon today, my cat's drinking/playing with water dripping from the faucet so i take a few pictures then record about a minute of total video. (Cute video btw)as i'm recording, my phone tells me i only have 5% battery remaining. Now, i don't know exactly what battery remaining was, but it was probably ~80% before recording because i only had light usage for about 4 hours.

I plug it in, and check again and it says 60%. So obviously it was displaying the wrong battery remaining. This a known bug? Or anyone have similar issues? I hope it's not estimating battery remaining.

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Motorola Droid X - Battery Life Concerns

I have used the dx since it arrived. I am a techie and wouldn't consider myself any more picky than any other techie, but is the general consensus *really* that battery life on the dx is good, or very good, or great?! This is most definitely not my own reality. I can't go a full 24-hr day without putting it back on charge. I leave the screen as dim as feasible, which is mostly at user=25% or minimum. I have 6 email addy's polling every 30 minutes and i have data push disabled (neither of which is ideal but a sacrifice to gain add'l battery life). I have battery manager set to battery saver mode. I also leave bluetooth disabled always and only activate gps if using the navigation and/or g-maps. I am running only 2 screens with 4 widgets total.

I know most devices these days drain power in a somewhat similar fashion but my iphone 3g was not this bad. I find it quite inconvenient and a serious hassle to have a charger available everywhere: at work, in both vehicles, and at home b/c invariably, i will likely have to use two or more of those cables at least once each day. And this is without playing a single movie, audio file, or streaming anything. I don't particularly talk an awful lot either, but calls tend to be the most battery-consuming. The breakdown on this particular day happened to fall like this:

Voice calls:56%
Cell standby: 25%
Phone idle:8%

Those actuaries in the audience were quick to realize this is actually 102%. Go figure. So, any comments, suggestions on how i can improve this? I am considering giving the wife the dx and getting the fascinate but i fear this will not improve. This can't be as good as it gets, can it?

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Motorola Droid X - Battery Useage Setting

The battery useage in the settings wont open. Every time i try to open it, it says it has stopped unexpectedly. I have trunt the phone off and back on and that fixed it till i charged my phone. And now its doing it again. Ima try another reboot. But was wondering if anyone knows what's wrong and if its fixable.

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Motorola Droid X - Battery Management After Update

I only had my droid x a few days before the update came out so i dont have anything to compare to. I have read that the update has built in to it something to kill running apps after some time and that you shouldnt run any app killer program. My battery life has not been very good even after the update. I have removed advanced task killer in hopes it would improve. I think i have returned my settings to where they were when i got the phone, hoping the update would make a difference over time. I just made these changes today, but am thinking somethings not right. I just looked at my running apps and i counted about 70 apps/programs running, many of which i havent even used today. Is the phone supposed to be killing these apps after a certain amount of time, or do i have to constantly manually close them? What do you have to do to manage this?

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Motorola Droid - Best Kernel For Battery Life

I can't seem to get more than a few hours of use out of my bbv. 04 rooted droid. Is there a better kernel for battery life (i've read about chevy's lv, ulv, sulv kernels)?

I was wondering about battery life with domrthing in the 1ghz range that is still completely stable.

I already have setcpu.

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Motorola Droid - Battery Down To 90% After 1/2 Hour Of Use / Last It Day Without Recharging

Have my droid for 2 weeks now, it's a great device. However, do you guys have this issue with the battery down to 90% after 1/2 hour of use (checking email, surfing the web). Brightness at the lowest setting, wifi and gps off. Within the next hour with minimal usage, battery level drops to 80%. Cannot last the day without recharging the battery, but sometimes it's not convenient to charge it on the go.

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Motorola Droid X - Battery Manager Force Closing

The ongoing issue with battery manager force closing. My fix is that i go into application/running services/ clear data and problem is corrected havent had an issue in 2 days.

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Motorola Droid - Want Dock With Extra Battery Charging

I know there are a few docks out there already, but i was looking for one that would charge my droid and have a slot to charge an extra battery.

Bonus points if it worked with the seidio case =d.

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Motorola Droid - Battery Seems To Discharge At Phenomenal Rate / What To Do

My battery seems to discharge at a phenomenal rate, a few hours unplugged and she is tapped. Anybody having a similar experience. I just put the power control widget on my home page to keep things turned off but it is pretty annoying.

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Motorola Droid X - Battery Says 50% Left Right After It Goes Dead / Is That Normal

Just got the phone, so new to it all. But when my battery says 50% left, right after it goes dead. Is that normal?

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Used Motorola Droid 2 Battery Life Is Very Poor, Is This Normal ?

A few days ago i purchased a droid 2 global. It is used. My previous phone was the droid 1. Something im noticing that really bothers me is the horrific battery life. For example; this morning at 8:30 i unplugged it (fully charged). At about 10:30 it was down to 80%. I literally did virtually nothing with it. I checked the weather once. I have wifi and bluetooth shut off, as well as greenpower battery saver downloaded and working.

So now what im wondering is, is this normal? Since its a used phone i was thinking it could possibly just be that the battery is old? Anyone have any opinions?

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Motorola Droid X - Get Battery To Show Actual Percentage Of It Left

Ok i have been searching and can not find anything on how to do this. How can you get the battery to show the actual percentage of battery left 64%, 83% and so on. I have seen this on some peoples screen shots so i know it can be done.

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Motorola Droid - Battery Drain So Quickly All Of A Sudden / What To Fix

I've had my droid since november with (almost) no problems. The battery always lasts all day. This morning i was using it and battery was at 90%. A couple of hours later i noticed the phone was off, and it would not power up. I swapped batteries with a friend and it started right up, so i know it's the battery. I have it plugged in with usb (i'm at work, wall adapter is at home) and it's showing 5% and holding there (half an hour now).

So the question: why/how would the battery drain so quickly all of a sudden? I had (and usually have) gps enabled, but not wireless or bluetooth.

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Motorola Droid X - Battery Manager - Wifi Randomly Cutting Off

So can somebody explain in detail what the three settings do. Been having problems with wifi randomly cutting offand thought it might be something to do with this as i've been using the battery saver setting.

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Motorola Droid - Random Battery Drain From Email App

I have had two incidents where my droid 1 battery will be at 90% charged and about a hour later be in the red and phone is very warm. Battery usage always showed that Email was the top app using the battery.

This was on 2. 1 i had a good charge and i was out to lunch, checked my phone once and on my way back to the office i get back and check my phone again see that its almost dead and warm. Email app used all the battery at the time i only had my comcast account sync'd and had email checked every hour.

Second time was yesterday i have 2. 2 now and i left the phone idle with a full charge and went to bed. By morning the phone again was warm and almost dead. Email app again drained a full charge. While display was off and idle. This time still have my comcast email sync'd and now my corporate outlook account sync'd and checking every 10 min.

It rare when the phone does this. But i just want to get something out there about it because i searched and cant find any other threads about this.

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Motorola Droid X - Verizon Extended Battery Hot Or Phone

Ever since i got this extended battery my phone feels like it gets hot. After 5 minutes of streaming youtube the camera button is even hot. A friend and i both installed a battery temp app. He has the regular batter and his never gets above 87. Mine was at 103 lastnight. Do i have a problem? Strange cause the camera button was hot though. And in the middle of the button and the volume was hot too.

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Motorola Droid X - Battery Manager Could It Be Google Voice Conflict

After the update, i didn't have the battery manager foreclose problem that people are complaining about. Last night, it was the very first time that i tried google voice. Later on during the night i tried the battery manager and it now forecloses as reported in this forum. I wonder if google voice is what is causing the conflict. I cannot think of any other app that i might have installed and caused the conflict. Any ideas?

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Motorola Droid - Hot Phone Battery Charge (10% In An Hour) / What To Do

I've noticed that when i'm using my phone in a car dock (a generic that i added a magnet too), with a 12v charger attached, and streaming instructions or maps, that after an hour or so, the battery has lost some of it's charge (10% in an hour) and is also pretty warm, is this normal?

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Motorola Droid X - Battery Life Dropped Significantly When I Moved To College / What To Do

I just moved to college in pennsylvania on saturday. Before that, at home in nj, i was getting up to 29 hours of battery life. Ever since i moved in here, my battery life has been horrible by comparison, probably around 10-11 hours, and i haven't changed anything about how i'm using the phone? I've noticed 3g here is kind of in and out, could that have something to do with it? Any ideas?

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Motorola Droid X - Battery Fell Out While Restoring In Clockwork Recovery / What To Fix

I had the battery cover off my phone while restoring a nandroid and dropped my phone and the battery fell out and now it sticks at the m logo. Do i have to sbf? I was running p3droid 2. 3. 15 update so i would assume i would still use the old sbf since im not on the ota. Hopefully theres an alternative because i have a mac cpu and there is no clear direction or a easy way to do it on a mac.

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Motorola Droid - Lost Contact Information - Battery Life / Fix It

Has anyone lost any contact information? Battery life? Does anyone agree, it could not get much worse?

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