Cannot Boot Into Recovery Using Lg Ally

Im running velocity 1. 2 and clockworkmod and when i try to boot into recovery it boots to a blue screen that says fastboot anyone know how to get into recovery so i can make a nandroid?

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Motorola Droid - Rsd Lite Will Be Able To Boot Into Recovery Mode Again

Will using it make it so my phone will be able to boot into recovery mode again?

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Recovery Menu & Boot Screen Logo Is Not Showing On Lg Optimus (gt540)

I try to install ics rom, on my gt540 but i have problem. I have android 2. 3. 7 on my phone but when i reboot in recovery mode, black screen is all that i see, also my boot screen logo is not showing when i start or reboot my phone. Please help me.

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Recovery Firmware

Just bought the htc magic (32b vodfone version) and absolutely love the thing to bits. I successfully installed cyanogen mod 4. 2. 13, and 'permanently' (as worded by the tutorial i followed) installed the recovery firmware. I was just wondering, now that i have replaced the original recovery thing with the modded one and backed up my current firmware, can i now install any custom rom on my device with no worry of bricking it?

I just assumed that so long as the recovery thing isn't modified i could always boot to it if the custom rom doesn't boot, is this true?. My other question was, will all my apps and settings be backed up with the backup i made in recovery, or does it just back up the firmware?.

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Cyan Recovery To Amon Ra

If i'm already rooted with cyans 1. 4 recovery, can i just boot into recovery then choose "any zip" to then change recovery to amon ra's recovery img? I wouldn't have to re-flash cyans whole mod if i do it this way would i? Granted the new recovery is in the root of sd card, i know this much.

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Htc Nexus One - Rooted With Cyan And Ra-recovery

I i am kinda stuck on how to partition the sd card so i can use the app2sd function. I know how to do it in the recovery mode, but i do not witch option to choose from do i choose the first option were it say to partition sd? Then it ask me how much i want to use up for the 1st and 2nd and all this i dont know what should i do? I am using the stock 4gb card it came with the nexus one. Any help what be appreciated and any other recommendations? That is useful on my new rooted phone.

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G1 Defanged Recovery, Radio / Firmware Update

I've been trying to find an answer to a few of my questions on on here and xda but i've yet to find a clear answer. Hopefully, some of you guys can help me out. I currently have a g1 and updated it to cyan v4. 2. 15. 1 w/ 10mb hack, my radio is 2. 22. 19. 26i.

1) i've seen that there's a new radio update of 2. 22. 23. 02 and i've also read you need for the magic installed so the radio doesn't revert back to 2. 22. 19. 26i whenever upgrading cyan's roms. I've heard people getting stuck at the google startup after wiping because they don't have the defanged base. Do i really need either of these installs? And is the radio update really worth the upgrade?

2) with the new g1 firmware update being rolled out, is this the same thing as the new radio update or is the update a completely separate thing? Also, is the update by any chance in cyan's roms or would i have to install this from a different source?

I am pretty confused about the new radio, defanged base and the new g1 firmware update. Not sure if they're all correlated with each other. I would just like my g1 to be up to date with the best radio possible (been having some sms issues lately) and not run into any problems when flashing cyan's future roms.

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Motorola Droid X - Clockwork Recovery Mounting

If this has been asked/answered, i really apologize. I have searched and searched, and i havent found an answer to my problem.

So, i installed flyx. It went swimmingly. When i went to re-install nextheme, i got the error: can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1

So, i thought i would try to recover one of my nandroid backups. Same problem. Tried to do it thru rom manager. Same problem. Backed up my sd card, formatted it. Same. Well, you get the idea.

So, i tried on a brand new x, installed rooted 2. 2 and clockwork on the brand new one, and had the same problem. I am thinking that maybe something about a file on the sd may be corrupt? I even tried a brand new 16 gb card, and had the same issue. Has anyone encountered this? I dont really care too much about installing nextheme, but i dont want to not be able to recover if i get in a messy situation. I thought about . Sbf, but if it does it on a brand new phone, then that shouldnt fix the issue. I will keep trying different things.

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Htc Incredible - Vzw Mobile Recovery

Did anyone get this app yet from vzw ? Press release says its available

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Htc G1 - Home Button / System Recovery Issue

I recently purchased an unlocked and rooted g1 for my father, and he seems to have. Broken it. He said he didn't do anything to it, but he called me earlier saying that he was having trouble flashing roms on it, or something along those lines. I'm not too tech savvy, and i don't know anything about these droid phones, but i want to fix this.

The phone boots into 'android system recovery, ' specifically
Build: ra-dream-v1. 7. 0/

My first guess was to wipe the phone back to factory settings, and go from there, but this recovery system requires you to "press home to confirm. " The catch is the home key doesn't work. I've tried everything, and googled to kingdom come to no avail.

Can i change this 'system recovery' so that it accepts confirmation from the send button rather than the home button? And if i do that, do you think wiping all the data to factory settings will fix the problem anyways?

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Htc Hero Root Problem - Armon Recovery

I try make a root on my htc hero gsm and instal cyanogenmod rom.

I use this tutorial:

How to: install cyanogenmod 6 android 2. 2 froyo on htc dream g1

1. First i format my sd card.

2. Than i try install armon recovery with this instruction from (http://wiki.

Download the latest version of amon ra recovery (1. 7. 0. 1).

Rename amon_ra's recovery image to simply recovery.img & move it to the android sdk tools folder.

Toggle on usb debugging (settings applications development). Power off the htc hero.

Boot into bootloader mo

Connect the htc hero to the computer.

On the computer, open the command prompt/terminal & navigate to the android sdk tools folder.

Type in the following command: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Amon_ra's recovery should now be installed on the htc hero.
I have this problem, if i wrote in cmd this command:

Fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

I get this error:

C:program filesadb>fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
Sending 'recovery' (3972 kb). Failed (remote: not allow)

What is wrong? I am newbie in android world. First i use google but i dont know how solve this problem.

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Htc Evo 4g - Is There Guide On Upgrading Recovery File

Is there a guide on upgrading the recovery file. I'm running ra-evo-v1. 7. 0. 2 right now?Also, i've flashed to cm6 and the new snap kernel. Everytime my evo reboots i have to clear the caches and reflash the kernel to get it working. Is there a solution for this?

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Problem When Try To Make A Recovery Image On Samsung Galaxy S

Ok, i have searched and have seen 1 other thread like this with the same problem, but its in the facinate forum (on xda), so i don't know if what was aid on there apply to the galaxy s. But basically, when i go to back up my current rom, it comes up with a message like this: what was said in the fascinate forum is that i need to flash cwm with odin for it to work properly. Is this correct? And if so, how do i go about it?

P. S im using ***'s speedmod k12h 500hz kernal if that makes any difference to anything.

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Htc Hero - Does Installing Recovery Image Mean That Have Rooted Phone

Im thinking of buying a htc hero soon here in hk but i have a few questions mainly about rooting.

1)does installing the recovery image mean that you have rooted the phone? Or do i have to install a custom rom in order to have things such as tethering on my phone
2)will the custom roms work with the carriers in hk?
3)will running the original stock htc .exe updaters un-root my phone and replace the recovery image so it will look as if nothing has ever happened?
4)what are the radio roms on the modaco website?

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Samsung Moment - Way To Get 2.1 Update For Phone / Installed Root - Flash Through Recovery?

I have a moto droid that is forced 2. 1 onto. My friend at work has the samsung moment, is there anyway to get the 2. 1 update for his phone. How would it be installed root or flash through recovery?

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Motorola Droid X - Battery Fell Out While Restoring In Clockwork Recovery / What To Fix

I had the battery cover off my phone while restoring a nandroid and dropped my phone and the battery fell out and now it sticks at the m logo. Do i have to sbf? I was running p3droid 2. 3. 15 update so i would assume i would still use the old sbf since im not on the ota. Hopefully theres an alternative because i have a mac cpu and there is no clear direction or a easy way to do it on a mac.

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Htc Eris - Delete Clockwork Mod And Replace With Amons Recovery

So i downloaded the application rom manager and then i installed the clockwork mod recovery and now i'm hearing that it can end up bricking your phone so i want to know how to get amon's recovery image back. I rooted with the one click root for dummies.

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Is There A Cyanogenmod Available For The Lg Ally Yet?

Is there a cyanogenmod available for the ally yet? I was hoping that the cm team would create cm9 for the ally? Any information is welcomed. P. S. I heard of project gretel: i tried it and my radio went haywire, getting some -1073922 dbm! And the sound is to low and it doesn't pass audio thru

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Htc Hero Cannot Boot

Last night, i installed the wrong "radio" to my phone. After that, the phone can not boot, when i press the power button, the phone just show me a splash screen then it turns off. And i also tried switch it off then hold home button and power button, and switch it off then hold back button and power button, the phone just show me a splash screen then it turns off anyway.

Then i connect phone to my pc and use fastboot like this

It seems the pc find my phone, but the number is strange.

And then i tried fastboot reboot

Yes, my phone reboot, but it still show me show me a splash screen then it turns off.

Then, i download system.img and boot.img from htc offical site, i tried these command


Now could anyone tell me what can i do.

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Custom Boot Animation

I'm sharing this very cool boot animation. First of all, i didn't make the graphic. I found the original animated gif on a free mobile wallpaper website. Then, i asked mudknot2005 from xda to make a boot animation with it. He kindly made it for me and even added a cool entrance scene.

From there, i added extra frames to slow down the bouncing motion that was too quick. Then, i added "loading. " To make it more appealing and appropriate for the booting process. *Animation is quicker than what you see here. When i made it into gif to post here, my software didn't allow me to make it quicker than this. It also depends on your phone's processing speed, i think.

I'm really loving this one. If you don't have a dropbox account, you could help me gain extra storage by creating your own 2gb free account by following this link: http://db. Tt/77uk7ga

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Wifi Hotspot On The Lg Ally

I just updated my phone to the 2. 2 and now i have the ability to be a mobile hotspot. Is there an extra charge for using this? Or is it included in data already? Sent from my ally using android community app.

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Lg Ally - How To Root Phone

Root my lg ally.

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Suppress Boot Splash Screen

How can i suppress the boot splash screen? I know there's a lot of interest in installing custom splash screens, but what i want to do is different; i'd like to just not have any boot splash screen, and instead be able to view the boot messages (the ones you see on a regular linux system - messages about detecting hardware, mounting filesystems, starting services, etc).

Anyone know how to do that on android? (I'm running amon_ra's "clean donut" rom - ra-ionv1. 6. - on an htc magic 32b, if that matters. )

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Htc Stuck On The Boot Screen

I downloaded something and its stuck on the boot-screen so i connected it to my comp to flash the rc33 but it cant connect to the computer since i cant mount it. I even wiped and its still stuck help please

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Lg Ally Usb Debugging Driver

Hello i have searched the internet for the debugging driver but as yet i have not found it and lg will not help because i would be making third party software thus voiding waranties and so on. If you know where this driver is.

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Lg Ally - Syncing Microsoft Exchange

Is there any direct way to sync ms exchange with the ally? I have the roadsync app as a trial version which works, but soon ill have to pay for it which i don't want to do. The phone manual says it can sync directly like the other email formats, but you have to contact the administrator. Has anyone figured out how to do this? It just seems so unneccesary to have to get an app when the other email formats don't need one.

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Lg Ally - Sw Version Stuck Vs740zv6

I've been trying out some of my own flavors of rooms and somehow now my sw version wont change i can flash anything like velocity, raptor or any of my cooks that the sw version wont change to v8 or vzb. Does anyone know whats causing that?

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Lg Ally - Keep Getting Compile Error / Fix It

I feel like an idiot, i keep getting this error when i attempt to compile a kernel for the ally. I am trying to take the .config file from the ally and incorporate it into the cm source.code.

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Lg Ally - Check What Class An Sd Card

How can i tell what class an sd card is? I have two 8gb cards that i can use to replace the 4gb that came with the ally, but if they're different classes, i want to put the faster one in my phone (and the wife can have the other in her ally - which, btw, is also running velocity v0. 3 and drellisdee's turbo jit+oc, and both of our phones are stable at 787 trident and drellisdee are my heroes!).

So, how do i check 'em?

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Lg Ally - Can Test Some Beta Roms

Jw if i could be a beta tester and test roms and report any problems.

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