Sms Converting To Mms For Group Sending Message - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have noticed on my vodafone uk bill that when i send an sms (small and large) to multiple people on my contact list, it goes out and arrives to them as an mms. This is not because the message in long. It happens when i send a message to many people (7 for example) despite the message having only 50 characters. I know about issues with the s2 regarding long messages, but to penalize sending multiple short messages just seems daft and a very basic design fault. Can anyone please help me, because yes, i do have more than 7 friends in one group, and i do like inviting them in one text without having to pay 15p each for the privilege!

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Text To A Group - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Anyone figure out how to send a text to a group? I can't figure it out. Hoping it's possible, because i need to do it multiple times a week for my job.

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Sending Ringtones Via Mms

I'm trying to send a ringtone from my g1 to a friends phone via text/mms message. I went to compose a new message, hit menu, selected attach - then audio. But only the preinstalled ringtones are there. None of the ones i've downloaded. I have them on my sd card under media/audio/ringtones. How can i send one of my downloaded ringtones via text/mms?

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Htc Evo 4g - Mms Not Sending - Generic Network Failure / Resolve This

Everytime i either try to send or receive an mms, i get a "generic network failure" error message, and the message does not send (or download if someone's trying to send me an mms).

Here are the following things i've tried:
Factory reset
Update profile
Update prl
Tried handcent (same errors)
Turned off / on auto-retrieve on mms settings
Changed mms priority settings from normal to high / low

Sms works perfectly fine. As well as sending picture attachments through gmail.

My connection settings under messages app are all blank (e.g. For mmsc, mms proxy, mms port, etc). Not sure if this is supposed to be this way?

My wife has an evo and her mms works great, so i don't think its a service strength issue.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Can't Send Group / Bulk Sms More Than 1 Person / Solution Fo It

Is it me, , my phone, my sms app, my reception or a combination of all of the above?
If i send an sms to 1 person. No problems.
If i send a group/bulk sms to more than 1 person, usually 10 to 20 recipients. Nearly all the messages fail to send. I usually have to go into each message and send it to each contact individually.
I'm using handcent as my sms app, had a quick look round a few forums and don't see anyone else with this problem.
It's just taken me over 1hr to send the same message to 16 contacts.
What a load of b***ocks. Never had this sort of trouble on my old "dumb" phone.

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N1 Automatically Sending Sms To An Uknown Number

I've posted this in the n1 help forum from google, but maybe someone here can help me with this (if i get any good reply there i'll re-post it here):i've been getting some strange sms charges on my monthly bill, and checkin them closely i've found out that apparently my n1 is sending sms to an uknown number (6592324290), and the odd thing is that those sms don't appear on my sms program.

To do a closer investigation i decided to call the number, which, called from inside brasil network, goes to a cellphone in a small city. The guy told me that he doesn't know what is happening but he is receiving an average of 40 sms's on a daily basis, and that they appear to be crypted. My conclusions are that some app is sending those sms aiming another cell number (in some other country) and because i'm in brazil this poor guy is receiving them. The questions are:

1) how can i find which app is doing that?

2) and how can i remove the sms permission that it has?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Mms Failure - Send & Receive

I've had the galaxy s for about 3 weeks now and it's a lovely phone, very very slick. However, i'm unable to send and receive picture messages! I've installed settings from both my service provider and the samsung technical support team and still nothing. I was hoping that members of the android community might have the power and the knowledge to help? I have about 6 days in the hope finding a solution before i consider returning (within 28 days) the phone to o2

Here's what i have:
Home -> menu -> settings -> wireless and networks > mobile networks > access point names:
Once arrived at this point i see the following already 3 apn's listed however only 2 have circular option buttons, one is illuminated green the other grey, they read as follows:
O2 wap pre pay (grey button not illuminated)
O2-gprs-http (green button, illuminated)!
O2 pay monthly mms (no option button availble at it's side)

Within o2-gprs_http (green button option) is the following:
Name: o2-gprs-http
Apn: wap.
Proxy: not set
Port: 8080
User name: o2wap
Password: password
Server: not set
Mmsc: http://mmsc. Mms.
Mms proxy: 193. 113. 200. 195
Mms port: 8080
Authentication type: pap (illuminated) choices of, none, pap, chap, pap or chap
Apn type: internet

The settings you provided i've entered and created a new apn but cannot choose it (green illuminate button) as the other apn's only appear to have that option.

Question: should i somehow delete one of the two listed apn's? Might this then create a option putton?

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Htc Desire - Sms Sending Failure / Due To Low Signal

Did anyone work out what causes this. Seems loads of people are affected - mostly on orange?

I should add that it says failed and when i retry it is fine. But the person gets two messages.

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Sms - Mms App For Droid

Best sms/mms app for droid. Just wanted to get an idea.

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Sms / Mms Vibration Not Working

I get the notifications, and all my settings are set on vibrate, but it won't vibrate anymore. ? Calls vibrate & all so i'm really lost. I uninstalled everything that altered messaging settings & vibration still won't work. Help?

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Motorola Droid X - How To Forward Sms Or Mms

I have a droid x with 2. 2. How do you fardword sms or mms?

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Sms Converts To An Mms When It Goes Over 2 Pages / Stop This

I have the phone listed above and its great, except one strange problem, when im writing a sms whenever it goes over 2 pages it converts the sms to an mms and i have no idea why. It does it everytime. Does anyone know how to stop this?

2page sms = sms
3 page sms = mms?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Getting Error Message While Connecting To Airtel Gprs

I bought it like 2 days ago. Until yesterday night the internet settings were working fine. Even until today morning they were fine. But while i tried to use it in the afternoon, i am getting the error "can't connect to internet, please check your network settings". While it was getting connected with the same settings earlier. I tried to set them to default, even checked the wi-fi & phone settings from the internet. They just seem fine, just coudn't figure out the problem and not even sure whether its a phone problem or settings problem.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Message Kies - Device Version Cant Be Update

Well before try to do this reg hack try get 2. 2 use say latest version now get different message saying "this device version cant be update" instead saying having latest version when updates come out i could update right if new updates come out or got change reg setting back thanks for tip help?

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How To Type Sms Text Without Keypad Tone On Samsung Galaxy Ace ?

How to type sms without the tone/vibration? How can i compose sms in silent? I have turned off the keypad tone. But when i am composing sms, the tone still sound and vibrate too. Please let me know how shall i turn the tone off and also the vibrate when composing sms.

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Htc Hero - Mms Message Crashed My Phone / More Effective Ways To Handle It

After using my hero for a bit over a month, i've had my first run in with a serious problem. I received a mms text message, and every time i tried viewing the messages page (using the default messaging program) for that contact, i would get a force close error for Mms.

After trying a few more times, rebooting the phone, etc, i decided to try handcent sms. Fortunately, handcent did not crash when i viewed that contacts messages, but it also couldn't read the message stating something like "handcent sms is unable to read this message. " Oddly though, i was able to use the save mms option not only to see the image, but successfully save it as well. I was happy about this, but when i tried to delete the message so that i could continue to use the default messaging program (i like the widget, sorry), it could not delete the message.

The only way i could rectify the problem was by deleting the entire messaging thread with that contact.

Now, this has only happened once so far, and i have yet to try to reproduce it; nonetheless, it's a pressing issue i'd like more information on. Has anyone else had this happen? Are there any more effective ways to handle it other than deleting the entire contact thread?

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Samsung Galaxy Error Message - Does Not Support Music File Type

Samsung galaxy not supporting any type of music files. Any ring tone i use or game or youtube even and videos saved on my phone all are giving me of an error message that it does not support the files. What do i do?

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1 Text Message To Read Notification - Ics Issue - Samsung Galaxy S2

Just moved over from the easy life of blackberry to android (not even been a week yet) and all was going well till i upgraded to ics. I have a gt-l9100 running 4. 0. 3 the issue is, i receive a new text message, i read and reply to it yet i still see '1' in a circle over the message icon at the bottom of the screen. I went in to the messaging section in applications and cleared the cache and that just created more issues (all sms failed to send from then on), i rebooted the device and the icon was gone and i was able to send sms again. I did try to search for a solution, but with no luck.

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Issue: Multiple Recipients Text Message - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

On my droid 3 (gingerbread 2. 3) my incoming and outgoing texts were easy to tell if it was sent to multiple recipients. If it was sent to three people, when i went to my list of text messages, i could open the newly received text and see who it was sent to. And if i replied to it, it would reply to all by default. I liked this.

I just received a multiple-recipient message from my friend, but i had no idea it was also sent to my other friend too, without going to the "message details" from the settings menu. And when i reply to the one who sent it, it doesn't go to all.

Is there a way to fix this to tell who it was sent to, and to reply to all? Phone is galaxy nexus with ice cream sandwich 4. 0. 2.

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Phone Vibrate Problem With Text Message After Ics Update - Samsung Galaxy S2

I just updated to ics (vodafone) 2 days ago, i for 1 liked that when i had my loud profile for messages/calls that it would vibrate when some 1 texts me but after this update i cant get it to vibrate when i receive a text. Can any 1 help?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro - Way To See - Type Persian Language Sms / Mms In Phone

Is there a way to see or type persian (farsi) language sms/mms in xpera x10 mini pro?

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Intercept Sms Inbound Message

I got a sample code how to intercept sms inbound message. It is really simple, and i really admire android make it so easy:

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Move / Save Message To Draft - Software Apps And Widgets List - Samsung Galaxy S2

Searched all guides and posts but unable to find these things.

1. How to save msg to draft or say move msgs to important or etc. Before this i was using nokia n 73 me in which i loved pencil button work like cursor used for cut paste etc. But not so good in android.

2. What is green icon with book and call sign near green button which is used to call, both u can c at no. Dialing or in phone keypad.

3. App and widget u guys use, as m new to sii so need all best app and widgets list.

4. Also i also hacked my nokia n73 for downloading softwares without keys which worked very well in same i need to hack or say root sii? And where from i will get full softwares.

I don't remember questions i need to ask because m just started exploring it, so plz guys help me and reply to my questions thank u.

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Intent Filter - Send Sms Message And Place Outgoing Call

I am trying to register my activity so that it can be used by the activity chooser/picker allowing a user to choose whether or not to select my application/activity to complete what they are trying to do.

I want to provide the option for the user to be able to select my application when they want to send an sms message and when they want to place an outgoing call, to try to achieve this i added the following pieces of code within my activity tags in my manifest:


However the activity chooser never appears and the native apps are used without providing a choice to the user. Can anyone see where i am going wrong?

I have figured out i need to add


For the sms message but what do i use for the outgoing call?

I have tried the following for the outgoing call:


But again with no luck, has this been blocked from 1. 6 on?

This is what happens when i click text mobile:

So i want the same thing when i click call mobile

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Try To Send Long Message Via Mms / It Doesn't Send

It's very very laggy. The lantecy is getting out of control. It takes forever to load a message, if i try 2 send a long message via mms, it doesn't send. ( I end up having to send it via stock). Is anyone else having these issues after 2. 2?

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Unread Message Count Bubble's To Appear / When Change Dock Icon To Handcent Sms

I know i can replace the android messenging app icon on launcher pro's dock with handcent sms. But is there anyway to get the unread message count bubble's to appear when i change that dock icon to handcent sms?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Receiving "damaged Sd Card" Message / Fix It

Quite possibly coincidental but now a real annoyance.

After updating from jf3 to jm1, after reboot i was advised that my 32gb external sd memory card was damaged. I took the card out of the phone and tried it on the pc and it performed accurately with all of my information accessible.

I copied the files on to the pc and reinstalled it into the sgs. Whereupon again i was presented witht he error message. The card appears dead to the phone with the only remaining option that in not greyred out regarding the sim card the "format" option. I tried this and the card became visible again tot he phone.

I then copy back over all my files which takes a couple of hours. Everything performs as you would expect, until. You turn the phone off. Whereupon it does it's media check and pronounces that the memory card is damaged and the whole reformat, reinsall cycle has to be initiated again.

Really quite tedious. Has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it? I should add a couple of points, the phone is not rooted and the error message did not appear with jf3 for the 3 weeks it was running this firmware.

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"low On Space" Error Message On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I have about 500 mb free space left on my phone, and i get a message in the notification bar that you storage is getting low. Nothing is wring with that. What is wrong, that as soon as that message appears, from that point it doesn't even lets me to upgrade any of my apps, even though it would only take like 5mb of space to do so. It feels like that google is not letting me use the last 500-800 mb of my storage, which would be quite cheating. I mean rather let me use it up till i have 0 mb left and say that my phone has only 15 gb storage, not 16. Anybody knows how can i solve this?

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Htc V Galaxy - Copy Sms To Email

Can you copy an sms to email, ie when you get an sms can you copy it to an email account and paste it to forward it on.

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Samsung Moment - Mms Shrink Down To Like 23kb And 320 X 240 / Fix It

Ok, so i'm pretty good with researching stuff online to solve a problem, but this has me stumped.

I have sprint and the samsung moment. When i get pictures from my wife, they get shrunk down to like 23kb and 320 x 240.

I used handcent and i tried removing that and going to the default messaging and it still does it.

I used to have a bb tour with sprint and it didnt shrink the pics.

Im running radioactive froyo 1. 8. 6 btw

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