Htc Tattoo - Easy Method To Move Podcast To Phone

I have had my tattoo for 1 week and would like to move some of the podcasts i have downloaded with itunes. I would appreciate an easy method to do this .

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Htc Tattoo - Want Best Apps For Phone

I dropped my iphone and cracked the screen. It's my second one so i'm thinking that it's not meant for me i have a tattoo as a spare but i have never really used it. Anyone any ideas what are the best apps to get for it.

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Htc Tattoo - Dissemble Phone Touch Screen

Does anyone know how to dissemble the htc tattoo touch screen as i have got a big scratch mark on mine and thinking of buying a new touch screen but can not find any instructions in how to dissemble the it.

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Htc Tattoo - Pc Explorer Can't Find My Phone / Fix It

For some reason my pc (hp mini) with win7 pro can't seem to find my tattoo when i attach it with usb, which means i can't transfer my photos or upload mp3-files. This has worked on other pc's before.

Also, the htc sync doesn't work. Yes, i've reinstalled it and disabled the anit-virus program when i did this but no difference. The logo stays grey.

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Htc Desire - Right Method To Root Phone

I bought my desire recently and found a rooting guide using unrevoked. I managed to root it and install a custom rom. Now that i have tried to install another one it wouldn't work it would just boot into the same rom again. Whats the right method to root? I am bit confused about app2sd asd+. What are the steps i need to do. I also would like to format my sd card and partition it properly.

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Htc Aria - Move And Save Apps To Chip Instead Of Phone

I just bought a much bigger memory chip for my phone. I was wondering, how do you move and save apps to the chip instead of the phone? My phone is telling me i am running out of space already.

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Htc Evo 4g - Method For Rooting Phone Other Than Unrevoked

Had my evo rooted with unrevoked, but noticed a few glitches, read up on it, and decided to uninstall it. I want to root, but at the moment, it seems as if ever method i look at has some kind of unrevoked method as part of the instructions.

Is there a legitimate method, adb shell or otherwise out there, other than unrevoked? This is no bash against the developers of unrevoked; just would rather go a more "traditional" route.

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Htc Desire - Looking For A Simple And Failsafe Method To Root Phone

I'm considering rooting, i'd like the extra degree of freedom it offers. However i tend towards being overly cautious, so i'm only really interested if there is a truly failsafe method out there. I'm not keen on the idea of ruining my new phone.

What i'm looking for is a (preferably simple) rooting method with the smallest possible chance of stuffing something up. I'm good with computers and technology in general, but i'm a bit nervous about the whole process. So to get right down to it - what's the least risky way to root?

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Podcast App That Supports Position Resume When Tracks Are Switched

I have found that most of the podcast apps out there let me resume the position of a podcast when i exit and enter the program but i am running into a problem in that if i switch between podcasts it starts over when i return to one i have already started. Is there a podcast app out thee that will let me listen to part of one podcast, switch to another, listen to part of that, and then if i switch back to the first it will resume from the point i left off, not from the start?I have tried listen but that resets each time i switch between tracks.

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Htc Tattoo - No Alarm Quiet / Why Is So

I have an htc tattoo - have had it since february and love it. The last 2 days the alarm has gone off, but there has been no sound, or vibrate when it does. The screen just lights up and looks as though the alarm is going off. Luckily i always wake up before my alarm goes off, but this is very frustrating as i don't want to sleep late and end up being late for work. Any one else having this problem?

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Htc Tattoo - Alternative For Droid Market

Is there any alternative for android market. I mean some site from which i can download the softwares for tattoo and install them directly through windows by means of htc sync manager.
In this case no wifi is required and the slow (useless) internet network problems can be avoided.

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Install Hero Rom On Htc Tattoo

Recently i have just purchased htc tattoo, i used to have iphone but after i lost it (happens often) my decision lied somewhere in more affordable and new market. I used to jailbreak iphones, but in android im a total noob, please help me with a few questions.

1. I was assured by the htc salesman that android on hero and tattoo is the same, yet i did find differences, small example why htc clock does not flip like calendar as it does on hero? Is there anyway to make animate it? (In settings animation is switched on).

2. Is it possible to install hero rom on it and should i?

3. What can i possibly do interesting with the phone by which i mean modify it on a software basis.

4. How to set ringtones?

5. And finally wth is wrong with the battery life? I just called like 3 times in a day and used wifi about 5 minutes, (usually i switch off edge and wifi) and my battery dies in less than a day, that is absurd?

6. Anyone had glitches with gps? 90% of the cases i cant catch a signal even in a moving car? Does it depend on anything?

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Htc Tattoo - Geo-tag Photo Not Working

Geo-tagging is not working on my tattoo. When i set phone to geo-tag photos, the resulting photo does not have location data.

I have confirmed that camera > settings > geo-tag photos is , and phone settings > location > enable gps satellites is checked.

I have also confirmed that when taking a photo the satellite icon is initially on the screen and switches to the cross-hair symbol to indicate that gps has determined location.

However, when i navigate to the photo album from camera mode and view the just taken photo and view its details both the lat and long equal zero and the location is usa which is not correct.

I have read that there are apps available to geo-tag photos, but the tattoo should be capable of geo-tagging photos without an app.

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Htc Tattoo - Download Manager Consumes Battery

I'm new to android having bought an htc tattoo on vodafone over the last couple of weeks. I love the phone, powerful yet small but have started off with some bad experiences.

The screen on my first phone became totally unresponsive after about 4 days. And now, the battery on the replacement is pants! I have tracked the cause down to being the download manager, if i force a stop on this the battery lasts a much more acceptable amount of time.

So my question(s), has anyone else experienced the problem with download manager?

Does anyone know how i can stop download manager from loading on startup? What does download manager actually do? The phone still functions normally even after i have stopped the service - i can even still download new apps can i simply uninstall it? Is there an update to download manager which might fix the problem?

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Htc Tattoo - Change Time Before Voicemail Cuts In

How do i change the time before voicemail cuts in. I have looked at the manual and can't see it.

I also see that bluetooth cannot be used for transfer - any idea when this maybe available. It seems a basic function not to have.

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App That Shows Up In Droid Market On Htc Tattoo

My app is now showing up on htc tattoo. Many people have complained about this and i don't see any response from google.

Google, you are pathetic!

Could anyone who has a tattoo post the name of one (or preferably a few apps that can show up on htc tattoo? I will pirate them and copy their androidmanifest file.

My app uses only these 3 permissions code.

And i say it again, google, you are pathetic! Thank you for you non- existence development support! I will switch my app to dead oses like windows mobile and symbian, instead of wasting my time on a pile of crap like yours!

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Htc Incredible - Easy Way To Transfer Sd Cards

So i have the 2 gb sd card from when i first got the phone but that just isn't cutting it anymore. I know a lot of apps save data to the sd card and i was wondering if there is any easy way to transfer sd cards and the data that was previously on the first one.

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Htc Desire - How Easy Is It To Get Back To Default

So i have decided to root. I was going to goldcard/ruu to debrand my orange uk desire but i am a tinkerer and would love to flash rooted roms etc. Before i start i have a few questions;

1. Radio firmware: this is the biggie for me - i know that doing any sort of rom change you are likely to run into issues with the radio, this seems especially true on orange ones. So without having to unlock (it may sound cheap, but i haven't been paid for 2 months ) is there a way to avoid potential simlocks? Ie can i keep the radio version that is currently only my phone (just updated to froyo).

2. I know you can't get ota updates with rooted roms, but i like to keep up to date. I assume the guys making the roms are coming out with new ones all the time so is it quite easy to flash a new rom and be on your way?

3. Titanium backup and nandroid - i have seen people saying to use these for backups when you root. As far as i can tell titanium backup is good for settings etc, and nandroid is good for getting all your apps back, right? They both seem to require root access, so that surely means i can't backup all my settings before i root?

4. How easy is it to get back to default?

5. Which rom? I have seen many singing the praises of defrost. Is this pretty close to stock rom?

6. Anything you suggest i do/install when i am rooted? Anything especially cool .

I have seen many guides about, this in particular looks pretty damn easy to follow. Though the latest comments seem to be people having trouble now that they are on froyo and not eclaire. Also i got my phone early april, so i assume the screen is amoled, it doesn't seem to suffer from backlight bleed and its black as black on black backgrounds.

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Have To Reset Htc Tattoo Due To App Install Error

Ive had my htc tattoo for only a few months on orange and my problem is that ive had to do a reset back to factory defaults twice now in a period of about a month. This has come around when i try to install an app, or do an update on an app, i get the failed to install error.

Removing other apps from the phone doesn't seem to work, and ive followed various guides on the internet telling you how to clear the cache from various google/htc apps but none of these work.

The frustrating thing about it is that i don't know its happened until i come to install and app on it. Can anyone on here relate to this issue? Apart from that i like the phone and wish to keep it, but if i have to do this every month or so then im going to think about changing it. Ive not done anything else to teh handset, its all standard.

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Htc Tattoo - Email Notification Sounds For 30 Seconds Instead Of Just Once / Fix It

I'm having the weirdest problem on my tattoo (android 1. 6).

When an email arrives (non-gmail account), the notification sounds for 30 seconds, instead of just once . My gmail and sms notifications work allright though! Any ideas?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Easy Way To List My Apps

Just wanted to see if there was either a straightforward way or an actual app that would allow me to, say, generate a list of all my installed apps so that i could keep them in case i needed to re-download them (factory reset, etc).

Seems simple enough.

Nother think i'd like to see would be more of a shopping cart and/or wish list set up in the market. Ever been looking for one app and ran across 2 other kick ass ones. Or some that you'd at least like to look into. But knew would completely distract you from the original app you were looking for? I'd like to be able to "tag" an app as something i'd like to look into later.

Anyway, please let me know if there's an easy way to produce a list of all the apps.

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How To Move Contacts In Htc Desire ?

Every thing was fine first, then i did factory restore. And now i want move some of my facebook for htc sense contacts to group, how to do it, there is no option of edit.

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Htc Evo 4g - Turn Sense Back On Through Another Method

I turned sense off using the "force stop" and "clear defaults" instructions. I just wanted to get a "sense" of the phone without it but did not think ahead to how one can turn sense back on. Just got off the phone with htc support who said to look for "home" as a running application in manage applications - which wasn't there. Has anyone had any success turning sense back on through another method?
Happy to mess around with stock android and all but not happy that i can't undo this (so far). Thanks in advance.

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Htc Hero - Method To Install Market Manually

My unlocked htc hero did not come with market. I here that there is a work around for this. Does anyone know the method to install market manually?

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Method For Flashing A Device Htc G1 Dev Edition

I have just re-compile the android source code for the htc g1 developement edition and i am looking for the procedure i can follow in order to reflash my device.

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Htc Desire - Best Method To Charge Spare Battery Off Ebay

Got a cradle charger + a spare battery today off ebay. Am worried i might mess up this battery like i did with the one that came with the desire.

What would be the best method to charge this spare one? Charge it for 10-12 hours ( i would be away for work) leaving the battery in the cradle charger or charge it for 3-4 hours which is what it usually takes for the original battery to be full?

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Htc Hero - Can't Move _ Erase Widgets / Long Tap Not Working - What To Do

Htc hero. 1. 5 android not rooted.

So my problem cant move or erase widgets. The long tap isnt sometimes there. Whenever i try to press the shorcut or widget long it doesnt wait and opens it. Strange that i can create new widgets with the long tap, but cant erase. Sometimes one widget gets open and the one next can be moved. After that the that was to be open also. Can it be some app? Or some widget i have doing this? Or its my hero just too long running and needs some reboot?

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Free Apps Use To Change To Lockscreen Of Tattoo

What free apps can i use, to change to lockscreen of my tattoo, that will work with the tattoo. Any ideas.

I don't really know what free ones are good, so i thought id ask on here as most people on here have tried many apps,

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Motorola Droid X Root Easy Way

We've already told you that the droid x is rooted. In fact, we gave you some pretty good instructions on how to do it. But, not everyone out there wants to get into the adb shell and put in some command line. And we know where you're coming from. So, if you're still interested in rooting your brand new device and getting rid of some of that bloatware, here's an easy method. Yes. It's easy. Like, one click easy.

Thanks to a few folks over at alldroid, you now get an easyroot method, where it just takes one click to let the software either root, or unroot your droid x. See? We told you it was easy. It just takes a quick download, and then you'll be good to go with whatever you want to do. Of course, now that it's legal to root your phone, who wouldn't want to take advantage of this? And, if you do, let us know in the comments.

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Easy Way To Convert My Linearlayouts Into Relativelayouts

I have 4 linear layouts that i would like to convert into relative layouts. Using my xml here, i have, as my preferred format:


How do i change to relative layout, to always display the 1st image button on the very top, always display the button at the very bottm, and have the 2nd image button below the first image button, with the textview between the 2nd image button and the regular button? Code.

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