Samsung I7500 - Make Sticky Thread About Software Versions To Phone

Is there possible to make sticky thread about software versions to i7500.

There should be only one mail what can be edited when ever there is new version mirrored.
Also clear instruction how this update can be made (ex. With odin).

Now there is plenty different threads about firmwares and it's really hard to follow.

Do we really need this? . Yes, no

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Gps Software For Droid Samsung Galaxy I7500 Operated Without Interest

Can any1 help me to know is there any gps software for android samsung galaxy i7500 which can b operated without interest?

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Motorola Droid - Phone Keyboard Like Becoming Less Sticky / Fix It

My keyboard on my droid is like becoming less sticky. Like it seems like the adhesive underneath the buttons isn't working so the buttons make a noise every time i push them. I was wondering if this happened to anyone else or if my phone is just messed up because i wasn't sure if its even worth it to get a new one or if it'll just happen again.

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Samsung I7500 - Add A Language To Phone?

I've read abit on forums and used the guide to upgrade my firmware to h7 with odin.
Now the new version doesn't include my local language and i would like to add it to the phone, is there any way to do that?

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Samsung I7500 - Looking For A Good Bike Mount For Phone

I am looking for a good bike mount for my galaxy i7500. There seem to be some universal ones around the place, just want to see if people have any advice or suggestions. Most of my riding is offroad so mud and bumps are common.

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Samsung I7500 - Where To Buy Phone's Back Cover

Well, this morning my phone fell on the floor and one of plastic hatches broke, so i need another back cover. Any idea where can i buy it?

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Samsung I7500 - Flash Hero Rom On To Phone With Windows

Newbie at this but how can i flash the hero rom on to my i7500 with windows? All i hear is adb this and sdk that? All they only run on linux?

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 - Can I Use Phone's Froyo Camera Driver In Gaosp

Anybody have any idea if we can grab the camera driver from froyo of galaxy s and use it in gaosp?

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Samsung I7500 - Phone Support Java Midp Apps Out Of Box / Install It

Does the i7500 support java midp applications out of the box? If not, is there a way to install java apps? Which other android devices support java?

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Samsung I7500 - Can't Get Kenwood Car Mp3 Radio With Usb To Play It From Phone / Need That

I cant get my kenwood car mp3 radio with usb to play mp3s from my galaxy. Its annoying.
Tried every option on the phone and sometimes i get it to play for a minute or so and than it reconnects the usb again and it just says no music.

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Make .exe For Demonstration Of Droid Software Built In Eclipse

I am almost done with my project in android, now i want to make the executable version of the application.

I need to demonstrate it in .exe form as soft app as on emulator, not by built and debug process from eclipse.

Need immediate idea

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Htc Evo 4g - Website To Check All Official Latest Versions Under About Phone

Is there a website i can check to see what the latest versions should be when i go to about phone > software information, assuming stock everything and only official ota updates? I just want to see if i'm current on everything, although i think i am since my phone came with froyo.

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Samsung I7500 - Where To Get A Spare Battery

I wrote in another thread that i am very happy with how long
The battery lasts me, and i am. However, being trained on pda
Devices, i feel naked if i go on a trip without a spare battery.

Does anyone know a site where i can buy one?

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Samsung I7500 - Error - Unsupported Device

I had installed the samsung "new pc studio" and the usb driver from the cd. When i connect my phone to sync the contacts.

The studio identifies the device but when i double click it, it says "unsupported device"

My pc is windows vista - 32 bit.

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Samsung I7500 - Custom Theme Per Galaxy

I'm trying to build a custom theme on galaxy. But i've got a problem i just made the framework-res.apk and launcher.apk, pushed it to phone and all is ok. Now i want to customize also the other .apk like phone.apk, contacts.apk etc. The problem is that, when i update the image inside the phone.apk or contacts.apk - like i just do with other .apk - the galaxy don't accept it and crash.

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Samsung I7500 - Not Getting 3g Symbol - On Signal Bar

I have problem in 3g connectivity. I have installed galaxo 1. 6. 3. 3. And i am from india. I am using bsnl 3g sim. But i am not getting 3g symbol on signal bar. But if i put the same sim to n70 mobile i am getting 3g symbol. I also tried with indian firmware.

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Samsung I7500 - App To Sort Contacts By Last Name

Is there any way to sort contacts by last name? I've checked google and nothing seemed useful

Is there any app or any fix?

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Samsung - I7500 Stuck On Boot Fix It

I have i7500 phone, i installed openhome and now i cannot boot the device.
I see the samsung logo glowing with blue again and again.

Is there something i can do to fix it?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Make Ringtones For Phone Same As For Iphone

I'm so used to my iphone-how do u make ringtones for the galaxy is it the same as for the iphone make an aac file?

If not can i just use the ones i already have on my mac and drag them to my phone?

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 - Custom Theme Kitchen

Found this nice link over at xda. Test it see what can you make of it.

Already using custom .zip made there everything works fine. http://circle.glx. Nl/

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Samsung I7500 - Upgraded To Donut 1.6 And Galaxy Is Slower Than Before

I had mustymod 2. 1 before but my phone was also slow and i didn't have camera or gps, so i decided to get drakaz galaxo new rom but then my phone freezes a lot so i had to put off the battery and then power on my phone.

After that i decided to put only 1. 6 without any customization but my phone is so slow i can't enjoy it.

Now the question is what should i do? I am stuck with this worst cellphone in the world. Should i go back to 1. 5? Does someone else experience such a bad performance. Is there a solution to make it work with galaxo but make the phone work (i didn't overclock at all).

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Samsung I7500 - Eclair - Froyo Stock Keyboard On Donut

I've read the stock keyboard on eclair/froyo is supposed to be a lot better than on donut and lower. Does anyone have an idea if there's an .apk floating around, and if so, how to apply it?

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 - Gaosp - Froyo Alpha - Now Released

Gaosp is on a roll . Releases gaosp froyo alpha 1 ( video ) within a month of releasing gaosp public beta 2

Further details and change log here gaosp froyo alpha 1 | drakaz

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 - How Is Camera Performance With Latest Galaxo

How is the camera performance with the latest galaxo? I'm still running non-root firmware and primarly use the phone for movie watching and taking photos. Does the camera work any faster than with say. Jc4 or ii5 ?

One disappointment with the original camera, was that it took a bit too long to load, so by the time i had it running, my "canon" moment, would be gone. Do you think galaxo 1. 6 makes things better

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Samsung I7500 - Can't Upload Big File To Internal Sd / Fix It

I have one issue with my galaxy - i can't upload big files. It just drops a usb connection. For example i'm trying to upload something like 100-200mb file and it just drops and reconnects in a few minutes without uploading it correctly.

Currently i'm using linux, but it has the very same issue on windows (tried that already)

Any ideas? I have usb debugging on, tried without it but no difference

P. S. : This issue occurred in 1. 5 and 1. 6, just annoyed me enough to start looking for a solution.

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Samsung I7500 - Disable Internet _ Syncing Of Things Like Calendar And Contacts

Can i disable the internet or syncing of things like calendar and contacts?

My internet access is very expensive so i'd like to control when it's on or off.

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Samsung I7500 - Codecs To Play Galaxy's .3gp Videos In Vlc

Which codecs do i need to play galaxy's . 3gp videos in vlc?

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Samsung I7500 - Can't Find Paid Apps - Wifi Never Seems To Hold The Connection

There was a time when i could see paid apps in the market and have purchased several including better keyboard. For the past couple of months, i just cannot see any paid apps on the market and nor do i see upgrade notifications for paid apps that i have already purchased (for instance, i cannot find newer versions of better keyboard although it's installed on my i7500, and was purchased from the market). Any idea what the problem might be?

Also, wifi never seems to hold the connection when the phone goes to sleep even though it's set to 'never' in the wi-fi sleep setting.

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Samsung I7500 - Way To Avoid Loading Of All Images And Restrict Gallery To Search / Open

I have a problem that every time i open the gallery i got a list of all possible pictures (including thumbs and icons) and it counts over 2000 all kind of images. Most of them are just variation of icons in different sizes and all kind of graphic from different apps. It is painfully slow to open (gallery loads 5-10 minutes) or to find anything so i'm wondering is there any way to avoid loading of all images and restrict gallery to search/open only selected folders in the phone.

I don't get it how anybody else didn't find this as a problem?Is there any app that can do the same? Paid apps are not available for me from the market so it should be free.

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Samsung Vibrant - Software - Screen Replication To Pc

Does anyone know of any software i could download for my vibrant (either from the market place or on my pc) that will allow me to replicate my phone screen to my computer. I am doing a demonstration on swype for my public speaking class and i need it to go up on the projector.

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